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A Huge Big Thank you to Bill Sands who has made the following summeries availabe to me.

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Bill Sands -

Tuesday 25th July 2000

Chris's feet might be close to the ground but his head's in the clouds when it comes to basic human emotion. Brandishing his chequebook at Emily, he was unprepared for her outburst and had to do a quick wheelie to escape with his life. Laura's wits were tested as Chris grew suspicious about Lady Tara's fortune and with deals in the balance, she decided to go to Monaco to persuade Lord Thornfield to cough up. It was the day of Jack's great farm sale and Turner certainly came up trumps when he found a 1935 Dalesman Roadster amongst the cobwebs - boys and their toys! Donna thought she'd get the truth from Roy about his fight with Scott but he was the master of discretion.

Wednesday 26th July 2000

Sarah found bleating the best way to get through to Jack and was amazed when he agreed to think about giving her access to the children. Later Diane suggested that another woman might stop him stewing over Richie and Sarah and had to spell out to Jack that she was that very woman. Kissing like teenagers, the two found that one thing leads to another! All the Dingles, except Cain and Sam, agreed not to fight for compensation from the Tates, while Sarah's decided that compensation could provide funds to get her kids back. Ollie got a job but Sean wasn't happy to hear that it was mucking-out for Lady Muck. Up at Home Farm, Chris got better acquainted with Charity - fully clothed!

Thursday 27th July 2000

As dawn broke, Jack woke up with Diane's wig on the bedpost and the night of passion lost its allure. With Jack terrified of being seen as anything other than the wronged husband, the pair decided to keep their night together a secret, which was difficult with Bernice on their trail! Kelly and Roy found their arguing cut short when Ned Glover arrived unexpectedly from Ibiza. When Zoe arranged a staff bonding dinner at Home Farm for the veterinary practice, Frankie volunteered to cook dinner. However, with friends like Marlon, who needs to slave over a hot stove? Jason gatecrashed the party to flirt with Adam and the night swung merrily along until the 'grim reaper' trundled in. At the Woolpack, Tricia was overjoyed when Marlon invited her to holiday in Spain with him.

Bill Sands 1998-2000