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Emmerdale: Monday, December 25

Bernice had major doubts about her marriage to Ashley as she celebrated her hen night at the Woolpack.

Adam, Bev and Paddy enjoyed being single and shared a drink, but did Adam have designs on Bev?

Kathy did her utmost to cheer up the children and suggested a game of Monopoly, but the mood deteriorated when Andy landed up in jail.

Emmerdale: Tuesday, December 26

Rodney was on the end of some stinging criticism from Diane, but he hit back and announced he was leaving Emmerdale.

Bev and Adam were getting along famously until their passion was interrupted by an emergency call-out, but Adam deflected the job on to Paddy - much to his annoyance.

Tricia was jealous of Chloe.

Marlon was worried when Frankie revealed a friend of hers was jailed for being involved in a sham wedding.

Emmerdale: Wednesday, December 27

The arrival of Paddy's mum Barbara caused panic when she saw Jason with Joe.

Paddy told her Joe was married to Tricia and Jason introduced Bev as his girlfriend.

Things took a turn for the worse when Barbara witnessed Marlon and Tricia kissing.

Adam asked Bev out but she declined his invitation.

Emmerdale: Thursday, December 28

An inspector called at Chez Marlon, sending Tricia, Joe and Jason into a panic.

In fact, he was a Public Health Inspector and wasn't impressed at the state of Marlon's kitchen.

Turner planned a trip on his restored motorbike with Diane.

Paddy disapproved of Bev's one-night-stand with Adam.

Scott and Frankie were disappointed when Pollard presented them with a very second-hand car to start their taxi business.

Emmerdale: Friday, December 29

Turner's pride was hurt when he put his back out trying to start his motorbike in front of a gathered crowd.

The cold war between Charity and Zoe heightened.

Bernice was thrilled when Diane handed her a present from Rodney on her birthday.

Joe was delighted when he received his residency order.

Marlon realised Pollard was behind the visit from the health inspector.

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