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#2675- 2685 --- 4th - 27th April 2000

Uploaded 3rd February 2004
Updated 2nd April 2004

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Episode 2675 4 April 2000

(Plus! Fri 2nd Apr 2004)

Angie tries to keep Sean away from the vengeful Cain. Emily must make a heartbreaking decision. Kelly organises a meal to cheer Mandy up.

Cast List includes :-
Freya Copeland, Stephen McGann, Jeff Hordley, Kate McGregor

Wracked with guilt Lisa confides in Paddy that she didn't finish servicing a lorry and this may have inadvertently caused the bus crash.

Violence erupts in the Woolpack when a customer threatens Angie causing a protective Sean to lash out forcing Terry to attempt to restore order.

Kelly shocks Mandy and Paddy by inviting them round for an expensive take away - at their expense!

Emily's Father reveals he's got a new job, leaving Emily heartbroken that he will have to leave Emmerdale.

Episode 2676 5 April 2000

(Plus! Mon 5th Apr 2004)

Sean is shocked by a Tate Haulage decision. Ollie stirs up trouble for Marc and Donna. Adam surprises Paddy and impresses Jack.

Cast List includes :-
Stephen McGann, Vicky Binns, Tim Vincent, Dominic Brunt, Clive Hornby

A defiant Sean refuses to apologise for starting a fight but Chris doesn't want another scandal alongside the transport investigation so - at a Tate Haulage meeting - Sean is taken off the board.

Kathy organises a fund-raising campaign for the families of the crash victims but is shocked by Chris's lack of compassion.

Feeling left out, Ollie suggests to Angie that Donna and Marc may have slept together in an attempt to split them up.

Episode 2677 6 April 2000

(Plus! Tue 6th Apr 2004)

Ashley makes an important confession to Bernice. Marc and Donna's relationship causes family friction. Tricia comes to a decision about Adam.

Cast List includes :-
John Middleton, Samantha Giles, Anthony Lewis, Verity Rushworth, Sheree Murphy, Tim Vincent

Sean is determined not to apologise for the fight but Angie - realising they need the money - implores Chris to reinstate him on the board.

The Department of Transport conclude that Tate Haulage may be liable for prosecution causing Chris to try and blame Lisa for the accident.

Fuelled by Ollie's malicious gossip Angie tells Viv she suspects Donna and Marc have slept together, leaving her livid.

Ashley invites Bernice for a dinner that culminates in a shocking revelation; he's in love with her.

Episode 2678 11 April 2000

(Plus! Wed 7th Apr 2004)

Zak confronts Lisa about her involvement in the crash. Bernice struggles to come to terms with Ashley's confession. Kathy seeks the truth from Chris.

Cast List includes :-
Steve Halliwell, Jane Cox, Samantha Giles, John Middleton, Malandra Burrows, Peter Amory

Rival chefs Adam and Marlon vie for the attentions of Tricia and are keen to agree to Kathy's suggestion that they should battle it out in a cookery competition.

Lisa refuses to deny that the crash wasn't her fault which frustrates Kathy who confronts Chris about his accusations.

Donna and Marc continue to see one another, ignoring their parent's disapproval.

Episode 2679 12 April 2000

(Plus! Thu 8th Apr 2004)

Sarah makes a painful decision and stuns Richie. Zak reaches boiling point with Nellie. Kathy prepares to take action over the crash.

Cast List includes :-
Alyson Spiro, Glenn Lamont, Steve Halliwell, Maggie Tagney, Malandra Burrows

A destitute Sean confides in Lisa that he's been kicked off the board of Tate Haulage and submersed with guilt she reveals she DID tell Pete the lorry was unsafe to drive.

A happy family meal goes sour when Zak tells Nellie he wants to leave her.

Meanwhile Sarah gives Richie similar news; her family come first and their affair is over.

Episode 2680 13 April 2000

(Plus! Fri 9th Apr 2004)

Nellie admits to Zak that she still loves Butch, Carlos plans to get a new place with Marlon and Terry, and Angie is angry to find Sean gardening rather than trying to get his job back.

Cast List includes :-
Alyson Spiro, Glenn Lamont, Steve Halliwell, Maggie Tagney, Malandra Burrows

Nellie admits to Zak that she still loves Butch, even beyond the grave, which causes him to maliciously crush some flowers Butch once planted. Later they make amends and consolidate their love for one another in bed.

Carlos plans to get a new place with Marlon and Terry but is beaten to it by Richie who is desperate to get away from the Sugen household.

Angie is angry to find Sean gardening rather than trying to get his job back.


Episode 2681 18 April 2000

(Plus! Monday 12th April 2004)

Angie pushes Sean to make an important decision. Zak regrets his night of passion. Emily and Sam grow closer over Butch's death.

Cast List includes:-
Freya Copeland, Stephen McGann, Steve Halliwell, Kate McGregor, James Hooton

Zak wakes up in bed with his ex-wife Nellie, instantly regrets what he's done and desperately tries to escape her amorous clutches.

Turner joins Kathy in her campaign to find out who was responsible for the bus crash

and Sean declares his support to Lisa but tells her she must tell the truth at the impending village meeting.

No Episode Wednesday 19 April 2000

Episode 2682 20 April 2000

(Plus! Tue 13th Apr 2000)

Emotions run high at the village meeting, as Kathy's campaign comes under fire. Chris pushes Sean to make a painful choice. Sarah is upset when Richie makes his decision.

Cast List includes :-
Malandra Burrows, Peter Amory, Stephen McGann, Alyson Spiro, Glenn Lamont

Tensions run high at the village meeting and Sean is torn between supporting Lisa and joining his family in blaming her for the bus crash.

Lisa shocks everyone with the revelation that she didn't service the truck properly but then Chris arrives with a rented mob and the hall descends into chaos.

Episode 2683 25 April 2000

(Plus! Wed 14th Apr 2004)

Bernice makes a momentous decision about Ashley. Chris turns Kathy's meeting into a propaganda triumph. The Dingles wonder about Lisa's part in the crash.

Cast List includes :-
Samantha Giles, John Middleton, Peter Amory, Malandra Burrows, Jane Cox, Lisa Riley

Chris is overjoyed that he managed to ruin the village meeting but Laura warns him that the battle is far from over.

Bernise finally succumbs to Ashley's charms and jumps to his defence when the Betty and Viv brand him a thug.

Richie is determined to move out the house but Sarah has second thoughts despite her decision that they should end their relationship.

Episode 2684 26 April 2000

(Plus! Thu 15th Apr 2004)

Lisa and Roy get an unexpected visitor. Zoe squares up to Kathy. Diane checks out Ashley's intentions.

Cast List includes :-
Malandra Burrows, Leah Bracknell, Jane Cox, Nicky Evans, Elizabeth Estensen, John Middleton

Ashley wakes up with Bernise and is delighted when she says she wants to continue their relationship.

Lisa's customers cancel their appointments after her revelation of negligence and she faces financial ruin leaving her with no option but to close down and move in with Betty.

Kathy goes to confront Chris but is repelled by Laura who threatens to call the police so she seeks out Zoe and demands the truth.

Episode 2685 27 April 2000

(Plus! Fri 16th Apr 2004)

Kelly feels Roy is selling himself short by taking on a new job working on the Sugden's farm. Her foul mood results in a fight with Mandy, whereupon Mandy vows to have nothing more to do with her.

Seth and Zak are forced to contend with Cain who tags along on a poaching trip that abruptly ends when he inadvertently shoots Zak.

Pollard announces that he's going to stand for council in the local elections but gets off to a bad start with Ashley when he attempts to discuss the morals of a vicar sleeping with a barmaid.


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