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Episodes #2728- 2742 --- 1st - 31st August 2000

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Updated 15th June 2000
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Roy Glover

Roy Glover circa 1997 Roy Glover circa 1999-2000
(4 August 1994 - 22 August 2000)

Episode 2728 - 1 August 2000

(Plus! Wed 16th Jun 2004)

Frankie absconds with Tara's car for a night out clubbing with Zoe Jason and Adam.

Ned apologises for his behaviour at Kelly and Roy's wedding but events turn sour when Viv gets involved much to Kelly's horror.

Cain's plot revenge against the Reynolds over Butch's death and Angie is left shocked when she finds him creeping around her house.

Episode 2729 - 2 August 2000

(Plus! Thu 17th Jun 2004)

Cain and Sam break into Tate Haulage only to have their revenge plans interrupted by Sean and Emily who arrive unexpectedly. A fight ensues and Sean is knocked out.

Marlon desperately tries to find someone to cover him as the Woolpack chef so that he can take Tricia on holiday. As Tricia prepares herself to be disappointed Carlos steps forward and saves the day.

Meanwhile Bernice is less than thrilled to discover Tricia's replacement - Jason!

Frankie loses Tara's car and is just about to tell Tara when Zoe reveals she took it as a joke.

Episode 2730 - 3 August 2000

(Plus! Fri 18th Jun 2004)

With Sean lying unconscious, Emily and Sam begin to panic but are relieved when she finally comes to. Relief causes Sam to admit he loves her, but she is left horrified by this revelation.

Angie attempts to offer Jack advice on his custody dispute, but he flips and tells her to stay out of his business.

Edna is frosty to Bernice at the Parish meeting but silence sweeps the room when Ashley announces his and Bernice are getting engaged.

Episode 2731 - 8 August 2000

(Plus! Mon 21st Jun 2004)

Distraught by Emily's rejection, Sam runs away.

Tara is pressed for money for the stud farm and so is less than pleased when Laura phones from Monaco to say she needs more time to get her divorce settlement.

Cain's prowling continues and Angie is shocked to find him in the house with Ollie.

Episode 2732 - 9 August 2000

(Plus! Tue 22nd Jun 2004)

Lady Tara is increasingly concerned over her financial state and fears for the worst when Laura returns with news of her meetings with her husband's lawyers. She is overjoyed to discover the opposite; she has won a divorce settlement of £5 million pounds!

Zak tracks Sam down at Shadrach's house, where his dejected son reveals he is going to return to Ireland.

Episode 2733 - 10 August 2000

(Plus! Wed 23rd Jun 2004)

Laura fan card circa 1998Laura fan card circa 2000

Tara tries to go back on her deal and pay Laura less than her agreed rate for organising the divorce settlement. Laura refuses to accept Lady Tara's underhand offers and gets her money.

After selling her stake in Tate Haulage to Zoe and blackmailing more money from Chris, Laura leaves the area triumphant.

Zak discovers the truth about Sam's rejection by Emily and is furious, but insists he wants his son to return home.

Episode 2734 - 15 August 2000

(Plus! Thu 24th Jun 2004)

Adam and Paddy's rivalry reaches a new level when Zoe asks Adam to look after their interests in the stud farm. Paddy makes an excuse to visit but is kicked unconscious by a horse. Adam rushes to save him only to find he's stopped breathing.

Roy refuses to fix Richie's car because of his affair and when pressed by Scott, quites his job.

Ashely gets an interview in Leeds but can't bring himself to tell Bernice.

Episode 2735 - 16 August 2000

(Plus! Fri 25th Jun 2004)

Paddy regains consciousness in hospital only to find out from Mandy that Adam resuscitated him and thus saved his life. All three unite and bury their differences.

Ashley is offered the job in Leeds and finally tells Bernice, who is shocked by this potential revelation and re-location.

Episode 2736 - 17 August 2000

(Plus! Mon 28th Jun 2004)

Bernice refuses to move to Leeds and rejects Ashley's attempts at justifying his underhand behaviour.

Lady Tara comes under attack for leaving Ollie alone with the horse that nearly killed Paddy.

Episode 2737 - 22 August 2000

(Plus! Tue 29th Jun 2004)

Roy and Kelly set off for a new live together in Ibiza, but before they go Roy drops a bombshell to Donna; Scott was the Father of his wife's miscarried baby!

Bernice and Ashley refuse to compromise with one another so their friends gather to try and help save their marriage.

Episode 2738 - 23 August 2000

(Plus! Wed 30th Jun 2004)

Dejected Kelly arrives back at the Woolpack only to be confronted by Donna who blurts out the truth about her and her brother Scott to the whole pub!

Frankie quits her chauffeuring job with Lady Tara in order to work as a mechanic with Scott.

Chris agrees to let Sarah and Ritchie rent his cottage, believing that Kelly and Roy have left.

Episode 2739 - 24 August 2000

(Plus! Thu 24th Jun 2004)

Viv banishes Kelly from her house in the wake of the shocking revelation about her relationship with Scott.

Kelly's attempts to stay with Chris and Mandy are rebuffed but Betty eventually offers her a bed.

Tricia persuades Ashley to sacrifice his job offer for the sake of their relationship

while Jack and Sarah continue to feud on the eve of their kids return.

Episode 2740 - 29 August 2000

(Plus! Fri 25th Jun 2004)

Jack and Sarah's kids arrive back and are heartbroken to discover that their parents haven't made amends. Emotions escalate when Jack rejects Sarah's request for Victoria to stay over.

The Bishop pushes Ashley for a response to the job offer and he is torn between his career and Bernice.

Kelly breaks down and admits that she understands why Roy left her after everything she put him through.

(Plus! Mon 28th Jun 2004)

Bernice secretly visits the church project centre, the place Ashley is considering working. She is impressed by what goes on there but is left feeling torn between wanting what's best for him and not wanting to leave.

Seth takes Kelly to the Woolpack but they are greeted by Mandy gossiping about the affair and a moralising rant from Edna.

Episode 2742 - 31 August 2000

(Plus! Tue 29th Jun 2004)

Bernice decides to follow her heart and move to Leeds so that Ashley can work at the church project centre and they can still be together.

The stark reality of divorce hits Robert and Andy who are forced to consider the possibility that they may be separated from their sister Victoria.

Viv finally accepts that Scott is a scheming liar and equally as much to blame as Kelly and evicts him from the house.

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