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Chloe Atkinson arrived in Emmerdale on the 4th December.

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Week Beg. 4 December 2000

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2800) 04 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2801) 05 Dec 2000

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2802) 06 Dec 2000

From YTV EMMERDALE Wednesday 6 December 2000 at 7.00pm on ITV Network Tricia (SHEREE MURPHY) and Joe's EDWARD DULY-BAKER) Wedding Day.

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2803) 07 Dec 2000

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2804) 08 Dec 2000

Episode 2800
Zoe is outraged when she discovers that Chris has been having a relationship with a Dingle, but her disgust turns to horror when it is revealed that he has been paying for Charity's services!

This Episode will be shown on Thursday 23rd September at 01:00

Episode repeated Thu 23rd Sep 09:30

Episode repeated Thu 23rd Sep 12:30

Episode 2801
It's the day of the wedding and Marlon's preparations for his new restaurant are marred by the fact that Tricia, the women he loves, is marrying another man. When he sees her in her wedding dress, his emotions finally come to a crux.

This Episode will be shown on Friday 24th September at 01:00

Episode repeated Fri 24th Sep 09:30

Episode repeated Fri 24th Sep 12:30

Episode 2802
Tricia's wedding day continues and Marlon's attempts to make his restaurant a success experience difficulties. Despite this is remains pre-occupied that he is potentially letting the women he loves marry someone else.

This Episode will be shown on Monday 27th September at 01:00

Episode repeated Mon 27th Sep 09:30

Episode repeated Mon 27th Sep 12:30

Episode 2803
An uncomfortable dinner ensues after Angie arrives home early and demands he take her out, little knowing that he has just slept with Tara! The evening takes another turn for the worse when they arrive at Marlon's restaurant only to find Tara, Chris and Zoe are also there.

This Episode will be shown on Tuesday 28th September at 01:00

Episode repeated Tue 28th Sep 09:30

Episode repeated Tue 28th Sep 12:30

Episode 2804
Friction erupts between Zoe and Charity and a discursive meeting turns into a shouting match. Zak is still trying to deal with the news that Cain is his son and turns to Seth to share his thoughts.

This Episode will be shown on Wednesday 29th September at 01:00

Episode repeated Wed 29th Sep 09:30

Episode repeated Wed 29th Sep 12:30

Episode 2805
When Emily sees Chris and Charity canoodling down a country lane friction looks set to erupt between the Tate's and the Dingles. Sean arrives at the stud farm to see Tara but needs to do some quick thinking when he is confronted by his wife.

This Episode will be shown on Thursday 30th September at 01:00

Episode repeated Thu 30th Sep 09:30

Episode repeated Thu 30th Sep 12:30

Episode 2806
Charity is forced to seek asylum at Home Farm when Cain overhears Emily questioning her about what she saw. Meanwhile Chris and Terry ready themselves for Cain's wrath but the police arrive just in time to stop him.

This Episode will be shown on Friday 1st October at 01:00

Episode repeated Fri 1st Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Fri 1st Oct 12:30

Episode 2807
Jack gets permission to attend Sarah's funeral but is concerned about how his children and the other mourners will react to him when he arrives under guard. When Angie takes Cain home from the police station after the Home Farm incident, her feelings for him are re-kindled.

This Episode will be shown on Monday 4th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Mon 4th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Mon 4th Oct 12:30

Episode 2808
Tensions run high as everyone gathers for Sarah's funeral and when Jack arrives handcuffed to a prison officer. Andy suffers a moral dilemma over whether he should reveal the truth about his Father's wrongful arrest and admit that he was responsible for the fire that killed Sarah.

This Episode will be shown on Tuesday 5th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Tue 5th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Tue 5th Oct 12:30

Episode 2809
There is more conflict over Charity's relationship with Chris and when Charity collects her things from the Dingles. Cain throws her belongings into the mud and she is horrified to discover that a shoe box containing all her earnings has disappeared. In prison, Jack warns that Andy that he must never admit he started the fire.

This Episode will be shown on Wednesday 6th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Wed 6th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Wed 6th Oct 12:30

Episode 2810
Sean summands up enough courage to confess that he has not been faithful to Angie, but events do not go according to plan. Meanwhile a tense stand off develops between Chris and Cain in the Woolpack.

This Episode will be shown on Thursday 7th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Thu 7th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Thu 7th Oct 12:30

Episode 2811
After Sean and Angie's spout of honesty both are keen to save their marriage despite past events and go for a day's trucking together. Tensions run rife between Jack and Diane after he discovers that she has been looking after Victoria. Viv gets a blast from the past when Bob returns to the village.

This Episode will be shown on Friday 8th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Fri 8th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Fri 8th Oct 12:30

Episode 2812
A drunken party reaches a shocking crescendo when Viv asks Bob to move in with her. Meanwhile Marc and Ollie try and cover up a party of their own and it looks like Sean is prepared to turn a blind eye until he discovers Lady Tara has been in the house!

This Episode will be shown on Monday 11th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Mon 11th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Mon 11th Oct 12:30

Episode 2813
Sean is alarmed to find a pile of Christmas presents from Lady Tara on the doorstep and speculates over what they will contain. Angie is concerned to see Sean and Cain talking together and worries that her husband may find out about her feelings for the latter.

This Episode will be shown on Tuesday 12th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Tue 12th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Tue 12th Oct 12:30

Episode 2814
Kathy does her uttermost to cheer Andy up in the aftermath of his Father's wrongful imprisonment and suggests a game of monopoly, but the mood turns sour when Andy ends up in jail! Bernice lets Rodney place doubts in her mind over whether Ashley is really the man for her.

This Episode will be shown on Wednesday 13th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Wed 13th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Wed 13th Oct 12:30

Episode 2815
The village enjoy a magical Christmas as Bernice and Ashley marry. However Andy is plagued by guilt as the Sugdens face the festive season without Jack.

This Episode will be shown on Thursday 14th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Thu 14th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Thu 14th Oct 12:30

Episode 2816
Bernise and Ashley reflect on the success of their wedding but after Rodney receives some harsh criticism for his negative attitude he announces he will be leaving Emmerdale. A romantic day between Bev and Adam is disrupted by an emergency call-out.

This Episode will be shown on Friday 15th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Fri 15th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Fri 15th Oct 12:30

Episode 2817
Controversy arises over Joe and Tricia convenience marriage and Tricia is forced to justify themselves to Paddy's Mother Barbara who arrives to visit and sees Marlon and Tricia kissing! Adam's relationship with Bev suffers unforeseen turmoil.

This Episode will be shown on Monday 18th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Mon 18th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Mon 18th Oct 12:30

Episode 2818
Tricia, Joe and Marlon panic when they think an immigration inspector has arrived to check Joe's marriage is not a scam but they later discover he is a Public Health Inspector and is less than impressed with the state of Marlon's kitchen!

This Episode will be shown on Tuesday 19th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Tue 19th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Tue 19th Oct 12:30

Episode 2819
Joe is delighted to receive his residency order but Marlon is angered to discover that Pollard was behind the visit from the health inspector. The conflict between Charity and Zoe heightens and Chris finds himself caught in the middle.

This Episode will be shown on Wednesday 20th October at 01:00

Episode repeated Wed 20th Oct 09:30

Episode repeated Wed 20th Oct 12:30


Week Beg. 11 Dec 2000

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2805) 11 Dec 2000


Episode 2805
When Emily sees Chris and Charity canoodling down a country lane friction looks set to erupt between the Tate's and the Dingles. Sean arrives at the stud farm to see Tara but needs to do some quick thinking when he is confronted by his wife.

This Episode will be shown on Thursday 30th September at 01:00

Episode repeated Thu 30th Sep 09:30

Episode repeated Thu 30th Sep 12:30

NO EPISODE 12 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2806) 13 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2807) 14 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2808) 15 Dec 2000

Week Beg. 18 Dec 2000

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2809) 18 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2810) 19 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2811) 20 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2812) 21 Dec 2000
EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2813) 22 Dec 2000

Week Beg. 25 Dec 2000

Ashley and Bernice on their wedding day

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2814) 25 Dec 2000


Cast Includes :-

Bernice Blackstock - SAMANTHA GILES
Betty Eagleton - PAULA TILBROOK
Tricia Stokes - SHEREE MURPHY
Bev Mansfield - SARAH MALIN
Carol Wareing - HELEN PEARSON
Viv Windsor - DEENA PAYNE
Gloria Weaver - JANICE McKENZIE

PART ONE - It is Bernice's hen party. The girls arrive back at the Woolpack after their night out. They are very drunk. They start dancing to Stop by the Spice Girls. Bev says that there are no men to flirt with here. Tricia tells her that's what she thinks. Diane goes out to the toilets where Gloria is being sick. Diane goes to get her a coffee; Back in the bar the girls drink tequila. They then play a game. They have a row of pants. Bernice has to guess whose pants they are. Bernice guesses that the polka dot boxers are Bobs. Betty then gives away that the off-white Y-fronts are Seths, Bernice correctly guesses that the black and red thongs are Marlon's and that the large boxer shorts are Alan's. She recognises the next pair as they are Ashley's. She is unable to guess that the sport shorts are Terry's. Bernice finds the designer whites sexy, she eventually guesses that they are Carlos's. Bernice seems a bit uneasy as they all talk about how sexy Carlos is; Outside a young lad knocks on the door. Diane answers the door. He says that his name is James. Diane shows him to the kitchen, she says that he can get changed there; Back in side the Woolpack the girls discuss who Bev could go out with. Carol suggests Adam, Bernice says that he will mess her about. Gloria is looking a bit sheepish. Carol asks her if she has her eye on anyone. She says not really, but Viv intervenes and says that she has noticed her and Eric are a bit close. Viv warns her to watch him. Gloria then goes home. Tricia tells Bev that Carlos is worth a look. They all rave about how gorgeous he is. Bernice says that she has never really noticed. She looks on edge and says she is going upstairs to change; Upstairs in her bedroom Bernice sits and looks in the mirror. She is unhappy;

PART TWO - Bernice is crying in her bedroom; Downstairs in the pub the girls are singing and dancing. Diane talks about Rodney with hate, but says she shouldn't regret it because she got a lovely daughter out of it. Diane goes out; Diane goes into the kitchen where James is waiting. He is the stripper, but he says it is the first time and he doesn't know if he can manage it; Upstairs Bernice is re-applying her make-up. Tricia walks in to see if she is alright. Bernice tells Tricia what her dad said about being sure that Ashley is the right man. She then tells Tricia that it was a year ago today that they found Gavin cheating on her. Tricia tells Bernice to forget Gavin and ends up telling her that Gavin slept with Stella; Diane comes in to the pub and tells the girls that the stripper has got stage fright. Betty goes to talk to him; Upstairs Bernice wants to know why Tricia didn't tell her before. She wants to know who else he slept with; James is crying to Betty in the kitchen. He tells her that he is only there because his girlfriend made him; Tricia says that she doesn't know of anyone else he was sleeping with. Bernice starts to ponder about whether or not she would stay faithful. She then says that she knows that no one loves her like Ashley; Back in the kitchen Betty tells the stripper that she used to be a windmill girl. She tells him that it is just a job. She tells him how nice the girls are out there; Bernice and Tricia come down to the pub, Bernice is looking much happier. They make a toast to Bernice. Betty comes back in followed by the stripper dressed as a vicar who successfully does his performance. Tricia and Diane kiss Bernice;

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2815) 25 Dec 2000


Cast Includes :-

Bernice Thomas - SAMANTHA GILES
Ashley Thomas - JOHN MIDDLETON
Carlos Diaz - GARY TURNER
Marlon Dingle - MARK CHARNOCK

PART ONE - Bernice and Diane are in the bedroom preparing for the wedding; Bernice is wondering if her father will come to the wedding, and if the wedding will go smoothly; Ashley and Carlos are at the vicarage, Ashley is saying how special Bernice is, Carlos looks sad but agrees; Paddy, Jason and Joe are at Paddy's cottage opening Christmas presents; Jason and Joe have bought each other the same jumper; Paddy agrees to go to the Woolpack; Tricia and Marlon are opening presents at Kathy and Tricia's Cottage; Marlon is getting dressed for work, Tricia is annoyed that he is working on Christmas day and is worrying that he won't make Bernice and Ashley's wedding; Paddy meets Bev outside the Woolpack to see Bernice get into her wedding car, Bernice comes out in her Wedding dress shocked to see a crowd, she gives Jason instructions for the pub while she is at the wedding; Bev takes Joe, Jason, Adam and Paddy into the Woolpack; Paddy looks sad as the car departs; Marlon and Terry are at Chez Marlon, Marlon is panicking over the duck as he as started cooking late, Terry is rushing Marlon to get it finished; Terry is annoyed that Chris Tate will be kept waiting for his Christmas Dinner and Marlon is worrying about Tricia's reaction to him being late for the wedding; Bev, Adam and Paddy are talking about weddings in the Woolpack, Bev is flirting with both Adam and Paddy, Paddy's pager rings for a job and he has to leave; Adam looks pleased at the fact he and Bev will be alone; Bernice, Diane and Tricia are walking up the path to the church; Bernice pauses unhappily she is worried that her father won't turn up, Diane mistakes it for last minute nerves; Ashley and Carlos are sat at the front of the church, Ashley is panicking over the rings; Bernice enters the church and walks down the aisle with Tricia and Diane; Edna and Gloria have a bitch about Bernice; Bernice joins Ashley at the alter, Tricia is wondering where Marlon is; Ashley whispers something to Bernice; The vicar performs the wedding ceremony, Rodney turns up just as it is starting and sits at the back of the church; Marlon gives Terry the Duck for Chris Tate, and rushes off to the wedding; Carlos looks sad as the wedding ceremony goes on; The vicar pronounces Ashley and Bernice husband and wife, they kiss;

PART TWO - Ashley and Bernice leave the church, Betty asks Bernice what Ashley said to her at the alter, Bernice refuses to tell her; Bernice goes to talk to her father, she is shocked to see him; Rodney explains why he said bad things about Ashley, Bernice explains that she love Ashley more than anything; Rodney wants Bernice to be happy; Ashley calls Bernice for photos; Diane is annoyed at Rodney; Marlon turns up at the church, Tricia is very annoyed; Rodney is asked to be in the family photograph, Diane is not pleased; Kathy is with Victoria, Andy, and Robert they have just finished Christmas dinner, Kathy is trying to keep the day pleasant; Victoria wants to play a game; The boys agree to play Monopoly, The boys clear the table, Andy is unhappy; Carlos asks Rodney to make a speak at the wedding reception in the Woolpack, Just as Rodney is standing up Diane stops him and makes a speech herself; Tricia looks guilty as Diane talks about Gavin; Bev and Adam are flirting, Adam asks Bev to go back to his flat but Bev refuses as they are meeting Paddy; Everyone toasts Ashley and Bernice, Carlos has a wistful look on his face; Kathy is playing monopoly with the Sugden children, Andy rolls the dice and has to go to jail, this upsets him; Andy is upset and knocks over the game board; Carlos Is making a speech and is talking about love, Ashley and Bernice kiss; Tricia is mad with Marlon, Bernice asks Marlon how he enjoyed the service; Bernice notices the food stains on Marlon's shirt, Bernice helps out behind the bar; Tricia tells Marlon off for missing the wedding; Marlon retaliates by saying that they can't get married until she gets a divorce; Andy is in his bedroom in the dark, Kathy goes in to apologise for trying to make it a normal Christmas; Andy feels guilty; Bernice and Ashley come out of the Woolpack, Tricia gives Bernice a new License plaque for the Woolpack with her married name on it; Bernice throws the bouquet, Marlon catches it, Tricia looks pleased but Marlon is confused; Rodney continues to annoy Diane by winking at her; Carlos looks sad as the car drives off with Bernice and Ashley inside; Tricia and Marlon cuddle up; Alan gives Diane a strong drink, Diane is upset and feels like she has lost her little girl; Ashley carries Bernice over the threshold, Ashley is happy that he has finally married Bernice and tells her; Bernice is touched; they kiss;

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2816) 26 Dec 2000


Cast Includes :-

Bernice Thomas - SAMANTHA GILES
Ashley Thomas - JOHN MIDDLETON
Betty Eagleton - PAULA TILBROOK

PART ONE - Bernice is in bed, Ashley brings her breakfast; They talk about the wedding; Betty and Diane are cleaning the Woolpack; They are also talking about the wedding; Paddy, Jason and Joe are talking In the kitchen; Bev is trying to flirt with Bob, Bev is trying to make Viv look bad; Viv walks in and sits between them; Adam meets Bev in the Woolpack he explains that he is on call; Bev reminds Adam that he promised them time alone together; He suggests that they leave; Rodney enters the Woolpack and Diane gets annoyed; Rodney and Diane talk about the wedding; Diane is annoyed that he even turned up; Rodney gives Diane a present for Bernice's birthday; Rodney leaves; Bev, Bob and Donna are watching television; Bev is still flirting with Bob; Bev leaves the room and leaves Donna and Bob alone; Bob asks Donna to go for a walk she refuses; Donna gets mad with Bob for trying to be pleasant; Donna leaves; Marlon greets Chloe back at Chez Marlon; Tricia warns Chloe to stay away from Marlon; Marlon asks Tricia to go easy on Chloe; Bernice and Ashley are having dinner in the Woolpack; Carlos is serving them a Christmas Dinner; Alan talks to Diane to see how she is feeling about Rodney; Diane flirts with Alan; Alan asks how she feels about Jack; Adam and Bev go to Bev's cottage; Adams pager rings, he calls Paddy and asks him to do the job for him leaving out the fact he is with Bev; Adam tells Bev he sorted out the problem over the phone; Bev and Adam sleep together;

PART TWO - Bev and Adam are getting dressed; Adam wants Bev to go to the Woolpack with him but Bev has plans, Adam gets jealous; Marlon, Jason and Joe are talking in Chez Marlon; Marlon is worried about Joe's residency order and why they havn't received it yet; Frankie finds Chloe attractive; Tricia is jealous; Marlon asks Frankie about when she Married in order to get someone a residency order; Viv and Donna are preparing lunch talking about Bob; Donna doesn't like Bob; Viv explains that she would like a serious relationsipe with Bob; Edna asks Ashley if the sermon is still on and winds Bernice up; Bernice tries to get used to been a Vicars wife; Alan apologises to Diane for asking about Jack; Diane insinuates to Alan that Jack killed Sarah; Adam tells Carlos that he slept with Bev; Bev arrives at the Woolpack; Chloe flirts with Marlon in the kitchen; Tricia walks in to the kitchen and is not pleased with Marlon, She tells Marlon that she wants Chloe to leave as she fancies him; Marlon says that Chloe is staying and is mad at tricia; Paddy joins Bev and Adam in the Woolpack; He finds out about Adam and Bev sleeping together; Bev finds out that Adam called Paddy to do the job; Paddy is upset; Bev is mad at Adam for lying to herself and Paddy; Paddy falls out with Adam;

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2817) 27 Dec 2000

Cast includes :-

Adam Forrester - TIM VINCENT
Gloria Weaver - JANICE McKENZIE
Barbara Kirk - JUDI JONES
Ashley Thomas - JOHN MIDDLETON
Bernice Thomas - SAMANTHA GILES

PART ONE - Adam attempts to talk to Paddy, Paddy ignores him; Zoe tries to rectify the situation; Paddy still refuses to talk to Adam; Adam explains what happened with Bev; Zoe is not pleased and explains how Paddy feels about Bev; Joe and Jason are in Paddy's kitchen, the residency order still has not arrived, Paddy's mum bursts into the kitchen unexpectedly, Jason and Joe quickly stop embracing each other; Barbara tells Jason how she hated Mandy, She asks who Joe is; Jason explains that Joe is married to Tricia and that he is living with Marlon; She is upset he is living with a Dingle; Bernice is moving the rest of her things to the vicarage; Edna and Gloria insult Bernice as she is loading the car; Diane is upset that Bernice is moving out; Barbara expresses her dislike of homosexuals; Jason can't tell Barbara about his sexuality as she would report them to the authorities; Barbara decides they should go to Chez Marlon for lunch; Marlon and Tricia kiss each other; Barbara, Joe and Jason walk into Chez Marlon just in time to witness the kiss; Barbara is not impressed by Tricia; Joe and Tricia try to act like a married couple; Barbara is not convinced about the marriage;

PART TWO - Tricia and Marlon try to convince Barbara the kiss was purely platonic; Jason tells Tricia that she needs to spend the night with him; Marlon is not pleased; Jason explains how he feels about Joe, Tricia agrees to stay the night; Diane is moving her things into Bernice's old room; Alan helps her to move the chest of drawers; Ashley and Bernice are trying to sort out the house and move her things in; Edna and Gloria call to cause trouble; Eric is causing disruption in Chez Marlon; Marlon tries to stop him; Gloria gives Bernice a letter opening as a house warming gift; Bernice talks about Her and Ashley's bedroom activities to get rid of Edna and Gloria; Jason goes to move some of Tricia's belongings into his house; Bev bumps into Adam in the street, Adam tries to arrange a date with Bev, Bev declines and explains she is still upset about being lied to; Joe explains to Barbara how he met Tricia; Bev visits Joe and Jason, Jason tells Barbara that Bev is his girlfriend; Bev is surprised but carry's on the lie; Alan has hurt his back lifting all of the furniture; Diane is concerned; Alan and Diane toast to friendship with a cup of tea; Paddy arrives home to find his mum in the living room; Paddy tells her to leave; Paddy refuses to forgive his mum for the way she behaved about Mandy; Paddy agrees to let Barbara stay for one night; Tricia arrives at Paddy's cottage to keep up the pretence of been married to Joe; Joe and Tricia go to bed; Jason goes to Marlons house; Paddy and Barbara are left alone, Paddy tells here he doesn't want to talk and goes to bed; Marlon is worried about Tricia and Joe spending the night together; Jason tells him not to worry;

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2818) 28 Dec 2000

Cast Includes :-

Barbara Kirk - JUDI JONES
Marlon Dingle - MARK CHARNOCK
Tricia Fisher - SHEREE MURPHY
Charity Dingle - EMMA ATKINS

PART ONE - Jason, Paddy and Barbara are having breakfast; Paddy and Barbara are arguing; Marlon arrives to collect Tricia; Barbara is suspicious; Alan's back is hurting; Diane sees him in pain; Marlon and Tricia walk to work, Marlon quizzes Tricia about her night with Joe; Barbara catches Marlon and Tricia Kissing and tells Paddy; Paddy tries to cover up but Barbara is set on causing trouble; Paddy tells Barbara that Marlon is Gay; Barbara is appalled; Zoe and Charity are having breakfast; Charity taunts Zoe; Zoe warns Charity that Chris will tire of her eventually; Chris enters the kitchen and orders Charity to get dressed; Scott and Frankie confront Pollard as to why they haven't got the taxi yet; Tricia, Jason and Joe talk about Paddy's mum; Marlon is in a bad mood; Pollard has a taxi delivered in very bad condition; Scott and Frankie are angry at Pollard and ask him to take it away; Pollard tells them to do some work on it; Chloe is worried about a strange customer in Chez Marlon; Jason thinks the customer is from the home office to check on Joe and Tricia;

PART TWO - The strange customer asks for the bill and asks questions on the business; Joe arrives at Chez Marlon to act out his marriage with Tricia; Scott and Frankie talk about how much money it will take to do up the taxi; Alan finishes the bike, Jason, Joe and Tricia tidy up the house just incase the strange customer visits; Marlon tries to find out who the strange customer is at Chez Marlon; Marlon discovers he is actually from the Environmental Health Office; Marlon is relieved; Marlon is panicking about the mess in the kitchen that Tricia forgot to tidy; Charity is trying to get Chris's attention whilst he is working; Chris would like her to leave him alone; The Health Inspector gives Marlon three weeks to sort out the restaurant or he risks closure; Paddy is having a drink with Bev at the Woolpack; Paddy ask Bev what she sees in Adam; Paddy hints to Bev that she should be with him and not Adam; Diane arrives back at the Woolpack after a shopping spree with a new scarf and gloves for Alan and his bike; Diane agrees to go on the bike with Alan the next day; Charity talks to Terry about Chris's behaviour; Terry can't see a problem; Charity is annoyed with herself for committing herself to one man; Marlon and Tricia are in Chez Marlon; Tricia tells Marlon what a great time she has had; Marlon explains about the Health Inspector; Marlon shouts at Tricia; Marlon breaks up with Tricia;

EMMERDALE (EPISODE 2819) 29 Dec 2000


Cast includes :-

Marlon Dingle - MARK CHARNOCK
Tricia Fisher - SHEREE MURPHY
Christopher Tate - PETER AMORY
Joseph Tate - OLIVER YOUNG
Charity Dingle - EMMA ATKINS

PART ONE - Diane has cooked Alan an English breakfast; Alan is preparing to take the bike out for the first time with Diane; Diane is nervous but keeping it from Alan; Marlon is still not happy with Tricia but they are back together; Marlon is worried about the Health Inspector coming back; Marlon and Tricia make up; Jason and Joe arrive at Chez Marlon; Joe has confirmation of his Residency Order; Chris is reading to Joseph; Charity enters the kitchen unnoticed; Charity threatens to go to work; Chris gives her money; Pollard taunts Marlon about the Health Inspector; Marlon accuses him of calling the Health Office; Diane helps Alan into his leathers in preparation for the bike ride; Bernice and Asheye walk in; It is Bernice's birthday; Diane gives Bernice Rodney's present; Gloria walks out of the postoffice with a bill in her hand; Pollard spots Gloria and talks to her; Pollard offers her a cab into Hotten with his taxi firm on the house; Frankie is not pleased but Scott calms her down; Alan and Diane go out to the bike for there journey; Diane looks nervous; Diane talks to Bernice about how nervous she is; Betty overhears the conversation; Alan and Diane have an audience for the unveiling of the bike; Alan makes a speech; Pollard is jealous; Alan and Diane mount the bike; Ashley blesses the bike; Alan strains his back starting the bike and has to be escorted to bed; he is in a lot of pain;

PART TWO - Everyone is concerned about Alan's back; Diane looks after Alan; Gloria informs Frankie that Pollard is paying for the taxi; Pollard is in the Woolpack, Gloria joins him; Pollard laughs at Alan mishap; Jason, Joe and Tricia have a drink together; Gloria is shocked at Ashley blessing the bike; Bernice overhears and is annoyed at Gloria; Frankie shouts at Scott about Pollards behaviour; Tricia is worried about Alan; Diane reassure her; Diane puts Pollard into his place; Chris and Zoe have dinner together and talk about work; Charity arrives to dinner wearing a dress, trying to interupt; Chris stops her; Chris leaves the table leaving Charity and Zoe to argue; Charity is getting worried; Betty is tipsy for work, Marlon finds out and is not happy; Gloria and Pollard go for dinner at Chez Marlon; Diane sees how Alan is feeling; Alan is in pain; Alan is embarrassed at Diane looking after him; Diane kisses Alan on the forehead;


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