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#2644-2658 --- 1st -29th February 2000

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Graham Clark circa 1998Graham Clark circa 1999

Episode 2644 1 Feb 2000

(Plus! Thu 19th Feb 2004)

Graham destroys the letter that Pollard sent accusing him of being a murderer. But unknown to him Marlon too has started to suspect his role in Rachel's death. He tells Pollard that his plan to push Graham until he snaps is too dangerous. But how are they going to trap him? Kelly admits to Mandy that she is going to tell Roy about her affair with Scott. Betty visits Kelly and persuades her to talk about her problems. Their conversation spurs Betty to reveal her own misgivings to Seth about not having children. Marc gets his own back on Sean and Angie for missing his Parents Evening by holding a party while they are out. Jack seeks reassurance from Sarah about the state of their marriage. Meanwhile Richie is embarrassed about the pass he made to her. And Zoe tells Chris that she doesn't approve of his intention to buy the Wylie farm.

Episode 2645 2 Feb 2000

(Plus! Fri 20th Feb 2004)

Kelly is determined to rid herself of the guilt she feels over her affair with Scott. She asks Roy to visit her at the clinic to discuss their relationship. Kelly reveals the truth about her affair with Scott, and that she doesn't know who was the father of her unborn baby. She tells Roy that she is going to make a fresh start in London, a revelation that threatens to push him over the edge. Viv is puzzled to find Scott destroying Kelly's suicide letters. He admits that Kelly never wants to see him again. Marlon's mission to warn Kathy about Graham ends in failure, when she tells him to stop interfering in her life. Betty turns to Ashley for advice regarding Reggie's attempt to destroy her relationship with Seth. Richie informs Scott that Daletech is experiencing some serious financial difficulties. And Marc frames Ollie into taking the blame for the party at their house.

Episode 2646 3 Feb 2000

(Plus! Mon 23rd Feb 2004)

Roy has a heart to heart with Seth regarding his relationship with Kelly. His dreams are in tatters due to his wife's revelations. When Donna visits her sister and tells her how bad things are in the Windsor household, Kelly promises that she will be home soon. Kelly admits to Chris that she has been running away from her problems. Pollard puts part two of his plan to flush Graham out into action. Concerned for Kathy's safety, he delivers another anonymous letter, alluding to Graham's involvement in his first wife's death. With his back against the wall, Graham approaches Kathy and tells her he wants to start a new life away from the village. But how will she react? Betty reveals the truth about Reggie's involvement in her life to Seth. Zak and Lisa are dumbfounded when a face from the past appears on their doorstep. Chris sends Terry to bid for the Wylie Farm at auction. And Jack tells Sarah that he is not looking forward to lying at Andy's adoption hearing about the state of their marriage.

Episode 2647 8 February 2000

(Plus! Tue 24th Feb 2004)

Butch is horrified to discover that his mother has returned to the village. The young lad cannot believe her audacity - especially after all she has put her family through. Zak explains to Nellie that she will only be able to stay temporarily. But the cunning Dingle has other plans, and it's not long before she has her feet firmly under the table. Butch is knocked for six when Lisa reveals that Nellie has moved in to Mandy's old flat. But his anger turns to sympathy when she tells him of her own concerns. Seth cannot understand why Betty allowed Reggie to re-enter her life. When the scoundrel appears at his doorstep, Seth resorts to drastic measures to make him leave. Chris offers to support Kelly in her decision to make a fresh start in London. The kind-hearted gent offers her a train ticket, but will she accept his generosity? Viv and Kelly have a heart-to-heart about their volatile relationship. Chris is shattered to learn the identity of the new owner of Wylie farm. And Jack and Sarah feel awful when Andy and Robert offer them half of their earnings in an attempt to stop their arguing.

Episode 2648 9 February 2000

(Plus! Wed 25th Feb 2004)

Roy's happiness hangs in the balance.
Richie and Sarah give in to temptation.
Pollard and Marlon finally have Graham in their sights.
Kelly has finally made a decision about her future - she is moving to London.

Episode 2649 10 February 2000

(Plus! Thu 26th Feb 2004)

Kathy offers Roy a solution to his marital problems. However Kelly is less than pleased with the suggestion. Kathy tells Roy that she doesn't think Kelly is good enough for him - he should finish their relationship before she ends up making both their lives a misery. Marlon's concerns for Kathy's safety grow. The worried Dingle confronts Graham and tells him that he knows he was responsible for his wife's and Rachel's deaths. Concerned by their interference, Graham suggests to Kathy that Pollard and Marlon are trying to undermine their relationship, so that they can get their hands on the Diner. Nellie tries to ingratiate herself into the Dingles household - much to Lisa's annoyance. The scheming Dingle reminisces with Zak in an attempt to repair their relationship. But will Zak succumb to her charms? Richie admits to Sarah that he can't stop thinking about her. But will Sarah be prepared to risk her marriage for him? Bernice is determined to make a success of the 'Aphrodisiac' theme night in the Woolpack. And Emily is shocked to discover what 'aphrodisiac' means.

Episode 2650 14 February 2000 (click here for newsgroup comments)

(Plus! Fri 27th Feb 2004)

It's Valentines Day and romance is in the air as Betty asks Seth to marry her. Viv assumes Richie has sent her a Valentine's card, which annoys Sarah. Richie himself is left upset when Sarah decides to spend the evening with Jack.

Lisa immediately suspects Nellie when a Valentine's card arrives for Zak. Bernice and Marlon prepare for the Woolpack's aphrodisiac night. But will the magical powers of the food work? Bernice is curious when a blank Valentine's card arrives for her. That evening, her secret admirer - Ashley tries to reveal his true feelings, but Diane intercepts him. Marlon is horrified when Kathy admits that she is falling for Graham and races off to tell Pollard. And Roy's attempt to cheer up Kelly with a romantic meal ends in disaster.

15 February 2000 Episode 2651

(Plus! - Mon 1st Mar 2004)

Sarah gets angry when Jack's assumes that after last night, their relationship is back to normal. Jack tells Kathy that Sarah is only staying with him for the sake of the children. Sarah is furious to learn that Jack has been discussing the state of their marriage with Kathy. When Kathy offers her advice, Sarah tells her that she has no right to interfere in her affairs, especially after she gave up Alice without a fight. Lisa confronts Nellie and demands that she looks for somewhere else to live, but is left speechless when Zak says his ex will always be welcome. Pollard goads Graham when he tells him that he has an appointment with his solicitor. Kathy offers Emily a job at the Diner - an action that causes a storm with her employer Viv. Betty confides to Bernice that she has done something daft - she has proposed to Seth and he has accepted. And Richie invites Sarah for a quiet drink at his offices - but will she accept?

16 February 2000 Episode 2652

(Plus! - Tue 2nd Mar 2004)

Sarah criticises Jack for airing their marriage problems to Kathy, and tells him that she got a slap around the face as a result. Sarah apologises to Kathy for her comments regarding Alice and is surprised when Kathy offers to forgive and forget. Lyn tells Scott she wants nothing more to do with him, after discovering the truth about Kelly. Kathy asks Zoe to help find Roy and Kelly a home of their own. Lisa tells Butch that she caught Zak and Nellie in a clinch, but is embarrassed after discovering Ollie sent Zak the Valentines card. Richie is relieved when Sarah tells him that she doesn't regret what happened last night - but they must keep their affair a secret. Chris is furious about business decisions taken without his knowledge, and is rocked further when Kelly reveals she has decided not to move to London, despite all his help. Seth and Betty discuss their marriage plans - unaware they both have deep reservations. And Graham suggests to Kathy that she ought to take a break away from the village.

17 February 2000 Episode 2653

(Plus! - Wed 3rd Mar 2004)

Graham surprises Kathy with the news that he has booked a holiday cottage on the coast. But will she agree to go away with him? Pollard and Marlon threaten Graham - they will make him pay for his crimes. Pollard admits to Sarah that he is worried about Kathy. But his words fall on deaf ears. Bernice forces Betty and Seth to admit their reservations about getting married. Richie tells Sarah that the only way they will be able to stop their affair is if one of them leaves the village. Zak and Lisa continue to bicker about Nellie's presence in the Dingle home. Richie has a go at Scott for not pulling his weight at Daletech. And Zak's attempt to sell Sean his pink diesel ends in failure.

18 February 2000 Episode 2654

(Plus! - Thu 4th Mar 2004)

Graham's overbearing manner begins to spoil the couple's short-break particularly when he tries to persuade her to move away from the village. Kathy is unnerved by Graham and begins packing her case insisting that they should talk about their feelings. But when she makes a move to leave, Graham locks the door. When Graham tells her that Rachel turned down his proposal and he'll never let her leave him, there is a realisation that Pollard was right. And in a tense exchange Kathy knows she must get away - leading to shattering series of events. Meanwhile Pollard and Marlon are horrified to discover that Kathy has gone away for the weekend with Graham and break into Graham's home desperate to find out where they have gone.

22 February 2000 Episode 2655

(Plus! - Fri 5th Mar 2004)

The village is awash with gossip now the truth is out about Graham. And Pollard wastes no time telling everyone that he suspected Graham, but even the police wouldn't listen to his theories. Chris plays the knight in shining armour when he moves reporters away from Kathy's front door. And later Terry asks another to leave the Woolpack. But Ollie is in trouble when her mother arrives home to find her talking to a reporter. Frankie sets out to persuade Chris to move back to Home Farm and ends up having a drink too many. Later Chris convinces Claudia that Zoe would probably be happy never to see him again. She feels sorry for him and as the conversation develops the two suddenly embrace.

23 February 2000 Episode 2656

(Plus! - Mon 8th Mar 2004)

Richie lands in hot water when he starts boasting about seeing an older married woman to regulars at the pub. Jack overhears him and innocently states that Sarah wouldn't mess around. Ollie's in deep trouble when Viv catches her stealing chocolates from her shop and drags her off to confront her parents. Viv is immovable when the four meet and tells Angie that she's had enough of thieves and wants to prosecute the wayward teenager. Claudia is deeply upset when Chris gives her the cold treatment after their moment of passion and Zoe isn't too happy with Frankie when she arrives back with a big hangover. However she mellows when Frankie explains exactly why she went to see Chris. And when Zoe informs Chris that she intends making Joseph the beneficiary of her will, he agrees to move back. Chris later tells Roy that he and Kelly can live at the cottage for a reasonable rent, and that he intends offering her a job at the haulage firm. Pollard is offered a large sum of money for his version of the Graham story. And Lisa is deeply upset when she arrives home to find Nellie looking after Belle.

24 February 2000 Episode 2657

(Plus! - Tue 9th Mar 2004)

Sarah is furious with Richie when she hears about his loose tongue. And she tells him she can't trust him and that their fling is over. Later at the pub Richie swallows his pride and announces that he was making the whole thing up and Sarah realises that he really does care for her. Angie and Sean try to discuss what's gone wrong with Ollie but ultimately end up bickering. The teenager confronts them in a flood of tears and begs them to stop. Nellie upsets Lisa again when she gives Emily an over-the-top makeover. With all her troubles seemingly behind her Kelly can hardly believe she's moving into Chris's cottage with Roy. Pollard learns his story will be running on the front page of a local newspaper next week.


29 February 2000 Episode 2658

(Plus! - 10th Mar 2004)

Pollard is delighted when he sees that the Hotten Courier has printed a story hailing him as a local hero for saving Kathy's life. Angie is annoyed when the press phone her wanting to know why she failed to spot a murderer living in the village. Her day goes from bad to worse when she makes Ollie apologise to Viv for shoplifting. Angie tries to appease the local shopkeeper by offering compensation, but Viv tells her that she still wants to involve the police. Marlon causes mischief when he tells Tricia that Laura's birthday party will have a kids fancy dress theme. She's mortified when she makes her grand entrance, dressed as a rabbit, only to discover that everyone else is dressed as normal. Lisa is furious when she finds that Zak has let Nellie look after Belle. When her husband returns home, Lisa issues him with an ultimatum - either Nellie leaves or she does. Chris tells Richie that he is interested in buying into Daletech - as long as Scott is no longer involved. Sarah becomes jealous when she sees Richie playfully flirting with Angie. And Tricia asks Kathy if she would be interested in taking her on as a lodger.

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