Emmerdale Episode Guide For Year 2000
#2632-2643 --- 4th January - 27th January 2000

Uploaded 3rd February 2004

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Kelly Glover Fan card from 2000

Episode 2632 4 January 2000

(Plus! - Tue 3rd Feb 2004)

Lisa is shocked when she discovers an unopened letter informing her that a Health Visitor will be calling to check on Belle's well being - today! In a panic she orders Zak to tidy up the house. But it's only a matter of time before things start to go wrong. With his attention focused on the television, Zak fails to notice that Belle has wandered off in front of the Health Visitors car. When the shaken up official appears at his front door, Zak refuses to co-operate.

Ashley feels ashamed by his confrontation with Gavin. And his day gets worse when Diane hints that she knows how he feels about her daughter. But his mind is put to rest when Bernice tells him that he shouldn't blame himself for what happened - he was acting in her defence. Bernice is less than enthusiastic when Turner offers to buy Gavin's shares in the Woolpack.

5 January 2000
Episode 2633

(Plus! Wed 4th Feb 2004)

The Sugden family's problems are about to escalate. When Richie tells Sarah that he has just seen her car being driven out of the village, they are convinced that it has been stolen. They give chase, but the pair are stopped in their tracks when Ashley steps out of the car. Her surprise turns to anger when the Reverend informs her that he bought it from Lisa who was selling it on Jack's request. Sarah confronts Jack and tells him that she can't believe he sold her car without her permission. And in the heat of the moment she tells him exactly how she feels about the state of their marriage.

Chris is less than happy to see that Frankie has returned to the Village. And the Tate Haulage boss warns her that if there is any trouble she will regret it. Chris feels left out when he sees Terry playing with Joseph and his new pony. But he is touched when Kathy tells him he is a wonderful father - wheelchair or no wheelchair.

Diane confides to Turner that she is thinking of moving to Emmerdale permanently, so that she can help Bernice secure a loan on the Woolpack.

Lisa warns Zak that he is going to have to keep a closer eye on Belle after the incident with the Health Visitor.

Chris is impressed when Richie offers him a deal on computer equipment behind Scott's back.

Roy becomes frustrated at his inability to help Kelly.

And Sean sees red when he catches Ollie chatting up a new driver.

6 January 2000 Episode 2634

(Plus! Thu 5th Feb 2004)

Jack is devastated by Sarah's revelation. With his marriage crumbling around him, he tries to make her see sense. But he is astounded when she ignores his pleas. When Sarah takes her problems to work, Kathy confronts her and is taken aback to discover just how serious her problems are.

Ashley is lost for words when Diane questions him about his feelings for Bernice. He denies that he is in love with her, but Diane tells him to leave her daughter alone. Zoe tells Ashley that he is being dishonest with himself unless he tells Bernice how he feels about her.

Zoe tells Chris to stop interfering in her life. But she feels left out when Chris takes Joseph to his first day at school without her.

Butch startles Emily when he reveals that her father's farm is up for sale. She cannot understand why he has kept his money problems a secret from her. And Betty becomes concerned by Reggie's continued interest in her.

11 January 2000 Episode 2635

(Plus! Fri 6th Feb 2004)

Rev Ashley gets his dog collar in a twist when he decides to confess his love for Bernice. Bolstered by Zoe's words of wisdom he manages to dodge Diane and tells Bernice he's got something to say. When she says she knows he misunderstands and unnoticed moves in for a kiss only to be devastated when Bernice says she'll happily help out at the Church sale. And Scott is shocked when Bernice presents him with a huge bill for his works Christmas party which she wants paying the following day.

The turmoil at the Sugdens is affecting Andy, only days before the boy is officially adopted by the family. But Jack reassures the perceptive youngster that whatever happens between him and Sarah he will still be his father.

Kelly is deeply hurt when Scott warns her Lyn is coming back for a few days.

Kathy has pangs of guilt about betraying Rachel with Graham. And Mandy phones Paddy to say she'll be back tomorrow.

12 January 2000
Episode 2636

(Plus! Mon 9th Feb 2004)

Kelly is desperate for someone to listen to her troubles. But Mandy is busy catching up with everyone since returning from her father's and when she appeals to Chris he cuts her to quick saying he's told her before, she should leave Roy.

Turner convinces Diane to back Bernice and offer to help her with the money to buy the Woolpack.

Pollard takes a side-swipe at Graham in front of Kathy, doubting his trustworthiness.

Betty tells Seth she's going to Hotten to meet a friend - what he doesn't know Is that the friend is her old flame Reggie.

Lisa thinks she's got Zak out of the way for the health visitor. But he comes back shouting the odds and all but throws the poor woman out of the house.

13 January 2000 Episode 2637

(Plus! Tue 10th Feb 2004)

Kelly's troubles are mounting by the minute. She finally tells Mandy about the night with Scott while Roy was in prison but is unprepared for her reply.

Meanwhile Paddy discovers the pile of unfinished work Kelly has been hiding and tells her she's sacked. Later he softens but says she must start work at 6am each morning until she has caught up. At home things are bad too as Viv announces she's going to have to sell the shop.

Jack and Sarah are moved when Andy says he couldn't bear losing another family. They agree to make an effort for the sake of the kids.

Bernice and Diane announce their partnership at the Woolpack.

And Graham wants to make it public about him and Kathy especially after Pete asks her for a date.

But Kathy tells him it will all come out in good time.

And Bernice breaks all ties with Gavin by ceremoniously throwing his engagement ring into the river - witnessed by Ashley.

18 January 2000 Episode 2638

(Plus! Wed 11th Feb 2004)

Kelly is in the depths of despair. With her life crumbling around her, the young girl can only see one way of solving all her problems.

When Donna discovers her sister packing a bag she becomes convinced that she is planing to run away, but Kelly puts her mind to rest. Kelly explodes in fury when Viv complains that she isn't pulling her weight in the shop. Scott tries to talk sense into her but his words fall on deaf ears. When Kelly goes to tidy her father's grave Ashley interrupts her. But when she tries to talk to him about her problems, the Reverend tells her that he doesn't have time at the moment.

Meanwhile Roy reveals to Zoe that he is growing increasingly concerned by Kelly's recent behaviour. But their conversation is interrupted by Chris. With Roy out of the way Chris tells his sister that Kelly could do a lot better than a yokel like Roy.

Paddy visits the shop and asks Scott to pass on a message to Kelly she's fired. On learning that Kelly isn't at work Scott reveals his fears to Viv. And they race out of the shop convinced that she is running away from the village.

19 January 2000 Episode 2639

(Plus! Thu 12th Feb 2004)

Kelly's troubles have the village searching deep in their hearts. Roy thinks he's been a bad husband and confides in Scott unaware that he's more to blame than most.

Viv and Donna feel they could have done more and Chris is contrite after turning her away when she asked for help.

Mandy also wishes she'd listened more but gives Scott a real piece of her mind.

And Ollie persuades Angie to let her go to the cinema with a new boyfriend much to her father's horror.

20 January 2000 Episode 2640

(Plus! Fri 13th Feb 2004)

Paddy tells Mandy that she is the only one who knows what is troubling Kelly, so she is the only one who can help her.

Roy confides to Kathy that he is worried about how Kelly will react the next time she sees him.

Angie informs Chris and Zoe that the inquest into Liam's death will be held next week.

Andy is upset to discover that Ollie, the girl of his dreams, is going on a date. And he turns to Jack for advice on relationships.

Zak tries to persuade Jack to sell him some pink diesel for his latest Dingle business venture.

And Betty asks Reggie to stop interfering in her relationship with Seth.

25 January 2000 Episode 2641

(Plus! Mon 16th Feb 2004)

With no change in Kelly's condition, those closest to her begin to blame themselves for her plight. Roy, Donna and Paddy all feel they could have done more.

Zoe is unimpressed by Chris' plan to offer the Windsor's financial support. And he is hurt when his sister accuses him of trying to ease his conscience with handouts. Zoe's reveals the truth to Ashley about Liam's death - but is he really aware of what she's saying?

Will the Dingles homestead get a clean bill of health, when a welfare visitor arrives? And can Zak get away with his latest scam - selling pink diesel?

26 January 2000 Episode 2642

(Plus! Tue 17th Feb 2004)

Roy is distraught that Kelly is refusing to see him. But the doctor advises him that in her present state of mind, it is essential that Kelly does not have any pressure put upon her. Kathy arrives at the hospital and persuades Roy to go home.

Lisa visits Roy to see how he is coping and is shocked to discover that Kelly had been pregnant.

Sarah tries to forget her marriage problems by going out with Angie for the evening. But when she returns home drunk, tempers flare.

Pollard reveals his suspicions about Graham to Marlon.

Zoe has a heart to heart with Frankie about their relationship and how her life has changed since Liam's death.

Betty is shocked to discover that Seth has invited Reggie to move into their house.

And Sean tells Zak that he is interested in buying his pink diesel.

27 January 2000 Episode 2643

(Plus! Wed 18th Feb 2004)

It's the day of the inquest into Liam's death and Chris and Zoe prepare themselves to face the coroner. Chris is concerned by Zoe's refusal to discuss what they are going to say. Will she finally crack and tell the whole truth?

Pollard reveals to Marlon that he has a plan to flush Graham out. When Graham arrives home he discovers an anonymous letter accusing him of being a killer. Convinced that he knows who is responsible, Graham confronts Pollard and threatens him - unaware that Marlon is listening to every word.

Betty admits to Reggie that his arrival has brought back memories she has tried to forget. She is stunned when Reggie tells her that if she tries to throw him out of her house, he will tell Seth about their past.

Jack tries to repair his relationship with Sarah by inviting her out for the evening. But she makes it clear that she is not interested. Sarah turns to Richie for a shoulder to cry on. But she is startled when Richie makes a move to kiss her.

And Marc is furious when his parents fail to show up for his schools Parents Evening.

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