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Episodes #2714-2727 --- 4th - 27th July 2000

Uploaded 3rd February 2004
Updated & Finished 15th June 2004

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Ned Glover returned from Spain on the 27th July for the start of 3 episodes guesting.

Episode 2714 - 4 July 2000

(Plus! Thu 27th May 2004)

Marlon attempts to win Tricia's affections in the wake of the Adam's exposure as a philanderer, despite a lecture from Bernice to leave her alone.

Scott's relationship with Roy deteriorates when they go for a disastrous client lunch

and Mandy embarrasses Paddy on her radio show when she talks about their sex life!

Episode 2715 - 5 July 2000

(Plus! Fri 28th May 2004)

Marlon is concerned that in his efforts to expose Adam he may have destroyed his friendship with Tricia, but Bernice is hopeful he will be able to repair the damage.

Tricia regrets a decision to turn down an offer to stay the night at the Wookpack when a shadowy figure breaks into her room.

Marc rejects Sean's attempts to persuade him to return home and moves in with Jack.

Episode 2716 - 6 July 2000

(Plus! Mon 31st May 2004)

Tricia is left distressed by last night's burglary and suspicion falls upon Lisa who has a spare set of keys to the house. However Jason is convinced Cain is responsible and confronts him, causing Cain to admit he has an incriminating piece of evidence; a locket taken from Tricia's room.

Kathy returns from Australia and causes controversy by proclaiming that she's going to let Diane continue to manage the diner.

Episode 2717 -7 July 2000 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! Tue 1st Jun 2004)

In the aftermath of the burglary Lisa is questioned and it becomes obvious to Zak that she will be blamed. He resolves to clear her name and confronts the real culprit, Cain.

Edna confronts Ashley over what she sees as his torrid affair and contacts the Bishop in an effort to get him expelled from the church.

Episode 2718 - Tuesday 11 July 2000

(Plus! Wed 2nd Jun 2004)

The Bishop played by Peter Cartwright, from this point on he has had a re-ccuring role

The Bishop is influenced by Edna's malicious stirring and suggests Ashley leave the village. Ashley is faced with a dilemma; will Bernice want to move up North with him?

Zak demands Cain return Kathy's belongings and Cain is forced to admit that he has already sold some of the jewellery.

Tricia and Marlon's relationship develops and Tricia finally admits that she is considering starting a relationship with him.

Episode 2719 - Wednesday 12 July 2000

(Plus! Thu 3rd Jun 2004)

Ashley tells Bernice he has to visit a parish in Leeds, but little does she know the real reason for his trip; a new job.

Chris unsuccessfully attempts to woo Tara to secure her investment in Tate Haulage, but she is left unimpressed.

Cain continues to antagonise the Dingles and things come to a head when he accuses Lisa of being responsible for Butch's death.

Episode 2720 - Thursday 13 July 2000

(Plus! Fri 4th Jun 2004)

Bernice is excited at the prospect of her forthcoming wedding to Ashley whilst best woman Zoe is concerned to hear Bernice knows nothing of Ashley's plans to move up north. Things come to a head when Bernice reveals to Ashley that she has asked the Bishop - the cause of his discomfort - to marry them!

Chris has dinner with Tara as part of his continuing attempts to get her to invest in Tate Haulage, but she is more interested in persuading him to invest in the Stud Farm.

Episode 2721 - Friday 14 July 2000 EXTRA EPISODE

(Plus! Mon 7th Jun 2004)

Bernice and Ashley's wedding plans are put at stake when Ashley inadvertently lets slip to the Bishop that he hasn't told his soon-to-be wife about his plans to move to Leeds.

Ashley's dilemma heightens when Bernice makes him promise that there will be no secrets between the two of them.

Episode 2722 - 18 July 2000

(Plus! Tue 8th Jun 2004)

Money comes between Roy and Scott when Roy suggests they both take a pay cut for the greater good of the business.

Kathy thanks Zak and Lisa for returning her stolen belongings but Zak still refuses to admit that it had anything to do with him.

Jack shocks Diane by declaring he will fight Sarah to the bitter end and get custody of his children; no matter what.

Episode 2723 - 19 July 2000

(Plus! Wed 9th Jun 2004)

The findings of the investigation into the bus crash are finally revealed; Tate Haulage is in the clear! A devastated Emily interrupts Chris's champagne celebration and demands to see the report. He gives it to her and Kathy circulates it around the village, stirring up resentment.

Roy refuses to go to Scott's birthday meal and continues to nurse resentment for him after in the aftermath of their altercation.

Episode 2724 - 20 July 2000

(Plus! Thu 10th Jun 2004)

Kathy pesters a distraught Emily to fight against the crash report causing her to lash out. Unperturbed, Kathy confronts Chris in a bitter row.

Sarah and Richie arrive back in the village, but their portrayal of happiness is soon to be shattered by Jack who - upon learning of their arrival - vows to fight Sarah in court.

Episode 2725 - 25 July 2000

(Plus! Fri 11th Jun 2004)

Chris offers Emily an out-of-court settlement which he sees as the necessary icing on the cake needed to cement his infallibility. Furious, Emily rejects this causing him to scuttle off back home. Later he starts to suspect Tara's financial situation isn't as stable as she has made out after she refuses to discuss any other business other than the Stud Farm.

Episode 2726 - 26 July 2000

(Plus! Mon 14th Jun 2004)

Jack is torn between his emotions and parental responsibilities when Sarah visits him to plead for access to the children. Jack is incredulous that Sarah and Richie managed to have an affair right under his nose and sleeps with Diane as revenge.

Emily puts Lisa's mind at rest by telling her she doesn't harbour resentment towards her over the crash, whilst Zak is not so forgiving towards Chris.

Episode 2727 - 27 July 2000

(Plus! Tue 15th Jun 2004)

Kelly accuses Roy of flirting with Tricia and an argument ensues that only adds to the downward spiral their relationship is already plummeting on.

Kathy approaches Jack on Sarah's behalf and, resenting her interference, he angrily tells her he would rather see Sarah dead than comprehend giving her custody of Victoria.

Jack's problems escalate when Ned tells him he'll never have enough money to fight a court battle and this causes Jack to consider the inconsiderable; selling the farm to Chris.

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