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Episodes #2701-2713 --- 1st - 29th June 2000

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Finished 16th May 2004

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Episode #2701 - 1st June 2000

(Plus! Mon 10th May 2004)

When Viv finds out that Sarah has been staying with Richie at the farm, news of their affair hits the village like a thunderbolt.

Kathy confronts Sarah, feeling she is utterly selfish, and sacks her.

A potential appearance on local radio is spoiled for Andy when Mandy mischievously orchestrates it for Paddy to appear in his place.

Sam gets caught up in Viv and Pollard's electioneering and a decision to help them both out can only end in disaster.

Episode #2702 - 6th June 2000

(Plus! Tue 11th May 2004)

Jack comes to regret a decision to let Angie collect the kids from school, when Angie is swayed by Sarah to let her talk to them.

Victoria lets slip what happened and Jack confronts Angie and accuses her of betrayal.

Adam is furious to find out Mandy and Paddy have taken over his radio appearance, even more so when Mandy is offered her own regular slot as a mystic vet consultant.

Episode #2703 - 7th June 2000

(Plus! Wed 12th May 2004)

Jack rejects Ashley's offer of marriage counselling and meets Laura to discuss his impending battle for custody of his kids.

An alcohol fuelled Adam confronts Mandy about stealing his radio job

and Viv receives some unwelcome advice from Edna who tells her she'll never win if she continues to dress like a strumpet!

Episode #2704 - 8th June 2000

(Plus! Thu 13th May 2004)

It's the day of the local election and the candidates are all desperate to win votes, no one more so than Pollard who is not adverse to using bribery to secure votes.

Tricia announces her informal exit pole and declares Turner the winner, but will this result be reflected in the official court?

Ashley is torn between his commitment to the church and love for Bernice when he is confronted by the Bishop about their relationship.

A letter from Sarah poses a dilemma for Jack; should he show it to the children or destroy it?

Episode #2705 - 13th June 2000

(Plus! Fri 14th May 2004)

Pollard is declared winner of the local election and gloats about his success much to many of the resident's anger. None more so than Chris who manages to get the crooked councillor to come to an 'arrangement,' but at what cost?

Ashley's dilemma over his relationship with Bernice escalates when Viv accuses him of trampling on family values. Ashley can take no more when Edna calls Bernice a tarty landlady and confronts everyone at the Woolpack.

Episode #2706 - 14th June 2000

(Plus! Mon 17th May 2004)

Edna storms in on Ashley's church service and confronts Sarah about her affair with Richie. Ashley attempts to intervene but Edna acuses him of being a corrupt vicar.

Sean and Angie organise a party to celebrate Marc passing his exams, but are devastated when he arrives home only to reveal he's failed.

Pollad refuses to pay Charity for helping him win the election but soon changes his mind when she threatens to expose his electioneering to Counciller Ecclestone.

Episode #2707 - 15th June 2000

(Plus! Tue 18th May 2004)

The Reynolds are in shock over Marc's exams, but he has a secret; he failed them deliberately and is planning to start a new independent life and move in with Marlon.

Jack hides Sarah's letter and tells her the children don't want to see her. This causers her to run home distressed to Richie, but he's quickly loosing patience.

Chris and Laura set about orchestrate a scam that will result in Sean taking the rap should Tate Haulage be found guilty in the crash investigation.

see also Week 13-15 June 2000

Episode #2708 - 20th June 2000

(Plus! Wed 19th May 2004)

Sarah is lambasted by Viv and Edna over her relationship with Richie at the post office where they tell her child benefit is for children, not the cradle-snatching Mothers and their toy boys!

Later a confrontation in the pub results in a fight between Richie and Jack.

Marc enjoys his new independence living with Marlon and the Reynolds attempts to get him to come home fall on deaf ears.

Episode #2709 - 21st June 2000

(Plus! Thu 20th May 2004)

Jack repents over his behaviour towards Sarah and organises for the kids to visit her. However he soon comes to regret this when she tells the kids they will soon live with her permanently!

Terry and Carlos are less enthusiastic about Marc living with them so confront Marlon and tell him his friend must move out.

Scott is having difficulties getting his garage business off the ground and accepts a dubious loan arrangement from Pollard that can only end badly.

Episode #2710 - 22nd June 2000

(Plus! Fri 21st May 2004)

Lady Tara hosts a home coming party and Chris unsuccessfully attempts to flirt with her to secure investment in Tate Haulage, whilst Adam turns up with Virginia despite the fact he's dating Tricia! Sean spirits Angie away upstairs, whereupon Chris and Tara walk in to find them in a compromising position.

Jack decides the kids should go to Spain whilst he and Sarah battle it out for custody and whilst she is less than certain, he gives her no choice.

see also Week 20-22 June 2000

Episode #2711 - 27th June 2000

(Plus! Mon 24th May 2004)

Kelly finds out that Roy was chatting up Tricia at the party, whilst Tricia quizzes Mandy about Adam's antics. Whilst Mandy bites her tongue, Marlon is faced with a dilemma; should he tell her what happened?

The antagonism between Sarah and Jack is taking its toll on Richie and he confesses to Sarah that he feels they're not as close as they used to be.

No episode Wednesday 28th June 2000

Episode #2712 - 29th June 2000 at 7pm

(Plus! Tue 25th May 2004)

Marlon is determined to expose Adam as a love-rat so persuades Virginia to reveal the truth about him to Tricia.

Roy is furious to find out that Kelly has got him a job interview to stack shelves in the local supermarket and this forces him to swallow his pride and accept Scott's offer of a job at the garage.

Laura is angry that Lady Tara has lied about her dire financial state, but agrees to help her convince Chris and Zoe to run a stud farm.

Episode #2713 - 29th June 2000 at 8pm

(Plus! Wed 26th May 2004)

Tricia turns up at Adam's for a romantic night in and is shocked to find Virginia there, calling him back to bed!

Kelly is distressed to hear about Roy and Scott's new partnership and express her distaste, but Roy tells her she'd better get used to it.

Zoe rejects Lady Tara's proposal that she should invest in a stud farm leaving Laura's plans in tatters.

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