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Episodes #2659- 2664 --- 1st - 30th March 2000

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Episode 2659 1 March 2000

(Plus! - Thu 11th Mar 2004)

The Dingle family is falling apart. Butch tries unsuccessfully to persuade Lisa not to leave. When Zak discovers his wife has left him he tells Nellie that he won't be bullied. Zak visits Lisa and tries to resolve the situation, but she won't return while Nellie is there. Paddy prepares a romantic meal to celebrate Mandy's return, But is disappointed when he opens the door to find Lisa there. Sean and Angie are concerned by Ollie's attitude at getting away with shoplifting, and decide she needs a lesson. When she returns home from school and finds a policeman waiting for her, she is horrified. Pollard apologises to Kathy for the newspaper article. She is touched when he explains that he had been genuinely concerned for her safety. Tricia is excited about the prospect of living with Kathy. Terry is disappointed when Claudia turns down his offer of a date. And Viv confides to Scott that she is behind with the mortgage on the shop.

Episode 2660 2 March 2000

(Plus! Friday 12th March 2004)

Paddy is in a difficult position. With Lisa living under his roof, he is worried that it may look as though he is taking sides in her argument with Zak. Pollard warns Paddy that he should watch out when Zak finds out that he is sheltering his wife and daughter. Claudia questions Terry about Chris's love life. Kathy is amused when Claudia visits her and starts to enquire about her past relationship with Chris. Emily tells Ashley that she is writing a letter to the missing person's help line in an attempt to find her father. Ollie tells her parents that she won't forgive them for putting her through her ordeal at the police station. And Sean and Angie are left speechless when Marc interrupts their argument and suggests that they should split up.

Episode 2661 7 March 2000

(Plus! Monday 15th March 2004)

Turner invites Diane out for a day walking in the dales but their ideas of an idyllic day turn out to be very different. Unimpressed by the country air Diane heads straight for nearest pub to flirt with the locals, much to Turner's disgust. Richie's business knowledge impresses cold-blooded Chris who agrees to give a contract to Daletec computers, on one condition - that Scott has no involvement. After a fall out with Zoe, Frankie heads off for a heavy night's drinking with Pete and returns to Home Farm in the early hours having lost her key. Her attempts to break into an upstairs window end in chaos when the alarms go off and the police arrive. Marc is desperate to escape the rows at home and continues to work at the Woolpack - but he spends most of the evening eyeing up Tricia behind the bar. And Paddy makes a hasty retreat when Zak arrives to speak to Lisa who remains defiant that she won't return home until Nellie is gone. But Zak has demands of his own when it comes to access to Belle.

Episode 2662 8 March 2000

(Plus! Tue 16th Mar 2004)

Jack loses his temper with Robert after discovering that he has been cleaning cars to earn extra pocket money. In his anger he tells Andy that he feels more like a son than Robert and immediately regrets it. Scott agrees to hand over his share of the business to Richie, who keeps quiet about his arrangement with Chris Tate. But Sarah wonders whether Richie is out of his depth in getting rid of Scott so ruthlessly. The Dingle family crisis takes a turn for the worse when Zak and Lisa come to blows over Nellie. Whilst Marlon is reluctant to get involved, Butch tries to persuade Zak that Nellie is nothing but a trouble maker. Zak asks Lisa if he can look after Belle for the day but she refuses. Fearing he may lose Belle for good Zak takes drastic measures to get her back. Lisa is horrified when she finds Belle has gone missing whilst in Ashley's care and desperately begs Zak to give her back. And Zoe loses patience with Frankie after she is given the sack from her cleaning job at the Woolpack.

Episode 2663 9 March 2000

(Plus! Wed 17th Mar 2004)

Robert and Andy fall-out just as a letter finalising Andy's adoption hearing arrives. Sarah is adamant that Jack should repair his relationship with Robert before he takes on another son but Jack's attempts fail when he lashes out in anger. Mandy's return to the village sets the cat amongst pigeons when she undoes Butch's coaxing words to Zak by shouting endless abuse at him. Meanwhile Butch tells Lisa that she is more of a mum to him than Nellie could ever be. Scott becomes suspicious of Richie and follows him to Home Farm where he learns of the business deal with Chris. Hurt and betrayed he tells Richie they were supposed to be partners. Richie feels uncomfortable and Chris has Scott thrown out. And new Spanish chef Carlos sets hearts fluttering when he arrives in the village to start work at the Diner. Both Diane and Viv flock in to catch a glimpse of him and proceed to flirt unashamedly all afternoon.

Episode 2664 14 March 2000

(Plus! Thu 18th Mar 2004)

The problems in the Sugden household continue to grow. Jack tries to apologise to Robert for losing his temper, but the damage is done. Sarah is furious when she learns Jack has let Andy take the day off school to help on the farm. Butch criticises Zak for his heavy drinking and tells him to sort himself out and talk to Lisa. Zak bumps into Lisa at the Diner and asks her to come home. But she tells him that she won't be returning until he has told Nellie to leave. Sean and Angie have a heart to heart about the state of their relationship. But will they be able to work out their problems before it is too late? Chris invites Claudia to dinner. When they return home she thanks him for a wonderful evening. But Chris is left disappointed when she tells him that as far as she is concerned they have a working relationship and nothing else. Viv is furious to learn that Chris and Richie have decided to go into business together behind Scott's back. And Emily is relieved to learn that Jack has seen her father.

Episode 2665 15 March 2000

(Plus! Fri 19th Mar 2004)

Emily's life is in turmoil when her father refuses to have anything to do with her while she is with Butch - which might be a long time because he's about to propose to her! Lisa refuses to let Zak take their daughter out of her sight. Things are so bad Butch tells Mandy that he would like to call a Dingle conference in an attempt to get Zak and Lisa back together. Viv organises a protest meeting against Tate Haulage and is surprised when Chris and Zoe arrive. Her attempt to gain support from the locals ends in failure when Chris explains that most local businesses have benefited from Tate Haulage in one way or another. And Tricia and Bernice take an immediate shine to Carlos, the new chef.

Episode 2666 16 March 2000

(Plus! Mon 22nd Mar 2004)

It's the day of Andy's adoption hearing and he cannot help but feel apprehensive about his future. At the hearing Robert nearly ruins everything, but the judge misunderstands his comments and agrees to the adoption. The family visit the Diner to celebrate. Sarah realises what she is risking by continuing her affair with Richie and resolves to finish it. But in the heat of the moment the pair are overcome by lust. Their passion turns to panic when they realise that they are being watched. Zak is furious to discover that a Dingle family conference has been called without his consultation. Everyone is delighted when Butch announces his engagement to Emily. The atmosphere takes a turn for the worse when the subject of Lisa and Zak's marriage is raised and he is surprised when everyone takes Lisa's side. Donna is surprised when Marc kisses her. A mischievous Ollie tells her that she has competition in the shape of Tricia, and she offers to help her by giving her a make over. Zoe points out to Chris that some of the villagers are genuinely concerned about Tate Haulage's position in the community. And Carlos uses his charms on Viv.

Truck Crash Week
From YTV EMMERDALE Ep.2668 Monday 20 March 2000 Tragedy strikes the Emmerdale village

Episode 2667 20 March 2000

(Plus! Tue 23rd Mar 2004)

The atmosphere at the Dingles is at an all time low. Zak is in a foul mood following the shambles of the Dingle family conference. Lisa arrives at the Dingles to ask Zak to baby-sit. But when Nellie makes it clear that she is unwelcome, Butch shocks his mother by taking Lisa's side. Butch tells Emily that he has an idea how they can build some bridges with her father - he is going to ask him for her hand in marriage. Scott has discovered Sarah is having an affair with Richie, and she is frightened he will expose them. Richie tries to reason with Scott, but he threatens to blackmail them. Viv holds a one-woman protest against the Supermarket bus service and prevents it from moving by blocking its path - an action she may live to regret.

Episode 2668 21 March 2000

(Plus! Wed 24th Mar 2004)

The peace and tranquillity of the village is shattered when disaster strikes. A crash brings Emmerdale to a stand still, when an out of control lorry driven by Pete, collides with the supermarket bus. Turner stumbles from the wreckage of the bus in a state of shock. He is horrified to discover that he is the only one who has managed to escape from the wreckage, but what of the other passengers, including Kathy, Sarah, Victoria, Seth, Marc and Butch? New vet Adam Forrester arrives in the village and immediately races over to see if he can help. Relatives of those trapped start to gather waiting for news as the emergency services get to work. And Chris and Zoe spend anxious moments, believing that Frankie and Joseph are on the bus.

Episode 2669 22 March 2000

(Plus! Thu 25th Mar 2004)

The rescue operation enters the night and the villagers are becoming frustrated by how long the emergency services are taking. Suddenly, voices are heard from the wreckage, and the hopes of those present grow. The Dingles are overwhelmed with relief when Butch is brought out from the wreckage. Emily tells him that they've been blessed. The police question Turner and Viv about the accident. Viv blames the whole crash on Pete. Jack suggests to Chris that he is only present so that he can work out a press statement, seeing that it was his vehicles that were involved in the accident. Chris fears the worst when a lifeless blonde woman is brought off the bus, but is it Kathy? And he reacts angrily when a department of transport investigator tries to question him.

Episode 2670 23 March 2000

(Plus! Fri 26th Mar 2004)

The village tries to come to terms with the aftermath of the bus crash. Relatives comfort one another as victims recover in hospital. Laura calls an urgent board meeting at Tate Haulage. The legal eagle informs those present that she has drafted a press release, and warns them about making any comments, which might imply the company is guilty of negligence. Frankie accuses Chris and Zoe of only being concerned about the bad publicity the crash will bring in. The Dingles visit Butch in hospital. Zak puts Nellie in her place when she complains about Lisa's presence. Emily talks to Butch about their future together.

Episode 2671 24 March 2000

(Plus! Mon 29th Mar 2004)

With Butch lying in hospital, Emily looks to their future. The pair talk about their forthcoming wedding and decide that there is no time like the present. Butch enlists Marlon to be his best man and plans are hastily made, including an impromptu stag party. Zak goes in search of Ashley and asks him to conduct the wedding ceremony. Emily is overjoyed when Lisa produces the dress that Butch bought her. With their friends and family in attendance, Ashley marries the happy couple. Laura tells Chris, Zoe and Sean that Pete had not been drinking before the accident. The Sugden family visit Sarah in hospital to celebrate her birthday. She cannot help but enquire about Richie.

Episode 2672 28 March 2000

(Plus! Tuesday 30th March 2004)

The aftermath of the bus crash threatens to tear the village apart. Friends are becoming enemies as everyone tries to apportion blame. Frankie intimates that Zoe and Chris are only concerned about what is best for Tate Haulage. And she is appalled when she overhears Chris and Zoe's blase attitude towards the crash, and fuelled by her anger, storms out of Home Farm. Scott has devised a new way of getting rich quick - blackmail. And Turner accuses Pollard of only attending bus crash victim Councillor Simmons funeral so that he can make business contacts.

Episode 2673 29 March 2000

(Plus! Wednesday 31st March 2004)

Betty is panic stricken when she overhears a doctor telling a nurse that an elderly patient has died. She races to Seth's ward to find his bed empty. Her fears are put to rest by a doctor, but where could the mischievous old man have gone? Zak and Nellie are speechless when Pollard arrives accompanied by a surprise visitor, their son Sam! Sean becomes concerned when he discovers that the paperwork for the service on Pete's lorry was never completed. The inspection at Tate Haulage begins, and Blanchard tells Chris and Sean that he will identify whoever is responsible for the crash. Chris tells Zoe he intends to place the blame for the crash with Sean. Jack makes an effort to repair his relationship with Robert. He tells his son that he does not expect him to take over the reigns on the farm, the most important thing is that he finds a job that he will enjoy. And Richie is furious when Scott drops by the Sugdens house to see him.

Episode 2674 - 30 March 2000 - 1 hour special

First ever episode for
Charity Dingle fan card - 2000-2001
Cain Dingle fan card 2000-2002

(Plus! Thu 1st Apr 2004)

The village gathers to mourn one of the disaster victims.
Pollard struggles to prove a theft.
Marc comforts an upset Ollie.

Cast List includes :-
Steve Halliwell, Jane Cox, James Hooton, Deena Payne, Emma Atkins, Mark Charnock

Chris tells Sean they need to put up a united front over Tate Haulage's involvement in the accident. He suggests that Laura, as a lawyer, should put the company's case to the Department of Transport Inspectors. But will she be able to convince them that they were not responsible? Loves young dreams, Donna and Marc are having problems finding time to spend together. But when Ollie tells him that she is going out, he seizes the opportunity. Marc tells his sister that he won't be able to leave the house because he has too much homework and with the family out of the way, he invites Donna over. And it's not long before they are doing more than homework! But, their moment of teenage passion is broken when Ollie walks in unannounced and is appalled to find her brother and best friend in a clinch. Lisa confides to Roy that she feels that she may have been responsible for the bus crash. But she is unaware that their conversation has been overheard by Nellie. Pollard confronts Sam and accuses him of stealing his wallet. He protests his innocence, but Pollard refuses to let the matter rest, and reports the theft to the police.

Shadrach didn't become a main character until 2003 and didn't get a fan card until 2003.  However his first episode was actually 30th March 2000

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