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Episodes #2686-2700 --- 1st - 31st May 2000

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Edna is seen in Emmerdale for the first time this month.

Episode 2686 Monday 1st May 2000 (extra episode)

(Plus! Mon 19th Apr 2004)

Viv puts pay to a romantic meal between Donna and Marc when she storms in and demands her daughter leave. Ollie embarrasses Andy when she persuades him to dance with her and then laughs in his face causing him to run home in tears. Terry and Claudia arrange an evening out together that quickly turns to a night of passion.

Episode 2687 Tuesday 2nd May 2000

(Plus! Tue 20th Apr 2004)

Sean and Angie face a crisis at school. Chris and Terry make a shocking discovery at the haulage yard. Sarah desperately tries to stall Richie.

Cast List includes :-
Stephen McGann, Freya Copeland, Peter Amory, Billy Hartman, Alyson Spiro, Glenn Lamont

Chris arrives at the Haulage Yard to find that the lorries have been sabotaged but threatens to fire the drivers unless they use them. Kathy and Angie suspect Cain is responsible but he is adamant that he is innocent. Following her public humiliation, Donna refuses to have anything more to do with Viv and is determined to live out her relationship with Marc. Sean and Angie are shocked to learn that Ollie has been stealing at school and has been expelled!

Episode 2688 Wednesday 3rd May 2000

(Plus! Wed 21st Apr 2004)

The Tate Haulage drivers go on strike, refusing to work in unsafe conditions, meaning Chris has no option but to seek help from arch enemy Sean. Zak tells Nellie that their night of passion meant nothing and demands she leave the house, professing that Lisa is the woman he loves and thus persuading her to move back in.

Episode 2689 Thursday 4th May 2000

(Plus! Thu 22nd Apr 2004)

Lisa is livid to find out about Zak's night with Nellie and throws her out of the house. She refuses to listen to his pleas for forgiveness obstinate that she cannot trust him. Kathy attempts to disrupt a clandestine meeting Chris has arranged over the road accident but her intentions are foiled when a local paper captures her throwing a glass of brandy in his face. Sean chastises Ollie over allegations that she is a thief and threatens her with boarding school which pushes her to run away from home.

Episode 2690 Tuesday 9 May 2000

(Plus! Fri 23rd Apr 2004)

Chris confronts Claudia adamant that she must have told Kathy about his secret meeting. Her denials fall on deaf ears and he fires her causing her to pose the question to Terry; should they leave the village? Kathy is furious to see a Tate Haulage lorry so soon after the accident but Sean is more concerned with where Ollie might be. Andy is shocked to discover her in the Sugden's barn where she swears him to secrecy steadfast that she's not going home.


Episode 2691 Thursday 11 May 2000

(Plus! Mon 26th Apr 2004)

Bernice and Ashley get together when they go on a camping trip with Tricia and Adam who have less luck with their romantic exploits. Andy unsuccessfully tries to convince Ollie to go back to her parents but she shocks him with the revelation that Sarah and Richie are having an affair. Rejected by Zak Nellie attempts to persuade Sean to return to Ireland with her, leaving him in an awkward predicament.

Episode 2692 Friday 12 May 2000

(Plus! Tue 27th Apr 2004)

Andy persuades Ollie to call Childline who pass on a message to her parents that's she's OK. Kathy holds a campaign meeting in an attempt to expose Tate Haulage as corrupt and unsafe with the aim of stopping their lorry's from driving through the village once and for all.

Episode 2693 16 May 2000 (1 Hour Special)

(Plus! Wed 28th Apr 2004)

Ollie goes on the run when Robert discovers her hideaway, and manages to escape before her parents and the police arrive. A riot breaks out at the anti-Tate Haulage protest and Kathy gets arrested for chaining herself to a lorry. However the protestors win out when Pollard uses incriminating photos to blackmail Councillor Ecclestone into stopping heavy lorries from travelling through the village.

Episode 2694 17 May 2000

(Plus! Thu 29th Apr 2004)

Ollie returns home and Andy is left incredulous after Sarah chastises him for his involvement in the disappearance whilst all the time lying about her affair with Richie. Chris is furious to discover the weight restriction Councillor Ecclestone has imposed on the wagons and Kathy - pleased with chaos the protest caused - is released from prison.

Episode 2695 18 May 2000

(Plus! Fri 30th Apr 2004)

Ollie comes to blows with Angie and stuns her with the revelation that Sarah is having an affair with Richie. Tricia persuades an unenthusiastic Adam to go on holiday to Spain with her so she persuades Carlos to give her Spanish lessons and becomes mesmerised by his accent. Kathy plans a holiday to Australia to celebrate her victory in getting the lorries restricted whilst Betty and Diane spar over who will run the diner in her absence.

Episode 2696 23 May 2000

(Plus! Mon 3rd May 2004)

Sarah fears her affair with Richie will be exposed after she finds out that Ollie has been telling everyone. She confronts Andy and tries to persuade him Ollie's imagination has run riot, but as suspense mounts so do the rumours. Pollard and Turner come to blows over each others election campaigns but the conflict is resolved when Turner suggests they should hold an open debate.

No episode aired on Wednesday 24th

Episode 2697 25 May 2000

(Plus! Tue 4th May 2004)

Sarah confesses that she's having an affair with Richie then drops the bombshell that she's planning to set up home with him! Betty is angered by Kathy's decision to let Diane manage the diner as she sees no reason why she can't do it. Sparks fly between Mandy and Paddy when Mandy suggests Jason could move in with them.

Episode 2698 26 May 2000

(Plus! Wed 5th May 2004)

Pollard's underhand methods for winning the election reach an all time low when he covers up his rivals posters and Tricia advices Turner to adopt similar tactics raising the question, how low will the depths of their adversity sink to? Roy's hopes for a romantic evening with Kelly are shattered when she criticises him for losing his job, whilst Richie gives Sarah an ultimatum; tell Jack about their affair or he will.

Episode 2699 30th May 2000

(Plus! Thu 6th May 2004)

It's the day of the May Fair and Pollard is using every opportunity to promote his election campaign. Sarah is wrought with the dilemma of whether she should dump Jack but her procrastinating causes Richie to decide to take matters into his own hands and Jack finds out about the affair. Marc's plans to spend a romantic afternoon with his girlfriend are shattered when Sean decides to act as a chaperone.

Episode 2700 31st May 2000

(Plus! Fri 7th May 2004)

Jack tells his son Andy that their Mother Sarah has left them and Andy breaks down in tears. Sarah is torn apart by her decision to leave Jack and fearing she may have made a mistake begs him to let her speak to the kids. Distraught and disillusioned, Jack tells her that as far as he's concerned, the children no longer have a Mother.

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