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Episodes #2755-2774 --- 2nd October 2000 - 27th October 2000

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Episodes #2755-2759

Week beg. 2 Oct 2000
Highlights.Paddy hits out at those who care in Emmerdale on Monday. Seth confronts his attackers and sees them arrested in Emmerdale on Wednesday. Jack is distraught at the outcome of the custody hearing in Emmerdale on Thursday.

Episode 2755 - 2nd October 2004

(Plus! Fri 23rd Jul 2004)

Zak confronts Paddy over his relationship with Mandy but this only serves to anger Paddy further and results in the embittered husband throwing a jug of water over him. Later Paddy breaks down and admits to Lisa he is not sure how he will cope without his wife. Ollie feels she may know who mugged Seth while Seth is adamant he will not go to the police.

cast includes :-

Paddy Kirk - DOMINIC BRUNT; Sarah Sugden - ALYSON SPIRO; Scott Windsor - BEN FREEMAN; Diane Blackstock - ELIZABETH ESTENSEN; Bernice Blackstock - SAMANTHA GILES; Jason Kirk - JAMES CARLTON; Kathy Glover - MALANDRA BURROWS; Alan Turner - RICHARD THORP; Zak


PART ONE - Paddy is lying on his bed thinking of Mandy; Scott is making breakfast in Sarah's kitchen, Sarah is annoyed that Scott has stayed at theirs for so long, she confronts him and asks him why he hasn't found anywhere else to live, Sarah wants him to move out, she cries, Scott agrees to move out; Bernice goes to see Diane in the diner, Kathy was supposed to be at work but hasn't showed up yet, Bernice feels bad about Project Kathy, she's going to go round and see Kathy to apologise; Jason calls round to see Paddy, Paddy doesn't answer when Jason calls, Jason eventually finds Paddy lying on his bed, Paddy tells him Mandy came back, Jason asks what happened and how Paddy is, Paddy says he's fine, he's going to get changed and go to work, Jason's not sure it's such a great idea; Bernice calls round to see Kathy, Kathy finally answers the door, kathy is really annoyed with Bernice and won't invite her in, Bernice admits it was stupid to try and set her up with a man, Kathy invites her in; Alan comes round to see Sarah, Scott had mentioned to him that she was upset, Sarah's not happy that he's been talking about her behind her back, Alan has come round to offer his support but Sarah thinks he's come round to have a go at her and doesn't give him the chance to speak; Kathy tells Bernice why she freaked out about being set up on a date, she's worried about turning into Viv Windsor, they both laugh, Bernice tells her not to give up on men altogether, Kathy says she's getting tired of chasing some happy ever after ending that's not going to happen; Paddy is wandering round the house throwing things into a bin liner, he looks at his wedding photo and throws it away, there's a knock at the door, it's Zak, Paddy tells him to go away, Zak refuses to leave, Zak says what Mandy did is unforgiveable, while Zak talks through the door to Paddy about convening the Dingle court to try Mandy, Paddy is preparing a bucketful of slop, he opens the door to Zak, tells Zak what he thinks about Dingle law and justice and tips the bucket of slop over him, Paddy says he's had it with the lot of them, Zak and Paddy argue, Zak goes to punch him, but Paddy gets the better of him and Zak walks off , kicking a can in frustration on the way;

PART TWO - Ollie's eating chips on a bench in Hotten, she's talking to Mel, who was chucked out of her last school for hitting a boy with a chair, she asks Ollie if she wants to go into Leeds on Saturday; Ashley has gone round to see Seth, he asks how he is, Seth still hasn't been out, Seth says it's a waste of time trying to get the police to find out who mugged him; Ollie says she's not going to go into Leeds as she doesn't have any money, Mel tells Ollie it doesn't matter as she has £80 in her pocket that she found in Hotten Park, Julie comes up and is annoyed that Mel has shown Ollie the money, Ollie says she can't go anyway, Mel and Julie leave; Jason calls round at Paddy's, he's brought some food round for tonight, Jason doesn't want to leave Paddy on his own, Jason wants to know if it's ok if Joe can come round tonight, Paddy says it's ok; Robert walks into the kitchen, he tells Jack he wants to change his GCSE options, he wants to change from design technology to art, Jack thinks it's a waste of a GSCE, Jack is preoccupied with the residency stuff, Robert slams the door on his way out; Joe has arrived at Paddy's, Jason and Joe are getting on like a house on fire, Paddy is staring into space, he hasn't heard a word they've been saying; Marlon and Tricia are talking about how impressed Tara was with Marlon's food, Marlon wonders if he should change his name and add an apostrophe to make his name D'ingle, Tricia doesn't think she'll be good enough for him; Lisa and Zak are in the pub talking , Lisa tells Zak that Mandy came back, Zak doesn't understand why Paddy let her go again, zak tells Lisa if it wasn't for the exceptional circumstances he would have punched Paddy, Lisa tells Zak she would have done what Paddy did and tip a bucket of water over him too, Zak doesn't understand what he's done wrong; Jason and Joe are getting close on the sofa, they go off up to bed leaving Paddy alone with his thoughts; Lisa comes round to see Paddy, she didn't think he'd want to speak to her, she wanted to say she knows what he's going through and that she'll be there if he needs to talk, Paddy cries, he hugs Lisa, he doesn't know how he's going to live without Mandy;

Episode 2756 - 03 Oct 2000

(Plus! Mon 26th Jul 2004)

Ollie reveals to Seth that she knows who his attackers were but he is still adamant he is not going to the police. Zak attempts to make amends with Paddy but a trip to the pub turns sour when Paddy runs out. Robert turns to Sarah for help with his GCSE's after his Father refuse to listen to his concerns.

Cast includes :-

Betty Eagleton - PAULA TILBROOK; Seth Armstrong - STAN RICHARDS; Alan Turner - RICHARD THORP; Marlon Dingle - MARK CHARNOCK; Tricia Stokes - SHEREE MURPHY; Kathy Glover - MALANDRA BURROWS; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Andy Sugden - KELVIN FLETCHER;

PART ONE - Seth and Betty are eating breakfast, there is a knock at the door, it's Alan, he asks Seth if he'd like to come and see the bike, Betty and Alan try to persuade him to go out, he reluctantly agrees; Tricia doesn't want Kathy to see her and Marlon snogging so she tells him to leave before Kathy comes downstairs, Tricia tries to apologise for setting her up with Mike, Kathy gets annoyed and tells Tricia not to try and help her again; Andy and Robert chat to Ollie, she tells them that there's two girls at school she's trying to avoid, Ollie is thinking about taking a sickie, she is surprised when Robert offers to stay with her; Paddy overhears Jason telling Joe how worried he is about him, Paddy and Jason argue and Paddy tells him he wants to be left alone; Ollie and Robert have both skived school, Robert goes round to see Sarah; Seth and Alan are having a beer, Seth tells Alan that he was mugged by two girls, not a gang of lads as he'd told everyone else, Seth tells Alan he doesn't want to stand up in court and tell everyone what happened, he wants to keep what pride he's got left; Sarah is pleased that Robert has come round to visit, he talks to her about his GCSE options, Sarah says she'll phone the school and they can go and talk to someone about it, and then she'll take him back to school; Zak is armwrestling with Cain when Jason walks in, Jason has come to talk to them about Paddy, Zak and Cain don't want anything to do with the idea at first but Zak eventually comes round and says he'll talk to Paddy as long as he doesn't say anything against the Dingle family again; Sarah and Robert have gone to school to talk about his options, he's going to take art instead, the teacher asks about Robert and Andy's home situation, Sarah tells her she'd be grateful of any help with the boys; Zak goes round to see Paddy, Zak wants to forget about the argument they had the other day, Paddy apologises too, they shake hands, Zak tells Paddy he respects him, Zak tells him the break-up was Mandy's fault not Paddy's and he shouldn't be ashamed to go out, Zak tells him to get his coat because they're going out;

PART TWO - Chris tells Marlon he's wasted on pub food, he asks Marlon to make a romantic dinner for two at Home Farm tomorrow night, Chris tells him to be discreet, if it goes well Chris will make sure a lot more work comes Marlon's way; Zak comes into the pub with Paddy, it's all too much for Paddy and he runs out; the teacher is offering Sarah advice about her situation; Chris tells Terry about his romantic evening with Charity, Terry disapproves; Ollie tells Andy she forged a sick note for school, Betty tells Ollie that Seth still hasn't been out and that she'd like to get her hands on the people that did this to him; Bernice tells Kathy she needs a project to get her teeth into; Robert goes round to tell Sarah that he's going to start art classes next term, he asks her not to tell Jack about it, she wants to cook him tea but Robert says he has to get home as he and Andy cook tea for Victoria now; Ollie has gone round to see Seth, Ollie tells Seth she knows the girls that did it, Seth doesn't want her to tell people, he doesn't want to be the laughing stock of the village; Terry and Marlon talk about Chris and Charity, Marlon tells Terry to stay out of it; Ollie doesn't think the girls should get away with it, she wants them to sort it out themselves;

Episode 2757 - 04 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Tue 27th Jul 2004)

With some help from Betty and Ollie, Seth finally confronts his attackers and events are finally laid to rest when Angie arrives to arrest the guilty pair. Sarah is planning a day to celebrate Richie's birthday but is upset to learn that he has to go to work. As the custody hearing approaches Kathy agrees to look after the kids for Jack and Sarah vows to get them back at all costs.

Cast Includes :-

Sarah Sugden - ALYSON SPIRO; Richie Carter - GLENN LAMONT; Angie Reynolds - FREYA COPELAND; Marc Reynolds - ANTHONY LEWIS; Sam Dingle - JAMES HOOTON; Cain Dingle - JEFF HORDLEY; Emily Dingle - KATE McGREGOR; Jason Kirk - JAMES CARLTON; Eric Pollard - CHRISTOPHER CHITTELL

Richie Carter


PART ONE - It's Richie's birthday, Sarah's pleased to see him but is annoyed to find that Richie has to go back to work; Angie has had a phone call from the school asking how long Ollie's going to be off sick for, Angie's not sure what Ollie's up to; Ollie has gone round to see Seth, she has a plan, she wants Seth to go with her into Hotten at lunchtime, she wants him to indentify the girls and then she'll tell her mum who can arrest them, Seth's not happy with the plan, he thinks the girls will come looking for him, Pollard talks to Alan about number plates for his bike; Jack tells Kathy it's the court hearing tomorrow, Betty's worried Jack doesn't have a clean shirt to wear for it; Sam helps Pollard unload an old bike from the van, Pollard bought it for the number plates, Pollard tells Sam he can have the bike once he's removed the plates, Sam is ecstatic; Richie goes off to work, Angie pops round to see if either Sarah or Richie have seen Ollie, Angie wonders if Sarah's ok; Betty comes home to find Seth and Ollie there, Ollie tells Betty she thinks she knows who mugged Seth, Betty wants to sort it out, Seth tells Betty it was a couple of girls that mugged him, Betty is shocked; Sam is playing on his bike, Cain offers to take Charity out, Charity has a prior engagement, Cain wants to know who with, she walks off; Sarah tells Angie she's not used to having so much time on her hands, Sarah just wants her kids back, Sarah and Angie talk about her relationship with Richie and the age difference, Sarah thinks she's got so much to lose and Richie hasn't;

PART TWO - Richie comes home and apologises to Sarah, Scott has come round to wish Richie a happy birthday, Scott invites Sarah too but she doesn't want to go, she tells Richie to go and celebrate his birthday, she'll cook tea for him; Seth asks Betty if she's mad at him, she just wants him back the way he was, Betty wants to put an end to all this and goes off to the school with Ollie; Cain is trying to find out who Charity's hot date is, he thinks she'd be better off with him, Terry comes over to talk to Charity, Cain then assumes that Terry is her hot date; Marlon is teaching Marc to cook, Terry wants a word, he tells Marlon Cain is suspicious, he wants Marlon's help in getting Charity out without Cain noticing; Cain quizzes Terry about Charity, Cain is annoyed to find out that Charity has left without him noticing; Seth goes outside for the first time since the mugging, Seth goes to get the bus into Hotten; Chris hears a crashing noise, he finds Charity has broken into Home Farm, she tells him that Cain is getting suspicious; Betty and Ollie are at Hotten Comprehensive, Betty has a word with the girls, Seth appears and starts to threaten them, Bev Mansfield appears and says she'll call the police unless they all calm down; Chris has taken Charity to the stud farm office to be discreet, Chris and Charity kiss; Angie arrives at the school, Seth identifies them as the girls who mugged him, Angie takes the girls down the station, Seth wants to go to the betting shop now he's left the house, Betty is pleased to see him back to normal, they hug;

Episode 2758 - 05 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Wed 28th Jul 2004

The Sugden's custody hearing begins and it begins to seem inevitable that the family will be split up. Jack is upset to learn that Robert visited Sarah for help but fails to notice that is obsession with the case is driving his kids away. Chris persuades Terry to take his place at a meal with Charity while Viv is upset when Bob fails to show up for a rendezvous they arranged.

Cast includes :-

Richie Carter - GLENN LAMONT; Sarah Sugden - ALYSON SPIRO; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Andy Sugden - KELVIN FLETCHER; Jack Sugden - CLIVE HORNBY; Victoria Sugden - HANNAH MIDGLEY; Viv Windsor - DEENA PAYNE; Kelly Glover - ADELE SILVA; Sam Dingle -JAMES HOONTON


PART ONE - It's the morning of the court hearing, Sarah is worried about making a good impression on the judge, Richie tries to reassure her, Richie says he would go with her but he's got to go to work, he'll be thinking of her; Robert and Andy are sitting on the sofa waiting for Victoria to clean her teeth before they go to school, Jack is fretting about arrangements for the day, Kathy will pick the kids up from school; Viv is twirling round the shop in a pink flamenco style skirt, Bob has called and will be arriving today, Emily doesn't understand why Viv has to dress like that to impress Bob; Diane has come round to Jack's, Diane thinks Jack will get custody of the kids, she loans him a lock of Bernice's hair for luck and will keep her fingers crossed for him, Jack is grateful that she came over, she straightens his tie; Seth meets Zak and Sam in the street, Zak is pleased to see Seth out and about, Seth was on his way to the pub, Zak offers to buy him a pint, Sam wants to go fishing, they decide to go fishing first to work up a thirst; Jack and Sarah are waiting in court, the court welfare officer, Louise Patterson, introduces herself and explains what is going to happen, Sarah is interviewed by Louise first while Jack waits; Chris is in the pub, he tells Terry to pick Charity up to take her to a restaurant in Harrogate, Terry still doesn't approve of their relationship; Pollard asks Turner if he's registered his bike yet, Pollard offers to help for a price, he has some authentic 1935 plates for £100, Alan thinks he's being ripped off but Diane doesn't think he has a choice in the matter; Marlon serves Chris his food and asks him for a business meeting, Chris tells Marlon to bring him a business plan and then they might be able to talk, Marlon tells Chris he knows about his involvement with Charity, Chris gets the better of him by saying that the Dingles wouldn't approve of him going into business with a Tate; back at the court, Jack is bitter, he's making snide comments to Sarah about Richie, he blames her for having to go to court over the kids, their case is called;

PART TWO - Jack and Sarah are seated before the judge, he explains what the purpose of the hearing is, Jack and Sarah both get to put their cases forward, Jack explains why the kids should stay with him; Kathy picks the kids up from the bus; Angie is taking Ollie to the diner for her tea, Angie apologises for thinking she might have been involved in Seth's mugging and is proud of her for what she did yesterday; the Dingles and Seth arrive back in the village, Seth has had a great day out poaching trout, Zak wants to go for a pint, Seth says he has to get back home so Betty doesn't worry; Alan asks Pollard if he can have a word, Pollard thinks Alan has reconsidered his offer of the number plates, Alan tells Pollard he has checked and you are not allowed to use plates from an unroadworthy bike, Pollard looks miffed that Alan has got the better of him; Viv has changed outfits and is anxiously waiting for Bob, Emily tries to make Viv feel better that Bob hasn't arrived yet, Viv goes off to get changed again; Betty comes home and can't find Seth, she is worried when he doesn't answer, Betty susses he's been out poaching, Seth tries to explain away the trout but Betty's not convinced; Sarah states her case for keeping the children, she puts her case more eloquently than Jack, Jack keeps interrupting, she tells the judge she has the time to be a full time mother, Sarah tells Jack about Robert coming to her about changing his GCSE options, Sarah implies that the reason Robert didn't tell jack about him coming to see Sarah because he was afraid Jack would hit him again; Charity is running along the lane to meet Terry, Chris phones Terry on his mobile, Chris calls off the date with Charity, he has to work, Charity grabs the phone off Terry, she wants the money and the slap up meal, Chris tells Terry to take Charity out for dinner in place of him; Kathy has cooked tea for the family, Kathy asks the boys how much they think Victoria understands about what's happening, Robert is worried he's broken up the family but doesn't say why, Andy reckons Jack will get custody, Kathy tries to reassure them; the judge sums up, he gives his verdict, Robert and Andy have expressed a wish to remain with Jack, He tells them the boys can stay with Jack, He says in the case of Victoria, her emotional needs would be best served by being with her mother, Sarah thanks the judge, Jack cries;

Episode 2759 - 06 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Thu 29th Jul 2004)

Jack is devastated when the court forces him to hand over Victoria to Sarah and emotions run high as the family is torn apart. Charity enjoys a meal with Terry and they really hit it off together. Viv gets dressed up for when Bob comes round to spend the night with her and Seth arrives back at the Woolpack and immediately gets back to work selling poached fish!

Cast includes :-

Jack Sugden - CLIVE HORNBY; Sarah Sugden - ALYSON SPIRO; Alan Turner - RICHARD THORP; Sam Dingle - JAMES HOOTON; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Andy Sugden - KELVIN FLETCHER; Viv Windsor - DEENA PAYNE; Kelly Glover - ADELE SILVA; Bob Hope - ANTONY AUDENSHAW

Victoria Sugden


PART ONE - Sarah and Jack are leaving the court, Jack says he will tell Victoria that she has to go and live with Sarah; Turner is fixing his bike, Sam tells him a story about him taking a clock to pieces, Sam says he has seen the part Alan is looking for to fix his bike but doesn't know where he's seen it, Alan sends him off to look for it; Jack arrives back at the farm and tells the boys Victoria has to go and live with Sarah, Andy and Robert can't believe it; Viv has changed back into her normal clothes, Viv tells Kelly she wasn't that keen on Bob anyway, there is a knock at the door, it's Bob, he has brought flowers with him, they giggle and go off upstairs; Jack tells Victoria about going to live with her mum, Sarah will come to pick her up this evening; Sam has found the part for Alan's bike; Tara finds Zoe in the stud office, Tara has been in Ireland and was late coming back, Zoe is concerned that Tara has been wasting company money, Zoe tells her not to let it happen again; Sarah arrives to pick up the Victoria, Robert and Andy are very quiet, Sarah explains things to the boys, they are both upset, and go off to get Victoria leaving Sarah alone in the kitchen;

PART TWO - Kathy and Sarah are sitting at the kitchen table, Sarah tries to explain herself again, Sarah thinks it is better this way, Kathy's not convinced; Terry and Charity are having dinner, Charity and Terry have a conversation about working for Chris Tate and how he doesn't own them; Sean arrives at the stud farm office, Sean is annoyed that Tara has been messing him around by not coming back from Ireland on time, he needed her to make decisions on transport arrangements for the horses, Sean storms out; Seth gets a warm round of applause when he makes his first appearance in the Woolpack since the mugging, Bernice gives him a kiss, Bernice tells him all his drinks are on the house, Seth gives Marlon the trout they caught earlier, he charges Marlon a couple of pints, but he'll have the first tomorrow as he's already had his drinks paid for tonight, Zak is pleased to have Seth back; Bob and Viv are having dinner in the Woolpack, they giggle and smooch, Edna looks on disapprovingly; Jack is helping Victoria pack her things, Jack is very upset, Victoria is going to leave Mr Lamb in charge of her bedroom until she comes back to visit; Charity thinks her and Terry have a lot in common, Terry says because we both work for Chris Tate, Charity says although Terry doesn't like his job it's not a life sentence, Charity says she'll know when to get out of her job, Charity gets Terry's hopes up by telling Terry he's still a good looking guy with a lot going for him; the taxi is on it's way to collect Victoria, Jack is in tears, he tells her they will all miss her; Bernice has just had a phone call, she tells Ashley her cousin Paul's girlfriend has been taken into hospital with acute appendicitus, she'll be out of action for a while, they have just bought a bar near Sorento which is due to open next week, he has asked Bernice to go for a couple of weeks, Ashley tells her to go, it will do her good, they kiss; Kelly asks Viv and Bob if they want another drink, she offers to buy them a drink, Viv wants Bob all to herself, Viv is pleased to hear that Bob will not be staying at the B&B, Bob wants to wake up next to Viv, they rub noses; Sam brings Alan the piece of the bike he needs, Pollard is annoyed that Sam has given Alan the part, Alan offers him £20 and a couple of pints, Sam is really grateful, Pollard is really annoyed; Victoria says goodbye to Robert and Andy and finally to Jack, Jack takes her outside and hands her over to Sarah, he doesn't want to let her go, Jack cries uncontrollably;

Episodes #2760-2764

Week beg. 9 Oct 2000
Terry’s scheming gets him the sack, but will Chris rethink in Emmerdale on Tuesday. Cain frightens Angie to death when he appears in her home during a power cut in Emmerdale on Friday.

Episode 2760 - 09 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Fri 30th Jul 2004)

Terry tells Chris Charity can't make a date and promptly takes her out himself! However when Terry confesses his feelings towards her she makes it more than clear she doesn't feel the same way. Turner worries that Paddy - fuelled by Mandy's behaviour - is turning into an alcoholic. Bernsie and Ashley organise their wedding list before Bernise sets off on a holiday to Sorrento.

Cast includes :-

Andy Sugden - KELVIN FLETCHER; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Jack Sugden - CLIVE HORNBY; Marlon Dingle - Mark Charnock; Terry Woods - BILLY HARTMAN; Cain Dingle - JEFF HORDLEY; Ollie Reynolds - VICKY BINNS; Emily Dingle - KATE McGREGOR; Bob Hope - ANTHONY AUDENSHAW

PART ONE - Robert and Andy have brought Jack a cup of tea, he hasn't got up yet, they find Jack in bed holding a drawing Victoria did, Robert and Andy go off to school, Jack apologises and thanks the boys; Terry and Marlon are having breakfast, Terry tells Marlon that Chris cancelled his date with Charity so Terry had to go instead, Terry doesn't understand why Charity is with Chris, Marlon says what Chris and Charity get up to is their business; Cain bumps into Ollie, Cain is off to Blackpool for a few days, Ollie wants to go with him, Emily interrupts their conversation, she wants to walk Ollie to the bus stop, Ollie would rather hang out with Cain; Bob and Viv are still all over each other, Donna storms out as all their smooching has put her off her breakfast, Viv wants Kelly to open up the shop; Viv and Bob kiss passionately, they run up the stairs to the bedroom; Chris asks Terry if he behaved himself with Charity, Chris tells Terry he should be grateful that he got to have dinner with a beautiful woman, Chris is pleased that Charity was upset by his absence, Chris intends to make it up to her tonight; Sarah tells Victoria she doesn't have to go to school, she wants to celebrate having Victoria back, they're going into Hotten to buy new clothes and eat burgers; Kelly is bossing Emily around in the shop; Terry tells Charity he really enjoyed himself last night, Terry tries to ask Charity out but she makes fun of him and changes the subject, Terry tells Charity that Chris wants to see her tonight, Cain appears and tries to make trouble, Terry doesn't rise to it; Bernice is still wondering whether to go to Sorento or not, Diane tells her to go and pack, Alan is looking forward to running the pub again, Diane makes it quite clear she's in charge; Terry tells Marlon he thinks Charity is lovely but she doesn't know what's good for her; Bob was supposed to be in Skipdale 2 hours ago, he rushes out, Viv tells Kelly to keep on looking after the shop as she hasn't slept in 2 days, Emily tries to ask her about roles in the shop but Viv thinks she's talking about bread rolls, Kelly keeps on bossing Emily about; Terry tells Chris that Charity can't make tonight, he makes up something about Cain sniffing about, Chris phones Charity but her phones switched off, Chris tells Terry what he and Charity share is nothing more than a convenient arrangement;

PART TWO - Bernice is all set to go, she says goodbye to Ashley, Ashley says he'll make sure all the wedding invitations go out, he says there's not many on his side to go out, his parents are both dead and his brother Luke has been travelling the world for years and Ashley doesn't know where he is, Bernice thinks Ashley will make a wonderful father, Bernice tells Ashley she hasn't seen her father since infants school, the taxi arrives and Bernice rushes off; Andy and Robert see Sarah and Victoria having fun on the swings, Robert says it's all his fault, Ollie tells Donna she might be going to Blackpool with a friend, Emily asks Ollie if Cain had been bothering her, Emily doesn't think Ollie should be spending time with Cain; Diane arrives at the diner, she tells Kathy she'll need to be spending more time at the pub with Bernice away, Kathy thinks that should be fine as Betty can cover, Betty doesn't want to cover for Diane and Diane and Betty start to argue, Kathy says she'll do the extra work herself; Jason has dragged Paddy to the pub, Jason and Paddy make a pact not to talk about Mandy for the night, Paddy is surprised that Joe is still around; Terry tells Charity he's got some bad news, Charity thinks Chris has cancelled on her again, she says at least it means she gets to take the money and run, Terry hadn't realised about the money; Alan asks Paddy how he is and makes everything worse, Paddy has already finished his pint before Joe and Jason have started theirs, Paddy goes to the bar to get another, Alan asks Jason if he could help out at the bar this evening; Terry asks Marlon if he can borrow some money, Marlon figures out it's for Charity but agrees to lend him the money out of his catering float, Terry says he'll pay him back; Robert is tidying, Jack apologises for being useless today, Robert apologises, he tells Jack about going to see Sarah about his GCSE options, Jack says he knows about it, Andy has made the tea; Paddy is drunkenly talking about Mandy; Terry gives Charity the money, Terry offers to take her out for dinner to an Indian in Hotten, Charity thinks Chris has asked Terry to keep tabs on her, she agrees to go with him if Terry pays; the money Terry has given Charity is £20 short, Terry makes up something about having to borrow some to get petrol, in the car, Terry broaches the subject of what's going on with him and Charity, he admits that he likes her but she laughs at him and thinks they should probably skip the curry, she gets out of the car, Terry looks devastated;

Episode 2761 - 10 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Mon 2nd Aug 2004)

Chris finds out about Terry's amorous behaviour from Charity and Chris gives him his marching orders. Ollie is infatuated with Cain and is delighted when he invites her to Blackpool with him. She tells her Mum she going with some school friends in order to get her to agree.

Cast list includes :-

Terry Woods - BILLY HARTMAN; Christopher Tate - PETER AMORY; Cain Dingle - JEFF HORDLEY; Ollie Reynolds - VICKY BINNS; Sam Dingle - JAMES HOOTON; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Andy Sugden - KELVIN FLETCHER; Charity Dingle - EMMA ATKINS; Diane Blackstock - ELIZABETH ESTENSEN

PART ONE - Terry arrives at Home Farm asking Chris if he has any jobs for him today, Chris is surprised by his enthusiasm, Chris is annoyed that Charity stood him up last night, he thinks Cain is repulsive, Chris asks Terry to book Charity for tonight, Terry quickly says no but then has to explain away his speedy reply, Terry tells Chris not to ask her about last night (so Chris doesn't find out that Terry's been trying to stop them seeing each other), Terry tells Chris it might be best not to see Charity for a while and then starts waffling about women and giving them space, Terry goes off to book Charity, he's not happy; Ollie bumps into Cain and Sam, Sam tries to talk to Ollie about school but Ollie is only interested in Cain; Robert and Andy are having breakfast, they are worried about Jack possibly having a breakdown as he hasn't got out of bed yet, they decide to skive school to sort out the farm; Terry apologises to Charity about last night, he tells Charity that Chris wants to meet her tonight, Terry asks her not to say anything about him cancelling dinner last night; Robert and Andy are sorting out the sheep, Diane appears and wonders why they aren't at school, Diane asks after Jack, they tell Diane that Jack hasn't got up yet, Diane goes inside to go and get Jack up; Carlos comes in to the house to find Marlon looking at several cookbooks, Marlon is sorting out his business plan, Carlos gives Marlon advice on a business plan; Diane walks into Jack's bedroom, she opens the curtains, she tells Jack that the boys are working on the farm instead of going to school, Jack tells Diane how terrible he's feeling, Jack cries, Diane tells him to get out of bed; Terry comes home to find Marlon working on his business plan, Terry thinks he'll be crucified when Chris finds out what he's done;

PART TWO - Diane is dishing up lunch, Jack appears, Jack apologises to the boys about his behaviour over the past few days, Diane has burnt lunch, she makes a joke about it and it brings a smile to Jack's face; Cain catches up with Ollie at the bus stop, Cain tells her he's definitely going to Blackpool, he tells her he'll send her a postcard and a stick of rock, she looks really upset, Cain asks her if she wants to come with him, Ollie says yes; Paddy is pouring a glass of wine, Jason and Joe are being loud and playful, Jason is off to work, Joe is going to prop up the bar, they ask Paddy to go too but he doesn't want to, he doesn't want people to be gossiping about him, Paddy says he should have been in Venice this weekend, Paddy tells them to leave him alone; Terry wants to leave, Charity's late, Terry looks uncomfortable, the phone rings, Chris makes Terry answer it, it was Charity, she says to tell Chris that she's in the pub and she can't make it, Chris is furious, he goes off to look for her; Jason asks Alan and Diane for the night off, they agree, Joe thinks Alan and Diane are married, they correct him, Alan wants to become closer friends, Diane avoids it, Jack walks in, Jack thanks her for what she did today, Charity is chatting to Joe, Chris interrupts, Marlon suggests a lads night in at Paddy's cottage to cheer Paddy up, Chris and Charity figure out that Terry cancelled one of their dates, Chris tells Terry if he doesn't get Charity up to Home Farm within 20 minutes he'll not only lose his job, he'll be incinerated; Angie is doing Ollie's hair, Ollie asks Angie if she can go to Blackpool with a couple of friends from school, Angie asks for more details then she'll make her decision; Terry tells Charity that Chris wants to see her, Terry tells her that he didn't like the thought of Charity with Chris, Charity figures out that if she doesn't go with Terry he's finished, Charity gets in the car; Cain had been watching what was going on in the Woolpack with Charity, Sam doesn't understand what Charity does, Sam says Cain should take Charity to Blackpool, Cain doesn't think it's a bad idea, Cain has no intention of taking Ollie to Blackpool with him; Chris is waiting when Terry walks in with Charity, Chris fires Terry; Alan tells Diane he thinks they are like a married couple, Diane has other things on her mind; Chris and Charity are snuggled up on the sofa, Charity tells Chris that Terry's not so bad, she persuades him to give Terry his job back, she looks pleased, Chris looks very contented;

Episode 2762 - 11 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Tue 3rd Aug 2004)

Angie is furious when she finds out about Cain and Ollie and warns Cain to stay away from her daughter. Charity attempts to persuade Chris to give Terry his job back and he eventually succumbs. Paddy drowns his sorrows with drink and Terry organises a lad's night in which results in everyone getting excessively drunk.

Cast list includes :-

Angie Reynolds - FREYA COPELAND; Sean Reynolds - STEPHEN McGANN; Marc Reynolds - ANTHONY LEWIS; Ollie Reynolds - VICKY BINNS; Jason Kirk - JAMES CARLTON; Joe Fisher - EDWARD BAKER-DULY; Paddy Kirk - DOMINIC BRUNT; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH


PART ONE - The Reynolds are having breakfast talking about Ollie's trip to Blackpool, Sean reminisces about when he and Angie went there and went on the tunnel of love; Jason and Joe are tidying the living room, making plans for their lads night in, they decide not to tell Paddy so that it's a surprise, Paddy walks in and isn't amused by their antics; Robert and Andy weren't going to go to school, they are still worried about Jack, Jack tells them he's been up since 6 working on the farm, the boys go off to get ready for school; Terry snaps at Carlos, Charity walks in to the diner, Charity tells Terry Chris needs him as much as he needs Chris, she tells him to go and see Chris to see if he will give him his job back, Terry thinks there's no point; Diane bumps into Robert and Andy coming out of the post office, the boys thank Diane for getting Jack up and about; Angie drives up to see Cain talking to Ollie at the bus stop, Angie wants to know what she's doing with Cain, Angie tells Ollie Cain's not to be trusted and that he's just using her, Ollie doesn't believe her and tells Angie she's going to Blackpool with him; Marlon talks to Joe and Jason about Paddy's surprise lad's night, Marlon tells Tricia she can't go, Joe says he probably shouldn't go either, Joe says he'll keep Tricia company; Marlon wants his money back from Terry, Terry says he's well shot of Chris now, Marlon thinks he's kidding himself, Terry says he'll pay Marlon back when he gets a new job; Sean meets Tara in the diner, they discuss horse boxes and drivers; Terry goes to see Chris, Chris has something to say to him, Chris tells Terry he's not indispensible but he says he might have been a little hasty, Terry gets his job back but Chris expects 100% loyalty from Terry, Terry thanks Chris; Angie has come to the Dingles to see Cain, she tells Cain to leave Ollie alone, Cain says he was just being friendly, Angie warns Cain to keep away from Ollie;

PART TWO - Marlon is pitching his business plan to Chris, Chris picks holes in it and says he's sick of bailing out second rate no-hopers, Marlon looks deflated; Carlos, Marc and Jason go off to Paddy's, Marlon and Terry will meet them there; Angie goes over to where Cain is sitting in the Woolpack, Angie wants to talk over the situation with him, Angie asks him to come round tonight to talk, she'll be on her own; Charity tells Terry she know he'd take him back on, Terry appreciates what she did for him, Charity tells him they'll only ever be friends, Chris comes in and is annoyed to find Terry in his kitchen, Charity tells Chris she'll arrange something for tomorrow night, it'll be a surprise; the lads arrive at Paddy's, Paddy's not pleased to see them at all; Tricia tells Joe he thinks him and Jason make a lovely couple, she tells Joe she wants to fix Alan up with Diane; the lads are playing drinking games, Paddy's looking bored and morose, Paddy's downs a can of beer and asks for another; Kelly introduces herself to Joe, Tricia tells Kelly not to bother because he's going out with Jason, Kelly makes Tricia feel bad by saying she only wanted someone to talk to; Marlon starts to talk about being loved-up with Tricia, they talk about women, Paddy tells them to shut up, if there were supposed to cheer him up they haven't, talking about women and love makes him feel worse; there's a knock at the door of the Reynolds, it's Cain, Ollie overhears Angie and Cain talking, Cain tells Angie he thinks Ollie's a stupid little kid, Ollie runs upstairs crying, Cain stops Angie from going upstairs and tells her he'll do anything to get what he wants and by that he doesn't mean Ollie, Cain looks pleased with himself, Angie looks relieved;

Episode 2763 - 12 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Wed 4th Aug 2004)

There is an awkward atmosphere when Paddy has dinner with the Dingles as everyone tries to avoid mentioning his wedding anniversary. Chris skips a Tate Haulage meeting in favour of another secret tryst with Charity where upon they get happily drunk together. Angie is shocked to discover that Ollie was going to go to Blackpool with Cain and warns him off.

Cast includes :-

Ollie Reynolds - VICKY BINNS; Angie Reynolds - FREYA COPELAND; Zak Dingle - STEVE HALLIWELL; Lisa Dingle - JANE COX; Sam Dingle - JAMES HOOTON; Cain Dingle - JEFF HORDLEY; Emily Dingle - KATE McGREGOR; Jason Kirk - JAMES CARLTON; Joe Fisher - EDWARD BAKER-DULY

PART ONE - Ollie is in bed, Angie comes in and brings her a cup of tea, Ollie hasn't slept much, she's been thinking about what Cain said, Angie promises Ollie that Cain won't bother her again; Lisa tells the Dingles that it would have been Mandy and Paddy's first wedding anniversary, Zak reminisces about their wedding day, Lisa thinks it would be a good idea to invite Paddy over for dinner, Sam offers to make pudding, Cain says he'll never let a woman treat him like Mandy treated Paddy; Jason thinks it was a waste of time trying to cheer Paddy up, Jason wants to spend the night in alone with Joe, Paddy was supposed to be going to Venice with Mandy, Paddy gives the tickets to Jason and Joe; Chris tells Zoe he has a lunch appointment, She wants to know who it's with, Chris won't say; Tara has called Sean to see her urgently, she thinks she might have underestimated the figures, Sean gets annoyed with Tara for wasting his time, she smirks; Zak finds Paddy in the pub, Zak asks Paddy round for something to eat, Paddy smiles and agrees; Ashley has heard from Bernice, she's almost ready for the grand opening and has taken the day off to go to Capri, Diane remembers when she went to Capri on a day trip with a trainee pilot from Stockton on Tees, Diane thinks Ashley's lovesick; Charity has taken Chris to a dodgy pub, Chris tells Terry to wait outside; Sean is annoyed that Chris is late for their meeting, Sean goes off to test drive a lorry leaving Zoe to wait for Chris; Cain asks Angie how Ollie was this morning, Cain says she won't get rid of him that easily, Cain says Angie knows what he wants, he thinks she looks sexy when she's angry, Cain says it's not over, it's only jsut begun;

PART TWO - Tara is annoyed that Sean has gone out to test drive a lorry, she had brought the figures that he asked for with her, Zoe tells Tara she's busy and can't pass on messages to Sean from her; Chris has enjoyed his lunch at the pub, Chris and Charity chat about his privileged existence at Home Farm, he tells her he's in no hurry to get back and asks her to get some more drinks in; Sean comes back from test driving the lorry to find that Chris still isn't back, Chris's phone rings in the pub, Chris tells Zoe he can't make the meeting, Zoe asks Chris what they should do about ordering the new lorries, Chris asks Charity's opinion, she tells him to go for it, Chris tells Zoe to tell Sean to go ahead and order the lorries; Betty finds Ashley gazing into space in the diner, Ashley feels lost with Bernice being away, Gloria asks if she can join Ashley, Ashley tells Gloria Bernice has gone to Italy for a couple of weeks, Gloria offers her help; Marc tells Donna she can stay for tea if she likes, they kiss, Marc tells Donna his family won't be back for ages, they snog but Donna pulls away, Marc wants to go further but Donna says no, Donna says it has to feel right and it doesn't; Lisa is making dinner, Sam is going to make Baked Alaska for pudding, Paddy arrives; Angie's back home, she goes int the kitchen and finds Cain staring at her from outside the window; Betty, Diane and Tricia gossip about how forlorn Ashley is looking without Bernice, he's in the pub writing wedding invitations; Zoe finds Chris looking smug in the pub, Zoe tells him she wasn't impressed that he didn't show up for the meeting; Ashley asks Tricia how much she knows about Bernice's relatives, Tricia says she knows Bernice has an uncle on her Dad's side in Scarborough, Ashley tells Tricia he'll ask Bernice about it when she gets back; Tara lets herself in to the Reynolds house, Tara tells Angie she's been chasing after Sean all day, Tara tells Angie she'll wait in the living room until Sean gets back; Zak keeps dropping himself in it with Paddy by mentioning women and that tomorrow is not a special day at all, Paddy looks withdrawn, Emily reminds Sam to go and check on his pudding, Zak says Sam's pudding should look a bit like a wedding cake, Paddy gets up to leave, Sam's pudding looks like a bit of a disaster; Tara says she's not going anywhere until Sean gets home, Angie tells Tara she would like her to leave, Sean comes home, he's not impressed to see Tara there, he asks her to leave, he tells her to bring them to the office tomorrow, Sean tells Angie how Tara winds him up, Angie tells Sean about some bloke who's been bothering her all day, she won't tell Sean who it is, she says it's just work, Sean and Angie kiss passionately;

Episode 2764 - 13 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Thu 5th Aug 2004)

Angie is scared out of her wits when Cain appears in the midst of a power cut to talk to her about Ollie. Meanwhile Gloria makes the most of the darkness and accosts Ashley, telling him she's too scared to walk home alone. Paddy contemplates a wedding anniversary without Mandy and only a bottle of whiskey to lighten his misery.

Cast includes :-

Paddy Kirk - DOMINIC BRUNT; Jason Kirk - JAMES CARLTON; Joe Fisher - EDWARD BAKER-DULY; Angie Reynolds - FREYA COPELAND; Sean Reynolds - STEPHEN McGANN; Gloria Weaver - JANICE McKENZIE; Christopher Tate - PETER AMORY; Zoe Tate - LEAH BRACKNELL

PART ONE - Paddy comes downstairs to collect the post, he thought Mandy might have written as it should have been their anniversary today, Paddy reassures Jason and Joe that he'll be alright without them, he tells them to enjoy themselves in Venice, Paddy receives a happy anniversary card from Aunty Wendy and Uncle Keith, he rips it up; Sean and Angie are all loved up, they had a great night together, Angie was quite shocked that Tara turned up at the house yesterday, Sean says he doesn't want work interfering with his home life, they decide to have an early night again tonight, Sean and Angie kiss; Paddy is at work, he snatches the post off Gloria to check for anniversary cards, they're aren't any, Gloria offers her advice and comes out with a few cliches which don't go down well with Paddy; Zoe is still pestering Chris about where he was yesterday lunchtime, Sean tells Chris that Tara showed up at the house last night, Tara arrives at the haulage yard, Sean arranges to meet Tara at the stud offices at 5 to discuss business; Ashley is reading a postcard from Bernice, Betty and Diane put their differences between them, Betty tells Diane about how Bernice and Tricia hated each other when they first met; Zoe and Gloria arrive at the diner for lunch, Gloria and Zoe discuss Paddy, Ashley shows them the postcard from Bernice, Zoe asks Ashley if he fancies a drink tonight, Gloria invites herself along; Jason and Joe are entertaining Diane with the story of how they met, they go off to catch their flight; Angie bumps into Cain in the pub, she offers to buy him a drink, Cain thinks she likes him really, Angie tells him she saw him looking in the window last night, Cain says he was just passing, he hopes he didn't scare her; Pollard has brought Paddy a bottle of malt whiskey, Pollard says he understands what Paddy is going through, Pollard explains about him and Dee, Pollard tells Paddy he can talk to him if he wants, Paddy says he won't be needing to talk, Paddy looks at the bottle of whiskey;

PART TWO - Gloria is all dressed up in the pub waiting for Ashley, she tells Zoe she thinks he's late, Zoe asks Terry where Chris was yesterday, Terry tells her he can't say, Zoe's not sure if Chris is keeping things from her; Diane is telling Alan a story about Friday 13th 1998 where she was on holiday and got stung by a hornet, Ashley finally arrives, he's late as he called on Paddy to see how he is, Zoe wants to talk about Ashley's wedding plans much to Gloria's disgust; Paddy is at home listening to 'wonderwall' really loudly drinking whiskey when there's a power cut in the village, Paddy finds a candle and carries on drinking; Angie finds some matches and looks scared as she tries to make one of them light; Alan thinks they should tell everyone in the pub to go home, Diane wants to stay open, Gloria tells Ashley she doesn't fancy going home alone so Ashley suggests they stay in the pub, Diane asks Betty if she fancies dealing with the money all night as the till isn't working, Betty says she would be honoured; Angie has lit the gas cooker, Cain appears in her kitchen; Sean and Tara are in the stud office lighting candles, Tara doesn't want to call it a night; Angie asks Cain how he got in, she hadn't locked the door, Cain offers to stay with her until the lights come back on, he gives her the candles and wishes her a good night; Betty is enjoying working behind the bar; Angie chains and locks the door; Charity offers to buy Terry a beer; Gloria notices Ashley is wearing new aftershave that Bernice had bought him, Gloria is quite drunk, Gloria says she'll never desert him; Kelly interrupts Betty and makes her lose count; Lisa is round at Paddy's, Paddy is upset that Mandy never phoned, the lights come back on; Alan thanks Betty for helping out, Betty says she has a good head for figures, Diane says the money is £20 short, Betty gets offended when Diane and Alan suggest she might have added things up wrong, Betty gets angry and calls Diane an over-made up trollop with a wig, Betty says she won't be in to work tomorrow to do her cleaning or ever again; Lisa gets up to go home, she says Paddy can go with her if he wants, Paddy thanks her but says he is fine where he is, Lisa kisses his head and wishes him goodnight, Paddy carries on drinking;

Episodes #2765-2769

Week Beg. 16 Oct 2000

Episode 2765 - 16 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Fri 6th Aug 2004)

Paddy is still distraught over his crumbling relationship with Mandy, but realises he is not the only one with problems when Joe reveals his visa has run out and he will have to leave the country. Cain continues to pester Angie and she is forced to change the locks on her house.

Cast includes :-

Paddy Kirk - DOMINIC BRUNT; Gloria Weaver - JANICE McKENZIE; Betty Eagleton - PAULA TILBROOK; Seth Armstrong - STAN RICHARDS; Tricia Stokes - SHEREE MURPHY; Diane Blackstock - ELIZABETH ESTENSEN; Ashley Thomas - JOHN MIDDLETON; Carlos Diaz - GARY TURNER;

PART ONE - Paddy is asleep in the living room surrounded by empty bottles of alcohol; Gloria sees Paddy emerge from his house to put out the bottles looking a bit the worse for wear; Betty is still fuming about Diane implying she added up the money wrong, Betty tells Seth she will never go into the Woolpack ever again and neither will he; Diane has got her cleaning gear on, Diane doesn't want Betty to think they can't manage without her, Tricia can't believe Betty would put her fingers in the till, Diane doesn't want to hear anything more about it; Ashley is eating his breakfast in the diner, Gloria comes in and joins him, she's been thinking about him all weekend, Carlos makes a comment about unrequited love, Carlos tells Ashley to watch out for Gloria; Angie is having her locks changed; Gloria is making Paddy drink lots of water to flush out all the alcohol, Zoe comes in and thinks Paddy looks terrible, she tells him to stay at the surgery and do the stock take today, Pady runs off to be sick; Betty gives Pollard his change, pollard checks his change carefully, Betty gets angry and goes to hit Pollard with a tray; Gloria goes to find Ashley in the church, she's come to see him about Paddy and his drinking, Edna overhears, she asks Ashley if he's ever seen the Thornbirds, she tells him to get it out on video as he might need a few pointers; Betty is asking Angie about bringing charges of defamation of character against Diane, Angie tells her she has to go and see a solicitor about that and anyway Angie's off duty, Edna comes to talk to Betty and Betty tells her she won't stand for any of her lip today, Edna tells Betty she can't believe the way Diane treated her, Gloria sees Ashley go into the pub so she grabs Edna and rushes in after him; Seth sees that Betty has gone and leaves the house; Betty has gone into the Woolpack to talk to Diane, Diane tells Edna to keep her nose out, Alan shows Seth the paperwork from last night, Diane goes to talk to Ashley, Diane offers to protect him from Gloria, Ashley is really missing Bernice; Alan has worked it all out, the money is not short at all, they discuss who will tell Betty;

PART TWO - Kelly is working in the shop being rude to customers; Angie has come in to buy a torch, she reaches up to the top shelf to get it when Cain's arm appears and takes down a torch for her, Cain stands very close to her; Gloria has returned from her lunch with Edna, Gloria asks Zoe how long she's been friends with Ashley, Paddy has dropped some things on the floor, he goes to pick them up and bangs his head on the table; Carlos tells Kathy he can't do any more hours, Kathy is run off her feet; Diane has come round to see Betty, Diane tries to explain that it was all a mistake, she asks Betty is she'll come back, Diane apologises, Betty says she'll come back on 2 conditions, Betty wants a pay rise and she wants all new cleaning equipment, Diane tells Betty she has Seth to thank for sorting it all out, Betty looks confused; Zoe tells Paddy to get off early, he apologises, Zoe hopes he's going to be alright; Sean arrives home to find his key doesn't fit the lock, Angie explains she's had the locks changed; Kathy is still run off her feet at the diner, Carlos asks Kathy if she wants a drink in the Woolpack after work, she agrees, Pollard offers to buy the diner from Kathy, she says no; Jason and Joe come back from Venice, they have brought Paddy back a bottle of vodka; Seth is horrified to find that Diane told Betty that Seth had been in the Woolpack against her orders; Joe goes off to bed, Jason asks Paddy about his weekend, Paddy says he's been all alone all weekend so people can't be that bothered about him; Seth returns home to face the wrath of Betty, Seth says he just wanted to clear her name, Betty says she knows about it, Seth looks terrified of Betty; Paddy is still miserable and keeps going on about how alone he is, Jason shouts at him and calls him self-pitying, Jason says he'll be alone too soon because Joe's visa runs out at Christmas and he has to go back to Australia;

Episode 2766 - 17 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Mon 9th Aug 2004)

Gloria's attempts to win Paddy over end disastrously after she gets drunk and tries to flirt with him. Upon discovering that Pollard wants to buy the diner, Marlon considers doing the same - if only he can find the money.

Gloria Weaver - JANICE McKENZIE; Paddy Kirk - DOMINIC BRUNT; Jason Kirk - JAMES CARLTON; Marlon Dingle - MARK CHARNOCK; Eric Pollard - CHRISTOPHER CHITTELL; Carlos Diaz - GARY TURNER; Ashley Thomas - JOHN MIDDLETON; Kathy Glover - MALANDRA BURROWS;

PART ONE - Gloria has come round to Paddy's to get him up, there's a client waiting at the vets, Jason emerges looking hungover too, Gloria thinks Jason should be encouraging him to drink, Jason tells Gloria he might be in love, Gloria tells Jason she was married for 26 years; Pollard tells Marlon he thinks Kathy is up for selling a share of the diner, Pollard wants to buy it, he wants Marlon to suggest to Kathy that it would be a good idea, Marlon goes off to talk to Kathy; Carlos tells Ashley he thinks Bernice really loves him, Ashley is having doubts that she'll love him in years from now; Kathy tells Marlon she's sick of running things full time but she doesn't want Pollard to buy into the diner, Marlon asks Kathy to think about his proposition of him running things and Kathy being a sleeping partner; Zoe tells Adam she thinks they should give Paddy the rest of the day off, Adam thinks they should just act normal, Paddy comes into the vets looking rough, he goes off to clean some cages; Sam has been rooting through a box at Pollards and has found photos and papers for Alan's bike, Pollard looks very pleased and goes off to check; Gloria gets flustered when Kathy tells her when Ashley had been in the diner, Gloria pretends she's not really interested; Jason is looking at some passport photos of him and Joe, Paddy asks where Joe is, he's gone to collect some of his stuff, Json wants to make the most of their time together, Paddy says he feels a bit jealous of Jason and Joe, Paddy tells Jason it doesn't have to be the end, Jason says he'd ask Joe to marry him, Paddy is shocked to find Jason thinks so much of Joe, Jason tells Paddy he can't imagine his life without Joe;

PART TWO - Ashley is talking to Emily who is on the swings, Emily tells Ashley to give Bernice a surprise when she comes back to show her how much he's been thinking about her while she's been away, Gloria approaches; Tricia is talking to Joe about Venice, Tricia thinks Jason and Joe are perfectly suited, Joe tells Tricia about his visa coming to an end and how he'll have to go back to Australia soon, Tricia thinks those laws should be banned; Gloria wants to talk to Ashley about Paddy, Ashley tries to make excuses but eventually gives in and arranges to meet her at 7 tonight, Ashley is not looking forward to it; Scott is working on a car, Pollard and Sam are spying on the garage trying to see the bike, Pollard wants Sam to get Scott out of the garage so Pollard can get a look at the bike; Gloria answers the phone at the surgery by saying 'Sets Vergery', Gloria's having a hot flush, she tells them all that she's all hormonal because she's up for it, which leaves Zoe and Adam rather speechless, Gloria then asks if she can leave early tonight which Zoe readily agrees to; Tricia tells Jason how sorry she is that Joe has to leave, Tricia offers to do anything she can to help, bar streaking, Marlon excitedly tells Tricia that Kathy is thinking of selling a share of the diner to him, Tricia isn't happy as he hadn't discussed it at all with her; Gloria arrives at Ashley's 4 hours early to find him in a dressing gown, Ashley goes off to get dressed, Gloria helps herself to a sherry; Pollard is checking over Alan's bike, he looks smug, the papers they have found do belong to Alan's bike and Pollard thinks Alan might not own the bike after all; Gloria has spilt the sherry down her blouse, Gloria asks Ashley to help her out, Ashley thinks she's coming on to him and wants to take her blouse off, she just wanted a cloth to sponge it off with, Gloria tells Ashley she's been drinking as she thought it might help, Gloria tells Ashley that Bernice is not the one for him, Ashley tells Gloria he's very happy with Bernice, Gloria thinks he's living a lie; Tricia doesn't think Marlon learnt anything from his relationship with Lyn, Tricia says she won't be taken for granted and storms out; Gloria says she's made a fool of herself many times today, Gloria tells him being lonely and single is much better than being lonely in a marriage, she tells Ashley that her husband was a pig, she hadn't admitted it before because to admit what a pig he was would be to admit what a fool she was in marrying him, she explains how her husband treated her; Marlon apologises to Tricia, he tells her she loves him, Tricia wants to make an appointment with the bank manager; Joe and Jason talk about what they're going to do about their situation, Joe proposes that he get married to a girl so they can stay together; Gloria gets up to leave, she wants to know if she can't persuade Ashley to love her, he politely says that he only has eyes for Bernice, Ashley asks Gloria if she would like him to walk her home, she says it would be for the best if she goes on her own, Gloria says that Ashley will be sorry in the end, she says when he realises he's living a lie he'd better hope she is still there for him;

Episode 2767 - 18 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Tue 10th Aug 2004)

Jason persuades Joe that he should get married so he can stay in the country and between them they decide that Tricia should be the lucky woman. Marlon asks Chris to help fund his investment in the diner and Chris agrees that he will match whatever Marlon can pay.

Cast includes :-

Marlon Dingle - MARK CHARNOCK; Tricia Stokes - SHEREE MURPHY; Sarah Sugden - ALYSON SPIRO; Victoria Sugden - HANNAH MIDGLEY; Joe Fisher - EDWARD BAKER-DULY; Jason Kirk - JAMES CARLTON; Paddy Kirk - DOMINIC BRUNT; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH


PART ONE - Marlon is in a suit getting nervous about asking Chris Tate for investment, Tricia's trying to convince him it'll all work out; Sarah is making Victoria's packed lunch. Victoria asks when she is going to see Jack, Sarah says she'll phone Jack to ask him to come over to visit later; Jason asks Joe whether he meant it about the marriage thing, Jason has got their Venice photo's back, Paddy feels uncomfortable and leaves; Jack and Andy are talking about farm things, Robert feels left out, Sarah calls, Jack says he'll try and arrange something so that the boys can see Victoria as well at some point; Pollard sees Marlon in a suit, Marlon says he's going to see Kathy for Pollard, Pollard wants him to convince Kathy he's different now; Ashley has come round to see Diane, he tells Diane about how Gloria threw himself at him last night, Diane tells him that he has to tell her straight that nothing can ever happen; Zoe asks Gloria if she's alright, she says she will be once the painkillers have kicked in, Paddy 's not looking too good either, Zoe has to answer the phone; Joe and Jason start to tell Tricia about their marriage plan when Pollard arrives so they change the subject; Pollard asks Seth if he knew anyone called Gilbert Wallace, Seth tells him all he knows for a pint and will locate him for a bit extra; Jack has come round to Sarah's, Victoria's gone to put on her new dress, Sarah has been buying Victoria lots of new things, she asks Jack if she is coming home with him; Marlon is at Home Farm showing Chris his business plan, Chris thinks Marlon is wasting his time, Marlon tells him he has found premises, Marlon tells Chris that Kathy will sell him half the business, Chris tells him he will put up half the money, he will match anything that Marlon can put up but it is to remain between the two of them where the money came from;

PART TWO - Betty is cleaning the vets surgery, Betty asks Gloria about Paddy, Zoe had sent him home, he'd been overindulging, Diane has come to look for Gloria, Gloria hides, she wants Betty to tell Diane she's not in, Betty invites Diane in, Diane tells Gloria to keep her hands off, Betty eavesdrops; Jack is playing with Victoria, Jack asks if it would be ok if he comes back in the next couple of days, Sarah says Jack has visiting rights so of course he can come to visit, Victoria tells Jack she loves him; Pollard sees Alan working on his bike, Pollard tells Alan that the original owner wants his bike back; Gloria bumps into Ashley, Gloria mentions that he must have told Diane about last night, Gloria says that for her sake it would be best if they avoid each other from now on; Paddy is looking at his honeymoon photos, Betty starts hoovering, Paddy tries to tell her he was hoping for some peace and quiet, Betty tells him that it's not exactly what he needs right now, Paddy cries, she hugs him; Marlon tells Tricia that Chris Tate said yes to his business proposal; Joe and Jason are still wondering about who to ask to marry Joe; Betty doesn't think Paddy should be going through his photo album now, Paddy pours out his heart to Betty, Betty tells him he will be happy again; Jason and Joe ask Frankie what she thinks about the marriage thing, Frankie says she'd do it but she's already married to an American called David, she keeps forgetting to get divorced; Pollard wants to know how Marlon's meeting with Kathy went, Marlon says it wasn't the right time to ask Kathy, Marlon says he'll ask her tomorrow; Jason and Joe tell Tricia about the marriage idea, Joe says he'll be able to pay around £5000, Joe asks Tricia to marry him, she says yes;

Episode 2768 - 19 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Wed 11th Aug 2004)

Tricia agrees to marry Joe to help him stay in the country, but cannot find the right time to tell Marlon. When she's offered money for going ahead with the marriage, she's seizes the opportunity to tell Marlon she has the cash he needs to buy the diner. Meanwhile Kathy is impressed by Marlon's well-presented business plan and agrees to a joint venture, totally unaware of Chris's involvement!

Cast includes :-

Marlon Dingle- MARK CHARNOCK; Tricia Stokes- SHEREE MURPHY; Alan Turner- RICHARD THORPE; Diane Blackstock- ELIZABETH ESTENSEN; Jack Sugden- CLIVE HORNSBY; Andy Sugden- KELVIN FLETCHER; Robert Sugden- CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Gloria Weaver- JANICE McKENKIE;

Joe Fisher

PART ONE - Marlon is getting excited about his new business venture with Chris Tate, Tricia has something to tell Marlon but he doesn't let her get a word in, he says he's doesn't care what's round the corner as long as he's got Trica; Alan tells Diane that he is beginning to wonder whether to continue bothering with the restoraton of the bike considering that legally Pollard can claim it back, Diane encourages him to stand up to Pollard; Andy tries to persuade Robert to take the day off school also to help Jack out, Andy says spending time with his dad makes him feel part of a family, Robert disagrees saying it's not like he remembers it; Gloria insults Edna when she arrives at the vets asking her whether it is owners that grow to look like their dogs or the other way round, Edna enqiures with Paddy about pet passports so that Batley can go to France with her, Paddy explains that the dog will have to be micro-chipped and have vaccinations and Edna is horrified and upset that this will cost £200; Diane visits Jack to ask him if he'd like to come for supper one night, he agrees and is pleased; Robert visits Sarah and tells her that he doesn't get a look in with his dad at the moment, he tells her that he doesn't think either Jack or Sarah want any of the children they just don't want the other to have them, disappointed he tells her that the only thing that could make it any better doesn't look likely to happen; Joe brings flowers to Tricia and discusses the formality of the money he is to give her, he propses on bended knee with a ring that Jason choose for her, she is ecstatic to be getting married, Joe is suprised that Tricia hasn't actually told Marlon yet and agrees to come round this evening with Jason so that the three of them can tell Marlon together; In the diner Diane tells Ashley that Gloria should have got the message by now, he is not so sure as he believes that Gloria is lonely and vunrable and it is his duty to not dismiss her, Diane is unsympathetic and warns Ashley to sort it before Bernice gets back; Kathy begins to realise that excited Marlon has got carried away with the business idea and tells him that it was an option that she had only thought of, she is furious at Marlon when the surveyor arrives, disappointed and upset he realises that he has gone too far.

PART TWO - Marlon apologises to Kathy as she calms down, she is impressed by how committed he actually is, he explains to her that the bank manager agreed that the bistro is exactly what the area needs and she begins to come round to the idea telling him that she will get in touch with her solicitor, he excitedly tells her that he thinks he loves her as he is so pleased before composing himself again; Victoria, Robert and Sarah play a boardgame together but the happy family mood changes when Ritchie arrives, Robert decides to leave and refuses a lift from Ritchie, Victoria refuses to continue playing the game and tells Ritchie that she doesn't want anything from him when he tells her he has got her a gift; Gloria is cold with Ashley when he tries to talk to her in the church, he thinks that their chat yesterday probably did more harm than good; Diane finds Alan in the garage where he is suprised to see the bike still there, she orders him to not be such an easy target for Pollard to get to and to stand up for himself, Diane suggests that he should cut out the middle man and get in touch with Gilbert Wallis himself to which Alan agrees; Ashley explains to Gloria that he feels it was his fault, Gloria is embaressed that she made such a fool out of herself and explains that she is lonely and simply misinterpreted some of the signals, she leaves when Ashley says that he'd really like them to be friends; Joe and Jason question Tricia over whether Marlon will mind, Marlon arrives and is a little suprised at the celebrations, Tricia hands him a large drink before they toast; Alan tells Eric that he derives a lot of pleasure from seeing that people get their just desserts and intends that they all get theirs as far as the bike is concerned; Ashley looks for Gloria in The Woolpack, dealing with women is not one of his strong points he concludes to Diane who points out that he'll have his work cut out for him with Bernice; Over dinner Marlon chats enthusiastically about his new venture as Joe and Jason hint at Tricia to tell Marlon about the marriage arrangement, Tricia tells Marlon that both their lives are in for a change for the better, Marlon misunderstands her and explains that he is too busy at the moment to get married, he is stunned when Tricia explains that Jason has proposed and she has said yes;

Episode 2769 - 20 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Thu 12th Aug 2004)

Richie gets increasingly stressed by life with Sarah and her daughter and flips when the child draws on some of his work files. Marlon is sceptical about Tricia's convenience marriage to Joe, but she assures him he is the one she loves.

Cast includes :-

Marlon Dingle - MARK CHARNOCK; Tricia Stokes - SHEREE MURPHY; Richie Carter - GLENN LAMONT; Victoria Sugden - HANNAH MIDGELY; Sarah Sugden - ALYSON SPIRO; Jack Sugden - CLIVE HORNBY; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Kathy Glover - MALANDRA BURROWS

PART ONE - Tricia comes downstairs to find Marlon sitting in the chair, Marlon hasn't spoken to Tricia since last night, he doesn't understand why Tricia didn't tell him before, he storms off and goes to work; Richie offers to brush Victoria's hair but she wants Jack to do it for her, Richie tells Sarah that her kids don't want to know him, Sarah tells him he has to earn their trust, Richie goes off to work; Jack asks Robert if he has any plans for half term, Robert gets defensive and says he doesn't want to work on the farm, Jack tries to start the conversation again and asks Robert if he fancies tea in the Woolpack tonight, Robert says no and storms off; Scott asks Richie if he can join him in the diner, Richie explains to Scott about how he's having problems with the kids, Richie thought things would get better when Victoria came to live with them but it hasn't, Scott invites Richie out to the Woolpack to cheer him up tonight but Richie wants to stay at home to try and bond with Victoria; Pollard asks Kathy if she's seen Marlon recently, Kathy tells Pollard that she has agreed to sell Marlon half of the business; Alan asks Seth about Gilbert Wallace, Seth says he's already helping someone out with him, Alan bribes him with free drinks and £10, Seth says he'll set up a meeting; Marlon and Tricia are still arguing, Diane tells them to get in the kitchen and not come out until they've sorted things out; Edna and Seth talk about their dogs, Edna tells Seth her son who she hasn't spoken to in 20 years is getting married in France, she's never been separated from Batley for a day, Edna tells Seth it's too late for her to get a pet passport for him, Seth offers to look after Batley, Edna says Batley would miss her terribly, she doesn't know what to do; Tricia tries to explain to Marlon why she agreed to marry Joe, Marlon tells her he doesn't want the £5000; Alan meets Gilbert Wallace, Gilbert tells Alan he doesn't want the bike back, Gilbert just wants a bit of money, Pollard had told Gilbert that he was selling the bike at auction and would give him £2000 for it, Alan is not surprised to hear of Pollard's dodgy dealings and offers to take Gilbert to the pub; Marlon comes into the kitchen, Marlon and Tricia talk more calmly about the situation, Tricia says she's just trying to help Jason and Joe, Marlon wants her to call the wedding off, Tricia says she can't let them down, Marlon says if she loved him she'd call it off, Tricia won't, Tricia walks out and Marlon doesn't stop her;

PART TWO - Alan tells Gilbert he will give him £2000 and they will cut out the middle man, Gilbert says it's a deal, Pollard enters the pub, Alan tells Pollard that Gilbert has sold the bike, Pollard still has the original papers, Alan pays £200 for them; Robert comes into the diner and Kathy tries to talk to him, Robert doesn't want to talk to her, Kathy tells him if he doesn't want to go home he can stay at the diner for his tea, she'll phone Jack and let him know; Pollard wants a word with Marlon, Pollard can't believe Marlon had gone behind his back, Pollard says menacingly that he won't forget this; Seth tells Edna if she needs money he can help her out by putting a bet on for her, Edna says she doesn't gamble but Seth says he's seen have a flutter at the grand national; Diane, Jack and Alan are having dinner, conversation is quite awkward, Jack looks fed up; Richie comes into the diner, Robert tells Richie he was just using him to get close to Sarah; Jack and Diane make fun of Alan's love for his bike, Jack invites Alan and Diane round to return the favour although Alan says he can't make it; Tricia has gone home, Marlon comes to find her, Marlon tells Tricia he loves her and that he thinks he's the luckiest bloke in the world, Tricia wants her and Marlon to carry on as they have been, Tricia tells Marlon she loves him, Marlon tells her to go ahead and marry Joe but he doesn't want the money, they hug; Richie comes home to find Victoria still awake, Victoria has coloured in some of Richie's papers, it's a contract, Richie shouts at Victoria and tells Sarah he's sick of her kids; Jack tries to talk to Robert but he wants to go off to bed, Jack says it's ok if Robert wants to talk to Kathy instead of him about his problems, Robert looks like he might tell Jack what's bothering him but he decides not to and goes off to bed; Richie apologises to Sarah about what he said to Victoria, Sarah rips up the contract, Sarah tells Richie if he does that again then her and Victoria will leave, Richie and Sarah argue, Richie storms out and goes to the pub;

Episodes #2770-2774

Week Beg. 23 Oct 2000

Episode 2770 - 23 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Fri 13th Aug 2004)

Diane spends the evening with Jack and a subsequent food fight sends them back into each others arms. Marlon, Tricia, Joe and Jason meet to discuss the wedding plans, as Joes visa expiration looms on the horizon.

Cast includes :-

Richie Carter - GLENN LAMONT; Sarah Sugden - ALYSON SPIRO; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Jack Sugden - CLIVE HORNBY; Andy Sugden - KELVIN FLETCHER; Diane Blackstock - ELIZABETH ESTENSEN; Alan Turner - RICHARD THORP; Tricia Stokes - SHEREE MURPHY

PART ONE - Richie slept on the sofa after his argument with Sarah the night before, he got in late and didn't want to disturb her, Richie apologises, they both said a lot of things they didn't mean, they hug, Richie says he thinks Victoria hates her, Sarah says they should get a baby sitter for tomorrow night and go out and have some fun, Richie and Sarah kiss; Robert is feeding the cows, Robert's not putting much effort into it, Robert wants to go and see Ollie and hang out seeing as it's the holidays, Jack says he can once he finishes his work on the farm, Robert still doesn't want to work and goes off to get a drink, Jack asks Andy if Robert's alright, if Robert has said anything to Andy about what's bothering him, Andy thinks Robert just doesn't like farm work; Diane says she's going to Jack's for her tea, Diane wonders if Alan and Tricia will be able to cope, Diane tells Alan he's hardly the impulsive type; Joe and Jason arrive at the pub to talk about the wedding, Tricia doesn't want Alan to hear so they go to Paddy's to talk about it; Robert is looking at a photo of the family and quickly stuffs it in a drawer when Jack and Andy come in, Jack tells Andy and Robert they can both go up to the Reynolds if they want, Jack says they are supposed to be on holiday after all, Robert says thanks, Andy says he'd rather stay and help on the farm, Jack says Robert gets in the way on the farm and they'll get things done faster without him, Andy thinks it's about time he started to pull his weight; Jason is telling Tricia that Joe's visa runs out in December so they need to get married as soon as possible, Jason thinks Marlon should give Tricia away, Marlon doesn't look that pleased; Diane is all dressed up for her dinner with Jack, Alan is perplexed as to why she is so glammed up for dinner at the Sugden's; Joe tells Tricia they need to make up some relationship history, Marlon can't get his head round it, he thinks it's too soon; Ollie is bored, Marc and Donna are sitting next to each other, Marc is playing computer games and Donna is reading a magazine, Ollie tells Angie that Marc wants to take Donna upstairs, Robert goes off to help Angie in the kitchen, Angie asks him how he is, he hasn't said a word since he arrived, Angie and Robert sit down, Robert says he doesn't know where he belongs anymore, Robert says he hates it at the farm and he hates it even more at his mum's, Robert doesn't want to talk to Jack, Robert doesn't think Sarah loves him anymore because she left them, Robert thinks Jack only wants cheap labour on the farm, Robert cries, Angie hugs him;

PART TWO - Diane's about to set off to Jack's, Diane's worried that Alan won't be able to cope, Alan is planning a mystery day out for Diane, he doesn't want Diane to know, Alan asks Tricia to make sure Jason is free to cover the bar; Ollie is annoying everyone by changing channels, Ollie and Marc fight, Angie asks Robert if he wants to stay for tea and then stay the night, Angie says she'll phone Jack and let him know; Jack is cooking dinner, Diane has arrived early, Diane says she's really looking forward to dinner, she doesn't think anything can be as bad as her cooking; Tricia is trying to guess where Alan is taking Diane on their mystery date; Seth tells Edna that their horse won, she's won £220, Edna thinks she'll be punished for having a bet, Betty walks in and Seth hurriedly gives Edna her money; Jason asks Marlon if he's alright with Joe and Tricia, Marlon reluctantly says he is; Seth tells Betty about Edna having a bet on a horse, Betty is shocked that Edna was gambling; Edna is talking to Joe at the bar, Joe explains where he's been travelling, Edna says she never had much chance to travel; Andy and Diane are both giggling, Diane scrapes her food onto Andy's plate, Jack says it's the last time he cooks for her, they have a big food fight; Marc asks if it's alright if Donna stays over, Sean says as long as she sleeps in Ollie's room; Jack and Diane are having a drink on the sofa, Andy goes off to bed, Jack tells Diane he's worried about Robert, Diane says sometimes it's better to let them get on with it, Diane and Diane kiss; Tricia is still trying to guess where Alan is taking Diane on their mystery day out, Edna and Betty join in and try and guess to; Diane and Jack go upstairs; Tricia thinks Diane will have no problem cheering Jack up; Diane and Jack are in bed, Jack says he's not been this happy in months, Diane asks him what he was like as a kid, Diane tells him he needs to relax and have a bit of fun, they kiss and dive under the covers;

Episode 2771 - 24 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Mon 16th Aug 2004)

Turner surprises Diane with a ride on a Harley Davidson but the day turns sour when her ex-husband Rodney resurfaces. When a gold trinket belonging to Lady Tara goes missing, suspicion falls upon Frankie.

Cast includes :-

Alan Turner - RICHARD THORP; Diane Blackstock - ELIZABETH ESTENSEN; Robert Sugden - CHRISTOPHER SMITH; Andy Sugden - KELVIN FLETCHER; Jack Sugden - CLIVE HORNBY; Frankie Smith - MADELEINE BOWYER; Lady Tara Thornfield - ANNA BRECON; Scott Windsor - BEN FREEMAN

Rodney Blackstock arrives in Emmerdale

PART ONE - Alan is cooking breakfast, Diane says she's not a big eater first thing in the morning, Alan tells Diane that he is taking her out on a mystery day out; Robert comes home after staying the night at the Reynolds to find food all over the kitchen, he wonders why the kitchen is such a mess, Jack and Andy both just say that they had Diane over for tea and smile; Diane thinks this day out is all very unexpected, she says she has a lot on today, Alan tells her to put a pair of comfortable slacks and a pair of sensible shoes, Diane doesn't own any sensible shoes, Alan asks how Diane's evening with Jack went, Diane smiles to herself as she tells him she thinks she managed to cheer Jack up; Jack and Andy tell Robert about their food fight, Robert wished he'd been there, Jack tells Robert he knows it's tough for him at the moment but he loves him, Robert and Jack hug, Jack tells Robert he'd appreciate some help on the farm today and in return he'll pay for the boys to go to the cinema, Robert smiles and agrees; Frankie is working on a car, Tara tells Frankie she wants her car valeted, Frankie tells her they don't do valeting, Scott asks Tara if she needs a lift anywhere, Scott goes off to take Tara back to Oakwell and tells Frankie to go and borrow a hoover;Diane phones Jack to tell him she might be round a bit later as something unexpected has come up; Diane is all dressed up in a big anorak and scarf, Tricia tells Diane that Alan is courting her, Diane doesn't look too pleased; Paddy is at the surgery looking rough and being snappy and grumpy, Adam asks Paddy what's got into him, Gloria tells Paddy to go to the Sugden's, she thinks the fresh air might do him good; on his way out of the surgery he sees Alan in full leathers on his motorbike, beeping his horn; Diane's downing a few brandies while she's waiting for Alan; they all go out of the pub to see what all the noise is, Betty and Edna pass comment, Diane doesn't look overly thrilled about the prospect of going on the bike, Diane and Alan ride off on the bike;

PART TWO - Paddy is round at Jack's to see his sheep, Jack tells Paddy he'll get over Mandy soon, Paddy thinks Jack is patronising him, Jack tells him life goes on, Paddy tells him life doesn't just go on and leaves without having seen to Jack's sheep; Edna has brought all the money to the vets for her vets passport, Paddy hadn't mentioned to Edna about the 6 month waiting list, Edna is not happy, Jack phones the surgery to tell them that Paddy had left his without seeing to his sheep; Tara has come to collect her car, her gold watch that she had left in the glove compartment has vanished; Sarah and Victoria bump into Robert in the street, Sarah asks Robert if he will babysit tonight, Robert says he was going to the cinema but he'll stay and babysit for Victoria instead; Betty is cleaning in the vets surgery and is gossiping to Gloria about Edna gambling, Betty and Gloria gossip about Edna not having seen or spoken to her son in years, Betty says he was always a sickly looking lad; Paddy comes into the surgery and has a go at Adam for wanting a word with him later, Adam tells Gloria and Betty not to gossip about Paddy's outburst, Adam tells Gloria only to give Paddy surgery work for the time being; Jack has arranged for Angie to take them to the cinema and then Jack will pick them up later, Robert tells Jack that he doesn't want to go and wants to babysit instead; Diane and Alan return from their bike ride, Diane says she won't be able to sit down for a week; Tara sees Angie in the street and wants to report the theft of her watch, her father bought it for her, Tara casts aspertions that Frankie stole it, Angie is off duty so she tells Tara to go to the station and report the theft there, Tara isn't pleased; Diane is having a brandy in the pub, Diane says she's seen the whole of Yorkshire at 60mph, Alan says he'll cook her a romantic dinner for two, Diane says there's no need and doesn't seem keen at all but Alan insists; Robert arrives at Sarah's to look after Victoria, Richie tries to make conversation with Robert and Victoria and is pleased when they seem to respond to him; Jack is tidying up the living room and making sure he looks alright for Diane's visit, Diane is thankful when she finds Alan asleep on the sofa; Sarah and Richie are having a drink in the pub, Sarah doesn't look happy when Richie asks Scott if he wants to join them, Paddy is slumped on a table in the pub, Betty and Gloria gossip to Marlon about Paddy's outburst earlier, they are all worried about Paddy's behaviour,Betty tells Marlon to go and talk to him; Marlon tells Paddy that Tricia and Joe are getting married so that Joe can stay in the country, Paddy says he's picked the wrong person if he wants to talk about marriage, Paddy says he's not in the mood for a chat; Diane tells everyone she's just going out for a couple of hours, on her way out Diane is stunned to see a blast from the past standing at the bar, he tells her she's still looking good; Jack is still waiting for Diane to arrive; Diane is horrified to find that Ashley had written to Bernice's father, Rodney, Diane wants Rodney out of the pub and out of her life, she hasn't seen him for 26 years, Rodney says he's just here to see his daughter; Jack is still waiting, he throws a box of chocolates he'd bought Diane into the bin; Ashley apologises to Rodney; Betty thinks Rodney looks like a bit of jack the lad, Rodney hasn't seen Bernice since she was 5, Diane doesn't know what Bernice is going to say about it when she gets back;

Episode 2772 - 25 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Tue 17th Aug 2004)

Tara questions Scott and Frankie over her missing gold trinket, but soon realises that Cain is the most likely culprit. Meanwhile Cain is delighted when he thinks he has got a job lot of food tins but his mood quickly turns to disappointment when he discovers they are full of cat food!

Ashley Thomas - JOHN MIDDLETON; Rodney Blackstock - PATRICK MOWER; Lady Tara Thornfield - ANNA BRECON; Angie Reynolds - FREYA COPELAND; Diane Blackstock - ELIZABETH ESTENSEN; Alan Turner - RICHARD THORP; Sam Dingle - JAMES HOOTON; Cain Dingle - JEFF HORDLEY

PART ONE - Rodney has stayed the night at the vicarage, Rodney says he never expected to find Diane in a place like this, she was a bit of a raver in her time, Rodney tells Ashley how pleased he was to get Ashley's letter, he hopes Diane will be more friendly this morning now that she's had time to get over the shock, Ashley and Rodney's conversation is rather awkward, Rodney asks Ashley what she's like, they joke about any daughter of his marrying a vicar, Ashley says it was unfortunate that Rodney arrived without letting Ashley know he was coming, Rodney wants to talk to Diane but Ashley thinks it would be better if he talked to her; Tara is at the police station reporting the theft of her watch to Angie; Ashley comes into the pub to talk to Diane, Alan jumps in to tell Ashley what he thinks about asking Rodney to come, Diane says she will deal with this on her own, Ashley apologises and says he was sorry he didn't think about the consequences for Diane, Ashley says he was just thinking of Bernice and how she said she wanted to see her father, Diane is shocked by this, Diane says that Bernice had never wanted to see him before and hasn't wanted to see him in 26 years, Diane tells him that he acted out of turn; Zak shouts at Cain and Sam and tells them they're both lazy and haven't put any food on the table for ages, Cain tells Sam that if Zak wants food on the table they'll give it to him; Adam tells Paddy that Zoe has told him to stay at the surgery all day, Paddy refuses and storms off to the Woolpack, Zoe and Adam are both worried about him, Adam wants to go after him to stop him making a fool of himself, Zoe tells him not to; Angie turns up at the garage and asks Frankie about Tara's watch, Frankie says she never cleaned the glove compartment so she doesn't know if the watch was in there, Frankie says she wasn't sure if she locked the car or not when she went on her lunch break; Paddy is in the Woolpack, Zak comes in and asks him how he is, Paddy says life is terrible, Zak tells him there's always a bright side; Rodney comes into the pub and introduces himself to Alan, Rodney wants to talk to Diane, he goes into the back; Diane asks him what he's doing here, Rodney tells Diane she's wearing well, Rodney says that Diane will never know what it felt like when he came back that day and found them gone, Diane says he wasn't reliable at all, Rodney says he never meant to hurt her, he's not here to cause trouble, he just wants to see his daughter and see her get married, Diane tells him he's already missed one of Bernice's weddings, Rodney didn't know Bernice had been married before, Diane asks Rodney if he's still married, Rodney says she put up with him for a while, Diane gets offended when Rodney asks her if she's got something going with the fat guy behind the bar, Diane gets really angry and shouts at Rodney to get out of this village and out of her life, Rodney says he won't leave the village until Bernice tells him to go;

PART TWO - Zak is talking to Lisa about Paddy's drinking, Zak says he couldn't keep up with him, Sam and Cain come in carrying a lot of unlabelled cans, they had got them from the back of the supermarket, they have no idea what's in the tins, Sam says he'll cook dinner, Cain leaves saying he has other fish to fry; Rodney introduces himself to Joe, Joe is from Busselton, a couple of hundred miles down the coast from Perth, Rodney says he knows it well; Alan warns Ashley that he wasn't being very tactful inviting Rodney to the pub with him; Rodney approaches Alan and asks him about his Dalesman Roadster, Alan says they only ever made about 60 of them; Paddy tells Adam his life has gone downhill since he arrived in the village, Paddy thinks Adam is trying to take over from him at the vets aswell, Paddy says if it wasn't for Adam he would still be living in happy ignorance; Joe and Jason wonder why Adam is putting up with Paddy; Diane finds Rodney, Ashley and Alan having a laugh in the pub and comes over and tells Alan that she is especially disappointed in him for going behind her back talking to Rodney; Tara and Sean are in the stud farm offices, Tara tells Sean she saw Angie at the police station earlier when she went to report the theft of her watch, Tara has a go about Angie and the police, Sean defends Angie; Diane is at Jack's, he is angry with her for not turning up last night, Diane starts crying, Jack and Diane hug; Sam is cooking dinner, the potatoes have gone lumpy, Lisa asks Sam what was in the tins, Sam says it was meat in jelly, Lisa thinks it smells a bit fishy, Zak says it smells familiar, they all realise it smells of cat food, Sam thinks it tastes alright; Diane is pouring out her heart to Jack, she is annoyed that Rodney has charmed everyone and that everyone thinks that she is being so unreasonable, Diane says she can't bear having Rodney back in their lives, Diane says she doesn't know what she would do without Jack, he apologises for being such an idiot about last night; Paddy is really drunk, Adam wants to take him home but Paddy wants another drink; Sean tells Angie about the conversation he'd just had with Rodney about how he took a truck full of supplies to Kosovo; Alan tells Paddy it's time he went home, Paddy falls over and has to be carried out; Cain tells Angie he's heard that she is investigating another theft in the village, Cain winds up Angie up, Cain tells her the watch is going to turn up in the place she least expects;

Episode 2773 - 26 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Wed 18th Aug 2004)

When Angie finds Tara's stolen trinket in her bread bin she realises that despite changing her locks, Cain has somehow managed to get in. Meanwhile Cain manages sells a bulk load of cat food to Seth, who opens it only to discover it is spaghetti and rice pudding!

Cast includes :-

Lisa Dingle- JANE COX; Zak Dingle- STEVE HALLIWELL; Diane Blackstock- ELIZABETH ESTENSEN; Alan Turner- RICHARD THORP; Zoe Tate- LEAH BRACKNELL; Adam Forrester- TIM VINCENT; Gloria Weaver- JANICE McKENZIE; Paddy Kirk- DOMINIC BRUNT; Ashley Thomas- JOHN MIDDLETON

PART ONE - Sean sarcastically teases distracted Angie about her quest to find the watch, shocked Angie finds it in the bread bin as she goes to make toast but doesn't tell anyone; As Sam is trying to dump the remaining tins of cat food, Zak and Lisa encourage him to realise that he can sell them; Angie arrives insisting on seeing Cain but Zak and Lisa tell her that he isn't there, Sam suggests that perhaps Angie is on to them; Diane cleans the bar telling Alan she doesn't feel like talking to him today, as Alan realises that she is angry about Rodney, she tells him that her best friends are fraternising with the enemy; Zoe questions Gloria and Adam as to Paddy's whereabouts and threatens to question Paddy about his future in the partnership to snap him out of his misery without realising that Paddy is overhearing the conversation, embarrassed Paddy thanks Adam for rescheduling his appointments; with his bags packed, Rodney thanks Ashley for making the effort to get in touch and tells him that it simply is not going to work with Bernice, surprised Ashley didn't think that he would have been put off so easily by Diane, Rodney explains how much it meant to him that Ashley opened the gate for him to see Bernice again, Ashley sees it as a human duty to heal the injuries of the past but Rodney explains that it is no use as there are too many bad feelings between him and Diane, Ashley encourages him not to run away again and that he must stay to make a go of his relationship with Bernice; A noise startles Viv in the post office, as she investigates Sam wheels the wheel barrow of cat food through the shop offering it her for a tenner, she refuses but Sam offers it to Seth instead saying it is dog food, Seth accepts it for a fiver; Drunk, Paddy questions Gloria over where some notes are, spilling coffee all over her desk, she sneaks his car keys out of his jacket to prevent him from driving anywhere and Jason questions what she is doing, Jason calls Gloria a treasure; Terry invites Viv out to the Woolpack tonight, Viv complains of her boring life until she is interrupted by noise outside the door, presuming it is Sam again she is pleasantly surprised for Bob to fall through the door with flowers and a bottle of champagne for her; Bob insists both Kelly and Viv shut up shop and go over to the pub; Paddy is furious that Gloria and Jason have hidden his keys and are accusing him of being drunk, Gloria tells him that if he even attempts to drive, she will have no option but to call the police, Paddy insults her and fires her although she points out that he has no authority to do so, scared by his raging temper she leaves anyway;

PART TWO - Diane accuses Ashley of taking Rodney's side, Ashley tells her that she is the only one causing a problem which greatly upsets Diane; Angie finds Cain in the Woolpack where he tries to turn the stolen watch saga round on her by implying that it is her fingerprints that will be on the watch, he advises her of what he usually does with stolen property and she leaves, disgusted; Terry questions Kelly as to how serious Viv is over Bob, Kelly accuses Terry of being jealous; Zoe questions Angie over her suspicions on whether Frankie stole Lady Tara's watch, Angie wonders if Zoe has any reasons to doubt her honesty; Diane phones Jack upset needing to see him, he tells her that it isn't convenient which angers her as she is disappointed that her needs don't count for anything to him, he agrees for her to come over in an hour; Seth brings a tin of alphabet spaghetti to Sam and insists that he shift the rest of the tins as he can't possibly give his dog supermarket slops; Kelly worries over where Viv and Bob are and goes to look for them back at the shop; Frankie storms off offended from Zoe when she asks her if she is certain that she doesn't know anything about the stolen watch; Gloria is relieved to find Zoe; Kelly is disgusted to find clothes on the floor and hear Viv and Bob upstairs; After explaining where the boys are, Jack holds Diane and tells her that she is a good person, they kiss and go upstairs; Sam worries over what to do with the cans as Sgt. Reynolds may pay them a visit again until Lisa suggests that they feed all the contents to the pigs; Sgt. Reynolds returns the watch to Lady Tara who inquires over who the thief was, when Angie tells her that it was returned anonymously, Tara presumes that it must have been Frankie which angers Angie who tells her that there is no evidence to support such an allegation, Tara suspects that Angie is not telling her something, Angie reminds her that this isn't a game of cops and robbers and she can't be expected to chase after every petty offence that comes her way, Tara implies that Angie is trying to conceal information about an offence to which Angie suggests she lodges a formal complaint;

Episode 2774 - 27 Oct 2000

(Plus! - Thu 19th Aug 2004)

Angie gets her revenge on Cain when an armed robbery takes place in Hotten and suspicion falls upon him. CID investigates whereupon Sam tries to unburden himself over the stolen food tins! Jason and Joe's attempts to cheer Paddy up are rebuffed after he lays into them for redecorating his house.

Cast includes :-


PART ONE - Bob and Viv cuddle as Kelly and Donna come down for breakfast, Viv tells the girls that she and Bob are going to Skegness for the day, Donna is angry that she has been on half term all week and Viv hasn't taken her anywhere so Bob invites her along too but Donna refuses the offer, both Kelly and Donna refuse Bob's offer of a meal at the Woolpack tonight also to which Viv apologises to Kelly for keeping her waiting yesterday, as Viv and Bob smooch, Donna storms upstairs leaving Kelly to be disgusted by Bob and Viv's teenage behaviour; Sean chats to Angie over who she suspects stole the watch in the first place and whether Lady Tara was grateful; Paddy furiously lays into Jason when he suggests that he apologises to Gloria, telling him never to lecture him else he'll get in touch with the home office regarding the arranged marriage, Joe is concerned that Paddy is a loose cannon and they could do with knowing that he is on their side; Donna is angry that Viv seems to have forgotten about their dad, Kelly persuades her that Viv can't be expected to go the rest of her life without the company of a man although Donna feels as though everyone has forgotten about him; Paddy is angry to find Gloria working back at the surgery informing customers that he is off sick, as she enters the surgery with Adam, Paddy accuses Zoe of forming a conspiracy against him to which she backs up Gloria's actions for they were in the best interests of the practice, Paddy feels that Zoe is only trying to stop him from doing his work so that he has to drop out of the partnership, Zoe tells Paddy that she won't let the practice be dragged down by his ineptitude, deeply insulted Paddy tells her that he will sue her for slander, on asking him to leave, Zoe tells him that he needs help to become the generous, helpful, clever, talented vet that everyone knows and loves so much, when Paddy says that that person is dead, Zoe rebukes him as being melodramatic and self pitying, he reacts angrily when Adam tells him to calm down and storms out when Zoe warns him that if he continues to carry on in such a manner, Adam will soon be her partner; Bev Mansfield arrives as irritated Zoe informs her that they are actually closed, Bev introduces herself; when Alan refuses to serve Paddy with a double whiskey and insists he eats a meal, Paddy is offended and takes his custom to the Malt Shovel pub instead; Bev explains to Gloria, Zoe and Adam that she needs them to cover a careers talk at her school on Monday, already tied up, Zoe recommends that Adam takes on the duty; Sam is complaining about his sore wrist to which Cain insists he doesn't need to know, Sam answers the door to the police who have a warrant to search the premises and want to take Sam and Cain to the police station to answer questions on a an armed robbery that took place on the 25th October, on refusing to go with the officer, Cain and Sam are arrested;

PART TWO - In the station Cain insists that he knows nothing about the armed robbery, he tells the police that he was with Sam on the day in question, the police question why Sam is so uptight and Cain responds that he is not all there so they should not rely on what he may tell them, Cain tells the officer that they have no evidence against him but the officer insists that he was seen ten minutes before the incident at the scene of the crime by another officer, when the officer lets slip that Cain was seen by a female officer, Cain laughs realising that he has been set up; Edna insists Kelly helps her put her shopping into a basket, when Kelly inquires quite why she wants so much food, Edna tells her not to pry into her private affairs and tells her to be grateful for inflating her profits; As Sam is questioned and the officer tells him that he was recorded on CCTV, he denies having shotguns as they didn't need them to nick the tins, the officer makes him explain exactly what they did nick and is surprised to hear that Sam and Cain stole the tins from the skip and have now fed them to the pigs, Cain pleads with the officer not to put him back inside; Bob and Viv arrive back from Skegness with presents for Donna and Kelly, Donna is touched by the beautiful necklace and agrees to go to dinner with them which pleases Viv; Jason apolgises to Joe for the bad atmosphere in the house recently, Joe suggests that all the reminders of Mandy in the house surely contribute to Paddy's depression, Jason agrees and decides that they should paint the house for a start; As Cain and Sam are discharged, the officer informs Cain that he shouldn't go making an enemy out of him, upset Sam apologises to Cain for grassing on him but Cain is surprisingly sympathetic; Viv and Bob embarrass Donna in front of Mark as he waits on them in the Woolpack, Bob crudely tells Mark he will leave him a tip - no tongues on the first date, to which Donna is horrified; Joe and Jason paint the walls before Paddy gets home from the pub so he won't argue about it; Donna leaves the table to talk to Terry embarrassed by Bob and Viv; Paddy drunkenly throws beer mats around the Woolpack as Diane tells him that drowning his broken heart in an the bottom of an ale glass is not going to make the situation any better, he wants her to tell him what to do to make him feel better, Diane guides him out of the pub; Donna tells Terry that she can't work her mum out and apologises to Mark for her mum's behaviour; Cain threatens Angie that the next time she pulls a stunt like that again and he'll kill her, she warns him that if he is so concerned about Sam he shouldn't cross her in the future, Cain tells her that this is between the two of them now; Paddy breaks down when he sees the new colour of the walls and calls Jason a pathetic, interfering, mean-minded idiot, Jason tells him that he didn't know what to do to help to which Paddy responds that he should get out and never see him again, Paddy explains that he is miserable, drunk and should be allowed to be left that way, grabbing the paint he shouts that he loved the walls as they reminded him of Mandy and throws the can at the wall before collapsing in sobs of tears;

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