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Episodes #2743-2754 --- 5th -28th September 2000

Uploaded 3rd February 2004
Updated 1st July 2004
Finished 19th July 2004

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Individual Episode Synopsis

NOTE: these episode reviews are based on the officially released synopsis. © 2000 Yorkshire Television.

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Episodes #2743-2745

Week Beg. 5 Sept 2000

Episode 2743 - 5th September 2000

(Plus! - Wed 7th Ju 2004)

Bernice attempts to break up an argument between Viv, Edna and Kelly but her intervention causes Edna to turn upon her and let rip about her relationship with Ashley. Robert and Donna face taunts at school over the tangled lives of their relatives while Turner and Zak are furious to see the Tate's are running the school bus service!

Episode 2744 - 6th September 2004

(Plus! - Thu 8th Jul 2004)

When a court hearing is set for the feuding Sudgen's, Sarah begs Jack to let her put across her side of the story. Andy intervenes, accuses her of splitting the family up and says she stopped being his Mum the day she walked out. Ashley hosts his final service before departing for Leeds, but worries he's forcing Bernice into a life she doesn't want.

Episode 2745 - 7th September 2000

(Plus! - Fri 9th Jul 2004)

Ashley decides to forego his new job up North in order to stay with Bernice in Emmerdale but faces the dilemma of how he'll tell the Bishop. Seth secretly borrows some money from Betty in order to place some money on a horse that miraculously wins! However his success is short-lived and he is robbed by two teenage girls who steal his wallet and smash the figurine he bought with his winnings for Betty.

Episodes #2746-2748

Week Beg. 12 Sept 2000

Episode 2746 - 12th September 2000

(Plus! - Mon 12th Jul2004)

Betty is furious when she finds out about Seth's gambling from Sam. She confronts him in a rage but he is too tired and battered to explain what really happened and ends up sleeping on the couch. Jack questions Richie's commitment to Sarah, but his love-rival assures him he sees their future firmly set together. Marlon's dreams of running the Woolpack are shattered by Bernice and Ashley's decision to stay in the village.

Episode 2747 - 13th September 2000

(Plus! - Tue 13th Jul 2004)

Charity's relationship with Chris is complicated when Zak gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks she's having an affair with Terry. Mandy is furious when, at a family gathering, Paddy announces that Mandy's Father is coming to live with them and they're going to start trying for a baby!

Episode 2748 - 14th September 2000

(Plus! - Wed 14th Jul 2004)

Donna is hurt and confused about the recent revelations of Scott and Kelly's relationship and finds that her life is being made a misery at school. In an attempt to help out Viv offers to speak to the head, but Donna tells her to stay out of her business. Upon hearing of Seth's mugging everyone rallies around him and he is persuaded to finally go to the police.

Episodes #2749-2751

Week Beg. 19 Sept 2000

Bob Hope's first episode

19th September 2000

Episode 2749 - 19th September 2000

(Plus! - Thu 15th Jul 2004)

When Ollie tells her Mother about Seth's mugging, she immediately suspects her daughter may know more than she's letting on about the incident.

Viv is instantly smitten with Bob, a hosiery salesman, and embarks upon a quest to woo him with instant results!

Episode 2750 - 20th September 2000

(Plus! - Fri 16th Jul 2004)

Richie and Sarah's relationship starts to wear thin and matters are made even worse when Richie invites Scott - who has been sleeping rough - to come and stay. Moral-crusader Edna is flabbergasted when she walks into the post office and is confronted be Viv and Bob kissing after their night of passion together.

Episode 2751 - 21st September 2000

(Plus! Mon 19th Jul 2004)

Sarah is shocked to discover that Scott has stayed the night and even more so when she finds out that Richie has extended the invitation for him to stay even longer! Kelly accepts Viv's offer to move home, much to Donna's annoyance and Paddy decides to visit Mandy in Southampton despite her warning him not to.

Episodes #2752-2754

Week Beginning Tue 26th Sept 2000

(these detailed episode guides were provided by Gavin Blyth, former head press officer at Emmerdale.)
Highlights. Paddy makes a shocking discovery about his wife in Emmerdale on Tuesday. ... Itís make or break time for Emmerdaleís most colourful couple on Thursday.

Episode 2752 - 26th September 2000

(Plus! Tue 20th Jul 2004)

Paddy and Adam drive to Southampton to surprise Mandy and help fetch her Father to live with them but Paddy is left speechless by a shocking discovery - Mandy has been having an affair! Bernise, Tricia and Diane's plans to find Kathy a man take a hopeful turn when they persuade Mike, a Tate haulage driver, to go on a date with her.

Episode 2753 - 27th September 2000

(Plus! - Wed 21st Jul 2004)

Paddy returns from Southampton unsure if Mandy still loves him and confronts her about her affair. The girls plan to set Kathy up with Mike backfires when she realises what's going on and confronts them - much to Mike's bemusement. Seth has a win on the horses and makes amends by buying Betty a new porcelain figurine.

Episode 2754 - 28th September 2000

(Plus! Thu 22nd Jul 2004)

Mandy and Paddy's relationship is on the rocks, yet both can hardly believe the situation they find themselves in especially after they had to go through so much to get married in the first place. Paddy deals with an inner turmoil; does Mandy really love him and can he really forgive and forget?

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