Newly Located and finished 16th May 2004

Episodes #2972-2983 --- 1 August - 15 August 2001

Episode One

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Full details written by Paul Berridge

Eps. #2972 - Sean visits Angie and asks if he can move back home. Gloria stuns Viv regarding a necklace she's wearing.

Wednnesday 1st August 2001
(Canada 24th May 2004)

On August 1st Sean contemplated why his family has been beset by so many problems recently as Len begins to recover. He visited his father in hospital and suggested that if he was still living at home his accident would never have happened. With the bit between his teeth, Sean visits Angie and asks if he can move back home. She said he could.

Pollard, Bob, Viv and Gloria went out for a business meal, but for Gloria, work was the last thing on her mind. She was thrilled when Viv commented on the necklace she was wearing, and lost in the moment, she stuns Viv when she suggests that it is an engagement present from Pollard.

Scott rued his stupidity when Chloe dared him to do a full monty strip to shock Edna. He is bewildered when Chloe and Jason grab all his clothes and run inside and locking the door behind them. With nowhere to go, he decided to visit the Woolpack with a towel from Edna's washing line.

Carlos and Ashley were pleased when Nicola and Bernice resolved their differences and made up. And Danny was relieved when Scott agreed to give him his job back.

Eps. #2973 - Pollard fuels rumours when he announces that he has something to celebrate.

Thursday 2nd August 2001
(Canada 25th May 2004)

On August 2nd [Emmerdale] was awash with gossip that Pollard and Gloria are set to tie the knot. Word quickly spread from the factory floor and Betty could barely contain herself when she heard the news. Pollard fueled the rumours when he announces that he has something to celebrate, but he is more than a little bemused when he is given a grilling about the forthcoming event in the Woolpack. Gloria hears the word on the street, but is humiliated by Eric when he tells everyone that he doesn't want to marry her.

Andy meets Katie for their first date but Chez Marlon isn't quite the draw that Andy had hoped for. He shows her the village instead and comes close to confessing all about his mum when they see her grave.

Sean moves back home to play happy families at the Reynold's house, while Angie tracks down Lisa in a bid to keep track of Cain.

Eps. #2974 - Pollard is furious with Gloria. Jack meets Andy's girlfriend. Is Robert ready to come home?

Friday 3rd August 2001
(Canada 26th May 2004)

August 3rd Pollard was furious to discover that Gloria had been spreading the idea that they are getting married and confronted her in a heaving Woolpack. She flees, pursued by a concerned Ashley. Later, Sam discovered a light on in the factory and sneaked in to investigate. He discovered Gloria taking a large amount of money from the safe and hears her telling the waiting taxi driver to take her to the station. Sam found Eric in the Woolpack and informed him of Gloria's plans. Pollard then rushed off to the station, but he didn't get there in time?

Jack met Andy's girlfriend Katie when they returned from their date to watch TV at the farm. Katie received a text message on her mobile phone and replied, saying she's having a great time! When Katie is picked up she tells Andy she enjoyed the evening and kisses him.

Jack felt that Robert isn't sounding himself after a telephone conversation, and feels he might be ready to come home.

Eps. #2975 - Pollard is in for a huge shock. Jack receives bad news from Spain.

Monday 6th August 2001
(Canada 27th May 2004)

August 6th. Pollard, already grieving after Gloria walked out of his life, got an even bigger shock. As he hunted for some paperwork, he realised that she didn't leave empty handed and helped herself to the contents of his safe on her way out.

Just as things seemed to be turning around for Jack, he received bad news from Spain. He is concerned that he hasn't heard from Robert and a phone call confirms his worst fears - Robert has disappeared.

Jason and Latisha continued to get closer and Nicola set her sights on setting up home with Carlos - but he doesn't know it!

Eps. #2976 - Jack is desperate with worry over Robert. Lady Tara is gunning for Andrew and Virginia.

Tuesday 7th August 2001
(Canada 31st May 2004)

Karl Davies joins th cast as Robert Sugden

On August 7th Despite his best efforts, Jack can't find any trace of Robert in Spain and he is becoming desperate with worry. But his concern turns to jubilation when his itinerant son makes a surprise return to the village. (Robert is now played By Karl Davies) Previous hostilities between Robert and Andy seem to have been forgotten - or so it seemed at first.

Over at the Stud, Lady Tara is gunning for Andrew and Virginia, and tries to orchestrate the pair's sacking.

Rodney's plans for Chez Marlon don't sit well with Marlon and he threatens to quit. Rodney takes it in his stride and quickly lines up a replacement.

Nicola digs her heels in about living with Carlos.

Eps. #2977

Wednesday 8th August 2001
(Canada 1st June 2004)

The peace between Robert and Andy was short-lived and on August 8th a war of words ensued when Andy accused Robert of making things up about Annie Sugden. And the cat was really put amongst the pigeons when Andy's girlfriend, Katie, arrived and Robert like what he saw.

Tara continued to undermine Andrew and held him responsible for an injured stallion. She became increasingly vindictive towards him and demanded that ZoŽ gets to the bottom of how the injury happened.

Nicola cooked up a plan to tempt Carlos to move in with her but the idea left a bad taste in his mouth.

Marlon was annoyed when he discovered that Carlos had replaced him at Chez Marlon and is only too happy to accept his old job back at the Woolpack.

Eps. #2978 - Sparks fly between Tara and Andrew. Will Carlos ever make the extra commitment?

Thursday 9th August 2001
(Canada 2nd June 2004)

On August 9th Tara remained adamant that Andrew should stay away from her horses, and demanded that Zoe should sack him, but she refused. Frustrated, she called Andrew into the office and demanded his resignation. A fight ensues and they end up in a passionate clinch, only to be interrupted by Zoe and Virginia.

Spotting Virginia in the village later, Tara approaches her and basks in her conquest of Andrew. Virginia is furious and slaps Tara. A fight develops and a humiliated Virginia is taken away in a police car.

Carlos remains firm that he doesn't want to move in with Nicola, even though his feelings for her remain unchanged. An upset Nicola finds a shoulder to cry on in Emily. Will Carlos ever make that extra commitment?

Len arrives back home and is pleased to find Angie and Sean reconciled.

Episodes #2979 & #2980 - Friday 10th August 2001 - ONE HOUR EPISODE in the UK

Eps. #2979 - Bernice is in for a surprise she could do without. Nicola suggests Emily move in with her.
(Canada 3rd June 2004)

Eps. #2980 - Tara agrees to drop the assault charges against Virginia. Charity faces Zoe's wrath.
(Canada 7th June 2004)

On August 10th, in a one-hour episode, Carlos and Bernice continued their affair, but in a small village secrets have a habit of being discovered. Nicola asked Carlos to visit her that afternoon. But having already made plans to spend it with Bernice, he tells her that he has to go shopping in Hotten.

Emily was excited when Nicola suggested that she could move in with her and goes to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate. But she is curious when she bumps into Carlos coming out of the shop. He quickly makes up an excuse as to why he is still in the village, but she didn't believe his story?

Ollie was disappointed to hear that her family haven't made any special plans to celebrate her 16th birthday. But she is thrilled to discover that they have organised a surprise party.

Andy is left feeling like a spare part when he returns from a hard day's work to find Robert and Katie getting on like a house on fire.

Bernice discoverd she was pregnant.

Tara agreed to drop the assault charges against Virginia on condition that she still leaves the village. Andrew was shocked to hear that Virginia has quit her job and is hell bent on moving away. But his attempts to persuade her to change her mind are futile.

Eps. #2981 - Bernice is in a mess and it's about to get even worse.

Monday 13th August 2001
(Canada 8th June 2004)

August 13th. Bernice is in a mess. She's pregnant, unsure if the father is her husband or lover - and things are about to get even worse.

Carlos was taken aback when Ashley enquired about his relationship with Nicola. He visits Bernice and tells her that he is convinced that Ashley is on to them. He tried to persuade her that that they should come, but she refused.
Infuriated by Bernice's reaction, Carlos visited Nicola and left her devastated by ending their relationship.

Diane confronted Bernice and demanded to know if she has restarted her affair. She is lost for words when her daughter admits that she has more important things to worry about she s pregnant.

Zoe was annoyed at being excluded from Charity s affections and makes an offhand comment guaranteed to make Chris seethe. But she was left fuming when he gave Charity a surprise present  a sports car.

Viv and Bob were thrilled when a professional photographer arrived for her Naughty Nylons  photoshoot. But their hard work was put in jeopardy, when the photographer notices that their relationship is not just confined to business.

And Emily was delighted when Ed took her on a surprise picnic.

Eps. #2982 - Bernice summons up the courage to speak to Ashley. Nicola is devastated.

Tuesday 14th August 2001
(Canada 9th June 2004)

On August 14th Diane told Bernice that being pregnant doesn t mean that her world is at an end. But she needs to decide who she wants to be with. Bernice summons up the courage to speak to Ashley.

Nicola is devastated that Carlos has ended their relationship. She tries to persuade him to change his mind without luck. She demands an explanation, but his insistence that there is nothing to discuss, only upsets her further.

Nicola breaks down in tears as she explains to Rodney what has happened. He visits Carlos and tells him that if he ever discovers that he has cheated on his daughter, he will have him to answer to.

Terry is shocked when Carlos tells him that he is sick of hiding his relationship with Bernice it is time that they came clean.

Louise is back and Rodney has a spring in his step again.

Eps. #2983 - Bernice lashes out at Carlos. Zoe continues to interfere in Chris and Charity's relationship

Wednesday 15th August 2001
(Canada 10th June 2004)

Ashley was thrilled On August 15th to hear that Bernice is pregnant, but senses she is upset. She admited to being scared that she might have another miscarriage. But her secret worry is that the child might be Carlos!
Carlos was frustrated to discover that Bernice could be carrying his child. Diane implored him to accept that Bernice has chosen Ashley and the baby instead of him.

Later at the vicarage, Carlos visited Bernice in a desperate bid to persuade her to continue their affair, but Bernice remained resolute, explaining that she will not risk losing the baby by rushing from pillar to post to be with him. Carlos retaliated, saying that he never thought she could stoop so low as to use her dead baby as an excuse to end their affair. Bernice lashes out and forced Carlos to leave.

Nicola was devastated that Carlos has ended their relationship and seeks solace from a very guilty Bernice.

Scott considers buying Charity's old car, but Len is outraged when he sees him taking it for a reckless test-drive through the village.

Zoe continued to interfere in Chris and Charity s relationship, and asks whether Charity is willing to leave him. Charity stresses that it would be madness for her to finish with Chris.

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