Updated and finished 22nd July 2004

Episodes 2843-2849 --- 1st February - 9th February 2001

Episode One

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The following Synposis for this date is © Yorkshire Television



PART ONE - Jason comes down in the morning to find a note from Joe. It says maybe what Jason suspected is true, and tells him to thank Tricia. Joe has gone. Jason cries; Nicola rips up her photos of Darren. Bernice comes in and says "good for you". Bernice tells her to put all thoughts of Darren behind her. Bernice suggests that they get drunk tonight. Nicola asks if they can invite Emily. Bernice looks a bit unsure but says yes; Bob goes into the shop and asks if his mail has arrived yet. Carol and Viv tell him that nothing has. Bob says that they will probably have a Doncaster postmark. Carol says that Terry has just been there. Bob says what a coincidence. Viv says that if they do arrive she will open them to make sure he doesn't get any dodgy circulars. Viv and Carol both laugh and talk about the lingerie pictures with ticks next to them. Bob tries to apologise, he then walks out; Jason is sitting looking very depressed. Paddy comes down and asks Jason if he is alright. Jason doesn't tell Paddy that Joe has left him and Paddy assumes that Joe just went clubbing again; In the shop Edna complains that all the videos are 18s. Bernice is buying some things for the party. She asks Emily if she is busy tonight, she goes on to say that she expects she is. Nicola then comes in and invites Emily round tonight. Emily is shocked. She says that she would be delighted; In prison, Jack complains to Harry that Robert hasn't visited him. Jack wishes that he had a date for the trial; In the Woolpack Terry tries to persuade Viv to give Bob another chance. Jason comes in for a drink. He tells Bernice that Joe has left him. He says that Tricia and Marlon will go mad. Bernice mumbles that she wouldn't blame them. As Jason looks so upset she takes him out the back. Terry goes back over to Viv. He tells her that it is Bob's birthday tomorrow; Jason tells Bernice about Joe always going out with Gareth. Jason says that all he wanted was to do was spend more time with Joe. Jason says that he has lost him. Bernice says that she remembers saying all this about Gavin. Jason apologises for what happened with Gavin. Jason worries about Tricia. If someone from the home office turns up she could get arrested;

PART TWO - In Chez Marlon Tricia has a go at Chloe for being slow. Edna asks Chloe to tell Marlon that the pork was delicious, but complains about the broccoli. She asks for some other people's leftovers for her dog. Jason arrives to talk to Tricia and Marlon. He tries to tell them, but he can't find the words. Tricia goes on to say what a nice couple Joe and Jason are. Jason then says thanks and leaves; Nicola says how great Emily is. Bernice looks worried. Nicola asks what is wrong. Bernice says that one of her friends had some bad news today, and another friend is about to get some bad news. Emily arrives. She has brought lemonade with her and 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' video. Bernice looks dubious; In the Woolpack Jason tells Paddy about Joe leaving. He says that he hates being gay. Paddy says that it is no different being straight. Paddy asks if he has told Marlon and Tricia. Jason says that he couldn't. Bob goes over to Carol and Viv. He apologises to Viv. Viv stands up and says that he can tempt him tomorrow as it is 2nd February. Bob looks confused. Terry comes over and says to Bob that he was just telling Viv that it is his birthday tomorrow. Viv realises that they are lying, she calls him a liar and sits down; Nicola and Emily talk about videos. Bernice is not interested. She is a bit shocked when Emily has some gin in her lemonade. They start to watch the video. Nicola and Emily are enjoying themselves. Bernice looks fed up; Back in the Woolpack Viv will not listen to Bob's excuses. She pours drink down his trousers. Edna walks out. Bev comes in and buys Paddy a drink. Paddy says that Jason must go and see Marlon and Tricia. Jason starts to think that this is his fault. He goes to see Marlon and Tricia again. Scott goes to the bar, but then decides not to get a drink. He goes outside; Scott sits down outside the pub. He sees Chloe. He walks past her and pretends that he has only just seen her. He makes small talk. She says that she will see him around, then walks off; Marlon and Tricia are at Chez Marlon. It is very quiet. Jason comes in. He starts crying and tells them that Joe has left. Tricia feels sorry for him until she realises that if they don't know where Joe is and someone checks up on them she could go to prison. Jason runs out.




PART ONE - After last night Bernice feels rough. As she and Nicola walk across the village Bernice says that Emily is a dark horse, she thought she was T-total. Nicola tells Bernice that she is going to help on Jack's farm. Jason comes over to Bernice. He tells her that Marlon and Tricia are furious. Bernice says that if he needs to talk he knows where she is. Bernice sees Edna and laughs at her new hat. Edna walks off; In Chez Marlon Tricia and Marlon worry about what might happen. Tricia feels stupid. Marlon is angry with Joe; Bob and Terry talk about last night in the Woolpack. Bob says that he has always tried to please people, but always manages to upset them. Bob says that he thinks it is time to face facts, he and Viv have reached the point of no return; Jason is on the phone to Joe's work. He is told that Joe has resigned; Emily and Nicola help out on the farm. Emily asks Nicola if she is staying in England. Emily says that there is nothing to go back to France for. Emily and Nicola plan to go on holiday together in the summer; In the shop Carol tells Viv that she is better off on her own. Terry comes in. Carol goes off to Leeds. She tells Viv not to give in. Terry tells Viv that Bob really loves her. He says that time is running out;

PART TWO - Betty tells Edna that she has heard that Joe has left Jason. Betty says that she likes Edna's hat. They see Bob getting in his car with some bags. They think he must be leaving. Edna tells Betty that Viv poured drink down his trousers last night. Betty shouts for Viv to come out of her shop. She sees Bob and is about to go back inside, but then hides and spys. Bob sees and smiles to himself; In Chez Marlon Tricia and Marlon tell Alan that Joe has left. Tricia says that she is probably going to get arrested. Alan tells her that you cannot go around breaking the law; in the prison Jack is in a queue waiting for the phone. The prisoner who annoyed him yesterday joins the queue and looks at him; In the Woolpack Diane asks Alan how he is about Tricia. Alan says he will stay out of it. He says that he has found out today that his back is okay. Alan and Diane plan to go on a bike ride tomorrow. Bob comes into the pub. Betty and Edna notice. Viv is asking another man for a drink. Emily and Nicola come in, they have had a good day. Bernice asks where Nicola' s make-up is. She says that she doesn't need it on the farm. Bob goes over to Viv. He buys her a drink; At the prison, the man from before pushes in. Jack is angry; Tricia turns up late for work at the Woolpack. Bernice tells her that she is sure that everything will be fine. Bernice goes to serve Edna and Betty, but they say that they will wait for Tricia. Bob tells Viv that he has decided to leave the village. He then tells Viv how wonderful she is. She says that he is wasting his time, but he continues. Betty tells Tricia that her and Edna are sorry about her misfortune. She asks who told them. They say word gets round. Tricia says to Edna Batley and France. Tricia says if Edna breathes a word she will get her back. Jason walks into the pub. He says to Tricia that he is sorry. She tells him that he has a nerve. She says no wonder that Joe left him. Bernice sends Tricia out to the kitchen. Viv says to Bob thanks for the drink and wishes him luck. She then leaves. He follows her. Outside Jason is crying. Bob runs after Viv. He begs her to listen to him. She goes into the shop and shuts the door on him. In the prison Jack goes back to his cell. He didn't get to use the phone. Harry tells him to calm down. He suggests doing a farm jigsaw puzzle, but Jack says he would rather sleep; In the Woolpack Tricia asks Bernice what she is angry about. Bernice tells Tricia that she destroyed Jason tonight. Tricia says that Jason doesn't care about anyone but himself. Bernice says that Jason has done nothing wrong. Tricia says that Bernice is no friend. She should be sticking up for her. Bernice says that she has been good to Tricia, allowing her to work for a rival business. Tricia drops some rubbish on the floor, quits her job and walks out; Tricia walks past Bob waiting in his car. He gets out and knocks on Viv's door. He shouts to her, saying that he can't bare to leave like this. He says that he is not going. He then starts singing. He shouts "Marry me". She comes out. She asks him if he means it and pulls him inside.




In this year Viv Windsor married Bob Hope

PART ONE - It is morning at the Windsor's. Viv looks very happy. She tells Donna that she is getting married today. Donna looks shocked; Over breakfast Bernice asks where Alan is taking her. She says to a pub he knows. Bernice tells her to be careful. Alan comes in to collect Diane. They arrange to meet at 9.00. Viv is in bed with Bob. She tells him that she has told Donna. Viv is excited. Bob looks a little worried that it is all a bit quick; On the farm Andy tells Robert that he is not going to school. Cain comes and invites Andy out later. They arrange to meet at 1.00. Robert asks why Andy is hanging around with Cain. Andy says that it is his business; Carol goes downstairs. Donna is depressed. She tells Carol that her mum is getting married. Carol is shocked. She shouts up the stairs to Viv; Bernice and Betty wave of Alan and Diane as they go off on the motorbike. Tricia walks past and sticks her nose up at Bernice; Viv and Bob are down in the kitchen with Donna and Carol. Carol tries to persuade Viv to slow down. Viv tells Carol that this is her day and she is not going to ruin it. Carol tells Viv that she is desperate. Viv says that Carol is the one who is desperate as her husband only married her because she told him she was pregnant. Carol calls Viv a vicious cow and walks out. Viv goes upstairs crying; In Chez Marlon, Tricia moans about Bernice. She is in a bad mood and snaps at Chloe when she comes in late. Marlon defends Chloe; Carol comes back to talk to Viv. Carol apologises and says that this has nothing to do with her. Carol just doesn't want her to do something that she will regret. They make friends and say they will open a bottle; At Terry's house Bob asks Terry if he is doing the right thing. Terry says that he doesn't know. Bob says the he asked her to make her happy, as a gesture. He didn't think she would say yes. Terry says that Bob should talk to Viv, but Bob says that he will just have to go through with it; In the shop Donna tells Emily about Viv and Bob. Emily says that she has never seen Viv so happy. Bob comes in and asks Donna if she is okay. Emily asks Bob if he loves Viv. He says that he does. Emily tells him that it is his life and he shouldn't let anyone tell him how to live it; Carol and Viv sit drinking. They both apologise to each other and hug. Bob comes in with Donna and Emily, and tells Viv how much he loves her. He asks if she is going to marry him today as planned. She says yes and hugs him. Emily says congratulations;

PART TWO - Viv tries on an outfit for the wedding. Carol says that it is a bit tight and asks her if she is pregnant. Viv says of course not. Donna tells her mum that she looks nice; In the Woolpack Bob tells Bernice that he has a day off work. She tells him to enjoy it. He says that he will try. Terry comes in and asks Bob if he is alright. Bob is nervous. He says that he wants to get it all over and done with before they tell people. Terry buys him another drink to calm him down; Diane and Alan have a drink in a 50's bar. Diane and Alan dance; Viv comes out dressed ready for the wedding. Bob and Terry are outside. Betty comes along and asks lots of questions. They tell her that they are going for a meal. Carol runs out dressed up with a bag of rice. Emily stands to wave them off. Betty asks her where they are going, but Emily doesn't tell her anything; In Chez Marlon Tricia is sulking. Chloe and Tricia argue. Tricia is making mistakes at work; Cain and Andy go for a drink. Cain buys Andy a beer, even though he wanted a coke. Andy asks Cain if he has been in prison. Cain says he has. He reassures Andy that his dad will be okay. In the 50's bar, Alan asks the owner about the rental on the duke box. Diane drags him off to dance; In the registry office Viv tells Carol that she feels sick with nerves. Bob looks very nervous. Terry asks him if he is having second thoughts. Bob says that he doesn't know. Terry asks Bob if he has done this before. Bob says several times; Kathy looks over Chez Marlon's figures. She says that there should be some return by now. Kathy says that they are over staffed. Tricia says that solution is obvious, let Chloe go. Marlon says that Chloe is the only decent waitress he has got. Tricia is offended; In the registry office they lose the ring due to them all being nervous, but Terry finds it; Diane and Alan return to the Woolpack singing. Alan goes to get changed. Diane tells Bernice that she is very content. Bernice asks about Jack. Diane says that that nothing is going to happen with her and Jack, and she could do a lot worse that Alan; The wedding ceremony takes place. Viv and Bob say their wedding vows. They are pronounced man and wife. Terry says to Carol that there was a moment when he thought Bob wasn't going to go through with it. Bob looks round at Terry and looks very nervous, while Viv is all smiles;



PART ONE - Viv and Bob have breakfast together. They say they love each other. They can't believe that they are married. Carol comes down and complains at them for having a smelly fry up; Alan cooks breakfast for Diane. She says that she is a bit sore from yesterday. She asks Alan who he was on the phone to earlier, he says no one and she will have to wait and see; Bob suggests going to the Woolpack tonight. Viv says that they should make an announcement. Emily comes in with a present for the newly weds. The present is two mugs, saying Mr and Mrs Hope. Emily goes back to the shop. Viv asks Carol is she will help Emily in the shop; In the prison Harry tells Jack that he managed to get hold of a couple phone cards; Chloe slags of Tricia to Charity. She is about to go to work. Charity asks Chloe if she will make herself scarce tonight because Chris is coming round; In the Woolpack Diane asks Bernice to find out what Alan is up to. Bernice does not look happy about it, but she agrees; In the prison one of the prisoners tries to make Harry hand over his phone cards. Jack goes to intervene but stops. Harry hands over the phone cars and the prisoner walks off. Jack asks Harry why he handed them over. Harry says that he didn't want a couple of broken ribs; In Chez Marlon Tricia shows Chloe the rota she has drawn up. She has divided the tables in the restaurant. Some are hers and some are Chloe's. When Tricia goes out to the kitchen Chloe tells Marlon that Tricia is a right pain and she knows nothing about waitressing; Betty goes into the shop and asks Carol if they enjoyed the meal. She then insists that Carol tells her the big secret. Carol tells her to get a life. Betty calls her a trollop and asks to speak to Viv. Carol blurts out that Viv is indisposed because she got married yesterday. Emily asks Betty to keep it a secret, but Betty says that there is no such thing as a secret round here;

PART TWO - In the Woolpack, Bernice pesters Alan to tell her what he is up to. He will not tell her. Betty comes in out of breath and tells them about Bob and Viv's wedding; Carol goes into the house and tells Viv that she has told Betty about the wedding. Viv is furious. She thinks that it is because Carol can't stand her being the centre of attention. Bob says that it is the two of them that counts. Viv says that she thinks that it is time Carol move out; Betty is in Chez Marlon telling Tricia and Marlon the news. Tricia says maybe Viv is pregnant. Marlon says maybe they married for love, people normally do. When Betty goes Tricia asks Marlon if he was digging at her. Marlon tells him how much he loves her and they make up; In the prison Harry returns to the cell. He has been beaten up for not handing over all the phone cards. Jack wants to sort out the person who did it, but Harry tells him to leave it; Bob and Viv go to the Woolpack. Bernice says congratulations. Viv is unhappy that everyone knows. Alan has a delivery; Cain and Andy are still having a drink in a country pub. Cain tells Andy his secret, that Zak is his father. He tells Andy to drink up and tells him that he likes him; In the Woolpack, Alan's delivery is a Jukebox. He and Diane dance, then Bob and Viv dance. Terry tells Carol that she should apologise to Viv. Carol says that she should grow up; In Chez Marlon Chloe counts her tips from her tables. Tricia wants her to divide them. Chloe says that they are hers. She walks out with them; In the Woolpack there is a lot of dancing going on. Carol apologises to Viv. They hug. Diane tells Alan that he is a lovely man. She kisses him. Bernice says to Betty that she thinks love is in the air. They look at Terry and Carol kissing. They say that is not love, but lust; Chris is with Charity in her house. He says that he is beginning to like it more here than at Home Farm. Charity tells Chris that he is sweet. He says that he is not. She says that he is to her; Everyone leaves the Woolpack leaving Alan and Diane. Alan puts on a song for Diane. They dance; Viv and Bob kiss at there home; Charity and Chris kiss in Charity's house; Diane's wig is on the side of the bar;



PART ONE - Alan is in the newspaper for his winning review. In the Woolpack he and Diane read the article. They hope that it will help Marlon's business; Viv is in the shop. Bob comes down and flirts with Viv. Tricia comes in and asks how the happy couple are. She buys the newspaper to read the review. She suggests to Viv and Bob that they come to Chez Marlon. Bob says that it is a good idea. Viv says that she wants to meet Bob's family. He says that he wants to take time; In the vets Gloria asks Zoe for a quick word. There are some cheques to be signed. Zoe says that she seems to be the only person round here capable of making any decisions; In the prison Jack has a meeting with his barrister. Jack is worried that his future is in this woman's hands. She says that she is here to discuss his plea and directions. He says that his plea is not guilty; In the Woolpack Diane and Alan look very happy together. Marlon comes in and says thanks to Alan for the wonderful review. Marlon says that he has had two bookings already. Marlon offers Alan a meal for two on the house tonight; Chris and Virginia are struggling to get someone to manage the Stud. Chris says that he doesn't want a woman. Virginia says that she will ask around. Chris dismisses her idea; Scott comes into the shop and asks his mum where the blushing bridegroom is. Viv says "Oh, you've heard". She says that she wanted him to come to the wedding but she couldn't get hold of him. He says it is okay. He was away. He says that he is happy if she is. Bob comes in. Scott tells him to look after Viv. Bob says that he will. They arrange to go for a drink later; The barrister tells Jack that there is a lot of evidence against him. She says that his sons might be able to help. He says that he wants his sons left out of it. She says that she thinks that Jack should consider changing his plea. He says but he is not guilty. She tells him that he has to convince the jury;

PART TWO - Bob and Viv have lunch in the Woolpack. Bob says that he hopes Scott is not too surprised about the wedding. Scott says that nothing surprises him with Viv anymore. Bob asks about work. He tells Scott that he used to be into cars. Scott asks Bob about his family. Bob obviously doesn't want to talk about it. Scott manages to get out of him that he was married before and he has two kids, a boy and a girl; Richie goes into the shop. Robert is there. Robert tells Richie that his dad is having a meeting with his barrister today. Richie invites Robert back to his. Robert says yes as There is no-one to care about where he is anymore; Back in his prison cell Jack is worrying. Jack tells Harry that he is not pleading guilty no matter what happens. He says that he is not lying. He says that he is thinking of defending himself. Harry tells him to forget that idea; Chris is on the phone at Home Farm. The last person on his list has turned down the job. Zoe says that they need someone who is able to get in amongst the horses. Chris tells her to leave this to him; Richie shows Robert his computer. Robert is not listening. He tells Richie that that he can't help thinking that Jack was a long time in the barn, when he went in to save Sarah. Robert is wondering why Jack stopped Richie from going in to save Sarah; Diane and Alan go to Chez Marlon. Marlon gives them all the best treatment; In the prison Jack is looking for Grant. He wants something done about him. Grant is not there. Jack suggests to Harry that they put their name down for the pool competition; In the Woolpack Ashley and Zoe are having a chat. Zoe says that she is so busy. Ashley suggests that she passes some of the stuff on to Paddy, he says that it might give him some confidence; In Chez Marlon, Diane is getting drunk. She tells Alan how much she likes him; Viv tells Carol that she is really pleased that Bob and Scott are getting on. Carol asks Viv is she is in the way. Carol says that she isn't and she is welcome to stay, but she doesn't want her and Terry setting Donna a bad moral standard; Tricia goes over to Diane and Alan. She is rude to them. Marlon suggests that he and Tricia set up a table tonight and have a nice meal. She seems keen until he says they only have tripe. She walks out; Jack and Harry are playing pool. Grant takes their ball. He says that he wants to play. Jack goes to hit him but Harry stops him. Harry then tries to defend Jack. Grant gets nasty with Harry. Jack attacks Grant;



PART ONE - Andy is watching TV. Kathy says that he is being antisocial. Kathy opens some mail. Her face makes Andy think that it must be bad news. Robert calls Kathy. She puts down the mail and goes into another room. Andy looks at the letter; At the Vets Zoe has a call, but she makes Paddy deal with. She then says that she will deal with it, if he does some of her work. She says that if they are supposed to be partners she should trust him; Andy and Robert wait at the bus stop. Andy says that he doesn't think he will go to school today. Robert tries to talk him out of it. Andy says that Kathy got the date for the trial today and didn't even tell them. He says that he is getting sick of her. He goes of and telling Robert that he better not dob on him; Tricia goes out the back of the Woolpack. Diane says that she should give her keys back as she doesn't work here anymore. Tricia wants to talk to Alan alone. Diane says that she can forget it if she wants her old job back, as she didn't listen to Alan's advice over marrying Joe and now she can't expect him to patch things up for her. Alan agrees with Diane. Tricia walks out; Diane has a letter; Bob comes downstairs. She tells him to go back to bed as she is preparing a surprise. She tells him that she is trying to make lemon chicken in parcels. She is having trouble making it. Bob goes into the shop and comes back with frozen puff pastry and chicken casserole. Viv says that she loves him and he says that he loves her too; Kathy goes to see Jack in prison. She is worried about his black eye. He will not talk about it. Kathy says that she has got the letter about the trial date. Jack tells Kathy that his solicitor thinks he is guilty. Jack says that he wants to sell up and find out about formal guardianship for the kids. He says that he is going down; Andy gets home. He shouts for Kathy but she is not there. He picks up a mug and smashes it; Diane says that she overdid things last night. Alan asks her if she regrets anything from last night. She says that she doesn't. Alan tells Diane that he is head over heals for her, but he says that he knows that she doesn't feel the same. She says that it doesn't help that she has been called as a prosecution witness against Jack. Alan says that he has had some good news. The newspaper want him to be their regular restaurant critic; Zoe is outside the Sugden's looking for Kathy. Kathy arrives. Zoe says that she has popped round to give the herd a once over. Kathy says that she can't pay her, but Zoe says that it is on the house. Bernice pulls up in her car. Kathy looks upset and goes into the house; Pollard goes in to the Woolpack. He tells Jason that he has a proposition for him. Pollard asks if can have Lisa's van this afternoon. He says that he will give him £20 if he helps him with the boxes. Jason tells him to come back at 3.00; Andy overhears Bernice and Kathy talking. Kathy is saying that Jack is extremely depressed and he wants her to put the farm on the market. Kathy says that Jack wants her to become the kid's full time guardian. Kathy says that she doesn't want them. She says that they could end up in care. Bernice says that it sounds like Jack is pretty sure that he is going to be found guilty. Kathy says that she doesn't know if he did it or not. Outside Andy is very upset at what he hears. Zoe comes in. She says that everything is fine;

PART TWO - Andy goes to the prison to see Jack. They tell him that he is too young to see him unaccompanied. They say that he can come and visit Jack tomorrow if he comes with an adult or brings I.D. Andy says get stiffed and walks out; Pollard and Jason ask to use Lisa's van. She says no. She has lot's of things in her van already, but eventually she agrees on the condition that they get it back to her tonight. Andy arrives. He asks if Cain is about, but Lisa says he is out; In the Woolpack Diane is stressed. She tells Bernice that she has to be a prosecution witness. Diane feels like it is her who is locking him up. Bernice asks about Alan. Diane says that he is being a gentleman. Bernice says to Diane that she never did like gentlemen. She wards Diane not to hurt him; Kathy asks Robert where Andy is. Robert says that he is with a friend but he doesn't know his name. Robert has a go at Kathy for not telling them about the trial; Andy finds Cain burning some wood. Andy tells Cain that Jack is selling the farm, he is going to go down and they are going to go into care. Andy says it is all because of him. Andy tells Cain that it was him who killed Sarah. He says that he is going to the police. He starts to run off. Cain stops him and tells him that he is his friend and he must not admit to it;



PART ONE - Zak wonders who the strange man is on his farm. Zak goes over and he says that he is a Building control officer. The officer says that there has been a complaint about the safety of Zak's barn. Lisa tells Zak that she will deal with this; Kathy tells Angie that Andy has run away. Kathy says that she tries her best, but seems to be making things worse. They both say they will look for him; At Home Farm, Chris says that he has fixed up a meeting tonight. Zoe says that she can't make it. She has done what Chris suggested and devoted her time to the Vets. Zoe goes out. Terry asks Chris where they are starting. Chris says going to see Charity; Zak goes into the house. Lisa is on the phone to the building control department, but she doesn't get to speak to the person she needs. Lisa tells Zak that she will sort this out; Chris asks Charity to go with him to the meal tonight. She says that she needs a new dress. Terry takes her shopping; Cain asks Andy how he is. He says like the whole world is against him. Cain tells him not to tell anyone about killing Sarah. Zak comes along and wants to spend the day with them; In Chez Marlon, Chris books a meal for his important client tonight. He asks Marlon to cook particular things. Marlon does not have the ingredients he needs; Seth finds a bra out in the garden. Betty comes along. Seth says that he thinks it must have blown off Charity's line, he says that he better return; Marlon asks Cain, Zak and Andy if they will get him the ingredients he needs. He needs some rabbits. He persuades them by saying that the client owns horses, so there could be some good racing tips in it; Charity is upset when she sees the state of her underwear. Charity asks Seth if he will buy her something similar, as she doesn't have time to go shopping; In the shop Lisa complains to Emily that she has spent the morning on the phone. Emily says that she will sort everything out for Lisa. Seth comes in. He asks Viv and Carol where Bob is. They say that he is out. Seth says that he needs some underwear for Betty. He says that it is a surprise. He leaves and Carol and Viv laugh; Cain, Zak and Andy see Seth. They ask for his help as they need some rabbits and vegetables. Seth says that he knows someone who boasts about his Brussels. They are about to go off to get some when Angie comes over. She has been looking for Andy. She says that Cain has a record of leading vulnerable young kids astray. He says to Angie that it she is in the market he might be interested;

PART TWO - Angie has taken Andy back to Kathy. She asks him where he was. Angie says that he was with the Dingle's. Kathy says that she has warned him about this. Andy says at least Cain listens to him. He storms out. Angie says that she doesn't know how to get through to him; Carol goes over to Seth. She gives him a selection of underwear. Seth takes them over to Charity. She says thank you, but she has decided to go commando; Kathy talks to Andy. He tells her that he heard what she said before. Andy says that sometimes he wishes that he had never been adopted. He says that no-one cares for anyone. The only person you can trust is yourself; Zak and Cain come home. Zak asks if they managed to sort out the council. Lisa says that the barn has been condemned because it is too dangerous. They have to pay for repairs. Lisa says that it will cost £1000's; Charity tries on her new dress for Chris. Charity says that she has hidden depths; Zak arrives at Chez Marlon with the rabbits and vegetables. Chris arrives with his guest. The guest knows Zak. He gives Zak some money he says that he owes him. He likes him and tells Chris that this was a good choice of restaurants; Betty is looking for her glasses. She wants Seth to move off the couch. He says not until she makes him a cup of tea. She goes out and he moves the bag of knickers. She comes back in and asks to have a look. He says it will spoil her surprise. She is not happy when she looks inside; In Chez Marlon Chris's guest seems to be enjoying himself with him and Charity. Charity suggests that he come back for coffee to talk about a new contract. He agrees; Betty comes down to Seth dressed in the underwear. He looks worried; At Home Farm Zoe accuses Chris of lying about the meeting tonight, as she knows that he was with Charity. He tells her that it was a business meal and if it wasn't for Charity they probably would not of got Jim Marshall to sign the contract. He says that Charity is here to stay;



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