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Episodes 2850-2854 --- 12th February - 16th February 2001

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PART ONE - In the Dingles, Zak is reading an official notification letter from Hotten Council telling him he either has to fix the barn or they will have to pull it down. Zak screws the letter up, Lisa tells him that will not help the matter; Chris is at Home Farm on the phone to Charity. He asks her to come to the stud to entertain some clients for him, Charity is reluctant but agrees. Chris arranges for Terry to pick her up. Zoe in for breakfast, she is not happy about Chris using Charity to entertain clients, Chris thinks she serves a useful purpose as a lot of men find her attractive. Zoe calls her a tart and a gold digger; In the Woolpack backroom Diane talks to Alan about her worries about her testifying in court against Jack. She regrets telling the police about the farm insurance. Alan tries to be sympathetic and advises her to go and see Jack. Diane thinks she is the last person Jack will want to see at the moment; Terry arrives at Annie's cottage to find Sean still asleep on the sofa. Sean is having trouble sleeping on a night because he doesn't have a room on his own. Terry tells him to ask Marlon if he can sleep in his room seeing as he is never there.Terry also tells him to have a shave and to stop feeling sorry for himself; In the vets reception Gloria is cutting coupons out of some new magazine that Zoe has left in the reception. Zoe in and asks her about an order that is late, she is a bit short with Gloria. Gloria asks what is wrong and Zoe confides in her that Chris using Charity to entertain clients at the Stud Farm: Outside the Dingles, Cain and Lisa are looking at the condemned barn. They discuss how much it will cost to fix. Lisa thinks about a thousand if Jason and her do it but more if the council are left to fix it; In the post office Gloria is looking for the various products she can use her coupons on. She takes them to Emily at the till, but Emily informs her that Mrs. Hope doesn't take token as she finds them too fiddley, but the supermarket in Hotten takes them. Gloria looks embarrassed and puts the tokens in her bag and Pollard comes to her. Gloria make an excuse about forgetting her purse so she will leave the items until later but Eric offers to lend her the money. Gloria bumps into Charity on her way and and tells her that some people recognize Charity for what she really is; In the Woolpack backroom Diane tells Alan she is going into town for some retail therapy; At the Stud Farm Charity is chatting with Jim about horses. Zoe sees her and rushes over to Jim telling Charity she will look after Jim from now on. Charity is put out and tells Terry that nobody treats her like that; Diane is shown into the prison visiting room with some other visitors, she takes a seat and waits for Jack;

PART TWO - Terry and Charity arrive back at Annie's cottage, Terry advises her to drop her vendetta against Zoe, but Charity is determined not to let her get away with treating her like dirt. Terry tells her that he has known the Tates a lot longer than she has and if she wants to stay on the right side of Chris she has to understand how close Chris and Zoe really are. Charity tells him she just might have to change that; In the prison visiting room the inmates are shown in. Jack takes his seat with Diane. They begin to chat about why she hasn't been to see him for so long. They talk about the trail and Diane tells him she has been called as a prosecution witness and she feels terrible about it. Jack becomes very angry at her for thinking about herself instead of him. It is he who is going to lose everything and be convicted of a crime he did not commit. Jack storms off in a rage telling Diane she should of never come to see him; In Charity cottage, she is pouring Chris a drink, they talk about how things went this afternoon with Jim. She tells Chris about Zoe taking Jim off this afternoon and how she is spreading rumors about her being a prostitute; Charity asks Chris to give her a proper job as his P.A. Chris agrees to it but no payraise; In Cain's room he is looking at a bundle of money he has under the floor board; In the Dingles, Zak and Lisa are arguing about Lisa asking Eric Pollard to help them with the councils request, Zak tells her he doesn't want his help. Cain in and offers them some of the money they need to fix the barn, Zak refuses telling them even if he had the money he would not waist it fixing the barn, he storms off to the pub with Cain; In the pub Terry tell Sean to smarten himself up. Diane arrives back, she is still shaken and obviously upset after her meeting with Jack, Alan tries to be kind to her but she wants to be left alone to get on with her work; In Charity cottage, Chris is about to leave to see Joseph and check on the stud. Charity offer to check on the stud for him in her new role as his P.A. Chris agrees to it but if there are any problems she must ring him and she is to go in her own car; In the pub, Sean is talking to Terry about his concerns about what Angie is up to. Cain and Zak arrive in the pub they ask Pollard for his help over the barn, but Pollard tells him it is not his committee at the council. An older man, Henry Sherwin starts to talk to Zak after overhearing his conversation with Pollard and offers to buy the barn as he is looking for storage in the area. Zak tells him he doesn't want to sell but the man leave him his phone number just in case he changes his mind; Charity is helping herself to chocolates in the Stud Farm office, Chris phones in and Charity reports to him on what is going on with the horses. Zoe in and is fuming with Charity for being at the stud. Charity tells her about her news position with Tate Enterprises. Zoe is stunned;



PART ONE - Ollie brings the morning post into the Reynolds kitchen. There is another letter for Sean. Angie tells her to add it to the pile on the unit. Ollie wants to call her dad so he can come to the house and collect it, but Angie tells her to drop the letter into her dad on the way to school and whilst she is there she can tell him to start informing people of his new address; In the Dingles, Cain is trying to persuade Zak that the offer they had for the barn in the pub last night is worth considering. Lisa overhears their conversation and also thinks it is a wonderful idea. Zak tells them it is against his principles to sell the barn; In the haulage office, Zoe is questions Chris about why he has promoted Charity to his P.A. when the stud is in trouble without a stud farm manager or Tara. She compares him to their father, in the way he allows a pretty face to cloud his judgment. Chris tell her she should give Charity a second chance, she could be very useful. Zoe doesn't agree and tells Chris that she will not let her have anything to do with the stud; Bernice is setting up in the pub, Ashley comes in wondering why she didn't say good bye this morning. They talk about trying for a baby again. Bernice tells him she thinks they should let things happen naturally. Bernice is still very disappointed since last months failure. Ashley is supportive and they arrange to meet at the vicarage at lunchtime; Ollie arrives back home to collect her games kit that she has forgotten. Angie is clearing Sean's clothes out of the wardrobe. Ollie is upset by this and asks her mother to talk to him and question if Angie can never imagine taken Sean back. Angie doesn't know how she feels. Ollie takes one of her father's jumpers; In the Dingles, Cain is still trying to persuade Zak to sell the barn. They don't need the barn and they could certainly do with the money. Zak thinks there only option is to knock the barn down, that way the council can't do anything about the state it is in; Lisa and Jason have just been given the keys to Oakwell Hall so the can do some maintenance work. Jason asks Lisa about what they are doing with the barn. Lisa explains about Zak not wanting to sell it or have the work done on it; In the stud farm office, Virginia asks Chris to sign a company cheque. He asks her if Tara has been in touch with her. She denies knowing anything. He asks Virginia to try and find a way of getting in touch with Tara he will make it worth Virginias while. Virginia tells Chris that Tara is Skiing in Verbier. He tells Virginia to call Tara and tell her that he is on his way to see her and then book him a flight; Outside the condemned barn Cain asks Zak if he really wants to knock it down? Cain starts at the building with a sledgehammer. Zak tells him to slow down they have to do it properly, he looks for a ladder; In the stud office Charity arrives to see Chris, Virginia tries to stop Charity just walking in, but Charity tells her about her recent promotion to P.A. and shows Virginia her new (and badly printed) business card, Virginia laughs. They both go in to Chris and Virginia is a little flabbergasted by the fast promotion of Charity. The women question who is in charge of who, but Chris tells them that they are both answerable to him. He then tells Virginia to book another flight for Charity, as she is going with him to Verbier. Virginia tries to be professional over the situation; Back at the Dingle barn Cain is about to start work pulling the barn down, they talk about is being easier to either blow the barn up or burn it down. Henry Sherwin calls to see them. He once again puts his offer to Zak about buying the barn and has raise his offer to 1200 pounds in cash. Zak insist the barn is not for sale. Henry tells Zak the deals is on the table only for today and he will call in to see Zak later for his final decision;

PART TWO - Jason catches up with Eric Pollard in Main Street and asks him why he hasn't paid for the decorating he and Lisa did for him. Pollard tells Jason to invoice him again as he lost the last one and then he will pay him, Jason writes an invoice on a scrap of paper and gives it to Pollard. Pollards calls to Gloria as she cycles past but she keeps on going; In the stud farm office, Zoe talks to Chris about the difficulties in running the stud without Tara. Chris tells her that he knows where Tara is and is flying out to see her tomorrow. Zoe is a little shocked that Chris hadn't consulted her and asks if he is taking Charity with him. Charity in to tell Zoe that Ashley is here to see her. Zoe tells Chris he must not finalizes anything to do with the business without consulting her first. She goes to see Ashley; Jason arrive back at Oakwell Hall where Lisa is still working, he tells her about bumping into Pollard, Lisa thinks they should of never done the work for him as he will not pay them, Jason tells her to trust him. Jason is desperate to have a good nosy round Oakwell Hall but Lisa tries to restrain him; At the Reynolds, Angie comes from upstairs with a box of Sean's things, she see a wedding photo of her and Sean and begins to cry, Marc arrives home and comforts his mother; At the stud office, Ashley talks to Zoe about some extra fund raising for the church, maybe a pancake race, Zoe tells him she is very busy at the moment, but agrees to donate a prize. Charity shows Gloria in to see Zoe. Ashley asks Charity if she would like to donate to a good cause. Gloria asks Zoe for an advance on her wages as there has been a mix up at her bank. Zoe says she will sort it out at the surgery tomorrow, but Gloria says she need some cash now, Zoe doesn't have any with her but Ashley offers to lend Gloria £20; At the Reynolds, Angie talks to Marc about what has happened between her and his father and why she is finding it so had to forgive Sean for what he did with Tara. She warns her son about getting married too young. Marc asks her if she could ever have Sean back. She tells him she would if she could believe that she could trust him. Marc says he will arrange for Sean to collect his stuff when Angie isn't there; Outside the Dingle barn, Zak and Cain are clearing some stuff away, Henry Sherwin arrives to talk to Zak, Zak tells him to go but Lisa arrives and invite Henry inside to talk; Gloria arrives at the pub and gives Pollard the money back that she owes him; In the Dingles, Henry raises his offer to £1500 in cash, Lisa pulls Zak to one side and tells him that they are selling. Cain tells Henry the price is now £2000 in cash. Henry agrees and gives them £200 in cash and tells them they will get the rest when his solicitor has drawn up the paperwork, They shake on the deal;




PART ONE - In the Reynolds, Marc is winding his sister up about her Valentine cards, they point out that there is a card and a flowers for Angie, she assumes it is from Sean. Angie asks what the kids are doing tonight, Marc is taking Donna to Chez Marlon. Ollie is going out with her mates; In the post office, Scott asks Chloe out for Valentines night, they arrange for him to pick her up at seven. Richie in, he chats with Angie about if he has received his court notice yet. She advises him not to get nervous, they arrange to meet in the Woolpack tonight so Angie can advise him on the British legal system. Emily is trying to hurry her customers up as she too is going out this evening; In the Dingles, Lisa is pleased that they have finally got rid of the barn. Zak still isn't happy about selling it, but by way of marking the occasion he tells Lisa he is taking her out for Valentines. Emily says she is meeting Nicola at the Woolpack; In the stud farm office, Chris and Virginia are looking at the recent applications for stud farm manager but none look suitable. Chris tells Virginia to get looking for suitable candidates. She tells him about an old acquaintance of hers, Andrew Fraser. So Chris tells her to get on with arranging a meeting between them; In the pub, Angie and Richie in for their chat, Cain talks to Angie about him leaving her the flower and card for Valentine. He questions if she liked it, Angie cautiously says yes. Richie splits up their chat when he arrives at the table with her drink; Scott brings Chloe to Chez Marlon for a meal, Chloe is a little disappointed about his choice of venue. Marc and Donna are looking at the menu, Donna is worried if Marc has enough money to pay for the meal; In the stud farm office, Chris asks Virginia if she has managed to get in touch with Andrew Fraser yet, she tells him to try and phone him himself, he does so to arrange a meeting. Virginia asks Chris if she is to tell Zoe about him arranging to meet Andrew, but Chris thinks it is best not to worry her with details; In the Dingles, Zak comes downstairs all dresses up. Lisa isn't ready, she thought he was joking. He has arranged for Betty to look after Belle. He tells her he has a little surprise for her at a secrete rendezvous so he will have to blindfold her for the journey;

PART TWO - Zak drives Lisa into the village, she is blindfolded, he tells her not to worry. He gets out of the van and collects some food from Marlon, he loads it into the van; In the Chez Marlon, Scott and Chloe have just finished their meal, Scott is about to order some more drinks, when Marlon asks Chloe to help him out serving as he is so busy, she agrees. Scott isn't happy but Chloe tells him it is his own fault for brining her to her work place. Ollie lets Sean into the Reynolds house, he asks where Angie is. Ollie tells her dad that the rose is a nice gesture. Sean doesn't admit that he didn't send it. Ollie ask him to stop for a drink before she goes to meet her friends; In the pub, Nicola, Emily and Charity are playing games with beer mats. Richie tells Angie about how worried he is about the trail and how people in the village will start to react to him again; Zak drives the blindfolded Lisa up to Oakwell Hall, he get her out of the van and leads her towards the door; In Chez Marlon, Scott is getting increasingly cross about Chloe working and him being left on his own; In the pub Charity is please when Chris arrives but unfortunately Virginia is with him. Chris tells her that he now needs her to stay and meet Andrew Fraser for him whilst he goes to Verbier, Charity is disappointed but Chris tells her this is what her new job requires; Sean and Ollie are about to leave the Reynolds house. Ollie tells him to go and find her mum and try and sort things out; At Oakwell Hall, Zak takes Lisa blindfold off. She is shocked and angry to find they are in Lady Tara's bedroom and he has set a romantic table and decorated the room with candles. Zak puts a tape on and they start to dance; Angie and Richie are just about to leave the pub, he offers to drive her home; In Chez Marlon, Marc is embarrassed to find he hasn't got enough money to pay for their meal. Chloe tells Scott and so he offers to pay. Marlon says he'll forget it Marc and Donna's bill and tells Scott and Chloe's their meal is on the house as well. Scott tells Chloe he is going as he feel he is getting in the way, he tells her to ring him sometime, but is disappointed their evening hasn't gone as he had hoped; Outside the pub Richie is still going on about how worried he is about the trail, Angie put her arms round him to try and reassure him that everything will be OK. Sean sees this show of affection from a distance;



PART ONE - Zak and Lisa are just leaving Oakwell Hal after their night of luxury. Lisa notices that Zak has a couple of silver candlesticks under his coat, she insists that he put them back. They have both enjoyed their night at Oakwell, but Lisa does feel guilty and insists they get a move on and go pick Belle up; In Annie's cottage Sean tells Richie about seeing Richie and Angie in an embrace outside the pub last night and how he thinks they are having an affair. Terry tells him to stop imagining things, Richie and Angie are just good friends; Over breakfast at the Reynolds, Ollie asks her mother if she had a good time last night and what happened when her Dad turned up. Angie tells her that Sean must of changed his mind as she never saw him at the pub; In prison, Jack has a meeting with his barrister, Louise Patterson, she tells Jack that the prosecution have called Richie as their chief witness and he has told the police that he saw Jack set fire to the barn. She asks Jack to go over what happened that night one more time, Jack insists he has told her everything and he did not light the fire that killed Sarah; In the stud office, Zoe asks Virginia if she has seen Charity this morning. Virginia tells Zoe about the meeting that Chris has arranged with Andrew Fraser, a possible candidate for stud farm manager and how Charity is supposed to be looking after him until Chris gets back. Zoe tells Virginia to see if see can get hold of Andrew and bring the meeting forward to today; Jack is becoming increasingly angry with his solicitor when she suggest that they call the boys as witnesses, Jack isn't keen and is worried about how Robert and Andy would be treated in court, but Louise thinks their evidence could be the different between an equital or a conviction for Jack. Jack says he will think about it; In the haulage office, Terry has just returned from dropping Chris off at the airport, Sean asks Terry what Chris is up to but Terry knows nothing. Terry asks Sean to come for a drink with him but Sean wants to go and see Richie and find out what he is up to with Angie. Terry manages to convince Sean that it would not be any use so they decide to go for a drink together; In the Woolpack Scott is telling Richie about his disastrous evening with Chloe. Zoe and Virginia arrive and decide to has a bottle of wine and lunch together. They talk to Bernice about Andrew Fraser; Outside the pub Sean drives Terry up to the pub. Richie walks from the pub towards his office. Sean grabs Richie and accuses him of having an affair with Angie and sending her the rose for Valentines. Richie denies everything but Sean becomes increasing worked up about what his wife is up to. His throws a punch at Richie which knocks him to the ground, Terry helps Richie up;

PART TWO - Andrew Fraser drives into the stud yard and is met by Zoe. He is early for their meeting. Virginia arrives and Andrew is pleased to see her. They decide to go and have a look at the horses; In the prison visiting room Kathy is waiting to see Jack. Jack is shown in with the other inmates he asks her how the children are. Kathy tells Jack she has contacted the land agents as he asked her and they are going to do valuation the farm. Kathy thinks Jack is being very pessimistic. He tells her about Richie saying that he saw Jack setting fire to the barn. Kathy tries to talk to Jack about the boys being witnesses in court, but Jack doesn't want them to be questioned. Kathy doesn't agree and tells Jack he must tell them he is going to sell the farm; In the stud farm office, Andrew is impressed by the set up and the horses. He knows a lot about the stud farm past and he asks to look at the books. Zoe asks Andrew to dinner at a local bistro with her and Virginia; In the village Richie tries to rush past Angie but she catches up with him and sees his black eye. She questions what has happened to him and Richie reluctantly tells her it was Sean who hit him; Lisa arrives home to the Dingles to the smell of Emily's cooking. Emily introduces Nicola to her. Nicola is playing with Belle. Zak arrives home. Lisa invites Nicola to stay for tea; Zoe, Virginia and Andrew are chatting about stud farm business over dinner at Chez Marlon. They talk about Chris's trip to see Tara and how he is buying her out of the business, so making Zoe and Chris equal partners. Zoe asks Andrew what he thinks about working for them? He returns the question to Zoe and she hirers him on the spot as long as they can agree on the money. Both Andrew and Virginia are a little concerned that Zoe does not want to consult with Chris. Zoe orders more wine to celebrate. Scott in to see Chloe, she thinks it is to apologize to her but he thinks it is to him that she should be apologizing. Chloe is playing games with Scott, for once he is being given the run around; Angie arrives at Annie's cottage to see Sean. Terry makes himself scarce. Sean accuses Angie of having an affair with Richie. Angie is very angry with Sean that he could think she would have an affair with her dead best mates lover and especially after what Sean did with Tara. She tells Sean before this she thought there might be a chance of them getting back together but now she never wants to see him ever again. Sean knows he has blown it;



PART ONE - In Annie's cottage, Sean looks rough and lonely after what has happened with Angie. He talks to Terry about what Angie said about the possibility of them getting back together but how he has blown it. Terry offers him the wisdom of his experience with women. Zoe phones and orders Terry to Home Farm as soon as possible; Robert is in the post office with Victoria they are served by Emily. Richie in and tries to talk to the Sugden children, although things are awkward between them, Richie invites the Sugden children for tea sometime over half term; Ollie calls in to see her dad at Annie's cottage. They talk about Sean hitting Richie, Sean apologize to Ollie for making a mess of things, he just wants things to be back to normal with Angie. Ollie says she will try and talk to her mother on his behalf but tells Sean he had better smarten himself up if he stands any chance of things working out; Kathy is in the post office, Emily tells Kathy she will try and get some extra time off work so she can help out on the farm with spring on the way. Kathy confides in Emily about Jack wanting to sell the farm. Emily tells her that everyone wants to help out where they can and how Richie has asked the Sugden children round for tea in the school holidays. Kathy is flabbergasted; In Charity cottage, Charity asks Chloe's opinion on her outfit for her meeting with Andrew Fraser, she wants to make a good impression. The girls talk about Scott. Chloe tells Charity she is going to call to see him at the garage today; In Chez Marlon, Tricia and Marlon are looking at the accounts, things are a bit slow. Kathy in, Tricia asks if Kathy could work some shifts for them and that way they could lay Chloe off and save on her wages. Kathy declines the offer, it is half term next week and she has to look after the Sugden children, she wants to keep an extra eye on them; Chloe pulls into the garage and tells Scott she hasn't come to see him it is the car that needs fixing. Scott tells her he will look at it later and then drop it off. They talk about their dreadful Valentines night; Charity arrives at the stud farm office for her meeting with Andrew Fraser, Virginia has great joy in telling her she is a day late and Andrew has already started work. Andrew and Zoe in, Andrew is more than pleasant to Charity and raises above the catty comments from Virginia and Zoe. His intention is to get on with everyone at the stud. He invites Charity to come riding with him at lunch time. Virginia has great pleasure in pushing Charity into this. Charity admits to them that she can not ride or knows anything about horses. Andrew offers to teach her to ride; Chris and Terry are outside Charity cottage trying to find her. Chloe up and tells them she left for Home Farm along while ago. Terry tells Chris that Zoe had been asking what Chris is up to but he has said nothing as he does not intend to get caught in the cross fire; In Chez Marlon, Cain has brought some poached trout for Marlon, Marlon tells him he can not pay him but he can have a free lunch. Angie in and takes a table for one. Cain decides to join her and tells her they have a lot to talk about;

PART TWO - Cain and Angie are eating lunch. Cain tells her that Sean must of been mad to have an affair. He would of never treat her like that. Cain tells Angie he would like to be her friend and help her where he can, as it doesn't look like she is going to get back with Sean. Maybe she should spend more time with him, someone who would appreciate her. Angie tells him she has no intention of having an affair with anyone, but has strong eye contact with Cain. Is she tempted by his offer?; Andrew is with Charity at the stud farm he has her mounted on a horse as Chris arrives with Terry, Zoe over and welcomes her brother back, Zoe tells her the stranger is Andrew Fraser and she has appointed him as stud farm manager, Chris is cross that she hasn't consulted him. They go to the office to talk about it; In Chez Marlon, Scott tells Richie about Chloe playing games with him. Richie tells him he more to worry about than Scott small problems; Tricia comes into the restaurant kitchen, she and Marlon talk about their lack of business and Kathy's reluctance to help. They dream about owning their own restaurant; In the Reynolds, Ollie tries to talk to her mother about her and Sean getting back together. Angie tells her she needs time to think. Angie goes, Ollie starts to make a mobile phone call; In the stud farm office, Chris is sounding off to Zoe about her appointing Andrew Fraser without consulting him. Charity and Andrew in, Zoe introduces Andrew to Chris, Chris storms off with Charity and tells Zoe he will tell her about what happened with Tara later. Andrew is worried he has done something wrong, but Zoe assures him he is going to be a great asset to the business; In the Sugdens farm, Kathy tries to talk to Robert about his invitation to Richies. Robert is defensive and tells Kathy that it is nothing to do with her or Jack. Kathy asks him if he think that his father could of set fire to the barn, but Robert storms off saying they will have to wait for the trail to find out the truth; Chris and Charity arrive back at the house, Chris is not happy about Charity job description, they argue about what her job is and how Virginia and Zoe treat her. Charity question if Chris is jealous about the attention that Andrew was showing her. Zoe arrives and smiles at the lovers having a tiff. She tells her brother that Charity and Andrew got on famously; In the Reynolds, Angie is on the phone to Sean's dad. She asks why Ollie has invited her grandfather to stay when things are so bad at home. Angie is angry with her daughters action but Ollie turns the table and tells her that she need some support though all this and that is why she wants her grandfather to stay; At Home Farm, Chris tells Zoe he does not like Zoe meddling in his business, Zoe defends her actions and asks how Tara is? Chris tells her that Tara has cashed her investment in as far as the stud farm is concerned. He has bought Tara out in Joseph's name. And as Chris is Joseph's father and guardian it gives him Joseph's vote at any meeting. Giving him more shares than Zoe, so she will never cross him again;

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