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Episode (#3783.4) --- Tuesday 6th July 2004 (Hour Ep)

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Main title

Episode: 3783.4 (Hour Ep)


These episode of EMMERDALE is written by Stephen Bennett, produced by Kathleen Beedles and directed by Duncan Foster. The executive producer is Keith Richardson and the series producer is Steve Frost. It is a Yorkshire Television production for ITV1.


Carl King Tom Lister
Matthew King Matt Healy
Jimmy King Nick Miles
Jean Hope Julie Higginson
Bob Hope Tony Audenshaw
Viv Hope Deena Payne
Sadie King Patsy Kensit
Charity Tate Emma Atkins
Tom King Ken Farrington
Edna Birch Shirley Stelfox
Emily Kirk Kate McGregor
Agatha Higgins June Broughton
Len Reynolds Peter Martin
Jarvis Skelton Richard Moore
Dawn Woods Julia Mallam
Terry Woods Billy Hartman
Chas Dingle Lucy Pargeter
Sydney Woolfe Nathan Gladwell
Paul Marsden Matthew Booth
Siobhan Marsden Abigail Fisher
Diane Blackstock Elizabeth Estensen
Nurse Latham Heather Phoenix
Chloe Atkinson Amy Nuttall
Danny Daggert Cleveland Campbell
Marlon Dingle Mark Charnock
Pearl Ladderbanks Meg Johnson
Lisa Dingle Jane Cox
Sam Dingle James Hooton
Shadrach Dingle Andy Devine
Val Lambert Charlie Hardwick
Cain Dingle Jeff Hordley
Barman Darren Anthony

ITV1 Network Tuesday 6 July 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
ITV2 Wednesday 7 July 9:55 AM to 11:05 AM

Review :-
Carl is left counting the cost when a playful prank on Paul goes horrifically wrong but cool
Matthew takes control.

Tom and Charity celebrate their engagement and make plans for a speedy wedding.

A hard-faced Jean encourages Dawn to look after number one.

Paul Marsden 10th March 2003 - 6th July 2004


Episode: 3783 ITV1 Network Tuesday 6 July 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

 Carl is left counting the cost when a playful prank on Paul goes horrifically wrong....

After leaving Siobhan (Abigail Fisher) in the Woolpack, Paul (Matthew Booth) tries to patch things up with Carl (Tom Lister) by helping him fix the guttering. As the pair lark about on the roof, Carl throws something at Paul but tragedy strikes as Paul loses his footing.

Paul lays dead

Carl watches in horror as Paul falls to his death on the ground below. In a blind panic, Carl goes to Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Matthew (Matt Healy) for assistance and the brothers decide to make Paul’s death look like an accident by moving him to his own garden.

Elsewhere in the village, Tom (Ken Farrington) and Charity (Emma Atkins) celebrate their engagement party at the Woolpack.


Episode: 3784 ITV1 Network Tuesday 6 July 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Later, Siobhan returns from the pub with Chloe (Amy Nuttall) and is horror-stricken to find her husband’s lifeless body. As Siobhan desperately cradles Paul, Chloe tearfully rings for an ambulance.

Chas (Lucy Pargeter) makes the most of the free flowing bar and after one too many drinks Cain (Jeff Hordley) is forced to take her home. Sadie (Patsy Kensit) seizes the opportunity to wind Charity up about her family’s behaviour.

Meanwhile Dawn (Julia Mallam) loses patience with her mum when she keeps reminding her that she is entitled to half the value of Terry’s (Billy Hartman) house now that they are separated.

ITV.COM Vertigo Tuesday 06.07.04
Desperate to get back in his fatherís good books Carl volunteers to fix the guttering at Holdgate Farm when the contractors let him down, but neglects to mention his fear of heights. Meanwhile, Siobhan and Paul are still on bad terms following the incident with Carl and to keep Siobhan quiet Paul agrees to go and clear the air. Paul finds Carl in a bad way, clinging anxiously to the scaffolding. Paul offers to give Carl a hand and is amused by his discomfort. When Paul starts to lark about Carl loses his temper and throws something at Paul who loses his footing and crashes to the floor.
When Carl climbs down from the scaffolding and finds that Paulís not breathing he panics. As he wonders what to do next Siobhan and Chloe arrive looking for Paul and Carl tells them that he saw him earlier he went home. Carl then puts Paulís body in Tomís car and drives off to find Jimmy. Jimmy says they should put Paulís body back and call the police. When they return to Holdgate Farm they run into Matthew who demands to know whatís going on and decides they must cover up Paulís death or the police will think that Carl meant to kill him.
Matthew decides that they must return Paulís body to his garden and make it look as if he fell off a ladder while trying to adjust his TV aerial. Jimmy and Carl have serious misgivings about the plan but they go ahead with it. After leaving Paulís place Carl remembers that he still has Paulís keys and he goes back to return them just as Siobhan returns with Chloe from a night out on the tiles.
When Siobhan finds Paul in the garden Chloe calls for an ambulance but Siobhan knows that it is too late. Her scream is heard by Carl and Matthew as they head into the Woolpack hopelessly late for Tomís engagement do.
Sadie is very interested to hear Charity on the phone to Social Services discussing Zoeís adoption of her son. Sadie wastes no time in telling Charity that Tom would not be interested in marrying her if the adoption didnít go through. Sly Sadie makes sure Tom is aware of the situation by remarking that it's such a shame that Charity is having a difficult time over the adoption. Tom later surprises Charity by telling her he would be willing to take a baby on. She assures him that she has no intention of being a mother again.
Still mad at Carl Chas gets hopelessly drunk at Tom and Charityís engagement do and has a go at Tom after he tells her to go steady on the champagne. Sadie is delighted that Chas has made a spectacle of herself. Cain takes Chas home but she returns to the party and runs into Carl as heís about to enter the pub. With other things on his mind Carl is no mood for a confrontation with Chas and shouts at her to go away. Chas is heartbroken. Meanwhile Tom is livid that his sons failed to turn up for his party until it was nearly over.
Viv is at her wits end when Bobís ex Jean announces that there is no room at the B&B and she will have to stay another night with them. Viv asks Diane whether she will put the unwelcome visitor up but Diane refuses to help because Jean is so awful. Jean nags Dawn about Terryís house telling her that she is entitled live there for TJís sake. Dawnís insistence that Chris Tate gave the house to Terry falls on deaf ears.

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