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A free man once more Zak is upset when he returns home to find that Sam has already been sent down. Cain hatches a plan to enable Zak to speak to Sam.

Episode: 3806 - Sunday 1st August 2004
Terry’s terrified when Dawn comes back from holiday without Baby TJ. Sam’s court day’s arrived. Will he go down for knocking over Edna? Andy struggles alone with the harvest.

Andy’s financial problems go from bad to worse when the combine harvester he has borrowed breaks down on him. He is horrified to learn that the parts alone will cost two grand
Episode: 3807 - Monday 2nd August 2004
Andy’s problems spiral when he busts his neighbour’s combine harvester. Dawn’s torn between a life in the Dales and a life in Spain. Edna begins to seem more like her old self.
Andy has doubts about the cattle scam, but with some of encouragement from the Dingles he arranges for a buyer to come and look at the livestock. The buyer soon becomes suspicious.
Episode: 3808 - Tuesday 3rd August 2004
The Dingles help Andy out with a farm scam and he resolves to start breaking some rules. Terry reckons he’s got a chance in getting custody of TJ. Steph’s shake up at the factory looks doomed to fail.
To post factory output Steph decides to introduce some friendly competition. She splits the workforce in half and offers a sizable bonus to the most productive team. The workers are not impressed.
Episode: 3809 - Wednesday 4th August 2004
Terry’s chuffed when Baby TJ returns though nobodys pleased that Jean, Dawn’s mum has come too. Andy shows some backbone and gets into dodgy dealings. The tables are turned for Edna when Jarvis puts his back out.
At the custody hearing Dawn tells the court that after his stroke Terry is unable to look after TJ for a whole day. Terry is unable to bring himself to criticise Dawn.
Episode: 3810 - Thursday 5th August 2004
It’s upset all round when Terry and Dawn discover the outcome of TJs custody hearing. Edna’s certain Pearl’s up to something with the mysterious Frank Bernard. Laurel has a hard time at work and at home.
Laurel is hurt as her efforts to cook for the bishop go unnoticed. The ungrateful Bishop suggests Ashley is in need of some extra spiritual stimulation and recommends he attend a course.
Episode: 3811 - Friday 6th August 2004
Dawn’s mum presses her to move to Spain but has no intention of losing TJ. Unknowingly, Len foils Pearl’s attempts to see Frank Bernard. Laurel’s feelings of inadeqancy grow.
Still besotted with Ethan Debbie heads straight for the vicarage for a spot of flirting when she returns from France. Meanwhile Charity waits to surprise with the good news about baby Noah.
Episode: 3812 - Sunday 8th August 2004
Pearl’s secret is revealed when Lisa bumps into her visiting prison. A grown up Debbie’s back and she wastes no time going to see Ethan. Zoe struggles to control ‘the voices’.
Pearl is distraught when Zak hints that her secret is safe with him and returns home to pack her bags. Len is stunned when he returns and finds Pearl about to leave.
Episode: 3813 - Monday 9th August 2004
Len’s taken aback when Pearl admits that her son, is in prison. Debbie reckons she’s going to move in with the Kings, but Charity has other ideas. Zoe’s voices get harder to handle.
Edna worries about Len when she hears he has been arguing with Pearl and pays him a visit. Needing to talk, Len reluctantly confides in her about Pearl’s son, leaving Edna aghast.
Episode: 3814 - Tuesday 10th August 2004
A depressed Len can’t help but reveal Pearl’s secrets to Edna. With Siobhan moving it doesn’t take Chloe long to find herself new lodgings. Zoe shuts out the rest of the world from Home Farm.
Chloe's now after Carl
Episode: 3815 - Wednesday 11th August 2004
As the voices get worse, Zoe starts to think the world is against her. Edna gets suspicious when Pearl stops Len from visiting her son. Chloe sets her sights on Carl King.
Chas is back from her holiday
Episode: 3816 - Thursday 12th August 2004 With 9 Pictures
Zoe’s illness is discovered as she abandons Joseph and Baby Jean in the woods. Back from her holidays, Chas isn’t pleased to find Chloe moving on Carl. Jack can’t put his finger on what’s wrong with Diane.
Zoe hides under the kitchen table with Jean and Joseph while Scott tries to coax her out.
Episode: 3817 - Friday 13th August 2004 With 9 Pictures
When Charity and Paddy come to Zoe’s rescue, it’s Scott who persuades her that she needs help.Carl uses Chloe to make Chas jealous, though Chloe thinks it’s the real deal. Diane gets uppity about her wedding plans.
Carl and Chas are reunited  but Carl and Chloe continue their affair
Episode: 3818 - Sunday 15th August 2004
Chloe reckons she’s got Carl eating out of the palm of her hand; but has Carl got other plans?
Diane runs hot and cold with Jack. Scott shows off his soft spot for Zoe.
Carl and Chas try and make up while Chloe attempts to seduce Carl
Episode: 3819 - Monday 16th August 2004
A new bed means a new relationship for Chloe and Carl – but Siobhan reckons differently. When Sadie visits the hospital she finds Zoe sedated but it doesn’t stop her from talking business. Jack worries that Diane’s fallen out of love with him.
Donna collects her ‘A’ level results
Episode: 3820 - Tuesday 17th August 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Jack and Val worry that Diane and Rodney are planning to rekindle old passions. Carl tells Tom that he has real feelings fro Chas. Donna aces her A-levels.

The Scarborough Episodes

Diane tells Rodney her shocking secret
Episode: 3821 - Wednesday 18th August 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Rodney and Diane set off for Scarborough, as Val fuels Jack’s concerns. Nicola declares she’s off to win Simon’s hand. Donna and Danny split up over matters academic.
Nicola goes to Scarborough to bag her man as does Jack and Val to check up on Diane and Rodney
Episode: 3822 - Thursday 19th August 2004 With 8 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
A tender break by the seaside leaves Diane thoughtful and she reveals to Rodney why she’s been acting so strangely. Val’s paranoia makes Jack worry more. Nicola makes a splash as she bags her man.
Jack struggles to come to terms with Diane’s revelation while Simon and Nicola try to patch up their relationship while mother Lesley looks on
Episode: 3823 - Friday 20th August 2004 With 9 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
After confiding in Rodney, Diane finds it difficult to tell Jack the truth. Nicola gets on track with wedding plans. Danny and Donna do it Italian style!
Sadie and Jimmy get to house sit Home Farmf while Zoe's in hospital
Episode: 3824 - Sunday 22nd August 2004 With 8 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Sadie is thrilled when Zoe agrees to let her and Jimmy house-sit Home Farm
Niamh shocks Ethan when she arrives in Emmerdale and tells him she’s needed in Malawi for another two years. Ethan is given food for thought when Niamh asks him to join her
Episode: 3825 - Monday 23rd August 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Rodney books a holiday for him and Diane
Val gets the hump after Diane and Rodney’s drinking session. Val tells Rodney that she believes her sister is milking her cancer for all it is worth. Appalled Rodney throws her out.
Episode: 3826 - Tuesday 24th August 2004 With 9 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Ethan and Niamh decide to end their relationship
Worried for Len’s happiness, Edna is determined to find out the truth about Frank Bernard and heads to the library to investigate his past. At the library Edna makes a shocking discovery.
Episode: 3827 - Wednesday 25th August 2004 With 9 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Edna discovers the truth about Pearl’s son
Val is humiliated when Rodney tells her to find somewhere else to live. Val suggests she might be better leaving the village entirely and Rodney doesn’t even attempt to change her mind.
Episode: 3828 - Thursday 26th August 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Pearl is forced to be honest with Len
 Laurel is thrilled when she is offered a job caring for children in Tanzania, but leaves Ashley speechless when she tells him she’s leaving next week. Will Ashley give her his blessing?
Episode: 3829 - Friday 27th August 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Laurel is offered a job in Tanzania
Emily is worried about Debbie
Episode: 3830 - Sunday 29th August 2004 With 9 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Emily worries that Debbie is too fond of Ethan
Ashley proposes to Laurel as she leaves the village
Episode: 3831 - Monday 30th August 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Ashley proposes to Laurel as she leaves the village
Debbie and Ethan share a lingering kiss
Episode: 3832 - Tuesday 31st August 2004 With 9 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Debbie and Ethan share a lingering kiss

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