Created 13th November 2004
Updated 25th February 2005

Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
#3911- 3936
-- Wednesday 1st December 2004 - Friday 31st December 2004
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Episode: 3911 - 1st December 2004 With 10 Pictures
After being rejected by Jimmy, Sadie turns to her toy boy
Episode: 3912 - Thursday 2nd December 2004 With 9 Pictures
Rodney attempts to buy his son’s affections
Episode: 3913 - Friday 3rd December 2004 With 14 Pictures
Cain discovers Sadie and Robert’s affair
Episode: 3914 - Sunday 5th December 2004
Cain takes delight in blackmailing Sadie
Episode: 3915 - Monday 6th December 2004
Tom is jealous as Charity spends time with Dean
Episode: 3916 - Tuesday 7th December 2004
Paddy is torn as Alice makes it clear that she wants to move in
Cain turns on Robert as pressure mounts
Episode: 3917 - Wednesday 8th December 2004 With 9 Pictures
Cain and Debbie are threatened
Episode: 3918 - Thursday 9th December 2004 With 10 Pictures
Charity asks Zak to give her away at her wedding
Episode: 3919 - Friday 10th December 2004 With 9 Pictures
Simon gives Nicola a Christmas surprise
Val's back
Episode: 3920 - Sunday 12th December 2004
Val Returns with an Italian Stallion. Pearl and Len are also back.
Val’s deception is uncovered
Episode: 3921 - Monday 13th December 2004
Val’s deception is uncovered
Dawn and Scott are reunited
Episode: 3922 - Tuesday 14th December 2004
Dawn and Scott are reunited
Bob and Viv are back
Episode: 3923 - Wednesday 15th December 2004
Viv and Bob return more divided than ever
Bob and Viv tell the children the marriage is over
Episode: 3924 - Thursday 16th December 2004
Pearl confesses to Edna that she doesn’t want to leave the village
a family meal for the Hopes doesn't go well
Episode: 3925 - Friday 17th December 2004
Viv and Bob announce the end of their marriage
No Episode Sunday 19th December 2004
Dean and Tom
Episode: 3926 - Monday 20th December 2004
Tom becomes increasingly possessive over Charity
Sadie seduces Robert to be her pawn
Episode: 3927 - Tuesday 21st December 2004
Tom’s jealousy grows about Charity’s gym buddy.
After a heart to heart with Debbie, Charity’s shocked by her love choice.
Episode: 3928 - Wednesday 22nd December 2004
Robert gets cold feet and decides not to slip into Sadie’s schemes.
Sadie puts her plans into operation by making Cain an offer
Episode: 3929 - Thursday 23rd December 2004
Simon’s mum descends on Rodney for the festive period.
A message from Seth
Episode: 3930 - Friday 24th December 2004 - Stan Richard's last ever appearance
A message from Seth
Episode: 3931 - Saturday 25th December 2004
Viv makes Christmas at the Dingles’ a day to remember!
No Episode Sunday 26th December 2004
Sadie and Cain set up Charity in a hotel certain Chloe will be there to tell all.
Episode: 3932 -Monday 27th December 2004
Ashley gets a surprise visitor from Africa.
When Debbie lets slip to Zak that she’s seeing Andy, it doesn’t take long for Zak to explode.
Episode: 3933 - Tuesday 28th December 2004
Sadie’s got daggers for Charity but it’s Chloe who sticks the knife in.
Tom challenges Charity,  loyalties lie.
Episode: 3934 - Wednesday 29th December 2004
Sadie asks Cain to seduce Charity
Cain discovers Debbie's secret
Episode: 3935 - Thursday 30th December 2004
With Cain in the know, is it disaster for Andy and Daz?
Sadie piles the pressure on to Cain to go through with the sting to oust Charity.
Episode: 3936 - Friday 31st December 2004
Andy’s actions lead Daz into danger.

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