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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for #3650-3674 --1st February 2004 - 29th February 2004 will appear here

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Episode 3650 - Sunday 1st February 2004
Diane is shocked when a blast from the past crashes her engagement party and starts to stir things up. Robert turns on the romance for Katie while Andy revels in stag night plans. Has the passion cooled for Paul and Siobhan or are they on the road to a reconciliation?
Jack and Diane celebrate...
Episode 3651 - Monday 2nd February 2004

Diane refuses to take her sister at face value as Val tries to steal the limelight. Andy agrees to a week of dares from Robert, unaware of his continued betrayal. Simon wines and dines Nicola on their first official date.

Episode 3652 - Tuesday 3rd February 2004
Old wounds are opened for Diane when her sister's past finally catches up with her. Katie starts to buckle as wedding plans take an unexpected twist. Nicola is frustrated by Simon's `slowly, slowly' approach.

Episode 3653 - Wednesday 4th February 2004
As Andy makes a permanent declaration of his love for her, Katie finds herself torn between two brothers. Diane helps Val out of a tight spot and agrees to let her stay - if she pays her way. Nicola finds herself falling for Simon's charms.

Episode 3654 - Thursday 5th February 2004
Katie is finally forced to choose between her men - but will it be Robert or Andy who loses out in love? Val's efforts to milk sympathy are undone when Diane exposes her web of lies. Debbie sparks a feud between Zoe and the Dingles.

Episode 3655 - Friday 6th February 2004
With tensions sky high, Andy and Robert fight for Katie's affections. Pollard discovers some shocking news. Could Gloria still be alive? Scott takes advantage of a new driver to help settle the score with the Dingles.
the mysterious Carl arrives in the village

Episode 3656 - Sunday 8th February 2004
Scott is on the warpath after the haulage yard theft, and sets his sights firmly on the Dingles. Andy and Robert attempt to resolve their differences for the wedding rehearsal. Pollard gets some good advice from an unlikely source.

Episode 3657 - Monday 9th February 2004
Zak is furious with Scott for stitching up Sam, and swears revenge. Turner has good news for Steph, but he doesn't plan on her reaction. Laurel hopes her fears about Ashley and Bernice are unfounded.

Episode 3658 - Tuesday 10th February 2004
Shelly and Turner admit to growing closer, but will it just drive Steph further away? Pollard sells half his factory, but is his new partner more trouble than she's worth? Laurel plays nurse to Gabby, but can't cure her feelings for Ashley.

Episode 3659 - Wednesday 11th February 2004
Emily implores Laurel to tell Ashley how she feels. Steph's jealousy ostracises her from those people closest to her, while she makes Pollard question his decision to sell to her. Chas and Aaron face the prospect of more time together.

Episode 3660 - Thursday 12th February 2004
Laurel makes a momentous decision, but will it mean the end of her friendship with Ashley? Andy contemplates offering an olive branch to Daz ahead of the wedding. As Debbie eagerly awaits Cain's release, she receives devastating news.

Episode 3661 - Friday 13h February 2004
Laurel prepares to make a rash decision. Andy works hard to win round Daz. Debbie falls foul of the local clergy.

Episode 3662 - Sunday 15th February 2004
Ashley's rejection results in Laurel packing her bags to leave the village for good

Episode 3663 - Monday 16th February 2004
Katie ends up in bed with Robert on the night before her wedding

Episode 3664 - Tuesday 17th February 2004 includes a bumper 11 pictures
Will Andy and Katie make it down the aisle or will Robert intervene?
Andy, Katie and Robert - but which one will she choose?

Episode 3665 - Wednesday 18th February 2004
Pearl accepts Len's marriage proposal
Len and Pearl

Episode 3666 - Thursday 19th February 2004
The Tate empire begins to fall apart under Scott's reign, but who is responsible?

Episode 3667 - Friday 20th February 2004
Chas loses her temper with son Aaron and slaps him across the face

Episode 3668 - Sunday 22nd February 2004 UPDATED with cast info
Chas loses her job for punching Louise

Episode 3669 - Monday 23rd February 2004 UPDATED with cast info
Laurel bids farewell to the village

Episode 3670 - Tuesday 24th February 2004 UPDATED with cast info
Love-struck Ashley chases Laurel to the airport

Episode 3671 - Wednesday 25th February 2004 UPDATED with cast info
Steph lets authority go to her head at the factory

Episode 3672 - Thursday 26th February 2004 UPDATED with cast info
Dawn leaves Terry after a blazing row

Episode 3673 - Friday 27th February 2004 UPDATED with cast info
Terry is devastated when he hears Dawn has gone out with Scott

Episode 3674 - Sunday 29th February 2004 UPDATED with cast info
Zoe gets a surprise offer to buy Home Farm

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