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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
-- Thursday 1st July 2004 - Friday 30th July 2004

Unless otherwise stated, all episode guides include, reviews, director, writer and producer information, on average 4-7 pictures and cast info for each individual episode.

Sick of Charity’s attempts to make him jealous Tom lays his cards on the table and tells her that he wants to be with her and he believes the feeling is mutual.

Episode #3780 - Thursday 1st July 2004 With 9 Pictures
Tom proposes to Charity

Thinking she had seen off Charity’s bid to bag Tom and his millions Sadie gets the shock of her life when Tom gathers the King clan together and announces his wedding plans.
Episode #3781 - Friday 2nd July 2004
Carl and Paul come to blows
  Sunday 4th July 2004
No Episode
Nicola (Nicola Wheller) attempts to cook a gourmet meal to impress Simon (Dale Meeks) and his mum Lesley (Sherrie Hewson).
Episode #3782 - Monday 5th July 2004 With 8 Pictures
Viv's put out by the arrival of Dawn's mum, Jean.
Carl watches in horror as Paul falls to his death on the ground below.
Episodes #3783.4 (Hour Ep) - Tuesday 6th July 2004
With 16 Pictures

Carl is left counting the cost when a playful prank on Paul goes horrifically wrong but cool Matthew takes control. Tom and Charity celebrate their engagement and make plans for a speedy wedding. A hard-faced Jean encourages Dawn to look after number one.
As the police close in to investigate Paul's death, can Carl keep his cool?
Episode #3785 - Wednesday 7th July 2004
Siobhan struggles with her sense of loss, disbelieving it was a simple accident. Edna realises she faces a long uphill road to recovery.  
The village welcome Edna home - Edna is thrilled to be returning home from hospital but stuggles to regain her independence.
Episode #3786 - Thursday 8th July 2004
Terry makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives up his house to Dawn.
Sadie becomes increasingly suspicious of the King brothers' behaviour.
Episode #3787 - Friday 9th July 2004
Robert struggles to accept that he won't ever get the chance to love Katie again.
Shelly slaps Steph after she threatens to lock her in the cellar
Episode #3788 - Sunday 11th July 2004
Shelly slaps Steph after she threatens to lock her in the cellar
Sam tries to make amends with Edna
Episode #3789 - Monday 12th July 2004
Sam tries to make amends with Edna
Chas needs votes
Episode #3790 - Tuesday 13th July 2004
Terry is furious when Dawn’s mum gets his house valued
The Dingles' latest money-making scam ends in disaster and that can only mean one thing, Shadrach is involved somewhere.
Episode #3791 - Wednesday 14th July 2004
The Dingles' latest money-making scam ends in disaster
Charity begins to have doubts about giving up her son
Episode #3792 - Thursday 15th July 2004 With 8 Pictures
Charity begins to have doubts about giving up her son
Edna suffers a nasty fall at home after refusing to use a commode
Episode #3793 - Friday 16th July 2004
Edna suffers a nasty fall at home after refusing to use a commode
At the adoption hearing Zoe fears that Charity may try to take baby Christopher back. To her surprise, however, Charity explains to the court that she doesn’t want custody of her son.  ...
Episode #3794 - Sunday 18th July 2004 With 10 Pictures
Zoe is heartbroken when she is denied custody of baby Christopher
Katie returns to make waves
Episode #3795 - Monday 19th July 2004
Katie returns to the village
Katie Robert decide to try again
Episode #3796 - Tuesday 20th July 2004 With 8 Pictures
Nicola makes her feelings towards Simon’s ex-girlfriend perfectly clear
Determined to bring up Christopher Zoe decides to flee Emmerdale with the children, but just as she’s about to leave Scott shows up and stops her leaving the village with his daughter.  ...
Episode #3797 - Wednesday 21st July 2004 With 9 Pictures
Zoe is forced to hand the baby back to Charity
Carl struggles to face Siobhan on the day of Paul's funeral
Episode #3798 - Thursday 22nd July 2004
Carl struggles as the villagers attend Paul’s funeral
When Tom has a go at his security guard about the recent break-in, he is brought up sharp when the guard tells him that no such break-in took place at the yard.
Episode #3799 - Friday 23rd July 2004
Tom discovers the truth behind Paul’s death
The King brothers fight
Episode #3800 - Sunday 25th July 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Fists fly after Carl admits the truth about Paul’s death to his father
Marlon finds out that Sam has plans to flee to Ireland
Episode #3801 - Monday 26th July 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Sadie is determined to find out what is going on from Jimmy
Shellly decides to leave
Episode #3802 - Tuesday 27th July 2004 With 9 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Shelly decides to leave the village
Nicola has a cat fight with Tash
Episode #3803 - Wednesday 28th July 2004 With 8 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Nicola has a fight with Tash after she makes a move on Simon
Steph tries to take Alan’s mind off Shelly and convince him to forget about her. Heartbroken Alan is in no mood to listen to his conniving daughter’s efforts to cheer him up.
Episode #3804 - Thursday 29th July 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Sam prepares to do a runner to avoid prison
Alan decides to look for Shelly
Episode #3805 - Friday 30th July 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Turner vows to track Shelly down

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