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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
-- Tuesday 1st June 2004 - Wednesday 30th June 2004

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Deciding that if they are going to be together they need to make some time to be together Scott and Zoe take the afternoon off and have a picnic on the lawn.

Episodes #3756 & 3757 - Tuesday 1st June 2004
Lisa accepts that Zak has gone to Chile

While Nicola gets dolled up for her school reunion, Simon is unaware that she is secretly taking Syd to impress her schoolmates and wishes her luck
Episode #3758 - Wednesday 2nd June 2004
Simon plans to propose to Nicola, but catches her with Syd
Katie tells Chas that she can’t go on living in the village when everyone hates her, so she’s decided to leave. Chas says she should ask Robert to go away with her
Episode #3759 - Thursday 3rd June 2004
Katie leaves the village
Paddy gets more than he bargained for when Laurel shows off her new balconette bra to Nicola.
Episode #3760 - Friday 4th June 2004
Ashley mistakenly thinks that Laurel wants to marry him
Convinced that Simon is about to pop the question Nicola decides to announce their engagement in advance! However, when Rodney cracks open the champagne she’s forced to admit Simon hasn’t proposed yet
Episode #3761 - Sunday 6th June 2004
Simon and Nicola have a brief engagement
Sadie collars Debbie and offers her a loan. Although dubious at first, Debbie agrees to take the money and pay it back with interest. Sadie revels in this, knowing that her gesture will rile Charity.
Episode #3762 - Monday 7th June 2004
Nicola is devastated as Simon insists the engagement is off
‘Take a good, close look,’ Nicola declares, ‘because standing before you is the most selfish, deceiving, calculating, cold, shallow, stupid, jealous girl you’re ever likely to meet.’
Episode #3763 - Tuesday 8th June 2004
Nicola publicly confesses her sins
Simon introduces his mother Lesley to Nicola.
Episode #3764 - Wednesday 9th June 2004
Sadie cunningly sets Charity up
Christopher’s christenin
Episode #3765 - Thursday 10th June 2004
Christopher’s christening gives Zoe a change of heart
Ethan, and his fiancee with Gabby and Debbie
Episode #3766 - Friday 11th June 2004
Debbie is distraught when Ethan’s Fiancee arrives in the village
  Sunday 13th June 2004
no episode!
  Monday 14th June 2004
no episode!
Debbie witnesses Ethan and Niamh having an argument in the village. Believing the curate’s relationship with his fiancé could be on the rocks Debbie’s ideas about going out with Ethan are rekindled.
Episode #3767 - Tuesday 15th June 2004
Chas guesses that Debbie has feelings for Ethan
After a few failed attempts to inject a bit of passion into his relationship with Zoe, Scott decides it’s time to act on Syd’s advice and plans a romantic evening for together.
Episode #3768 - Wednesday 16th June 2004
Scott is frustrated when he fails to seduce Zoe
While Scott tells Viv about Zoe’s reluctance to have a physical relationship with him Zoe confides in Ashley, who says if she doesn’t want to sleep with Scott she must tell him.
Episode #3769 - Thursday 17th June 2004
Scott and Zoe finally sleep together
Sam is upset when his chickens are diagnosed with an infection. When Paddy tells him to bring them to a job he’s doing in Robblesfield Sam piles his birds into Cain’s BMW
Episode #3770 - Friday 18th June 2004 With 9 Pictures
Sam leaves Edna for dead
Sudany 20th June 2004
no episode!
members of the village find Edna after the accident.
Episode #3771 - Monday 21st June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Edna is found lying in a ditch following the hit and run
Cain is arrested
Episode #3772 - Tuesday 22nd June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Cain is arrested
Sam and Jarvis at Edna's bedside
Episode #3773 - Wednesday 23rd June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Sam confesses to knocking down Edna
Zoe discovers there could be problems with the adoption
Episode #3774 - Thursday 24th June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Zoe discovers there could be problems with the adoption
Zoe & Rachel get on too well observed by Scott
Episode #3775 - Friday 25th June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Scott interrupts a moment between Zoe and Rachel
After the social worker visits Home Farm to assess Zoe’s suitability to adopt Christopher Zoe enjoys a drink with her solicitor Rachel and neither can deny the strong mutual attraction between them.
Episode #3776 - Sunday 27th June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Viv walks in on Zoe and Rachel kissing
Having witnessed Zoe kissing Rachel Viv has to decide whether or not to tell Scott the painful truth. When Bob counsels her to keep it quiet Viv incredibly manages to keep schtum.
Episode #3777 - Monday 28th June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Scott leaves Zoe for good
Steph is suspicious when Alan invites her to the B&B for a slap up dinner. She is appalled when her father announces that he is planning to emigrate to Spain with Shelly.
Episode #3778 - Tuesday 29th June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Steph reacts badly to Turner’s news
Episode #3779 - Wednesday 30th June 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Steph bullies Shelly into changing her plans

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