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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
#3885- 3910
-- Monday 1st November 2004 - Tuesday 30th November 2004
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Carl calls it a day on his relationship with Chas
Episode: 3885 - Monday 1st November 2004
Chas is devastated as Carl gives her the cold shoulder
Episode: 3886 - Tuesday 2nd November 2004 With 8 Pictures
Betty gets a fright when she returns to the village
Victoria persuades Robert to let her visit And
Episode: 3887 - Wednesday 3rd November 2004
Katie is shocked to discover that Andy has been seeing Debbie
Andy tells Debbie that he loves her
Episode: 3888 - Thursday 4th November 2004
Andy tells Debbie that he loves her
Marlon asks Donna to come to the village bonfire with him
Episode: 3889 - Friday 5th November 2004
Marlon and Donna share a charged moment
Scott celebrates being in the clear over Frank’s beating but Dawn starts to feel guilty
Episode: 3890 - Sunday 7th November 2004 With 8 Pictures
Dawn contemplates going to the police with the truth about Scott
The police turn up at the café and arrest Scott following Dawn's statement to the police.
Episode: 3891 - Monday 8th November 2004 With 8 Pictures
Scott is arrested
Daz breaks into the B&B again and comes face to face with Alan
Episode: 3892 - Tuesday 9th November 2004 With 11 Pictures
Zoe returns to the village
Alan tells Daz that Steph has harmed Shelly and is keeping him prisoner
Episode: 3893 - Wednesday 10th November 2004
Jimmy gives Chloe a pair of earrings that were intended for his wife
In the Café Daz accuses Steph of trying to kill Alan
Episode: 3894 - Thursday 11th November 2004
Daz publicly accuses Steph of trying to kill her father
Daz runs into the shop and shows Emily the pills
Episode: 3895 - Friday 12th November 2004 With 10 Pictures
Steph drives Turner to a quarry edge and threatens to kill them both
Ashley reads the bands for Tom and Charity’s wedding
Episode: 3896 - Sunday 14th November 2004
Jimmy and Chloe get closer
Chloe gets the hump when Carl fails to notice her outfit
Episode: 3897 - Monday 15th November 2004
Steph is arrested for attempted murder
Katie begins her new job working for Sadie
Episode: 3898 - Tuesday 16th November 2004
Turner reports his fears for Shelly to the police
Jimmy’s infatuation with Chloe causes problems at home
Episode: 3899 - Wednesday 17th November 2004
Sadie and Jimmy’s marital problems deepen
Katie tells Sadie that Robert only has eyes for her
Episode: 3900 - Thursday 18th November 2004
Donna and Danny end their relationship
Sadie arrives at the garage with a surprise for Robert
Episode: 3901 - Friday 19th November 2004
Sadie and Robert get steamy in the garage
Marlon confesses to Donna that he has realised how much he cares for her
Episode: 3902 - Sunday 21 November 2004
Marlon is devastated when Lilith returns for her children
Steph is charged with murdering Shelly
Episode: 3903 - Monday 22 November 2004
Steph is charged with murder
Steph appears in court
Episode: 3904 - Tuesday 23 November 2004
Turner disowns his daughter
Charity wishes she could take back her earlier comment
Episode: 3905 - Wednesday 24 November 2004
Tom is distraught as he watches his friend suffer a heart attack
Syd leaves the village
Episode: 3906 - Thursday 25 November 2004
Syd bids farewell to Emmerdale
Sadie can hardly contain her delight when Tom admits that he feels unable to talk to Charity
Episode: 3907 - Friday 26 November 2004
Dawn and Scott come up with a plan to reunite Viv and Bob
Terry and Louise participate in the Dales Dash dressed as super heroes Cat Women and Robin.
Episode: 3908 - Sunday 28 November 2004
Carl finally succumbs to Chloe’s charms
Paul Lambert returns to the village
Episode: 3909 - Monday 29 November 2004
Paul Lambert returns to the village
Rodney goes all homophobic
Episode: 3910 - Tuesday 30 November 2004
Paul is devastated when Enzo ends their relationship

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