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Updated 22nd November 2004

Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
#3859- 3884
-- Friday 1st October 2004 - Sunday 31st October 2004
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1-30 November 2004

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Chloe sets a trap for Chas by handing her another poison pen letter in the Woolpack and innocently remarking that Colleen is at the King’s Office. Chas head off to confront her

Episode: 3859 - Friday 1st October 2004
Chloe is thrilled when Chas punches Colleen

Episode: 3860 - Sunday 3rd October 2004
Has Chas cost Carl access to his children?
Episode: 3861 - Monday 4th October 2004
Chloe makes a play for Carl
Episode: 3862 - Tuesday 5th October 2004
Scott and Dawn share a passionate kiss. Sam is back from prison.
Episode: 3863 - Wednesday 6th October 2004
Sam is terrified when he is locked in the shed
Episode: 3864 - Thursday 7th October 2004
Cain goes after Ethan with murder in mind
Episode: 3865 - Friday 8th October 2004
In the heat of the moment Cain raises a hand to Debbie, Frank Bernard arrives in the village unnoticed.
Frank Bernard
Episode: 3866 - Sunday 10th October 2004
There is uproar when Frank Bernard arrives in the village
Episode: 3867 - Monday 11th October 2004
Debbie ends her relationship with Andy
Episode: 3868 - Tuesday 12th October 2004
Diane becomes irate as Jack fusses over
Rodney is not bonding with Paul
Episode: 3869 - Wednesday 13th October 2004
Trading standards pay the factory a visit
Paul Lambert
Episode: 3870 - Thursday 14th October 2004
Rodney and Paul fail to bond as father and son
Steph's scheming reaches new heights.
Episode: 3871 - Friday 15th October 2004
Steph threatens her father with the Shelly treatment

Dingle Party Week - as Zak is 10 Years Old
11 Dingles guest star - some old, some new

Episode: 3872 - Sunday 17th October 2004 at 7pm
Turner makes his bid for freedom

Episode: 3873 - Monday 18th October 2004 at 7pm
Andy confesses to Debbie that he misses her
Episode: 3874 - Tuesday 19th October 2004 at 7pm
Zak is furious when his rival steals his thunder at the Dingle party
Episode: 3875 - Wednesday 20th October 2004 at 7pm
Zak loses Dingles' Homestead

Episode: 3876 - Thursday 21st October 2004 at 7pm
Donna is terrified as she is approached by Frank Bernard

Episode: 3877 - Thursday 21st October 2004
at 8:30pm
Marlon is thrown into parenting

(Originally only one 30 minute episode was supposed to air, then it was supposed to be an hour special. Current schedules state two different episodes at different times - we will keep you posted).
Episode: 3878 - Friday 22 October 2004 at 7pm
Zak worries that Solomon is driving him and Sam apart
Sunday 24 October 2004
No Episode
Episode: 3879 - Monday 25th October 2004
Pearl and Len decide to leave the village
Episode: 3880 - Tuesday 26th October 2004
Scott is arrested for the attack on Frank
Episode: 3881 - Wednesday 27th October 2004
The Dingles succeed in pushing Solomon away
Episode: 3882 - Thursday 28th October 2004
Diane admits her fears to Louise
Episode: 3883 - Friday 29th October 2004
Chloe’s plotting finally leads Chas to believe that Carl is having an affair
Marlon takes Lilith’s kids out trick or treating 
Episode: 3884 - Sunday 31st October 2004 Finished With 8 Pictures
Jimmy insists that he and Sadie remain in separate bedrooms

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