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Robert is made an offer by Sadie

Episode: 3833 - Wednesday 1st September 2004 With 9 Pictures
Sadie makes Robert an offer he can’t refuse

Chas stages a roof top protest
Episode: 3834 - Thursday 2nd September 2004 With 10 Pictures
Chas refuses to be driven out of Pear Tree Cottage
Robert is questioned  by the police
Episode: 3835 - Friday 3rd September 2004  
Robert lands himself in trouble with the police
Siobhan tells Chloe that she suspects she might be pregnant
Episode: 3836 - Sunday 5th September 2004
Siobhan tells Chloe that she suspects she might be pregnant
Jimmy is furious that Sadie has deceived him about wanting children
Episode: 3837 - Monday 6th September 2004 With 8 Pictures
Jimmy is furious that Sadie has deceived him about wanting children
Siobhan leaves the village

Episode: 3838 - Tuesday 7th September 2004 With 9 Pictures
Chas is delighted when Carl asks her to move in with him.

Steph pushes Alan down the stairs
Episode: 3839 - Wednesday 8th September 2004 With 9 Pictures
In the heat of an argument, Steph pushes Turner down the stairs
Steph's scheming reaches new heights.
Episode: 3840 - Thursday 9th September 2004
Chloe’s manipulation wins her more time at Dale View
Paul Lambert
Episode: 3841 - Friday 10th September 2004
Val gets a shock her son Paul turns up
Val confesses that she is terrified of losing Diane
Episode: 3842 - Sunday 12th September 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Val confesses that she is terrified of losing Diane
Colleen brings the children to see Carl but is shocked at what she sees.
Episode: 3843 - Monday 13th September 2004 With 10 Pictures NEWLY ADDED
Jack cuffs Daz around the head
Andy and Debbie end up in each other’s arms
Episode: 3844 - Tuesday 14th September 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Andy and Debbie end up in each other’s arms
Victoria declares that marriage is stupid as the woman either leaves or dies.
Episode: 3845 - Wednesday 15th September 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Val wrongly assumes that Rodney is planning to propose
Rodney confesses to Diane that he is in love with her
Episode: 3846 - Thursday 16th September 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Rodney confesses to Diane that he is in love with her
Pearl's love for her rapist son could destroy friendships.
Episode: 3847 - Friday 17th September 2004 NEWLY ADDED
Jarvis is appalled that Len and Pearl are welcoming a rapist into the village
Sunday 19th September 2004
No Episode
Cain returns to Butler’s Farm and finds Debbie unwilling to forgive him for leaving without telling her. Fearing that Cain may discover their relationship Andy urges Debbie to make peace with him
Episode: 3848 - Monday 20th September 2004
Val confesses to Diane that Paul is Rodney’s son
RIt’s the morning of Diane and Jack’s wedding and having decided she should be honest about her illness Diane sits down with Victoria to tell her future stepdaughter that she has cancer.
Episodes: 3849 & 3850- Tuesday 21st September 2004 (1 hour special) Detailed Revie with 22 different Pictures
Jack and Diane finally tie the knot
Rodney is in a terrible state following Val’s shocking revelation the day before. Val apologises profusely for blurting out that Paul was his son during Diane’s wedding. Rodney doesn’t want to know
Episode: 3851 - Wednesday 22nd September 2004
Rodney throws Val out of his house and she decides to leave the village
Val leaves the village - Nicola persuades her long lost brother to stay in Emmerdale. Paul tells Val he won’t be coming to Italy with her. As Rodney sees her off Val bids him a tearful goodbye.
Episode: 3852 - Thursday 23rd September 2004
Pearl panics when she hears her son will be released in two weeks
 Dressing to impress Chloe is delighted when she lands the job of PA to Tom King. Chloe wastes no time in telling her rival Katie that she won’t be getting the job.
Episode: 3853 - Friday 24th September 2004
Chloe is offered a job as a PA for the Kings
 There is fury among the villagers when a reporter spills the beans about Frank being a rapist. Predictably Viv Hope leads the angry mob that gathers on the doorstep at Len's.
Episode: 3854 - Sunday 26th September 2004
The villagers are outraged to discover Pearl’s son is a convicted rapist
Now that news of her son’s conviction is common knowledge in the village Pearl is all for fleeing Emmerdale. Len is determined that he will not be driven out of his home.
Episode: 3855 - Monday 27th September 2004
Viv plans a protest meeting outside Pearl’s house
Shelly is back but Steph holds her prisoner.  Alan tells Steph that he wants to cut down on his medication so Steph decides that to keep him where she wants him she will put the drugs in his food instead.
Episode: 3856 - Tuesday 28th September 2004 With 9 Pictures
Shelly returns to the village only to be locked in the cellar by vindictive Steph
Cain tells Debbie and Andy about the rapist moving to the village and remarks that if anyone tried it on with Debbie he would kill them on the spot. Andy listens nervously
Episode: 3857 - Wednesday 29th September 2004
Steph silences Shelly once and for all
Steph continues to control Alan by plying him with large doses of drugs and alcohol. When he asks her for his dinner she lies and tells him that he’s already eaten it.
Episode: 3858 - Thursday 30th September 2004 With 8 Pictures
Shadrach becomes the victim of a Dingle scam

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