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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
#4014 - 4140
-- Monday 1st August
2005 - Wednesday 31st August 2005
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Episode: 4114 - Monday 1st August 2005
Lesley confesses her secret to Rodney, who’s rocked by the state she’s got herself into. Unable to mix cooking with loving, Donna bows out as Marlon’s assistant. Val ‘borrows’ Eric’s curtains for her showroom.
Episode: 4115 - Tuesday 2nd August 2005
Simon discovers that Lesley has allowed the family business to slide into ruin. With Robert out in the cold, the Sugdens look to the future. Kelly poaches Viv ’s latest sqeeze.
Episode: 4116 - Wednesday 3rd August 2005
With his fish empire gone to the dogs, Simon worries that fiancee Nicola won’t stand by him. Max is furious when he discovers that his dad’s
been paying his wages. After the barn fire, Jack worries about Daz.
Episode: 4117 - Thursday 4th August 2005
Feeling belittled by Tom, Max rows with his father resulting in one King being hospitalised.
Simon tries to rein in Nicola’s spending on their new pad. Val hires Delilah behind Pollard’s back.
Episode: 4118 - Friday 5th August 2005
With Tom laid up, Matthew and Jimmy spy an opportunity to take over the family business. Simon fails to tell Nicola about their true
financial strife. Del gets locked in the factory overnight.
Episode: 4119 - Sunday 7th August 2005
Making the best of her family’s situation, Sadie realises she can get closer to Tom. Tom and Max build bridges. Simon ’s forced to sell his restaurant.
Episode: 4120 - Monday 8th August 2005
Rodney tells Nicola about Simon’s financial difficulties, she then slams Simon for keeping secrets from her. Val fumes as Eric remains one step ahead of her in the business game. Emily and Alice take a stand over housework.
Episode: 4121 - Tuesday 9th August 2005
After spending the night apart, a heart to heart allows Nicola and Simon to patch things up for now. Emotionally scarred by the fire, Daz loses it when he sees Cain. It ’s oestrogen wars at the Dingles.
Episode: 4122 - Wednesday 10 August 2005
Debbie is livid when she discovers that Cain was involved in the arson attack on Andy’s farm. Callum worries that Zoe’s got a hidden agenda when she begins to sell off her assets. Nicola struggles to down scale her life.
Episode: 4123 - Thursday 11th August 2005
To spite Cain, Debbie allows Andy access to Sarah which gives Robert an idea for revenge. Dawn begins to tire of Kelly lavishing attention on Scott. Sadie spurs Sam into making some life decisions.
Episode: 4124 - Friday 12th August 2005
In a bid to hurt Andy, Robert decides to get close to Debbie by giving Cain a job. Kelly has fun driving a wedge between Dawn and Scott. Avril’s lavish attention on Bob niggles Viv.
Episode: 4125 - Sunday 14th August 2005
Out to cause trouble in their rocky relationship Kelly convinces Dawn that she’s sleeping with
Scott. Laurel confides in Ethan that she and Ashley’s life’s not all roses. Viv’s annoyed when Avril gets to go to the cooking
Episode: 4126 - Monday 15th August 2005
Sick of her meddling Kelly gets her long awaited comeuppance from Dawn. Ethan uses Laurel and Ashley’s problems to his advantage. Louise trys hard with a disinterested Terry.
Episode: 4127 - Tuesday 16th August 2005
After an evening out at a gig, Kelly suspects that Ethan feels more for Laurel than just friendship. Terry and Dawn’s closeness leaves Louise feeling isolated. Donna plays second fiddle to Marlon’s cooking.
Episode: 4128 - Wednesday 17th August 2005
Wanting to give their relationship another go, Louise crawls back to Terry hoping for second chances. Donna determines to drag Marlon’s attention away from his kitchen. Kelly revels in toying with Ethan.
Episode: 4129 - Thursday 18th August 2005
After Terry’s rejection, Louise decides to get revenge on Matthew. With Marlon distant, Kelly makes Donna compare herself unfavourably to Tricia. Laurel suspects Ethan has a crush on Kelly.
Episode: 4130 - Friday 19th August 2005
Bob has an epiphany and realises that though Avril’s cute she’s just a Viv substitute. Louise is riled when Matthew makes her feel insignificant. Jarvis tries to incite a bin-man mutiny.
Episode: 4131 - Sunday 21st August 2005
All fingers point to a jealous Donna when Marlon’s lucky knife goes AWOL. A spate of anonymous phone calls gets Matthew’s goat.Jarvis crosses swords with Carl.
Episode: 4132 - Monday 22nd August 2005
A run-in with the law in Newcastle brings Marlon and Donna back together. Viv wins back Bob by showing off her chef skills at the cookery contest. Diane gets an eye opener down memory lane.
Episode: 4133 - Tuesday 23rd August 2005
Tony Christie isn’t the only blast from the past for Diane in Newcastle. A Windsors double proposal leads to drunken decisions. Paul tries to forget his past.
Episode: 4134 - Wednesday 24th August 2005
Val’s rattled when her old flame, Jimmy Pepper, turns up in the village looking for answers. Kelly delights in pointing out Donna’s lack of engagement ring bling. Zak reassures Sam that he’ll be a great dad.
Episode: 4135 - Thursday 25th August 2005
Val explodes when Jimmy Pepper bleeds her dry. Carl reports to Tom when Jimmy puts the kibosh on his business plans. Donna’s rock turns out to be no diamond.
Episode: 4136 - Friday 26th August 2005
With Jimmy on side, Matthew makes moves to sell Tom’s business out from under him. Val comes up with a plan to pay off Jimmy Pepper. Ivan fears Jarvis’ working days are numbered.
Episode: 4137 - Sunday 28th August 2005
Tom’s taken aback when Sadie, playing double agent, reveals Jimmy and Matthew are plotting. Jarvis’ hot-headedness costs him his job on the bins. With Zoe keen to sell up, Rodney puts his best offer in on Home Farm.
Episode: 4138 - Monday 29th August 2005
As Jimmy and Matthew continue their plan, Sadie wins Tom round vowing to get Home Farm by any means necessary. Joseph causes frictions between Zoe and Effie. Jarvis soaks up sympathy as he plays up losing his
Episode: 4139 - Tuesday 30th August 2005
Zoe misinterprets things when both Callum and Effie offer unexpected friendship. Tom quietly moves to strengthen his camp against Jimmy and Matthew. Bob surprises Donna’s engagement party.
Episode: 4140 - Wednesday 31st August 2005
With Rodney on board, Zoe refuses Sadie’s offers to buy Home Farm. Carl discovers Matthew and Jimmy’s plans and blurts them to Tom. Simon and Nicola work on their future.

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