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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
#3937- 3963
-- Sunday 2nd January 2005 - Monday 31st January 2005
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Can fulfills Sadie's scheme and it is all caught on camera
Episode: 3937 - Sunday 2nd January 2005
Andy ends his relationship with Debbie
Mak King
Episode: 3938 - Monday 3rd January 2005
Max, the youngest of the King brothers, arrives in the village
The wedding ends in chaos.
Episode: 3939/40 - Tuesday 4th January 2005 (hour special)
Sadie plants doubt in Tom’s mind on the morning of the wedding
Charity issues Sadie with a warning
Episode: 3941 - Wednesday 5th January 2005
Charity swears revenge as her dreams of wedded bliss collapse around her.
Edna is persistent in rallying the locals to sign a petition stating that Councillor Pollard is unfit to hold public office.
Episode: 3942 - Thursday 6th January 2005
Tom vanishes leaving his sons and Sadie fearing the worst – has Sadie underestimated the damage she’s caused?
Tom returns and shows the world that he’s not to be messed with.
Episode: 3943 - Friday 7th January 2005
Ethan’s faced with a scary prospect – Steph in jail.
Turner’s devastated when all his fears are confirmed – have the police found Shelly’s body?
Episode: 3944 - Sunday 9th January 2005
Steph convinces Ethan of her innocence
Debbie realises that she’s going to get more trouble from Cain.
Episode: 3945 - Monday 10th January 2005
Debbie discovers that she is pregnant
Libby and Tamsin Charles
Episode: 3946 - Tuesday 11th January 2005
Andy enjoys a date in the Woolpack
Sam concocts a plan to make Alice stay but it all gets out of hand.
Episode: 3947 - Wednesday 12th January 2005
Sam makes his feelings towards Alice known
Sam’s smitten with Alice
Episode: 3948 - Thursday 13th January 2005
Chas befriends a policeman in her hour of need
Turner with Fern and Philip from This Morning
Episode: 3949 - Friday 14th January 2005
Turner makes an appeal on This Morning
Cain Returns
Episode: 3950 - Sunday 16th January 2005
Charity demands the truth from Cain when he returns to the village
Zak gets mad and kicks both Charity and Cain out of the Dingles.
Episode: 3951 - Monday 17th January 2005
Pollard makes a confession
Episode: 3952 - Tuesday 18th January 2005
Charity sets her sights on Jimmy
Alice Wilson prepares to leave Emmerdale
Episode: 3953 - Wednesday 19th January 2005
Sam bids farewell to Alice
Zak allows Sam to follow his heart but will he be too late to catch up with Alice?
Episode: 3954 - Thursday 20th January 2005 18 Pictures
Sam leaves the village with the love of his life
Chas gets foxy with Denzel.
Episode: 3955 - Friday 21st January 2005
Chas excitedly prepares for a hot date
Charity shocks Jimmy with a kiss
Episode: 3956 - Sunday 23rd January 2005
Charity shocks Jimmy with a kiss
Turner is unsure what to believe.
Episode: 3957 - Monday 24th January 2005
Ethan suggests that Shelly may be trying to get in touch with Turner
Chloe tells Carl that she is pregnant
Episode: 3958 - Tuesday 25th January 2005
Chloe tells Carl that she is pregnant
Andy meets Libby's boyfriend Marcus
Episode: 3959 - Wednesday 26th January 2005
Andy is devastated to learn that Libby has a boyfriend
Steph makes a shock confession to Ethan
Episode: 3960 - Thursday 27th January 2005
Steph makes a shock confession to murder
At the Woolpack Viv can’t resist mocking every joke that Bob makes
Episode: 3961 - Friday 28th January 2005
Jimmy learns the truth about his wife
Laurel's arrives back in the village
Episode: 3962 - Sunday 30th January 2005
Laurel returns to the Village
Chloe visits the hospital after a fall.
Episode: 3963 - Monday 31st January 2005
Chloe proves that she will stop at nothing to hold on to her man

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