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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for
#4088 - 4113
-- Friday 1st July
2005 - Sunday 31st July 2005
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Episode 4,088 - Friday 1st July 2005
Suspecting that the Kings sabotaged Andy’s cattle sale, Jack is torn between his principles and Andy’s future. Kelly makes a splash on the front page of the Hotten Courier. Steph tries to make Jasmine feel at home.
Episode: 4089 - Sunday 3rd July 2005
Jack chooses principles over money and covers the Kings in muck. Matthew’s plot to ensnare Louise picks up a pace. Jasmine makes a friend of Daz.
Episode: 4090 - Monday 4th July 2005
With Jack hailed as the village hero, Tom instructs Jimmy to get his revenge whatever the cost. Steph and Dr Adam find that they have a few things in common. Matthew admits his true feelings to Louise. Kelly makes a fool of Danny
Episode: 4091 - Tuesday 5th July 2005
Louise breaks Terry’s heart by choosing Matthew. Jimmy fails to tempt Cain into battle against the Sugdens. Viv, Bob and a reluctant Dawn unite behind Scott.
Episode: 4092 - Wednesday 6th July 2005
Terry’s furious to discover the truth regarding Matthew. It’s all steam ahead for Val on her and Pollard’s new venture. Marlon turns his nose up at the Top Pub Chef of the North contest.
Louise's sins catch up with her and Terry is very much perceived as the victim by the village
Episode: 4093 - Thursday 7th July 2005
The villagers discover that Terry’s been dumped and Louise is given the cold shoulder. Donna determines to get Marlon fame and fortune and enters the cookery contest on his behalf. Val and Pollard struggle to inspire interest in their business idea.
Episode: 4094 - Friday 8th July 2005
Ashley’s shocked when Zoe reveals that in the heat of the moment she wanted to kill Scott. Marlon discovers that Donna’s entered him in the cooking contest. Matthew is forced to be Louise’s shoulder to cry on.
Episode: 4095 - Sunday 10th July 2005
Scott finally comes round only to paint Zoe as the villain to the police. Laurel returns to Emmerdale ready to face her
problems. Louise feels out of place at Victoria Cottage.
Episode: 4096 - Monday 11th July 2005
On the back of Scott’s statement, Zoe is arrested and charged with attempted murder. Ashley suggests that Laurel gets friendly with Jasmine. Paddy and Emily have trouble with the house.
Episode: 4097 - Tuesday 12th July 2005
Worried what Paddy might say to the police, Zoe breaks her bail to secure his silence. Laurel’s attempts to get pally with Jasmine fall flat. Sadie calls on Cain for a favour.
Episode: 4098 - Wednesday 13th July 2005
Emily is stunned when Paddy moves back into Smithy Cottage uninvited. Sadie’s scheme with dodgy Councillor Ledbetter alerts Jack to trouble. Scott’s return to the village causes ructions.
Episode: 4099 - Thursday 14th July 2005
Wanting payment for his involvement in her schemes, Cain plays games with Sadie’s desires. Paddy struggles to cope when Emily goes into overdrive with house rules. Matthew grows unhappy with a clingy Louise.
Episode: 4100 - Friday 15th July 2005
Getting wind of Cain and Sadie’s clandestine relationship, Matthew makes his feelings known. Delilah makes a surprise arrival at the Dingles’ in her wedding dress. Louise realises that her and Matthew are not the ideal couple.
Episode: 4101 - Sunday 17th July 2005
With Matthew’s affections lying elsewhere, Louise is left out in the cold. Danny convinces Len that he could do with a holiday. Delilah’s past catches up with her in a sports car.
Episode: 4102 - Monday 18th July 2005
Louise’s situation goes from bad to worse when Sadie implies that she is not in Matthew’s league. Getting Emily out of his system, Paddy gets lucky on a lad’s night out. Delilah comes clean about her predicament.
Episode 4103 - Tuesday 19th July 2005
Unable to stand living under the same roof as Paddy, Emily leaves to move in with the Dingles.
The Dingles decide that if Del’s to stay she will have to pull her weight. Sick of Louise Terry heads off on holiday to lick his wounds.
Episode 4104 - Wednesday 20th July 2005
With Delilah set to stay, the Dingles are surprised when a more familiar Dingle face pays a visit – Sam. Marlon thinks he’s blown it with the Top Pub Chef of the North Judge. Jasmine lets Laurel down with the literacy class.
Episode 4105 - Thursday 21st July 2005
Laurel’s stung when Jasmine and Debbie come to blows. With Terry on holiday, Steph agrees to run the
B & B off season. It’s clear that something fishy is going on with Sam.
Episode 4106 - Friday 22nd July 2005
Jasmine’s unruly behaviour causes tension between Laurel and Ashley. Sparks fly as Dr Adam finds permanent lodgings
at the B & B with Steph. Zoe allows Viv access to Jean but Viv blows her
Episode 4107 - 24th Sunday 24th July 2005
Zoe indicates a not guilty plea at her preliminary hearing which incenses Scott and Viv.
Sam’s concerns over his chickens hides a deeper worry.Laurel and Ashley’s relationship limbo takes it’s

Episode 4108 - Monday 25th July 2005
With Sam staying too long in Emmerdale, Alice turns up with another surprise for the family. Zoe causes a rumpus at the church breaking her
bail conditions. Matthew and Robert collude against Jack and

Episode 4109 - Tuesday 26th July 2005
Sam and Alice reach a difficult decision and end up staying in Emmerdale for good.
Under the King’s instruction, Robert makes Jack question his principles.Bob has his second video date with a Viv-alike,
Episode 4110 - Wednesday 27th July 2005
Out of spite, Robert tries to get Andy arrested for drink driving. Lisa returns from Granny Clegg’s to find a very
full house. Simon keeps his surprise for Nicola under wraps.
Episode 4111 - Thursday 28th July 2005
In a plot to fake an insurance job, Jimmy and Cain burn Andy’s barn with Robert as assistant.
Daz defends Andy and stabs Jimmy with a pitchfork. Cain earns extra cash for Debbie and Sarah.
Episode 4112 - Friday 29th July 2005
When Jack accuses Tom of masterminding the barn burning, Tom reckons Jack should blame someone
closer to home.Max is coerced into stitching up Jimmy’s wounds. Cain leans on Sam to provide him with an allibi.
Jack's family life comes tumbling down as the penny drops just how much his sons hate each other
Episode 4113 - Sunday 31st July 2005
The scales fall from Jack’s eyes and, after confronting Rober about his involvement in the barn fire, he disowns his son.Marlon’s chuffed to find he’s been selected for the pub chef contest.a Sure Simon’s cheating on her, Nicola doesn’t know what to do.

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