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The Addymans

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Her parents are divorced and she has been brought up by her father. Since she arrived in the series, it was implied always that she was born in 1986. Later this was backed up as she was still fifteen in June 2002, however she took her GCSE's in 2003. so was due to be sixteen in 2002.

Her sixteenth birthday was celebrated in an episode aired on 2nd September 2002. However Katie celebrated her 18th Birthday on the 9th September 2004.

(Official books say she was born September 1987.)

Married: Andy Sugden 17th February 2004
Separated: May 2004
Currently dating Robert Sugden.

Sammy Winward 1819/ July 2001 -
Father of Katie
Born: 1960
Martin Reeve 6 November 2001 - 23 January 2003, guest appearance 17th February 2004
Caroline Kershaw
Katie's Mum, (Note on her first appearance the chracter was credited as "Caroline Kershaw", on her second as "Caroline Addyman" and sine then it has varied.) Daryl Fishwick 19 June 2002, 15-16 July 2002, 20 or 21 August 2002, 23 August 2002, 17th February 2004,
Katie's elder brother or half-brother, born when his mother was twenty. N/A Not Appeared

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