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The Bates

Character   Played By Apeared
AKA Kathy Merrick, Kathy Tate, Kathy Glover.
Born: 29 September 1967 (she celebrated her birthday 30th September in 1997, so however there wasn't an episode on the 29th that yeart).
Married 1st 3 February 1988: Jackie Merrick
Married 2nd 5 Nov 1991: Chris Tate divorced 1995
Married 3rd 28 Nov 1996: Dave Glover
Malandra Burrows (26 November 1985 - 20 December 200+1
Brother of Kathy Cy Chadwick (1985-1996, guest appearance 1999)
Born: 14 February 1991 - Daughter of Nick Kimberley Hewitt (1991-1993)
Born: 14 February 1991 - Daughter of Nick Rachel Tolboys (1993-1999), 28 Nov-12 Dec 2001)
Malcolm Bates
Father of Kathy & Nick by Caroline and William Malcolm by Sonia. Tom Adams  
née Wood.
Mother of Kathy & Nick
M. Malcolm Bates divorced 1985
Diana Davies (February 1984-December 1996/January 1997)
Sometimes given as Alice Bates Snr, however she is also reported to be Caroline Bates' mother. However Caroline married into the Bates family, so her mother is Alice Wood/Woods Olivia Jardith (-1994)
William Malcolm Bates
b 29 Oct 1987, son of Malcolm Bates by Sonia    
had an affair with Malcolm Bates & mother of William.    

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