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Official Cairns fan card 1997

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The Cairns

Tony and Becky with thir three children, Charlotte (Charlie), Emma and Will

Character   Played By Apeared

Came to Emmerdale with his parents' and sisters, but ended up staying the longest.
Born: 15 September 1980

Paul Fox (27 February 1997 - 27 January 1999)
Husband of Becky, father of Will, Emma and Charlie. Edward Peel (27 February 1997 - 1 April 1998)
Wife of Tony, mother of Will, Emma and Charlie. Sarah Neville (128 episodes 27 February 1997 - April 1998)
Younger sister of Will, mother of Geri
(aged 13 in 1997)
Rebecca Loudonsack (122 episodes 27 February 1997 - Summer 1998)
Elder sister of Will
B. 15 July 1979
Sarah Graham (27 February - 29 July 1997)
Geri Cairns
Daughter of Emma, who was on thirteen years old at the time of Geri's birth.
B. 31 March 1997
Father: Greg Cox
Georgina Annett,
Anna Cunningham
(31 March 1997 - 1997)
Greg Cox
ex-boyfriend of Charlie Cairns who turned out to be Father of Geri Cairns - after a one night stand with 13 year old Emma Cairns Danny Seward (1997)

The Cairn family welcome baby Geri

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