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(last update 3rd March 2004)

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The Kings

From YTV EMMERDALE Thursday 4 March 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Pictured: The King Family (L-R) Tom (KEN FARRINGTON), Matthew (MATT HEALY), Jimmy (NICK MILES) & Carl (TOM LISTER).

  Played By Apeared
Tom Lister 6th February 2004 -
Jimmy King
brother of Carl
Nick Miles 19th February 2004 -
Tom King
Father of the family
Kenneth Farrington 29th February 2004 -
Matthew King
brother of Carl

Matt Healy arrives week beginning 1st March 2004
Sadie King
wife of Jimmy
Patsy Kensit Coming soon

From YTV EMMERDALE Thursday 4th March 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network The King family (L-R) Tom (KEN FARRINGTON), Matthew (MATT HEALY), Jimmy (NICK MILES) & Carl (TOM LISTER) toast their succesful refuse bid

From Yorkshire Television

Friday 13 February 2004


Patsy Kensit has today signed a long-term contract to join ITV1’s award-winning soap Emmerdale.

Patsy will play wealthy new character Sadie King - a sexy, powerful and cunning woman who knows what she wants and makes sure she gets it.

The character will make a dramatic entrance in the spring and her stunning looks and ruthless nature are set to add a touch of class to the Yorkshire Dales. Viewers will see her on-screen as Sadie for the first time in May.

Patsy, 35, has been acting since the age of three and has appeared in over 40 films during her career. International filmgoers first became aware of the British child actress in 1976 when she shared the spotlight with Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Garner in The Blue Bird. Perhaps best known for playing Mel Gibson’s leading lady in Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), Patsy is looking forward to the challenge that Emmerdale will bring.

Patsy says “I can’t wait to get started on Emmerdale and I’ve become an avid viewer! I am a bit of a country girl at heart and it is so exciting to be joining, especially at a time when the show is so strong. The prospect of being watched by over 10 million viewers every night is intimidating but I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

Series Producer, Steve Frost says, ”We’re very excited to have Patsy on board and looking forward to introducing such a great character to the show. Sadie will be the envy of women and the desire of men.”

THE SUN 20th February 2004

We'll be Kings of Emmerdale

Cheers ... King family toast arrival in Emmerdale

THIS is the King family, who join Emmerdale next month — and try to rule the village.

They are Tom King (Ken Farrington) and sons Jimmy (Nick Miles), Matthew (Matt Healy) and Carl (Tom Lister). Patsy Kensit plays Jimmy’s wife.

PURE SOAP 29th February 2004

Emmerdale welcomes new Kings


A new family with a hidden agenda is set to make a big impact in Emmerdale
Affable driver Carl King (played by Tom Lister) turns out to have a nastier side when it is revealed that he is behind the recent sabotage at Tate Trash.

It is part of a plan to win the refuse contract for his family; dad Tom and brothers Jimmy and Matthew.

And he uses his inside knowledge to make sure the Kings outbid Tate Trash for the contract.
Fists fly when his treachery is discovered, with Scott Windsor (Ben Freeman) bloodying Carl's nose.

The Kings are a close-knit but very ambitious family - hence their aggressive business techniques!

" It's not quite clear what their motives are," Tom Lister told Inside Soap magazine.

" They want to improve their firm and move into the village, but other than that it's a mystery to me too."

However, Tom did reveal that the Kings have something in common with the Tate family, and something has happened between the two families in the past...

m YTV EMMERDALE Thursday 4 March 2004 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Pictured: The King family: BACK LEFT- Carl (TOM LISTER) MIDDLE- Tom (KEN FARRINGTON). FRONT L-R - Matthew (MATT HEALY) & Jimmy (NICK MILES)

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