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The Soapstars

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In eal life on "Soapstars" after winning

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All Time Cast & Characters


The Calder/Weston family - Jess is far right

The Soapstars

Character   Played By Apeared
  Mark Jardine 7 November 2001 - 19 July 2002
  Dee Whitehead 7 November 2001 - 8 August 2002
in an episode of Emmerdale from early March 2002 I just heard Craig Calder say "I was 21 last November", meaning that he was born November 1980. - Kaarina Jason Hain 7 November 2001 - 8 August 2002
  Elspeth Brodie 7 November 2001 - 8 August 2002
  Ruth Abram 7 November 2001 - 9 April 2002

Lucy, Maggie, Phil, Jess and Craig

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