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The Tates

The Tates The Tate family arrived in Emmerdale in November 1989 and consisted of Chris, his sister Zoe, father Frank and stepmother Kim

Chris married Kathy Bates in 1991

Frank threw Kim out of Home Farm on Christmas Day 1992 after finding out about her affair with Neil inCaid

Kim and Frank got re-married December 1994, Zoe and Chris and bridesmaid Alice look on

December 1995 Chris married Rachel Hughes, seen here with their 6 month old son Joseph Mark

Zoe & Emma's blessing ended in disaster in May 1996

Chris on his wedding day with third wife Charity dressed in red velvet.  In the background cn be seen Chloe and Seth

The height o bad taste Chris and Charity's wedding

Chris and Charity's wedding - with Chloe, Seth, Betty, Louise, Rodney, Terry and Joseph


Character   Played By Apeared
Born: 1 October 1937
Married 1st: Jean (d.1984)
Married 2nd 1986 Kim Barker divorced 1993/94, re-married: 22 Dec 1994
Died: 27 May 1997
Head of the family.
Norman Bowler (November 1989-27 May 1997)
AKA Kim Marchant.
M 1st as his 2nd wife, Frank Tate
Mother of James Tate.
Born: 19 or 21 January 1959
Married 2nd 17 May 1998: Steven ("Steve") Marchant.
Claire King (November 1989-5 February 1997, 22 May 1997-19 January 1999)
son of Frank and his 1st wife Jean.
Born: 11 December 1963
Died: 17 September 2003
M 1st 5 Nov 1991 Kathy Merrick divorced 1995
M 2nd 7 Dec 1995 Rachel Hughes divorced around 1997
M 3rd 27 Nov 2001 Charity Dingle
Peter Amory (16 November 1989 - 17 September 2003)
Daughter of Frank and his 1st wife.
Born: 27 April 1968
Has a daugher, Jean Tate (b. 24 January 2003).
Leah Bracknell 12 December 1989 -
1st wufe of Chris
SEE under Bates

Rachel Tate




(nee Hughes) 2nd wife of Chris Tate.
Daughter of Kate Hughes from her 1st marriage to a David Hughes.
Stepdaughter of Joe Sugden.
Mother of Joseph Tate.
Born: 16 September 1971
Married: 7 Dec 1995 Chris Tate
Divorced: around 1997
Died: (murdered by Graham Clark) 11 May 1999
Glenda McKay (1988-1999)
(nee Dingle) 2nd wife of Chris
b. 1978
Emma Atkins (30 March 2000- )
Son of Chris and Rachel
Born: 8 June 1995.
Oliver Young (?1995 - )
Son of Frank and Kim
Born: 24 September 1996.
Elliot Suckley,
Jake Meays.
Sam Silson.
Oliver Carroll,
Bradley White.
(24 September 1996-January 1999)
Illigitimate son of Frank
Born: 9 Aug 1961
Died ('lawfully killed' by Zoe Tate): 11 November 1999
Mark Powley (33 episodes 1999 - ending 11 November 1999)
daughter of
and Cain Dingle
Charley Webb 24 December - 30 December 2002,
16 Juanuary 2003 -
Born 24 January 2003. Daughter of Zoe. Currently awaiting to be adopted.

MEG PEARSON (originally played by twins, but Meg has now been in the role for a while)

24 January 2003
Jean Tate
1st wife of Frank - died 1984 of cancer and assisted suicide.


(never seen)

Tate Family Portraits 1989-2003

The Tates arrived in 1989 consisting of Chris, Zoe, Kim and FrankThe Tates arrived in 1989

12th June 2003 - The Tate family as it was at the end!

Rev. Ashley Thomas celebrates Baby Jean's Christening with the Tate family. Pictured: (L-R) (Back row) Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS). (Front row) Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG) and Chris (PETER AMORY).

Thursday 12 June 2003:  Baby Jean's Christening. Pictured: (L-R) Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT), Chris (PETER AMORY), Jack (CLIVE HORNBY), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB), Rev Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Charity (EMMA ATKINS), Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

Then there were three :-

16th October 2003 - the last of the Tates, Joseph, Zoe and Jean leave for Chris' funeral

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