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All Time Cast & Characters

The Turners

Character   Played By Apeared
B. 5 or 8 August 1935 Richard Thorpe 18 March 1982 -
Born: 6 June 1976 (the books also say 1975. The first one seems the most commonly given date though).
Granddaughter of Alan Turner
Sheree Murphy 16 September 1998 - 8th January 2004
Married Alan Turner 10th February 1994
Died 7th June 1994
Rachel Davies (1993-1994)
Jill Turner
1st wife of Alan
Divorced 1985
Patricia Maynard (around 1984-1985)
Alan's son
probably born early 1960s as he was an under-graduate in 1985.
Stephen Marchant (1985-1986)
mother of Tricia, daughter of Alan.
Born: 1956 altered to July 1953
Lorraine Chase 3 September 2002 -

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