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The Windsor/Hope/Woods Families


Family Tree

The Windsor's arrived in Emmerdale in August 1993 looking for a fresh start - from L to R; Kelly, Viv, Vic, Scott and Donna

The Windsor children circa 1993 - LtoR; Scott (played by Toby Cockerall), Donna (played by Sophie Jeffrey) and Kelly (played by Adele Silva)

Character   Played By Apeared

Born: 14 or 19 May 1956 or 22 May 1956
Married 1st: Reg Dawson, Married 2nd: Vic Windsor, Married 3rd 5 Feb 2001: Bob Hope,

Mother of Scott and Donna.

stepmother of Kelly Windsor and four Hope children (3 who we haven't really seen).

Deena Payne 10 August 1993 -

2nd husband of Viv, father of Kelly and Donna.

Alun Lewis had previously ben in Emmerdale as another character, Tony Barclay (1989).
Vic was born: 3 May 1958
Died (killed by Billy Hopwood in post office robbery): 25 December 1998

Vic's first wife Anne died with whom he had one daughter Kelly.

Vic married 2nd Viv around 1984 and adopted her son Scott.
Viv & Vic also had a daughter of their own Donna.

Alun Lewis 10 August 1993 - 25 December 1998
AKA Kelly Glover
Daughter of Vic Windsor & 1st wife Anne (who Kelly thought died of cancer when she was very young. Turned out she had got run over in the street after discovering Viv and Vic in bed together).

Kelly was Born: 5th Dec 1980
Married 26 or 27 May 1999 Roy Glover
Siblings: one half-sister Donna, one step-brother Scott
Step-mother: Viv Windsor/Hope
Adele Silva 10 August 1993 - Spring 1997, 24 June 1997 - 1 November 2000, 24 June 2005 -
Son of Viv and 1st husband Reg Dawson.
Born: 20 Jul 1980
Toby Cockerell 10 August 1993 - December 1996
Son of Viv and 1st husband Reg Dawson.
Born: 20 Jul 1980
1 daughter: Jean Tate
Godfather to Christopher Tate 2nd
Ben Freeman 9 April 1998 -

Donna Windsor




Daughter of Vic and Viv Windsor

It was finally confirmed in December 2003 that Donna was born 31 December 1985. Up until that point the scripts had varied suggesting both 1985 and 1986 and she was the only Windsor child without a birthdate. In December 1994, she was 9 years old indicating that she was born in 1985. This age seems to be consistant through to 1997 at least as she was going to Secondary School in 1996. However the scripts subseqeuntly changed her birth year to 1986 to fit her in with latter years brat packs, also with the arrival of Verity Rushworth in the role.

Sophie Jeffrey (August 1993-Autumn 1997)

Daughter of Vic and Viv Windsor
Born: 31st December 1985

Verity Rushworth 25 February 1998 -

Married 1st: Jean with whom he has two children Jamie and Dawn.
Married 2nd: Vonda, 'the showgirl'. "A brief mistake," no children.
Married 3rd: Barbara with whom he has two young children.

Bob married 4th 5 Feb 2001: Widow Viv Windsor (as her 3rd husband).

Antony Audenshaw 19 September 2000 -
Eldest daughter of Bob and currently divorcing Terry Woods Julia Mallam 16 February 2003 -

Married 1st: Britt Woods divorced 1996

Married 2nd 18th March 2003 Dawn Hope and divorcing 2005.

has a son called Tom Carter (born circa 1986) by a woman named Elaine who married Ted Carter and had him bring Terry's son as his own.

a son TJ born 2003 by Dawn

Billy Hartman 2 February 1995 -
1st wife of Terry
Married 2nd 1996: Gerald Taylor with whom she has at least one child.
Michelle Holmes 2 February 1995 - August/September 1995, 26 December 1995
Son of Terry and Dawn Woods.
Born: 19th October 2003
Connor Lee 19th October 2003 -
brother of Bob Nigel Betts 4 September 2003 - 26 November 2003
1st wife of Bob and currently lives in Spain Julie Higginson 17 February 2003 - 20th February 2003, 13th March 2003 - 21 March 2003, returned 5th July 2004, 6th July 2004, 7th July 2004, 8th July 2004, 12th July 2004, 13th July 2004, 14th July 2004, 15th July 2004, 4th August 2004, 5th August 2004, 6th August 2004, 8th August 2004,
Jamie Hope
Eldest son (possibly eldest child depending on different scripts) of Bob and currently lives in Spain N/A referred to since autumn 2002, not yet seen.
Moira Hope
Estranged wife of Eddie N/A not seen.
Sister of Viv Tracie Hart 2 or 3 episodes in April 1994
1st husband of Viv. She alked out on him when their son Scott was very young and spent much of the rest of the time in jail.
Died: 7 Jun 1994 (killed by police marksman at Home Farm siege)
Niven Boyd May- June 1994
Ronnie Slater
Father of Britt Ian Thompson June-July 1995
Elaine Carter

Married Ted Carter circa 1986 - a Rugby league contempory of Terry Woods' because she believed Ted would offer her a more secure future than Terry.

At the time of her marriage to Ted, Elaine was pregnant with Terry's baby. She didn't tell either of the men in her life. Only revealing all to Terry in 1996.

Info coming soon June 1996
Tom Carter
He only met his real father Terry Woods once in June 1996, however Tom wasn't told the truth about his true parentage and has grown up believing that his mother's husband Ted Carter was his real father. Info coming soon June 1996
Anne Windsor
Vic's first wife who died circa 1984 after discovering her husband in bed with Viv. Natuaral mother of Kelly. N/A not seen.

The Windsor children grew up circa 2000 - from LtoR Scott (played by Ben Freeman), Donna (played by Verity Rushworth) and Kelly (played by Adele Silva.  The only one of the Windsor children not to be recast.  She remained in the programme for 7 years.

IViv Windsor married Bob Hope in February 2001 Terry and  Britt Tery and Dawn on their wedding day

Bob Hope with third wife and their two young children (circa 2001

9th June 2004, Christopher's Christening  - The new Tate's - Jean with her father  Scott Windsor, Christopher & Zoe

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