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Emmerdale The Plane Crash
30th December 1993 - 6th January 1994
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1829 - 1832

Frank sees a fireball in the sky

30th Dec 1993

The famous plane crash that devestated the village.

Jack Sudgen and Frank Tate became heros of the hour.

It killed some of their own: Mark Hughes, Elizabeth Pollard, Archie Brooks and Leonard Kempinski.

Chris Tate was left confined to a heelchair. Kim's stables went up in flames (killing many of her horses) and she was left homeless. Many other animals died throughout the village - including Seth's beloved dog and homes destroyed or damaged. There were some lucky survivors though, when toddler Alice Bates was pulled out of the rubble of what was her home.

Filming of the plane crash scene, with debris littered around , was done at Rudding Park on an area where a swathe had been cut in the trees for the building of a golf course.

The explosion from the plane crash left The Woolpack devastated, with Chris Tate trapped in the rubble of the wine bar. He was eventually dug out but left with his legs paralysed.

The plane crash in 1993 took over three weeks to film at a cost of £1 million pounds.

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Synopsis Text
PART 1 - Jack & Joe fuss over Annie & Leonard who are about to set off for the airport on route to Spain ; Lynn Whiteley phones up asking for her vacuum cleaner returning ; Joe insists that Mark takes it back & he will drive his mum to the airport ; Joe reminds Jack to go & sort the access out over Skipdale Bridge ; Annie tells them all where she keeps her life policies in case anything happens ; Frank is watching a carol service on television ; he takes a wrapped present out of the drawer & looks at it ; Kathy packs at Mill Cottage ; she leaves a note for Chris & then telephones Josh to tell him that she loves him ; Elizabeth is cold towards Eric ; he tells her that he has managed to convince the police that she made up the stories about his involvement defrauding Frank ; she is determined to see him go to prison though & he does look worried ; Zoe arrives home ; she invites Frank to the Woolpack for Seth's prostate benefit night ; he says that he will see her later & then takes the present out ; Joe & Mark row as Joe nags at Mark to take the hoover back to Lynn's ; Mark says goodbye to Annie & Leonard ; Joe promises that he will make up with him later ; Nick is not happy that Archie has asked lizabeth to babysit ; he is worried about his forthcoming custody battle ; Alan has dressed up as Charles Dickens for the Woolpack Dickensian Evening ; Shirley is dressed as Nell Gwyn ; the Windsors turn up at Kim's stables to see Samson ; Frank drives up & watches them ; Kathy comes across her wedding album as she packs ; the contractors
have not cleared Skipdale Bridge ; Eric walks into Demdyke
& demands to know what Elizabeth is planning ; he gets
angry with her ; there are not many people in the Woolpack
; Seth is worried because it is his benefit night ; Nick
gets angry at a remark Lyn makes about him & Archie being
gay ; he is worried about how the rumours will affect his
custody of Alice ; Archie storms out after another remark &
Nick goes after him ; Seth then angers Alan who calls him
" ignorant & rude" before ordering him to leave the pub ;
Seth sets off for the Malt Shovel ; Elizabeth hits Eric before going back home ; she tells Eric to stay & look
after Alice, but he goes after her ; she knows that he has
been looking through her stuff ; Frank waits outside Kim's
stables ; suddenly a ball of fire hits the stables ; Nick &
Archie are walking home when they are blinded by some fluid
& Archie is engulfed in flames.

PART 2 - the Woolpack windows explode ; Joe crashes the car
as he drives Annie & Leonard & flames come towards him ;
the Woolpack bar is in darkness & everyone lays unconscious
on the floor ; Nick stumbles around blindly shouting for
Archie ; he falls into a hole & ends up next to a dead
sheep ; Frank takes charge at the stables ; he prevents Kim
going back to save her horses ; she calls the fire brigade
instead ; the McAllisters look on at the fires ; they have
no idea what is happening ; Frank orders Kim to remove her
stuff from the caravan before it explodes ; he decides to
go back to the village to see what has happened ; Leonard,
Annie & Joe lay unconscious in the car ; a shocked Zoe
arrives at the Woolpack ; Jack & Sarah look on at the
flames in the village ; Jack decides to go & help.



Synopsis Text
PART 1 - continuous episode ; Nick is still blinded & wandering round looking for Archie ; no one is stirring in Joe's car ; Frank drives through the village & looks at the devastation ; the McAllisters prepare aid boxes ; Kim listens helplessly as her horses scream for help ; people in the Woolpack begin to come round ; Frank arrives & finds Zoe ; Josh can't get through to the village because of the bridge ; he tries ringing Kathy ; Frank is organising everyone at the Woolpack ; the wine bar has been destroyed ; Lynn starts to panic about her son ; Josh decides to try & wade across the river ; Nick is still stumbling about ; Bernard tells his family to be prepared for bad injuries when they go to the village ; the stables are still on fire ; Kim just gets out of her caravan in time before it explodes.

PART 2 - Kathy arrives in the village ; she finds Frank who tells her to go to the Woolpack ; Lynn rushes off to Peter ; Eric is wandering around looking for Elizabeth ; Alan tells Shirley that there are fatalities in the village ; Kim knows that Dark Star is dead ; Joe comes round in the car ; he has injured his leg & cannot wake Annie ; Josh finds Frank ; then Jack arrives ; they decide to do something about Skipdale Bridge so that the fire brigade can get through ; Frank has got an idea ; he asks Jock to sort out some lights ; Samson has been saved (Vic remembers the name of Steptoe's horse - Hercules) ; Kim cries at the loss of her horses ; Viv comforts her ; Alan has made a
list of those villagers who are missing - the Hutchinsons,
Jack & Kay McGuire, Mary & Jimmy Baldwin, Nick & Alice,
Archie, Chris, Elizabeth & Seth ; Eric is upset ; Shirley
thinks that he is behaving strangely ; the McAllister's
help the wounded ; Luke has had to break into the post
office for supplies ; Kathy & Josh meet up ; she hasn't
changed her mind about leaving Chris ; Jack & Frank tackle
the bridge ; they try & lay some pipes ; Lynn's house is on
fire ; Zoe is with her ; Mark's arm can be seen sticking
out of some rubble with the vacuum cleaner ; a fire engine arrives at the bridge ; Lynn comforts baby Peter ; the
Windsors leave Kim just as she finds a rosette belonging to
Dark Star ; Angharad comes across some bodies ; more
emergency services arrive at the bridge ; Angharad arrives
at the Woolpack in tears ; she asks Bernard to follow her ;
Frank notices the plane engine still smoking near the
bridge ; Angharad takes Alan & Bernard & shows them the
bodies ; Alan picks up a plane ticket with the name
Kurshkov on it ; he notices more wreckage in the field & it
becomes more clear what has happened.



Synopsis Text
PART 1 - Lynn Whiteley's house is still on fire ; Zoe & Kathy try & encourage her to go & see a doctor ; Luke rides up to the stables to tell the Windsors that they need to open the shop for supplies ; he tells them that it looks like a plane has come down on the village ; the Windsor children have to leave Samson behind ; Alan is still writing his missing persons list ; Dr McAllister does not think that anyone will have survived the plane crash ; Shirley offers to find the school caretaker (Mr Derry) to open up & use as a base ; she is also going to open up the village hall as a point for the emergency services to work from ; Kim arrives at the Woolpack ; she cries on Frank's shoulder ; Zoe is worried about Chris ; Jack is still filling in the hole to rebuild the bridge ; Sarah turns up ; she is wondering what has happened to Joe & Annie ; Joe is pleased when he realises that Annie is alive ; he talks to her & then begins to ramble ; the bridge is ready ; Kim & Lynn mourn the loss of their properties ; Seth's house has also been completely demolished ; Alan gets upset remembering how they parted on bad terms ; he presumes that Seth is dead & starts to cry ; Dr McAllister is tending to people in the school hall ; Eric is wandering round looking for Elizabeth ; he says to Viv "I shouldn't have done it" ; Vic thinks that he is in shock ; the emergency services manage to get over the bridge ; missing list - Seth, Elizabeth Pollard, Jess & Margaret Hutchinson, Nick, Archie, Mark & Alice.

PART 2 - Joe wakes up again ; he hears the sound of traffic
passing & decides to drag himself up to the road, but his
legs give way ; Josh sees Samson who leads him to the wine
bar wreckage ; he hears Chris call for help ; everyone
comes out of the Woolpack to help ; Chris wants Kathy with
him ; Luke finds Zoe & tells her that she is wanted at a
nearby farm ; Chris's legs are trapped under heavy rubble ;
Joe manages to flag down a police car ; Kim & Shirley help
out with the injured ; Eric asks a policeman if he is
looking for him ; the fire crew cannot send anyone to help Chris yet ; Frank notices Samson & gets an idea ; the army
have arrived ; some of the plane wreckage is still on fire
; Eric wanders around ; Samson is used to help pull
wreckage off Chris ; Josh watches as Kathy comforts Chris ;
s wreckage from air.



PART 1 - it is daylight ; Chris has had the rubble removed from him ; Frank tells him that he is going to be helicoptered out of the village ; s of wreckage from helicopter ; Eric is still wandering around looking for Elizabeth ; Vic persuades him to go back to the school ; Chris is apologising to Kathy for being too possessive with her ; she can't tell him that she is leaving him now ; he makes her promise to stay with him ; she looks longingly at Josh & Zoe notices ; the school is being turned into a temporary mortuary ; Jack reminisces about being at school there ; he notices Mark's watch amongst the personal belongings that have been found ; it is the one that Annie gave him at Christmas ; Annie is being rescued from the car ; a fireman tells Joe that Leonard is dead ; Vic notices some looters at the crash site ; Josh is at Mill Cottage ; Jack has to identify Mark's body ; Josh has broken into Mill Cottage & a policeman has followed him ; he gets rid of the note that Kathy left for Chris ; Jack sees Joe by the roadside.

PART 2 - a policewoman tells Angharad that the roads to the village are blocked with sightseers ; Josh is brought back to the village by a policeman ; Zoe vouches for him, but wonders what he was doing at Mill Cottage ; Josh tears up the note that Kathy wrote to Chris ; Kim & Lynn have words ; Kathy is by Chris's bedside ; Frank arrives ; he talks to Kathy about her marriage ; he seems to think that Kathy & Chris will be fine ; Jack is by Annie's bedside ; Frank
sees him ; they talk about the disaster ; Joe is on
crutches ; he doesn't know about Mark yet & Jack has to
tell him ; Zoe is still looking for Archie ; Kim & Zoe make
up ; Elsa Feldmann turns up looking for Nick & Alice ;
Frank is driving home when he sees something in a tree that
makes him feel ill ; Frank has rescued a dead baby ; Kim
looks on as he argues with a policeman ; Bernard tells
Angharad that the Emergency Planning Officer has taken
charge of everything ; Kim comforts Frank ; Zoe looks
disapproving ; they look like starting a reconciliation.

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