Created 10th September 2004

A Collection of Dingle Photos from 1994-2004

The first Dingle to appear in Emmerdale.  Ben.

Dingle Background
A to Z of over 50 Dingles
Current Dingles
Zak & NellieSam, Tina & Butch - children of Zak & Nellie
official Emmerdale fan card of the original Dingles - LtoR Zak, Nellie, Sam, Tina, Butch and the Dingle dogs in front.  This card was signed by Jacqueline Pirie who played Tina
an early official fan card for Zak.  The Patriach of of the Dingle clan!
The Original Dingles - Zak, Tina, Sam Butch & Nellie
The Dingles Christmas 1998 - Lisa, Zak, Mandy, Marlon and Butch
Mandy and Paddy get married - with Marlon, Lisa, Belle, Emily, Zak and Butch
Zak turned to Marlon when he had fears of Cancer in 2001
Cain, Zak, Lisa and Peg in 2002
28 March 2004 - Shadrach, Zak, Debbie, Cain, Lisa, Belle and Sam
30th July 2004 - Cain, Lisa, Sam, Shadrach, Marlon, Belle, Charity
Belle Dingle
Butch Dingle circa 1997-1998
Butch 1999-2000
Cain Dingle with preprinted signature
Cain fan card used from late 2003 onwards
Sam Dingle circa 2000 onwards
Lisa Clegg unsigned circa 1996-1997 size 5.5x3.5
Lisa with preprinted signature circa 1998-1999
Lisa Dingle circa 2000-present with preprinted signature
Latest publicity still of Mandy Dingle
Mandy Dingle circa 1996
Mandy circa 1996-1997
Mandy Dingle circa 1997-1999 with signature
Mandy circa 1997-1999
The same  picture of Marlon Dingle released late 90s circa 2000 (going by the logo) with preprinted signature
Latest Marlon Dingle publicity picture with preprinted signature (circa 2002 onwards
Shadrach Dingle
Tricia card saying Tricia Dingle used in 2003
Zak Dingle circa 200-2002
Charity when she was a Dingle
Charity as a Tate

Christmas Week 2003