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Paul Loughran's early days of playing Butch Dingle were his favourites. He says "We all just clicked and those first couple of years were completely magical." Butch overlayed a portrait of the original Dingle Family - Tina, Sam, Nellie, Butch, Zak & a Dingle dog
Most of the Dingle's original wardrobe came from car boot sales. This does not include Paul Loughran's lovely tie......honest!
Paul Loughran (Butch Dingle) and Kate McGregor (Emily Wylie - later Dingle) won the 1999 Inside Soap Award for the:

"Best Soap Couple"

ITV.COM Christmas Crime

Tuesday | 23.12.03

Emmerdale’s Dingle clan are facing a bleak Christmas at home.

The family have very little money in the kitty and without a miracle they are going to have a very miserable time.

Never ones to accept their circumstances, the Dingles already have a plan to get enough money to make the festive season their best ever - but it involves a criminal scheme, not to mention some rather unusual fancy dress.

During the last year various members of the family have fallen out with the Tate family. Cain hated the late Chris because he married Charity. In turn she was set up for murder by vengeful Chris who killed himself to frame her. And now Zoe Tate is determined to see her do a life sentence and has also declared poor Sam Dingle can’t have a Christmas bonus.

But Charity - who resided at Home Farm for a couple of years - has insider knowledge into the Tate’s financial affairs. And she also has the key to a safe containing a lot of money.

As everyone prepares to liberate the money, Chastity decides that she will act as a decoy and dons an outfit consisting of just underwear - and a fur coat.

With the plan in place, the Dingles steal into Home Farm. Will they get out with the money or a lengthy spell in prison?

Christmas Week 2003

Scott’s Snatched

Tuesday | 30.03.04

Emmerdale’s Scott Windsor learns not to mess with the Dingles.

The hunky local has got on the wrong side of the formidable clan thanks to the instructions of hard-nosed boss Zoe Tate.

So, following the release of dangerous Dingle Cain this week, patriarch Zak and his henchmen decide it’s time Scott was given the fright of his life.

Things have been interesting for Scott lately. His role in the Tate Empire has given him better access to young daughter Jean and he has recently struck up a sizzling friendship with bored wife Dawn Woods.

But his hopes of spending a steamy evening with smitten Dawn are shattered when he is ambushed while waiting for her in his car.

And after taking Scott for a terrifying ride around the Dales, Cain drags the disorientated heart-throb out of the vehicle and leaves him teetering at the top of a stone tower they’ve built.

Can Scott hold on to his nerves - and his life?

Desmond Llewelyn, who played "Q" in the James Bond films was a big Emmerdale fan. His favourite characters were the Dingles.

Desmond died in a car crash on 19th December 1999