Updated 4th November 2004

Albert Dingle fan card circa 1997-1998

Albert Ezekiel Dingle:
Played by Bobby Knutt

Thank you to Paul Berridge for this picture

 Appeared periodically throughout the years 1995-1998.
His first appearance started from 21st December 1995-January 1996. He came back Christmas 1996 and had a regular part throughout 1997.
18th October 2004, 19th october 2004, 20th October 2004, 21st October 2004

Brother of Zak

Albet is probably one of the worst Dingles, in and out of prison and would sell his own family.

Married to Delilah

Son: Marlon

Delilah Dingle:
Married to Albert. Son: Marlon

Dingle Family Tree by Chris Ward

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