Revamped 3rd April 2004

Belle Lisa Dingle
25th December 1998 -

Played by: Emily Mather

(c) 2004 Yorkshire Television - official press picture of Belle Dingle.  Reprinted with kind permision.

Born: 25 December 1998 to Zak and his 2nd wife Lisa.

Belle has five half-siblings:

Butch (dead), Ben (dead) Tina (who Belle has never met) and Sam, Cain.

Belle has a niece 9 years older than her - Debbie Jones

She was a complete surprise as Lisa didn't even know she was pregnant.

Belle was delivered by vet Paddy Kirk who was spending Christmas Day with the Dingles.

Zak & Lisa with their new baby Belle

Belle and Lisa say goodbye to Zak on the 31st December 2002

22 December 2003 Belle tookpart in the Church's Christmas service - also pictured Debbie, Betty, Lisa and Rev. Ashley Thomas.

Belle got her first official fan card in 2004

Dingle Family Tree by Chris Ward

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