Updated 3rd April 2004

Ben Dingle:
Played by Steve Fury









Appeared: 9 August 1994

He was the first of the Dingle clan to show up in Emmerdale in August 1994.

Born: 18 February 1974

Died: 9 August 1994

Son of Zak and Nellie

Siblings: Butch (dead), Sam and Tina (who he was said to be particularly close to.

Half-Siblings: Belle and Cain

Extra Notes: The Death of Ben began a family feud with the McAllisters and ultimately introduced the Dingle clan to Emmerdale. The feud went on until the death of a member of the rival family. Ben died after he provoked a fight with the local doctor's son, Luke. It was thought for a while that Luke had given Ben a fatal punch. It was later reported that Ben had a heart defect and Luke got off a murder or manslaughter charge. The Dingles didn't forgive and they never forgot however.

Dingle Family Tree by Chris Ward

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