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Chastity ("Chas") Dingle:
Played by
Lucy Pargeter

(c) Yourshire Television 2003 - publicity shot of Chastity

Appeared: 16-17th October 2002

Returned Sunday 21st September 2003 -

The Dingles - Marlon is horrified as his cousin Chastity strips off.  Zak, Sam and Shadrach look on.

Daughter of Shadrach, probably by Faith. If so, Chastity is the half-sister of Cain.

In September 2003 she revealed she had a ten year old son called Aaran.

Pictured: (L-R) Chastity (LUCY PARGETER) and Lisa (JANE COX).

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Character: Chastity Dingle

Child: She told Ashley that she had a son, living with his father in Hotten.

Parents: Shadrach Dingle, father. Faith Dingle, probably her mother.

Siblings: Cain Dingle, possible half-brother.

Other Family: See here.

Appeared: 16th-17th October 2002, 21st September 2003 - present

Played by: Lucy Pargeter


Chastity first came to Emmerdale as a stripper at her cousin Marlon’s stag night. She was later bundled into the back of a van with Rev. Ashley, who had been mistaken for Marlon.

Then, almost a year later, she returned to the village to stay with her family. She had been kicked out by her landlord and soon started searching the village for a job. She manipulated Ashley into getting her a job behind the Woolpack, although Louise wasn’t too sure.

About Lucy Pargeter:

Lucy Pargeter has also appeared in Crossroads, also as a stripper. She appeared in Emmerdale, while Crossroads was taking a break.


Alcohol Aspirations

Tuesday | 23.09.03

Emmerdale newcomer Chastity Dingle has a dream job in mind.

Having arrived in the village with no money and no prospects, the buxom lass is determined to get behind the Woolpack bar.

Realising that being a Dingle won’t help her cause, Chastity decides to enlist the help of local vicar Ashley Thomas to put her case forward to landladies Louise and Diane.

Actress Lucy Pargeter - who plays the trouble-making newcomer - says, "She is a real survivor and I'm delighted she is returning to the show.

“Chastity needs money and she targets Ashley to help her get a job. They have coffee and she tells him a sob story about having a son who is living with his dad in Hotten and how badly she needs some cash to get back on her feet.

“Ashley is a soft touch and he promises to put in a word at The Woolpack for her.”

Will he be able to exert any influence over his pals?

The Sun's Weekly guide to The Soaps 21st September 2003


Sun to Fri - ITV1


JUST when it seems nothing can surprise the strife-torn Dingle family, a face from the past walks back in to their lives - Shadrach’s devious daughter, Chastity.

She is down on her luck and homeless after being kicked out of her home by her landlord. Lisa tells her niece that she’s welcome to stay, while Shadrach, admitting he has never been a good father to Chastity, vows to return money he once stole from her.

It isn’t long before Chastity, who was in the soap briefly last October, is using her charm and sex appeal to persuade vicar Ashley to find her a job.

"She is a real survivor and I’m delighted she is returning to the show," says Lucy Pargeter, who plays the returning Dingle.

"Chastity needs money and she targets Ashley to help her get a job. They have a coffee together and she tells him a sob story about having a son who is living with his dad in Hotten and how badly she needs some cash to get back on her feet.

"Ashley is a soft touch and he promises to put in a word at The Woolpack for her."

Ashley pleads Chastity’s case at the pub and, though Louise has her reservations, Diane agrees to hire her on a trial basis.

"Chastity is delighted. Being a barmaid is a great way to size up the talent," says Lucy.

"The poor drinking-men of Emmerdale aren’t going to have a clue what’s hit them."

Sunday Mirror Magazine:


Nov 16 2003

Exclusive By Anna Pointer Additional Reporting: Pat Hill

AS the latest member of Emmerdale's notorious Dingle family she's
already raised a few eyebrows - and pulses.

Actress Lucy Pargeter's brief appearance last year as the stripping
nun Chastity in stockings, suspenders and basque was such a ratings-
winner that she's now landed a full-time role in the soap.

Which is quite a feat for a girl who was bullied mercilessly at
school for being too fat.

Lucy, 26, says: "Between seven and 13 I was the fat kid. The other
children called me names. It was all really cruel and upset me so
much I'd cry myself to sleep."

In fact, Lucy was so self-conscious about her figure she once took
drastic action to avoid being on stage at school.

She says: "We were all dressed as fairies and I felt so embarrassed
about my costume not fitting properly that I ripped my tutu so I
didn't have to go on stage. The whole childhood thing left me very
conscious about my weight - and that fear will be there for ever."
Luckily Lucy, who had previously played stripper Helen Raven in
doomed soap Crossroads, is now proud to show off her body.

"Undressing is just part of the job," she says. "But I have to admit
it was a bit embarrassing having to strip off on my very first day on
the Emmerdale set! But thankfully it wasn't too revealing - it
couldn't be for a 7pm show."

Lucy managed to slim down as she reached her teens. She says: "I
couldn't understand why I was fat so decided to compare what I was
eating with what my friend ate. It was only then I realised I was
eating a lot of crap.

"I can't believe I was such a gannet. I would eat five or six
chocolate bars a day - which is what my friend would have in a week.

"There's no reason I over-ate. My parents were incredibly supportive
and I was happy other than that. I just ate every time I was hungry."

After realising where she was going wrong, Lucy says she ruled out
the fatty foods. "I changed my eating habits and finally lost the
weight. About the age of 14 I had my hair permed and boys started
noticing me for the first time."

And despite her now slim figure, Lucy confesses: "I do have to watch
it still and tried the Atkins Diet a while back with my friend. I was
gutted though - she lost 9lb and I put on six, doing exactly the same
as her. Maybe my body is just weird, but I've tried all sorts of
diets and they don't work.

"But I believe in everything in moderation, so I still have the odd
bar of chocolate - just not five at once!

Lucy's acting career really took off two years ago when she starred
as a hairdresser in a government TV advert, aimed at stamping out
benefit fraud. But she was caught up in controversy after it was
claimed she was claiming unemployment benefits herself while working
as a jobbing actress.

Lucy is still very defensive about it. "There was no truth in that
and it was very upsetting," she insists. "I had a flat to pay for and
was looking for work. I wasn't ashamed to claim benefits. Then, I did
two days' work on an advert but had to wait two months for the money.
As soon as I got paid I signed off, and I have proof of that."

Lucy had also achieved minor fame as a member of a girl-band called
Paper Dolls, who split up three years ago after touring with top
groups like Boyzone and Westlife. "They were fantastic, and hilarious
days," she says. "The boys were always pretty well behaved, and I
think the only hotel rooms being trashed were ours.

"But there were loads of drunken parties and we'd often stay up all
night. Once one of the singers was caught having a very steamy shower
with a girl at 3am. It was so steamy it set the fire alarms off - and
we all had to run outside. I won't say who it is though - I'm still
mates with the guys."

Lucy, who lives in London, adds: "I know we were the envy of millions
of girls being on tour with them. But we saw their other sides too -
like when they were grumpy or suffering really bad hangovers."

Although Lucy's band were dropped by their label after a merger, she
has no regrets. "I had a whale of a time, but we weren't making any
money. We did all the performing, recording and stadium tours, and
experienced everything as a group - apart from the success."

It was then that Lucy returned to acting, and picked up parts in
Crossroads, Soldier, Soldier and films including Anita And Me. She
first appeared in Emmerdale for five episodes last year, and when
Crossroads was dropped, decided to see if Chastity could be
resurrected ...for good.

"We were given just two weeks notice that Crossroads was being axed
so I phoned the Emmerdale producers and asked if there was a
possibility that Chastity could come back.

"It appeared that the response first time round had been good, and
people had written saying 'Are we going to see more of her'?"

Since her reappearance in September, Lucy has attracted a legion of
male fans. "It feels a bit weird, but being seen as a sex symbol is a
great compliment. I get lots of nice letters from men, but nothing
creepy yet, thank God. And I can still go to Tesco in peace without
being recognised, which suits me."

Just as well perhaps, as Lucy has been with boyfriend Christian for
five years. "He's in the music industry and we met at a studio in
Sheffield while I was working on an album with my band. He's good
mates with the Westlife boys, so we all still get together now and
again," she says.

But they have no plans to settle down yet. "It's still too early to
jump into marriage. Our careers are both hectic, he's been in
Australia for a couple of months. We also have a dog - and that's the
only child we need right now."

Lucy is also perfectly happy with the way her career is going. "I
don't have any grand vision for the future. It's a relief to be able
to pay the mortgage and I'm happy just to be working.

"Chastity is going to make her mark in Emmerdale - I'm sure of that.
She is a Dingle after all. She's basically the female version of her
half-brother Cain - she has a short temper and likes stirring up

"We've just finished filming our Emmerdale Christmas scenes which is
weird, as we're taking down all the decorations."

Although Lucy won't reveal what scandal might be coming Chastity's
way, she says: "I can reveal that the New Year storyline is going to
be a shocking one - and very sad.

"But the Dingles will keep well out of it this time, for once."

CHEATER CHASTITY; EXCLUSIVE Emmerdale star's secret affairwith TV hunk.(News)
Sunday Mirror (London, England); 1/25/2004


EMMERDALE beauty Lucy Pargeter has secretly been dating TV hunk Steve Jones behind her lover's back.

Lucy, 26, who plays Chastity Dingle in the hit soap, has gone on a string of intimate dates with T4 presenter Steve...while her long-term boyfriend Christian has been away working in Australia.

And she is so smitten she is planning to dump Christian, who works in the music business, after a five-year |romance. Lucy and Jones have become inseparable after being introduced by mutual friends in December.

A close pal said: "Lucy can't get enough of Steve and he's besotted with her too.

"She loves Christian and doesn't want to hurt him as they have been together for five years. But Steve is the man for her.

"There's definitely a lot of chemistry between them. One of Lucy's friends lives in the same block of flats as Steve and they hit it off the minute they met. They have been trying to keep their relationship under wraps, but they can't get enough of each other.

"Although Lucy spends most of her time away in Yorkshire filming Emmerdale, she also has a flat in Chelsea and comes down to London to see Steve when she can."

Lucy was so desperate to see former model Steve that she drove more than 200 miles last Saturday night to join him for a date at his plush Marylebone pad the following day.

The stunning brunette, who recently had a boob job, is no stranger to causing a stir with her fantastic figure. She played stripper Helen Raven in doomed soap Crossroads before raising pulses in Emmerdale as stripping nun Chastity in basque and stockings. She proved such a ratings winner that she landed a full-time role.

Welshman Steve's looks attracted Oscar-winner Halle Berry who flew him to Los Angeles for a cosy dinner date after they hit it off when he interviewed her last year. He has also beeen linked to former Miss Great Britain Liz Fuller.

An Emmerdale spokesman confirmed last night that Lucy and Steve were friends but denied there was any romance.


Click here for The Mirror: CAUGHT IN THE HONEYTRAP Feb 7 2004
Emmerdale, ITV1 Sun-Fri

By Tony Stewart (Email:

Chas Dingle and Scott

Slithery Scott clearly gets some kind of perverse pleasure out of working for the Only Gay In The Village, that schizophrenic lesbian lady of the manor, Zoe.

ITV.COM Chastity Belts Louise

Friday | 20.02.04

Emmerdale stunners Chastity and Louise are heading for a showdown.

The Woolpack co-workers have endured a stormy and complicated relationship ever since the fiery Dingle took the job under landlady Louise's scrutiny.

As two of the most delectable women in the Dales, both Chastity and Louise are very competitive and their rivalry has spilled over into genuine dislike.

So when Chastity takes the day off work without asking Louise's permission, the furious manager decides to teach her a lesson. Louise corners Chas' ex- husband Gordon and informs him all about the incident where Chastity slapped their son Aaron's face.

Delighted to have something to hold over his ex, Gordon gleefully informs Chastity that she has no hope of getting custody of the youngster now - prompting a dramatic response from the heartbroken mother.

Chastity storms to the Woolpack to confront Louise and erupts on the sight of the blonde barmaid. Unable to contain her disdain for Louise, Chastity allows her fists to do the talking.

But will the violent display leave her without her son - and her job?

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 22nd February 2004,,2001330006-2004080013_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1


THE personality clash between Chastity and Louise boils over as a furious Chas punches her boss in the face in The Woolpack.

Shocked and hurt, landlady Louise sacks her on the spot and orders her to pack her bags and move out of her room at the pub.

"Chas is so angry that she doesn’t care," says Lucy Pargeter, who plays the hard-hitting barmaid. "Louise has been getting on Chas’s nerves for ages and this time Louise went too far. She deserved it."

Chas flips after discovering Louise has been telling Gordon, Chas’s estranged husband, about her slapping their son, Aaron.

"Chastity feels really guilty about that," says Lucy. "She was badly provoked, but never meant to hit her son."

Chas tries to patch things up with Aaron, but he refuses to have anything to do with her. When Gordon arrives at the pub, Aaron doesn’t hesitate in telling him that his mother hit him. And when Louise is quick to confirm the youngster’s claims, Gordon’s shock turns to anger.

"When Chas comes in, Gordon tells her she’s not fit to be a mother, and he won’t let her see Aaron again," says Lucy. "Chas is devastated. She might seem hard, but she desperately wants a relationship with Aaron. Then, she finds out it’s Louise who has made it all sound worse. She just loses it and thumps her."

Louise is left nursing a black eye, while sacked Chas is forced to move in with the other Dingles.

"She is angry with herself for losing her temper, her job and her home," says Lucy. "She goes back to The Woolpack and tells Bob how sorry she is, but Louise refuses to take her back and even says she is barred."

Diane insists that they let Chas come to the pub as a customer though and later, at the karaoke, Chas dedicates a song to Louise - You’re So Vain.

I can do that: Soap stars shout for better shop access.(Features)
Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England); 2/26/2004


TV SOAP stars have joined the fight to get more shops accessible to disabled people.

By October 1st,every business, large or small --from the local shop to salons,health clubs, dentists and supermarkets --will need to become more user-friendly to Britain's 8.6 million disabled people in the biggest ever shake-up of consumer legislation.

New laws mean that businesses will need to make changes --such as adapting premises, removing physical barriers or providing the service another way --so that disabled people can use the service.

One way for businesses to make sure their get their act together is by joining the Disability Rights Commission's Open4AllCampaign.

Julie Hesmonshalgh, who plays Hayley in Coronation Street, said: ``It's fantastic to back the campaign and Hayley's doing her bit to knock down barriers in her cafe.''

Sue Nicholls (Audrey) said: ``Businesses will be hit hard if they do nothing, yet small improvements mean they can reap the benefits of the pounds 50 billion annual spending power of disabled people.''

Emmerdale's stars are also lending their weight to the campaign.

Elizabeth Estensen (Diane Blackstock) said: ``Even in these cynical times it makes commercial sense to open up more places to disabled people because they bring their families along with them.

``This is quite aside from the obvious point that we live in an equal society. Equality does not mean that some people are barred due to poor access while other people can go where they choose.''

Lucy Pargeter (Chastity Dingle) said: ``It just amazes me that it's not been done before. Why has access never been readily available to disabled customers? Surely it takes less effort to build a ramp than a set of steps!''

The legislation,introduced under the Disability Discrimination Act, will affect more than 2 million British businesses. Failure to act could result in legal action.


Charity Champions

Friday | 05.03.04

Emmerdale stars have joined a campaign for disability drinkers' rights.

Actresses Elizabeth Estensen (Diane Blackstock, pictured right) and Lucy Pargeter (Chastity Dingle, pictured far left) are heading the fight to give disabled pub patrons access into bars.

The cause has been brought to public attention by the Disability Rights Commission who want the thrust a new disability law into the nation’s consciousness.

The law will come into effect in October and it demands publicans make reasonable adjustments to make their establishments disabled friendly.

Elizabeth says, “Even in these cynical times it makes commercial sense to open up more places to disabled people because they bring their families with them.

"Equality does not mean that some people are barred due to poor access whilst other people can go where they choose.”

Lucy adds, “Why has access never been readily available to customers? Surely it takes less effort to build a ramp than a set of steps.”

EMMERDALE Sunday 21 September 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Chastity Dingle (LUCY PARGETER) arrives in Emmerdale.

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