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Lisa Dingle

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First Appearance: 13 August 1996

Marital Status: Divorced from Barry Clegg, married Zak Dingle 28 Jan 1998.

Born: 1956

Children: Belle Lisa Dingle

Job: Former Pig lady, Welder, Mechanic, Builder and more recently Painter and decorator. Currently working in Eric Pollard's factory.

16th June 2003 - Lisa (JANE COX) knees Shadrach (ANDY DEVINE) in the groin and warns him to keep his hands off her


Ding Dong At The Dingles

Thursday | 31.07.03

Emmerdale's Lisa Dingle is furious with roguish relative Shadrach tonight.

Having rumbled his plot to cause a rift between her and absent husband Zak, angry Lisa is determined to get her revenge.

And the plucky factory worker knows better than to confront slimy Shadrach directly with the truth, instead she decides to play him at his own game.

For weeks, Shadrach has been intercepting letters from Zak and disposing of them and his final insult was to draft a fake note declaring that Zak had taken up with another woman and her family.

But he's not the only Dingle with a talent for fiction. Lisa composes her own pretend letter from Zak, which says that he intends to treat Shadrach very harshly on his return.

Shadrach is left to believe that Zak has found out about his double-dealing.

Will the dastardly Dingle disappear?

The current Lisa Dingle official fan card

After his wife, Nellie, left to care for her father in Ireland, Zak Dingle's broken heart was mended when Lisa Clegg arrived on the scene. Actress Jane Cox, who plays Lisa, enjoyed the chance to play Steve Halliwell's love interest in Emmerdale. 'I was told that Lisa was a big lady and most comfortable in wellington boots,' says the softly spoken actress. 'I originally auditioned for the role of Nellie. It was between me and Sandra Cough, and Sandra landed it. I'm glad I got this part instead because I enjoy this character. She's very practical and down to earth. I like the fact that she spends most of the time in a boiler suit but can be sassy.
I was quite  surprised that she could have love scenes with Zak! 'The key thing is to bring truth to the character and what she does. That's how humour works. You have to be careful that you don't go over the top with it. Steve and I had worked together before in Christmas shows with the M6 Theatre Company at Middleton Civic Theatre, in Lancashire. He usually played the baddie and I played the dame.'
It was her father's love of Shakespeare that led Jane into acting. 'He was a physiotherapist but loved language and I liked listening to him read,' she recalls. 'I was quite good at verse-speaking as a child; then there was a period when i wanted to be a painter, so I left school and got a place at art college. But I ended up as an assistant stage manager at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter, in 1971, when Robert Lindsay was doing his first professional work there.
Jane subsequently decided to train as an actress and went to the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. 'I wanted to learn the craft,' she says. 'Three years later, when I left, I wanted to go to the north because I had never been there. I started with a community theatre company in Newcastle and loved the north-east. It was very different from the south the people were just so warm and friendly and lovely. There was more a sense of community, which relates to the nature of how work is and has been - people have worked together in factories whereas, in the south-west, tourism is the industry. After Newcastle, I moved to Leeds Playhouse and did a lot of community theatre, then fringe theatre. I believe in taking theatre to the people.'
Two years at the Barbican, London, with the Royal Shakespeare Company was an experience Jane will always remember as a chance to spend time with other actors and writers exploring the characters. By then, jane had already made her television debut in the second series of the childrens programme Return of the Antelope, in which she played Ethel the cook. She then made five series of another children's programme, Allsorts, as well as appearing on screen in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates and The Ghostbusters of East Finchley before the role of Lisa in Emmerdale came along in 1996.
'I'm really happy doing this job,' says Jane. 'I like the character very much. It doesn't compromise women - it strikes a blow for women with bigger figures. I always think I have to get thinner and that I'm fat. But suddenly I had all this love interest.'  

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward

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