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Mandy Dingle fancard circa 1997-1998

Appeared 1st: 20th July 1995
( at cousin Tina's non-wedding to Luke McAllister).

Apeared 2nd: episode around 24th October 1995 as a protester against the Dingle eviction.

Apeared 3rd: 26 December 1995-Summer 2000

Apeared 4th: 16-26 November 2001.

Daughter of Caleb Dingle and Vera-Lynn

Has four stepbrothers (or half-brothers) from her father's current marriage.

Niece of Zak Dingle

Born: 1 March 1977

Married: 1st cousin Butch 1 Nov 1998 divorced not long afterwards

Married 2nd Paddy Kirk 13 Oct 1999 (with whom she began divorce proceedings in December 2001)

Last Mandy Dingle fancard

The outrageous Mandy Dingle has become one of soap's larger-than-life characters since first appearing in Emmerdale at her cousin Tina's 'nonwedding' to Luke McAllister in 1995. Lisa Riley, the actress who plays Mandy, returned in the role the following year after the departure of Sandra Gough, who played Zak Dingle's wife, Nellie. 'That left a gap for me to come back,' says Lisa.
'I can associate with over-the-top people like Mandy. She is very loud-mouthed and flirtatious. I'm a bubbly person too, but I'm not like her. She's very outspoken, in-your-face. But she has changed. The public have seen her emotional side now, such as when she cried after being beaten up by the owners of the burger bar that was in competition with Mandy's Munch Box. It had always been one-on-one before, but that time she couldn't fight back.'
With the Dingles constantly providing humour in the soap, Emmerdale has given Lisa her first chance to perform comedy. 'Visually, all the Dingles are very funny and there are people out there who are like them, she says. 'But comedy is something you are born with. You have to suss out your timing. When you watch John Cleese and other greats, you see that their timing is phenomenal.'
Born in Burnley, Lancashire, Lisa trained at Oldham Theatre Workshop from the age of nine and was signed up by a Manchester agent three years later. One of her first roles, at Oldham Coliseum, was as the Guide teacher in Worzel Gummidge. 'At 15,' she says, 'I was looking too old for a 15-year-old and ended up taking a job as a receptionist in a foam factory.'
But she was soon acting again and had a small part in Coronation Street as Nina, who was employed at Bettabuys supermarket when Vera Duckworth was caught shoplifting there. Lisa also played a witch in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates and Daniella in the film Butterfly Kiss, starring Amanda Plummer. 'That was a really good experience,' she says. 'I learned so much from Amanda.' Another favourite actress of Lisa's is Bette Midler.
But it is the role of Mandy Dingle that has brought Lisa recognition - and won her the Best Newcomer honour at the 1996 National Television Awards. 'From the moment she came on the screen, she took you on a journey,' says the actress. 'My favourite storyline was when Dave Glover dumped Mandy and left her in a phone box. After getting to the top of the hill on her night out with Dave, she fell back down again.
'When she gets dumped by men, she feels rejected. She thinks, "I'm the fat, ugly one and everyone else gets a boyfriend apart from me." She wants someone to give her a cuddle and care about her.
Lisa, who was 19 when she became a regular cast member in Emmerdale early in 1996, might not still be in the serial when she is 35, but she has no plans to leave yet. 'There are lots of other things I want to do eventually, though,' she says. 'I'd love to do sitcoms and films, as well as musical theatre in the West End. Barbra Streisand is my favourite singer and my dream role is Mme Thenardier in Les Miserables. Everything I do, I want to do successfully and do well.'
Mandy married Paddy Kirk in 1999, but opted to keep the name Dingle.

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward

Lisa Riley, who played Mandy Dingle now hosts ITV's You've Been Framed.

The Mirror Online


Feb 5 2003

EXCLUSIVE PART TWO: How fat jibes drove Lisa to edge of despair

By Jenny Johnston and Nick Webster

IT'S hard to know whether to laugh or cry. Lisa Riley is telling the story of how she used to turn to the internet to find love - posing as a Lisa Riley lookalike.

"I'd always go under a false name and say I got £500 a night in Blackpool as the Lisa Riley lookalike. Well, I couldn't go on as myself could I?" she giggles. Then comes the sad sigh.

"It was never going to work, really. Even if I'd found somebody I liked, I couldn't really have done anything about it.

"Can you imagine the headlines - 'I bonked Lisa Riley after a chatroom chat'? Besides, meeting someone on the internet probably isn't a good idea. They could be a complete nutball. You have no idea how things would turn out."

She might not have got herself into a chatroom-type tangle, but Lisa Riley's love life is certainly raising eyebrows at the moment.

The actress and presenter has just started to live with her new lover - a married man who left his wife Jayne and two children for her after knowing her for just two months.

In Monday's Daily Mirror she talked openly about how she fell in love with 35-year-old Nick Holly. Today she explains why, before meeting Nick, she thought she was destined to spend the rest of her life alone.

"That might sound a bit daft since I'm only 26," says the star of You've Been Framed and Fat Friends. "But I really was starting to believe that I'd never ever find anyone to love me.

"In the past two years, I've lost my gran, my mum has had breast cancer and my dad's been diagnosed with diabetes. I went through all that on my own. Yes, I have great friends and family, but it's not the same as having someone special.

"I've been lonely. I know it's not the done thing to show that you want someone, but I do. I might go out with my mates and go home alone at the end of the night and treat it all as one big laugh, but it does hurt.

"You watch all your friends pair up and settle down and start getting married. And you've still got no one.

"You do start to wonder if you will ever find anyone. For a while there, I really thought I'd be on my own for the rest of my life. Always the entertainment - making other people happy. But never being happy myself.

"It's not about sex. I've gone for a year without having sex. It's the closeness you miss. I think my mum understands how unhappy I have been. Your mum sees a side of you that you won't show to anyone else.

"You feel a bit stupid going on to your friends about how you just want someone. You sound pathetic and desperate."

This is quite some admission from someone who has built her whole career on a bubbly, confident image.

Lisa Riley has become as famous for her determination to be herself as for her TV roles. And that determination includes sticking two fingers up at those who expect her to look a particular way.

But the famous "rhino skin" she talks about isn't quite as thick as it seems. On one level, Lisa knows her size is an asset: "At least people know who I am," she admits. "If I was just another skinny blonde lass they wouldn't remember me."

ON ANOTHER level, however, her size has brought her nothing but grief. This week's headlines have again focused on her size. "Lardy Lisa," read one.

"I've tried so hard to shrug it off. When you get pictures of yourself in the paper with the headline 'Emmerwhale', you do have to become immune. I really really don't care. But when it comes from blokes you might fancy, it is different.

"I remember this terrible situation. We were dancing around one night in Manchester and this guy who was completely gorgeous was nearby with seven or eight mates.

"He came over, and we were flirting. Then I snogged him and I looked over and all his mates were laughing. That was horrible. Am I just one big laugh, that comedy fat bird from the TV? "It made me feel desperate. It made me feel horrible. The only time I've ever wanted to be slim was to discover how men would treat me. I'd like to do it just for a day.

"I have looked at fat women in shopping centres and been consoled by the fact that they have husbands with them. It made me realise fat birds do find someone too."

Although she tells all her stories in the same self-deprecating, yet hilarious, manner, there is a definite sadness about Lisa's relationship history - or lack of it. She remembers hoping for night of passion on her birthday after a party with mates at a posh Manchester hotel.

"One of the guys was great. He would have been perfect for me. Dead sharp, very quick witted. I'd gone to bed. There was a knock on my door and there he was! But someone had left a cardigan on a chair and he thought it was mine - end of story.

"I did think I was going to get a birthday bonk at a nice hotel but it didn't happen. Story of my life."

She says she did once have a nine-month relationship with a medical student, but the affair fell apart because he was unable to cope with the constant attention that came with her job. But the only time she had been in love before meeting Nick Holly was when she fell "hook line and bloody sinker" for a handsome 23-year-old called Lee Cooper.

Early in the relationship she discovered that Cooper was not all he seemed. He had been charged with swindling old people at a residential home he managed and was eventually convicted of fraud.

Cooper's crimes were committed at Tree Tops Residential home in Barrowden, Rutland. He stole £30,000 from a couple aged 93 and 90, and £30,000 from another elderly woman. He frittered away his loot on trips to Amsterdam and Paris, and on London shopping sprees. While he was in prison, however, Lisa remained devoted to him, unaware he was boasting to fellow inmates about his relationship with her, and passing notes from her around the cells.

He even passed round photos of her ample DD curves. She, in turn, lied to everyone about their relationship, claiming that her boyfriend was living in Australia.

The experience - and humiliation she suffered - seem to have left a deep scar.

S HE says: "I thought I would never get over being hurt like that. It is devastating to discover that someone you really love is so different to the person you thought he was.

"And I was so desperate to be happy that I handled that situation all wrong. I really thought that he would be found not guilty.

"I tried to hide the truth about him from everyone. Even my mum and dad. I lied and lied to them.

"This time, when I told them about Nick being married, I could see they were concerned. When you've got my track record, that is understandable.

"My mum said that whatever happened, I should be honest with her."

Lisa's big concern now is how her very public relationship with Nick will go down with her fans.

Although she has now finished presenting You've Been Framed, she is committed to a Cold Feet-style ITV drama later this year.

She has always been supremely confident about her professional life, and has always insisted her personal problems shouldn't affect her career.

Whether she can maintain that confidence as the storm over her new love rages fiercely around her remains to be seen.



THE dumped wife of Emmerdale star Lisa Riley's new lover broke down last night and said: "I can't believe he's left me for that fat bird off the telly."

Pretty florist Jayne Holly, 41, was devastated when her husband Nick ran off with the roly-poly soap actress. Opening her heart for the first time, she told The People: "Lisa destroyed me. I'm utterly humiliated.

"How can you forgive a woman for stealing your husband and taking your children's father away?"

Trim blonde Jayne continued: "I didn't think in a million years he would fancy her. Nick likes slim blondes. I don't understand it and I've hardly slept.

"This is so hard for the children. They're very angry with their father."

She added: "I'm not after revenge. I just want to put my side of the story."

Jayne's world fell apart last week when artist Nick, 35, told her he had fallen for Lisa, 26.

They met while she was in panto in Swansea.

He left Jayne and their children aged 12 and eight, to live with the You've Been Framed presenter in Manchester.

Jayne said: "He'd been acting strange, then stayed out all night. I asked him if he was seeing someone else and he admitted it.

"He wouldn't give me her name at first.

"I went through all the cast members - but I never thought it would be flipping Lisa Riley."

The Sun 27th February 2003

Telly Lisa's been dumped

YOU’VE Been Framed star Lisa Riley has been dumped by her married lover after just a month.

Dad-of-two Nick Holly, 35, was reunited with his wife and kids yesterday while Lisa was at home alone.

Nick’s missus Jayne said last night: “He’s told me he’s back for good and assured me he’ll never do anything like this again.”

Her hubby fell for roly poly Lisa, 26, when she was in panto at the theatre where he works backstage.

Nick left Jayne, 41, and their kids in Swansea to live 250 miles away with the star in Bury, Greater Manchester.

But he has returned to Wales and is staying with a pal while he and shop worker Jayne work out their future. Jayne — his wife of 13 years — admitted: “I’m very, very happy. I never thought they were right together.”

She said of Lisa: “I’ve no real thoughts for her — but I still can’t understand what he saw in her.”

Lisa, famed as Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale, had claimed she found true love with Nick. She insisted: “With Nick I feel special and it’s the best feeling in the world. This will work.”

They went off together after she finished a six-week run as the Ring Mistress in Goldilocks at Swansea’s Grand Theatre.

But Jayne and Nick kept on friendly terms for their kids’ sake and he regularly popped back to see Alys, eight and Sam, 12.

Back together ... Nick and Jayne yesterday

Nick took daughter Alys to school yesterday before going back to work at the theatre.

He said: “Lisa thought I was Mr Right — but I realised I could never leave my kids.

“I soon discovered my feelings for Jayne were deeper and stronger than I’d thought.

“I’ve made a mistake but I hope things can be better and stronger than ever between us.

“I just want us to be happy together again as a family.”

The Sun 28th February 2003

Lisa: I still love Nick

Alone ... Lisa Riley



ROLY-POLY telly star Lisa Riley insisted yesterday she was still in love with the married dad-of-two who ditched her.

The Sun revealed yesterday that Nick Holly had returned to his wife and children just a month after leaving them to set up home with You’ve Been Framed presenter Lisa, 26.

But Lisa put on a brave face yesterday and said he only left her for the sake of his kiddies. And she admitted: “I’m still in love with him and I believe that he is still in love with me.

“I know he’s still in love with me. There was no problem with us, it was the sadness surrounding the children that tore us apart. His love for his children is unconditional.

“I promoted his relationship with the children all the time. I’ve always been understanding.

“I was the one who made him ring home every day. I didn’t want him to fall out with them. I wanted him to speak to them. I really hope he’s happy with the kids.”

Lisa fell for Nick, 35, while she was playing the Ring Mistress in Goldilocks at Swansea’s Grand Theatre in South Wales and he was working backstage.

After a six-week romance he left his wife Jayne, 41, and moved 250 miles away to live with the star in Bury, Greater Manchester.

But just a month later artist Nick is back home with Jayne, daughter Alys eight, and son Sam, 12. Speaking at her modern £200,000 detached home, heartbroken Lisa — who played Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale — told how Nick travelled back to Swansea last Friday to visit the children.

She said: “He called on Saturday to say he wasn’t coming back.

“That’s how it goes. It’s going to be hard for them to pick up the pieces.

“I’m all right. I’m doing a breast cancer ball next week and I’m glad I’m keeping busy. It’s one of those things, isn’t it? I’m sharing my life with the rest of Britain, that’s the price of being on TV.”

Recalling the way love bloomed between them during the panto season, Lisa went on: “Right from the beginning, when we realised what was happening and that we were very attracted to each other, our consideration was for his two children.

“It was very sad that there were kids involved but I believe children should always come first.

“I come from a very loving family myself and I always wanted his children to be a very big part of his life.

“I have never met them but Nick used to call them every single day.

“I know how hard it was for him to listen to them and not be there with them. It was easy to see how much he missed them. You could see it in his face as he talked to them.

“That was very distressing for me too, seeing him like that.

Runaway dad ... Nick spent a month with
lover Lisa at her home in Bury

“We talked a lot about it and I honestly thought we could get through it together.

“But he really couldn’t live with the guilt.

“I don’t want to say anything about how the children felt or what they used to say on the phone to their dad. It just wouldn’t be fair.”

But she added: “I did believe that we had something of a future together.

“He was living here with me and I don’t mind admitting I was in love with him. No, I AM in love with him.

“I regret that it’s happened. I thought we would go all the way together, but now I’m throwing myself into my work.

“I have a wonderful family and a network of amazing friends who are all here for me.

“Nick and I spoke on the phone yesterday, so we’ve not lost contact.

“But at the end of the day I knew the situation with his family.

“It’s just sad that we had to split up. I really thought we had a future.”



She was big, big mistake

SHAME-FACED Nick Holly admitted yesterday: “Lisa Riley was the biggest mistake of my life.”

After dumping Lisa and returning to his wife Jayne, 35-year-old Nick told The Sun: “It’s all over. I had feelings for her at first, but there are none now. My love now is for my wife and children.

“She said I was Mr Right but I always had my doubts. It never would have worked because of my children, and deep down I always knew that.

“I was attracted to Lisa’s personality. It all started with friendly conversations and went on from there.

“But once I’d left home I had a permanent stomach ache from missing the children. I thought I’d get over it, but it wasn’t that easy.”

He went on: “Lisa knew how I felt. She kept saying it would get better with time.

Together ... Nick back home with Jayne

“But I came to realise that my feelings for Jayne and the kids were still very strong and deep.”

Recalling his decision to go back to his family, Nick said: “Lisa was upset and angry.

I suppose she feels I’m laughing at her. That’s not true. I know she thought she’d found the right one with me. But I’m sorry, I’m not Mr Right.

“I couldn’t face the thought of my children growing up as strangers.

“I’ve messed up four people’s lives. I regret the hurt I’ve caused. Nothing I say is going to make it better. I just wish Lisa happiness in the future.”

Florist Jayne said: “I’ll never understand what he saw in her. She’s just a fat cow. I could have knocked her block off.

“I may have understood if he’d gone off with a leggy blonde from the show. But Lisa Riley?

“I just hope she leaves us alone now to get on with our lives.”

Jayne claimed Lisa has bombarded Nick with phone calls since he walked out on her and he had to to change his mobile phone number.

She added: “He’s home for good and he’s NEVER going back.”

Theatre artist leaves `Goldilocks' Lisa Riley and returns to see wife Feb 28 2003

The Western Mail - The National Newspaper Of Wales

THE Swansea-based artist who left his wife to live in Greater Manchester with ex-Emmerdale and You've Been Framed star Lisa Riley was back in Wales yesterday. Nick Holly, 35, fell for the 26-year-old actress while he was working backstage in the Swansea Grand Theatre pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

She was the star of the annual panto which was so popular with children, Swansea City and County Council had to repair seats broken by youngsters jumping up and down on them.

Days after the panto ended last month, father-of-two Nick told his wife Jayne, who works in a Swansea florist's shop, that he was moving in

to Lisa's home in Bury.

Lisa had played the ring mistress in the panto, which ran for six weeks at the Swansea Grand.

This week, however, Nick had returned to Swansea to live with a close friend while he and his wife discuss their future.

Nick has said his feelings for his wife were "deeper and stronger than I ever thought."

He says he wants to resume family life once again and earlier this week he took his daughter Alys, eight, to school before resuming his job at the theatre.

He and Jayne were married 13 years ago. The couple also have a 12-year-old son, Sam.

When Nick left, Jayne Holly complained that she was constantly reminded of Lisa Riley wherever she went because adverts for Goldilocks showing the actress's smiling face were pasted onto the back of Swansea buses.

Yesterday, from her home in Grenfell Park, St Thomas, Swansea she said she had never believed that Lisa and Nick "were right together".

Nick Holly, who works on the design of sets at the Grand Theatre, has built a strong reputation as an artist.

He studied at Swansea College of Art and Design and regularly exhibits his work which chronicles the urban and industrial landscape of South Wales.


Robbie's pal in the Frame

ROBBIE Williams’ best pal Jonathan Wilkes will host ITV1’s You’ve Been Framed after Lisa Riley quit the show.

Jonathan, 24 — who shares singer Robbie’s £2million home in Notting Hill, West London — will front the 15th series later this year.

Ex-Emmerdale star Lisa, 26, wants to return to acting and make a fresh start after being dumped by her married lover Nick Holly.

The actress, who played Mandy Dingle in the soap, joined You’ve Been Framed in 1998.

Last night a TV source said: “Lisa has done a great job but she felt it was time for her to go.”

Lisa Riley

Lisa ... return to acting

Jonathan’s career has struggled and he is still best known for being Robbie’s mate.

A guest slot on kids show SM:TV Live followed a flop pop career.

A spokesman for Granada, who make You’ve Been Framed, said: “He’s a face to watch out for.”

Mandy Dingle fancard from 1996

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