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About Mark Charnock who plays Marlon Dingle

Marlon fan card Circa 2002

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About the Actor and character

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward (1998)

Leaving religious orders to join the unholy alliance of the Dingles was not a totally unlikely move for actor Mark Charnock, who played novice Brother Oswin alongside Derek Jacobi in the television series Cadfael before acting in Emmerdale. 'As Cadfael's nerdy sidekick, I provided the comic relief, says Mark. 'Cadfael was surrounded by all thes horrible monks. I was the one geeky innocent he could confide in. Doing that programme was fantastic job because it was filmed in Hungary.
'I had wanted to be a director at school but switched to acting at university. I saw Derck Jacobi in Cyrano de Bergerac on television just as I was leaving school and his performance blew my head off. I thought if I could even approach something like that it was worth trying for. Then, of course, I was lucky enough to work with him in Cadfael - it was like working with my hero.'
But Mark had to turn down a further series of Cadfael when he landed the role of Butch Dingle's cousin, Marlon - son of Butch's Uncle Albert - in Emmerdale. 'I got an audition after Sue Jackson, the casting director, and Mervyn Watson, the producer, saw me in a Chekhov play, Wild Honey, in Scarborough that was directed by Alan Ayckbourn.
'Marlon was described to me as an Adonis and originally the idea had been to look for some hunk. But they changed their minds and decided they wanted someone a little bit quirky and arrogant, who thinks he is a ladies' man but isn't. He is a complete plonker! I usually play the nerd - now I'm playing the cocky nerd. But Marlon comes up with a lot of scams. He's a little sharper than the rest of the Dingles, certainly sharper than Butch. Paul Loughran and I became a double~act as Butch and Marlon. I'm the ideas man.'
Married with a young son, Mark - who come from Bolton - graduated from Hull University and trained at the Webber Douglas Academy in London 'When I left,' he recalls, 'nothing happened - there was no work. A lot of people had warned me about that. I felt, "I can't live like this, waiting for a job to come along."
'But then I landed a couple of television parts, one in The Ruth Rendell Mysteries and one in the sitcom 2point4 Children, as a thick bloke called Duane in a nice scene with Belinda Lang. I later worked on stage with Belinda and a great cast that included Una Stubbs in An Ideal Husband, at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.' Mark subsequently acted for two seasons at Oldham Coliseum and landed two bitparts in Coronation Street, as a policeman arresting Derek Wilton at the Red Rec where someone believed him to be the 'phantom flasher', and as a pizza delivery boy. He also played a policeman in EastEnders, as well as appearing in Watching and Waitingfor God.
Now he is getting used to acting in a long running serial. 'Soap is a funny opportunity for an actor,' says Mark. 'In most jobs, such as in stage plays or Cadfael, the story begins and ends. But soap is as close to life as you can get - it goes on and on. No one knows what's going to happen. It's something that evolves over time.'
Football is to Mark what meatballs are to Marlon - the staple ingredient of life. His passion for the sport and, more particularly, Manchester United, go way back.
"My parents are from Bolton," says Mark. "But it was my uncles who were into football and they were insane United fans. They used to collect all the stickers and newspaper cuttings to make scrap books.
"Basically they brainwashed me from a very, very early age! Then, when I was a young teenager, they got me a season ticket as a birthday present."
Mark's early memories are of a team managed by Dave Sexton, or Ron Atkinson and captained by Bryan Robson, or Ray Wilkins. He still tries to go to most home matches.

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