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All About Marlon Sebastian Dingle

Mark Charnock as Marlon

First Appearance: 17 October 1996 -

Father: Albert Dingle (Brother of Zak)

Born: 23 March 1974

Job: Found his vocation as a chef at Eric Pollard's wine bar. Ran Chez Marlon restaurant until he quit recently.

Finally married long-term partner Tricia Stokes on the 14th February 2003.

In May 2002 he won £15,000 on a lottery scratch card but by October 2002 it seems to have all but gone.

Tricia and Marlon finally get married

Profile from former official site which closed down in 2002

Played by Mark Charnock
First Appearance on 17 October 1996
Father; Albert Dingle (Brother of Zak)
Job; Found his vocation as a chef at Pollard’s. Ran Chez Marlon restaurant until he quit recently.


Turned up out of the blue at the Dingles in a flashy sports car driven by a glamorous blonde. Marlon gets the job of security supervisor at the quarry and is in charge of Butch and Zak. He starts the Christmas shop scam, moves a grotto into the village hall but refuses to dress up, then nearly cons the vicar. Finally, he brings his dad back to the village.

Steals Tina’s car, but is then double crossed by his dad before he goes back to prison. Marlon is forced to look after Lisa’s pigs with Butch, who he encourages to follow his dream of becoming an astronaut (and gets comic mileage out of his attempts to do so).
He also gets involved in the burger wars, helping kidnap Colin the thug before being snatched back by his dad. After being banned from the Woolpack he started a picket, and decides to prove himself above the low-rent scams of his dad by getting a job in the kitchens at Pollard's wine bar, where he shows a remarkable talent for cooking.

He sees a new career path after helping Kathy avoid Erics attention. Pollards fortunes decline when he loses his licence after serving under-age drinkers, although its a deliberate ploy by Marlon to ensure he gets a better job at Kathys diner. The guilt soon becomes unbearable, and he is able to save Erics life by torching the wine bar to stop him committing suicide.

After a beating from Butch, Marlon returns to the Dingle home for Christmas, and ends the year by witnessing Lisa giving birth to Belle.

A couple of practical jokes – dyeing Eric's moustache pink and stripping at the Home Farm party – precede his successful attempt to matchmake Kathy and Biff. When Kathy is away, he looks after the diner, only to be sacked when she disovers he has changed the menu and décor, and employed Sarah.

Seeing an opportunity, Bernice invites him to the Woolpack kitchens to cater for gourmet evenings.  It proves to be an excellent partnership.

At the Woolpack, Marlon begins to fall for Tricia, but hes jealous of her flirtation with Adam. When Tricia discovers Adam has been two-timing her, Bernice decides its time to play cupid and gets Tricia and Marlon together. He's delighted, taking her to Spain. He gets the chance to run a special 'Chez Marlon' night, which is a huge success, giving him the confidence to pitch a business plan to Chris Tate in the hope of winning investment in his own restaurant.

The shoddy plan doesn’t impress Tate until Kathy decides to lend her own money. Chris changes his mind, but makes Marlon swear his involvement will remain secret. Eric Pollard cons Marlon into buying refurbished furniture from him.His life falls apart when Trisha says she will enter into a marriage of convenience with Joe in order for him to stay in the country. After hiring Chloe to waitress, Tricia becomes jealous and sacks her. Marlon re-hires her.

Joe leaves the village to protect Tricia, and Chez Marlon begins to gain popularity after a glowing review from Alan. The relationship between Chloe and Tricia worsens, and he is forced to mediate while also keeping the place afloat and fighting back against Pollard. He solves the latter problem by holding his tormentor hostage until he agrees to vacate the flat, and rent it to him and Tricia.

The joy is short-lived when she leaves the village without telling anyone, but Marlon has the courage to ignore his own problems and support Zak as he undergoes tests for cancer. He has a brief flirtation with a relief Vet called Rhona. Until Tricia turns up out of the blue.

he Sun's Weekly guide to Emmerdale 8th February 2003

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Weekdays ITV

TRICIA is ecstatic when the surprise Valentine’s Day wedding she’s organised for her and Marlon goes like a dream.

Marlon is over the moon to accept the sudden proposal and stunned to discover that almost everyone in the village is there for the ceremony.

But, as always in soap, the wedding has a few last-minute hitches.

“Marlon is really moved,” says Mark Charnock, who plays the gobsmacked groom. “He loves Tricia very much and he still regrets that their first ‘wedding’ went wrong. But he never had an inkling Tricia was going to get it so right second time. He’s in heaven.”

At the start of the week, Marlon hasn’t the slightest idea that Tricia is planning anything.

But it’s almost all for nothing when Rodney opens his wedding invitation in front of Marlon.

Luckily he manages to pass it off as a Valentine’s card. “Then, Marlon almost catches Paddy practising his best man’s speech,” says Mark.

“But Paddy pretends to Marlon that he’s writing a romantic message for Emily.”

Meanwhile, Bob offers to throw a stag night for Marlon, without letting him know what they’re really celebrating. Marlon is surprised when all the men in the village seem to want to buy him drinks.

“Even when a stripper arrives, Marlon doesn’t know it’s been organised for him,” says Mark.

“They pretend it’s all for Sam’s birthday. By the end of the evening he’s so drunk he doesn’t even notice when Ashley mentions the ‘big day on Friday’.

“And he still doesn’t twig when Steph asks him to try on a suit she’s ‘altering for a friend’. She’s really making sure his wedding suit fits, but he panics that she’s coming on to him again. When she goes to take his inside leg measurement, he calls a halt and gets rid of her.”

In the meantime, Tricia realises that she hasn’t got enough money to pay for all the wedding bills and is deeply upset when she is forced to sell her expensive dress.

On the day itself, the villagers try to keep Marlon and Tricia apart. Marlon is determined to tell Tricia her mother is trying to wreck their relationship again, but he never gets the chance.

Diane has him busy preparing food for a special Valentine’s party, which of course is really for his wedding.

Tricia is overjoyed when Steph buys her expensive dress back for her and, with everything finally in place, Paddy tells Marlon it’s time for Tricia’s Valentine’s surprise, puts a blindfold on him and escorts him to the church.

“Marlon is very puzzled,” says Mark. “At the church, Paddy ushers him inside and takes off his blindfold to reveal Tricia waiting, looking beautiful in her lovely wedding dress. He gives Marlon his suit to change into.

“He is astonished. Tricia asks him if he’ll give her another chance and marry her. He is overcome with emotion but happily accepts.

“Marlon is just delighted as he and Tricia tie the knot. At the reception he thanks everyone for helping make him and Tricia so happy. And Steph explains to him that she was only trying to get his suit to fit.

“He just has one surprise of his own to reveal - a hot air balloon that he had planned as his Valentine’s Day surprise for Tricia. The happy couple sail up, up and away.”

Tricia and Marlon say "I Do"


Heartache for Marlon

Friday | 25.04.03

Emmerdale's Marlon Dingle is set for a long lonely summer.

The eccentric chef has no idea that wife Tricia has accepted the lead role in the Bollywood production and is India bound.

Since she decided to take her big chance with both hands, Tricia has been dithering about how to break the news to her husband of three months.

The dizzy barmaid remembers how she felt when Marlon applied to work on an oil rig and was set to leave her alone so early on in their marriage.

But figuring that this is her break into showbiz, it seems that not even the love of her life can stand in Tricia's way.

Sensible confident Dawn Woods is on hand to provide the flighty barmaid with some sage advice about her muddle.

Dawn reminds Tricia that time is running out and that keeping the secret from her husband for much longer could do lasting damage to their relationship.

Marlon may be proud of his wife's acting debut, but how will he react to the shock news?

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 31st May 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Life with the Dingles is never dull, as Marlon discovers when he moves back in and finds himself sharing a bed with unwashed Shadrach.

Marlon takes direct action to combat the stench of his uncle - he burns his trainers. He is triumphant at first, but then he finds himself on the wrong end of a threatened lawsuit.

"Marlon has to return to the Dingles’ because Emily and Paddy have had enough of his insomnia," says Mark Charnock, who plays the chef.

"But it’s pretty crowded and he has to share with Shadrach. Marlon does get a good night’s sleep but he decides to do something about the smell.

"He carefully removes Shadrach’s trainers, douses them in petrol and burns them. The trouble is that Shadrach goes ballistic in the morning and Lisa insists Marlon has to pay for a new pair."

Greedy Shadrach pockets the cash and heads for The Woolpack, where he orders steak and chips. Then Marlon gets himself into even more trouble with his uncle.

"Shadrach is stuffing himself so fast that he chokes," says Mark. "Marlon knows what to do and grabs Shadrach and gives him an abdominal thrust to try to free the obstruction. It doesn’t work, so he does it again.

"Then the food flies out and Shadrach is okay, only the ungrateful blighter grumbles that he has been hurt.

"Marlon takes Shadrach to hospital and it turns out he has a broken rib. He sees a sign advertising compensation solicitors and decides to sue.

"Poor Marlon just can’t believe it. He’s saved the miserable man’s life and now he is going to have to pay up once again. He decides it’s about time he tried to head for India again to rejoin Tricia."


BBC Pure Soap 4 June 2003

Marlon saved by pig muck

The line between tragedy and farce is exceedingly thin - especially where the Dingle clan in Emmerdale is concerned.

This is never more true than in a forthcoming storyline when depressed chef Marlon Dingle, played by Mark Charnock, decides to end it all after a series of reverses.

First he hasn't heard from his lovely wife Tricia (Sheree Murphy), who went to India just weeks after their marriage to try to break into Bollywood films.

Next he hears rumours that she is being romanced by a handsome movie co-star and decides to visit her - but his visa application is blocked.

To cap it all regulars at the Woolpack have complained that his cooking is not up to scratch, and a dispute with elderly relative Shadrach Dingle seems set to be dragged through the courts.
Marlon can't stand it any more and climbs up on the roof of the crumbling Dingle farmstead determined to jump to his death.
It has all the makings of a tragedy - but when the Dingles are involved things rarely go to plan.

Gripped by despair, Marlon leaps from the roof - and lands in a huge pile of pig muck! The manure cushions his fall and he emerges without a scratch, but very smelly.

ITV.COM Moving Marlon

Tuesday | 03.06.03

Marlon is in dispair

Emmerdale chef Marlon Dingle has been in limbo for weeks.

Since wife Tricia disappeared to India to star in a Bollywood film, Marlon’s been unable to put down roots in the village.

It seems that Tricia’s departure has left Marlon lonely and needy. Ever since he discovered that their house was let in his absence, Marlon has been in transit.

Kindly relatives Paddy and Emily Kirk have taken pity on Marlon and allowed him to stay with them. But his increasing restlessness and chronic insomnia is taking its toll on their fragile nerves.

And Marlon agrees that his inability to relax is linked to not having a proper home. So he decides to return to the bosom of his family – the Dingle house.

Lisa is delighted to put Marlon up. But the prospect of having to share a room with troublesome relative Shadrach convinces Marlon that he may still have problems relaxing.

How will he adjust to life in the Dingle household?

ITV.COM Shadrach’s Scheme

Thursday | 05.06.03

Shadrach watches over Marlon sleeping

Emmerdale rogue Shadrach Dingle clashes with new roommate Marlon tonight.

The unlikely pair have been adjusting to living in the same room but appalled Marlon got rid of his uncle’s smelly trainers.

Sensing an opportunity to make some money, Shadrach kicks up a huge stink about the absence of his shoes – and wins the support of Dingle matriarch Lisa.

Marlon is furious that he is having to pay out more money than the shoes were actually worth to his crooked uncle. But his bad temper is increased further when he spies a delighted Shadrach treating himself to a lavish lunch in the Woolpack.

However, Shadrach is on the receiving end of some instant karma as he wolfs down his dinner. He chokes and it is left to the benevolent Marlon to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre in order to save his life.

Unfortunately for Marlon, the move has left Shadrach with a broken rib. Instead of being grateful to his heroic nephew, Shadrach spies another opportunity to part Marlon from his money.

He pledges to sue the dippy chef on a no win no fee basis. Will he bankrupt his relative?

9th June 2003

Has Marlon (MARK CHARNOCK) reached the end of his tether.

Marlon looses his balence

Marlon lands in the pig dung

ITV.COM Camp Dingle

Tuesday | 02.09.03

Emmerdale chef Marlon Dingle cooks up a new money-making scheme.

The dippy local is distraught to discover that the cottage he lived in with wife Tricia has been put on the market.

Marlon has been miserable and lonely ever since his beautiful wife left the Dales to take the lead role in a Bollywood movie. He returned to Emmerdale heartbroken after being refused entry to India and, since then, only the thought of his martial future has been keeping him sane.

So when Marlon spies the 'For Sale' sign at Victoria cottage he sees yet another fond memory of his past slipping away.

However, the new information gives Marlon a focus and he decides to concentrate all his energies on raising the money so that he and Tricia can own their dream home outright.

The wacky cook decides the best way to supplement his income is to set up a temporary camp site in the village. He starts charging tourists to pitch their tents in the area and soon money is steadily coming in.

But with Tricia away indefinitely, will Marlon's hard work be in vain?

BBC Pure Soap 21st September 2003

Marlon gives in to temptation

Tricia Dingle is in for an unpleasant surprise when she returns to Emmerdale - husband Marlon has been enjoying a fling with a mystery woman.
Tricia, played by Sheree Murphy, has been chasing dreams of stardom in Bollywood and left her devoted hubby behind in Yorkshire confident in the knowledge that he would never stray.
But Marlon, played by Mark Charnock, succumbs to loneliness, gets drunk with a female pal and ends up getting seduced.
The identity of the other woman is a closely guarded secret. All the producers will say is that she is a well-known face to soap fans.
Marlon is tormented by guilt the following morning and can't forgive himself for being unfaithful.
His lover however takes the view that it meant little and was just a bit of comfort for two lonely people.
Sheree Murphy has been taking a break from the show following the birth of her second child, Ruby, but is due to return later this year.


Kissing Cousins

Wednesday | 24.09.03

Emmerdale chef Marlon Dingle is a lonely man at present.

Marlon's beloved wife Tricia is in Bollywood fulfilling her dream career as an actress leaving Marlon home alone and missing her desperately.

The kindly cook has always been a good friend to those close to him and this week he provides a shoulder to cry on for heartbroken cousin Charity. After her husband Chris Tate's violent death and attempt to frame her for murder, Charity is in trouble and Marlon is quick to reassure her.

But as the night wears on both lonely souls find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other and the large amount of alcohol they have consumed fuels their ardour.

Actor Mark Charnock explains, "Like a typical man, Marlon is probably getting paranoid about what Tricia is up to. She's been away for a while and Marlon imagines she's surrounded by good looking men in Bollywood.

"Charity and Marlon drown their sorrows and basically he gets drunk and then he gets seduced. He wakes up in the morning and he is absolutely mortified - completely full of horror."

Will the lusty pair be able to keep their fling underwraps?

The Sun's Weekly guide to The Soaps 21st September 2003


Sun to Fri - ITV1

AS if sleeping with one of her cousins wasn’t bad enough, Charity spends the night with another one!

This time, it’s lonely Marlon who drunkenly succumbs to Charity’s charms as he comforts her after she is arrested for murdering her husband Chris - though Marlon bitterly regrets it once he sobers up.

When Charity is accused of killing Chris, she denies the charge, laying the blame on ex-lover Cain. She is freed and the police focus on finding Cain, but the experience leaves her shaken.

"Charity is not thinking straight at all," says Emma Atkins, who plays mixed-up Mrs Tate. "In just a few days, her life has collapsed. She has lost her home, her husband and she faces losing her liberty."

Charity is absolutely terrified when she’s arrested and she has no choice but to give Cain up.

"She blames him for it all," says Emma. "If he hadn’t started the affair, Chris would be alive and she’d still be the lady of Home Farm. Now she has nothing and is living in a nightmare.

"Marlon offers her a shoulder to cry on. But with his wife Tricia away, he is lonely and one thing leads to another as they drink to try to forget their troubles."

The pair share a passionate embrace, then sleep together. Later, Marlon is racked with guilt.

"He can’t believe what he has done, but Charity isn’t interested in his guilt. She tells him it was just a drunken fling and that he should get over it," says Emma.

"Marlon moans that she seduced him but Charity couldn’t care less about his feelings. She has much bigger worries of her own."


Guilty Pleasures

Thursday | 25.09.03

Marlon is gripped with guilt after his one-night stand.

The dippy chef is utterly devoted to absent wife Tricia and can't believe he has cheated on her with cousin Charity Tate.

When he wakes up after the boozy encounter with his blonde relative, Marlon is distraught that he has misbehaved so badly. However, Charity - who has much more pressing matters on her mind - disregards his fears and tells him the episode was no big deal.

But the formally faithful husband is unable to shrug off his intense guilt and starts to wonder if he has ruined his marriage forever.

Actor Mark Charnock - who plays Marlon - explains, "Marlon is convinced this has massive significance and can't forgive himself for being unfaithful.

"He is racked with guilt, and being the sort of guy he is, I can't believe he won't confess all to his wife. I'm sure this will come back to haunt them, and will have a major effect on their relationship."

The Mirror 'TIL DEATH US DO PART Dec 29 2003

Out with the old and in with the new takes on an ominous meaning for the big three soaps with their sensational New Year episodes. There are two weddings, two crashes and a thundering storm that bring danger and devastation, with one star dying, three others seriously injured and so many walking wounded that you’ll probably be glad you saw it all from the safety of your armchair.

By Tony Stewart


Absolutely fantastic. Exactly on the 10th anniversary of that plane coming down on the village, a natural disaster hits the Dales. And the raging storm that uproots trees, cuts off the electricity and sends the roof of the Woolpack crashing down on dopey Donna’s 18th birthday party, is responsible for the human carnage. But the howling wind, thunderclaps and torrential rain are also the backdrop to some serious emotional devastation and desolation. And you will cry.

For Tricia finally decides that Marlon’s infidelity is too much to bear, especially having learnt that her “monster mother” tried it on with him. “It’s something else he didn’t tell me,” she cries. “Like Rhona and Charity and the baby... And because I love him, I’m gunna ’ave to go away.”

In some incredibly moving scenes, Marlon tries to persuade her to stay and even buys her a puppy and writes her a letter with 101 reasons why he loves her. But, over New Year’s Eve and Day, the full force of the storm hits Tateville. Ashley and Louise crash and the vicar is in danger of losing a leg. Then Trish is buried in masonry as the Woolie is struck by lightning – and Marlon’s bricking it, too.

The effects are spectacular and the acting superb as Emmerdale proves it will maintain its standards of excellence into 2004. And, best of all, there is also the usual humour to counterpoint the poignancy of Marlon cradling his beloved wife.

“I’m never going away anymore,” she promises, grimacing from her injuries. “Look what happens.”

But Marlon should remember that a dog is for life and, sadly, one person is about to lose theirs.

ITV.COM The Last Goodbye

Tuesday | 30.12.03

Emmerdale’s Tricia Dingle makes ends her marriage with a letter.

The distraught barmaid can no longer bear to be around cheating husband Marlon and seeks some closure by writing her feelings down.

While Tricia makes her position clear, Marlon is planning yet another surprise to win back his wife. Enlisting the help of Tricia's boss and pal Diane Blackstock, Marlon makes his last ditch attempt to convince her they have a future.

But it’s far too late to go back and Tricia reacts badly to Marlon’s gesture and simply hands him the letter.

As Marlon reads his wife’s innermost thoughts, he finally accepts he has to let go. But knowing that life without Tricia will be completely unbearable, Marlon breaks down in despair.

Outside, Tricia is in a similarly terrible state and doesn't seem to notice that the weather is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Will Tricia realise what dangers could lie ahead?



ONE day, Travis Bickle predicted in Taxi Driver, "a real rain is going to come and wash all the scum off the streets". Last night it arrived in Emmerdale (ITV).

It rained and rained and rained until telephone poles started falling and lightning pierced The Woolie.

Emmerdale being one of the most depraved, corrupt villages this side of Gomorrah, you knew someone was going to pay and, as luck would have it, it was village harridan Tricia Dingle (played by Poorharry Kewell's wife, Sheree). Amen and Hallelujah!

Strictly speaking, it should perhaps have been Ashley the sex-mad, alcohol-crazed vicar, who has been carrying on with Louise - a barmaid and a murderess to boot.

He and Louise had crashed (in slow motion) and Ashley spent yesterday's one-hour special in peril of either having his leg amputated or bleeding to death.

Several other cast members seemed eager to sacrifice themselves. Donna tempted fate by looking at her mum and stating: "I hope I die before I'm that age."

Marlon walked about with a spotty dog up his jumper, bereft, convinced that Tricia was leaving him (you'd think he'd be happy).

As the rain reached apocalyptic proportions, Tricia decided intelligently to go and wait for a bus. Then, with lightning flashing all around, she went and stood in a phone box to read Marlon's list of 101 Irritating Habits she had.

You knew the Grim Reaper was on his way when Massive Attack started playing in the background. Sure enough, the Woolpack's chimney then descended on to Tricia's head, providing the gratifying sight of the old bag buried up to her neck in bricks.

She was taken into the helicopter on a stretcher, still screeching, as is her wont: "I came back, Marlon!"

"Try not to speak," the paramedic requested, not the first man to do so, but probably, hopefully, the last.

"Your wife's about to go into theatre," the doctor told Marlon at the hospital. Probably panto.

The Sun's Weekly Guide To Emmerdale - 3rd January 2004


Marlon shows an unconscious Tricia their wedding album

Sun to Fri - ITV1

THE village is still reeling from the aftermath of the terrible New Year storm.

While Ashley and Louise are now out of danger after their car accident, Marlon refuses to accept that his beloved wife Tricia is brain-dead.

But gradually the grim truth that Tricia will never recover from her injuries sinks in, and Marlon allows the life-support machine to be switched off.

"He is heartbroken," says Mark Charnock, who plays the distraught chef. "He loved Tricia very much and I don’t think he’ll ever really get over it."

It’s a heartrending week, as Tricia’s grieving granddad Turner and mum Steph look on while Marlon suffers. At first, he chats away to Tricia and won’t accept the diagnosis.

"Marlon storms out when the doctors say there’s no hope for Tricia," says Mark. "He doesn’t want to hear it. He brings in toys and CDs to snap her out of it.

"He even brings in their wedding album. Terry tries to make Marlon see sense, but he refuses to listen."

Steph pleads with the doctors for more time. And Marlon slowly realises just what is happening.

"It’s so sad," says Mark. "Marlon lies down next to Tricia and cries. Then he tells Turner that Tricia is not coming back."

Marlon wanders round the village alone before he agrees to let his wife die.

"Tricia’s organs are used in a transplant and the hospital calls to say the operation went well," says Mark. "Marlon breaks down in floods of tears. It’s the worst week of his life."

BBC Pure Soap 5th January 2004

Tricia's exit leaves Marlon reeling

As the residents of Emmerdale begin to pick up the pieces following the massive storm on New Year's Eve, Marlon Dingle faces a nightmare week.

His wife Tricia is lying unconscious in a hospital bed after The Woolpack's chimney fell on her.
Marlon maintains a vigil at her bedside, hoping for a miracle recovery. Marlon (Mark Charnock) refuses to believe Tricia (Sheree Murphy) is brain dead, despite the doctors telling him there is nothing they can do.

And, in emotional scenes, he shows Tricia photographs of their wedding day, talking to her about happier times.

Marlon is alone in believing Tricia will pull through, and eventually even he loses all hope and accepts the inevitability of the tragic situation.

Next Tuesday, he takes the decision to switch Tricia's life support machine off, reports The Sun, and is comforted by a devastated Emily Kirk (Kate McGregor) as the reality of life without Tricia hits him.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, Mark Charnock says: "I just can't imagine what it must be like for him (Marlon). Thank God I've never been in that situation, it must be absolutely awful - it's horrible reading it in a script, so to live it must be a hellish nightmare.

" The person is there in front of you breathing, but, to all intents and purposes, they're not there."
Sheree Murphy, however, is pleased with the heart-wrenching storyline.

" I was really happy when I read my exit scripts because, after leaving twice before to have my babies, I thought, 'What are they going to do this time?' I hoped they'd give me a pretty good send-off, and not just pack me off in a taxi like they sometimes do in the soaps.
" So, I feel completely honoured by my leaving storyline, it's just been amazing."

ITV.COM The Worst Of Times

Tuesday | 06.01.04

Emmerdale's Tricia Dingle is just barely clinging on to life.

The ailing barmaid has been languishing in a critical condition in hospital ever since the horrific freak accident on New Year's Eve.

And while her devastated grandfather Alan Turner and heartbroken mother Steph Stokes try to come to terms with losing Tricia, husband Marlon remains blindly optimistic.

Marlon is convinced Tricia will pull through, after discovering that she was returning to the Woolpack that night to give their marriage one last chance. In an effort to wake her from her coma, Marlon decides to surround her with mementoes of their life together.

Actor Mark Charnock explains, "He gets the idea into his head that all Tricia needs is to have her favourite music and things around her. Paddy finds him throwing stuff into a bag - acting manically. He tries to be gentle with Marlon, but he isn't listening."

Can Marlon accept his wife is dying?

2nd March 2004: Hit The Road Marlon


Still grief stricken Marlon can’t concentrate on his work and his usually high culinary standards take a dip. Having fended off several unhappy customers Diane suggests that he takes some time off. But emotionally fragile Marlon gets the wrong end of the stick, thinking he is being given the chop. Paddy later finds a disconsolate Marlon sulking at the cricket pavilion and tells his friend that time is a great healer. Feeling claustrophobic at the crowded Dingles, Marlon later packs his bags and tells Sam he is going to see Mandy for a while before heading off into the unknown.

ITV.CON Mourning Marlon

Friday | 04.03.04

Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle is unable to recover from his grief.

The heartbroken chef remains devastated by the death of his beloved wife Tricia, who was killed in a freak accident at Christmas.

And while those close to him have been incredibly supportive of Marlon, the lonely local is unable to put his life back together.

Working at the Woolpack was supposed to be a good distraction for Marlon but instead he is letting his work slip too - with dire effects on the pub’s culinary reputation.

For actor Mark Charnock, the latest twist in Marlon’s fortunes are proving to be an incredibly fulfilling experience - thanks to the response of viewers.

He explains, “The response from people on the street has been really interesting. There has been a real mixture of people coming up to me and being complimentary.

“Others have said that they can really identify with what Marlon is going through, or they know someone has been through it.

“In a way, it’s quite reassuring that people are saying those things, because it means I must be getting it close to how it should be.”

ITV.COM Marlon's Misery

Thursday | 11.03.04

Emmerdale widower Marlon Dingle is in a really bad way.

The bereaved chef has been secretly hiding out at Holdgate Farm after finding the strain of his grief too hard to bear.

Since he disappeared - claiming to be going to visit cousin Mandy - his worried relatives have been frantically searching for him, fearing he may do something stupid.

And the close-knit clan have every reason to be afraid; Marlon is becoming more and more obsessive over late wife Tricia and his oddball behaviour is making him a threat to himself.

Actor Mark Charnock - who plays the suffering local - explains, "Marlon needs some time on his own right now and he needs time to be crazy.

"He realises that he isn't right - he just has to go somewhere dark and let time take its course. People try to talk to him but you can only come out with clichés at times like these.

"He doesn't understand the world anymore and thinks that the world doesn't understand him, so he banishes himself."

Can his worried loved ones coax him out of his self-imposed exile?

Carl King

Under Tom's Thumb

Friday | 19.03.04

Emmerdale newcomer Tom King makes his mark on the Dales.

The powerful businessman is looking to buy Holdgate Farm from rival Zoe Tate but is furious discover grieving Marlon Dingle squatting there.

Tom has already made enemies in the village by sending in his son Carl as a spy to steal a lucrative contract from the Tates. And his uncaring attitude towards heartbroken Marlon is sure to convince viewers he is one tough cookie.

Poor Marlon is clearly a man in emotional turmoil. The death of his wife Tricia at Christmas left Marlon shattered and his volatile mental state has caused his family much worry.

So close pal Emily Kirk is disgusted when she appeals to Tom to give Marlon some time to get himself together, and the hard-hearted entrepreneur tells her Marlon has one day to get out of the property.

Will Marlon be forced to face up to his life without Tricia?


Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 22nd March 2004
Zoe, Charity and the baby


Sun to Fri - ITV1

After months of wondering, Charity finally finds out just who is the father of her baby as the result of the paternity test arrives.

That bombshell comes as Charity reels from the news that premature Noah is so ill his chances of survival are only 50/50 and that he might need surgery.

Zoe is sure that her late brother, Chris, is the dad, making Noah a Tate. Cain is convinced the test will prove he is the father, while grief-stricken Marlon worries it could be him.

"But Charity is more concerned with Noah's health," says Emma Atkins, who plays Chris's jailbird widow. "She's shocked when the doctors tell her Noah has necrotising entercolitis, a condition which can sometimes affect premature babies.

"Noah needs antibiotics and an X-ray, and Charity is distressed to hear they might have to operate, even though he is so tiny."

Charity is distraught, and the Dingles hold a family vigil at Noah's bedside. As if things weren't bad enough, Zoe racks up the tension when she arrives to visit the baby she says might be her nephew.

Zak tries to ring Cain to let him know what is happening, but he gets into trouble for using a mobile phone in the hospital.

"The nurse says they will have to operate if Noah doesn't improve soon," says Emma.

"The next day, the doctor says it looks as if there is no alternative to an operation and Charity wonders if it is worth putting Noah through such an ordeal. But the doctor insists there is still hope."

Back at the Dingles', the results of the paternity test arrive. Zak is about to rip the envelope open when Lisa tells him that Charity should be first to read it. While the Dingles are on their way over, Marlon arrives at the hospital to visit Noah, much to Charity's surprise.

"They are just talking when Cain is brought in, handcuffed to a guard," says Emma. "Typically, he starts a row with Marlon as soon as he arrives.

"Marlon says that if Noah is his, he'll adopt him. Cain then starts insisting that Noah is definitely his son and he's not going to let anyone adopt him. But then Lisa, Zak and Debbie arrive with the paternity test results. It's a major shock for everyone when they discover who Noah's dad really is.

ITV.COM Where The Heart Is

Monday | 06.04.04

Emmerdale widower Marlon Dingle tries to mend his broken heart.

The griefstricken chef's been struggling to accept the loss of wife Tricia and has discovered her heart was used in a transplant.

Marlon is convinced the only way through his pain is to get close to organ recipient Carrie, who has no idea she has become the focal point of his obsessive behaviour.

Having tracked down Carrie's address after reading about her in the local paper, Marlon heads to her house to finally meet the woman who has Tricia's heart. But when the distressed Dingle arrives on her doorstep, his courage fails him.

Actor Mark Charnock, who plays suffering Marlon - explains, "Marlon is loitering outside her house when Carrie comes out and gets into a car with her boyfriend.

"When she says, 'Can I help you?,' Marlon is too embarrassed to say anything."

Will he find the strength to visit Carrie one more time?

ITV.COM Getting Closer

Friday | 09.04.04

Marlon is seriously losing the plot

Emmerdale widower Marlon Dingle gets closer to his dead wife.

The heartbroken chef has tracked down the recipient of tragic Tricia’s heart and now plans to forge a new friendship with her.

When Tricia died, Marlon went into such a deep grief his family and friends feared he would never recover.

But discovering Carrie Grainger has his wife’s heart beating inside her has given Marlon a new focus and he is feeling slightly better.

However, as yet, Marlon has not been able to approach Carrie and introduce himself. Having spent time loitering outside her house, Marlon does speak to her this week - but keeps his identity a secret.

So when Marlon confides to concerned pal Emily Kirk that he plans to brave the difficult conversation with Carrie and reveal who he is - she is shocked.

Realising Carrie has been through her own ordeal , Emily fears that meeting Marlon will be very painful for the unsuspecting local.

Is Marlon being selfish?

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide to the Soaps 11th April 2004,,2001330006-2004160525_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1


MARLON has been through Hell since wife Tricia’s death.

But now he feels he has something to cling to in life following his encounter with Carrie - the girl who received Tricia’s heart in a transplant.

A concerned Emily tries to warn him off, but his growing fascination with Carrie lands Marlon in hot water with the police before the week is out.

"Marlon doesn’t mean any harm," says Mark Charnock, who plays the weeping widower. "But he frightens poor Carrie terribly as his behaviour around her gets weirder and weirder."

Ignoring Emily’s words of caution, dishevelled Marlon cleans himself up and goes to Carrie’s house to introduce himself properly.

"She’s shocked by his unexpected arrival and slams the door in his face," says Mark. "But later, she notices him standing across the road from her home and goes over to talk to him."

Marlon feels comforted by this new relationship, but Carrie doesn’t. She is worried that he is totally unbalanced.

"He goes back the next day with a bunch of flowers and she tries to put him off," says Mark. "He promises Emily he’ll leave Carrie alone, but he can’t. He writes a poem and puts it through her door."

Carrie is distressed by Marlon’s constant attention and she gets really upset when he turns up yet again, bearing more poetry.

"He takes along photos of Tricia to show Carrie," says Mark. "But his behaviour frightens her and she throws him out.

"Marlon goes to Carrie’s again and she gets so scared that she calls the police.

"He can’t understand what’s going on and desperately wants to talk it over with her, but he is taken away in a police car."

ITV.COM He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Thursday | 20.05.04

Emmerdale's Donna Windsor sets her sights on a new man.

The pretty youngster is desperate to find herself a decent bloke after being devastated by ex-love Robert Sugden's scheming and cheating ways.

Poor Donna doesn't have a lot of choice in the small Emmerdale community. Most of the men in her age group are already taken or not interested. But Donna has found a friend in grieving widower Marlon Dingle, who understands heartbreak like no-one else.

Marlon has spent the past few months caught up in a deep depression following the untimely death of his beloved wife Tricia. But now Marlon is putting his life back together, and Donna thinks she could be just what he needs.

In an effort to entice Marlon into a new romance, deluded Donna throws on her best clothes and a lorry load of makeup. But an afternoon of throwing longing looks his way fails to make an impact on unsuspecting Marlon.

So when Val Lambert decides to voice her own suspicions about Donna's agenda to Marlon, the lovelorn chef is horrified.

Is Donna going to be disappointed in love once again?

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