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Nellie Dingle nee Lynch
Played by Sandra Gough (24 January 1995- 19 December 1995)
Played by Maggie Tagney 3 February 2000 - 32 episodes 2000)

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Zak's 1st wife. She first appeared around the 24 January 1995. One of her first real things she did, was win a free meal at The Woolpack for her family in February 1995 and returned with thirteen of the clan.

The actress, Sandra Gough, (previously best known for her role as Ken Barolow's sister-in-law and Hilda Ogden's daughter - in Coronation Street) had to leave at the end of 1995 due to ill-health. Nellie went to look after her sick father in Ireland and chose not to come back. She did try and return after Butch's death in March 2000 and claim back Zak off of Lisa. She was of course not sucessful.

Nellie's Family :-

Zak & Nellie official fan card released by Yorkshire Television

Daughter of Jimmy Lynch

Son Ben whose death bought the whole family into the series

Mother of Ben (1974-1994), Butch (1972-2000), Sam (1977- )
and Tina (born around 1978)

The Original Dingles - Zak, Tina, Sam Butch & Nellie

Also Tina made a reference to a brother Nathan who lived in Londan and the family hadn't spoken to him in about six years in the 23rd May 1995 episode

They fell out at his wedding following a family row.

"She loves a wedding though, me Mam, there hasn't been one in our family since Nathan's about six years back...me brother that lives in London. Sutck up git! We haven't spoken to him since [Nick] why not? [Tina] Summit and nothing really, it were 'er side's fault...our Butch had too much to drink and did his white-eared elephant trick, her mother fainted and her Dad...there was a bit of a brawl."

Sandra Gough was previously known as Hilda Ogden's Daughter, Irma Barlow in Coronation Street. She played The Malt Shovel's barmaid Doreen Shuttleworth for six years from 1985. She returned to Emmerdale in 1994 to play the infamous Nellie Dingle.

Below two pictures of Nellie Dingle with her husband and children

Left Click on this image to see a larger undestorted version.

Left Click on this image to see a larger undestorted version.