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Shadrach & Faith Dingle

Faith Dingle:
Played by Gillian Jephcott

18th October 2004, 19th October 2004, 20th October 2004,

Wife of Zak's elder brother Shadrach, mother of Cain (who was born out of an affair she had with Zak on the 30 November 1974).

When we caught up with Faith in October 2004, she seemed very friendly with Solomon and and isn't liked by either of her children - Chastity & Cain. Her introduction to her granddaughter Debbie was short-lived as Cain did everything in his power to keep his daughter away from his mother.


Shadrach Dingle:
Played by Andy Devine

Appeared periodically from 2000-2001, 6 March 2002, 19 July 2002, 16-17 October 2002, 10 December 2002,

Appeared more regularly from 6 May 2003 onwards

In May 2003 Shadrach turned up looking for somewhere to stay and appealed to Lisa's better judgement

Shadrach works out Charity's secret, that Cain is the father of Debbie

16th June 2003 - Lisa (JANE COX) knees Shadrach (ANDY DEVINE) in the groin and warns him to keep his hands off her

Bad husband, bad father and generally a bad lot all round. Elder brother of Zak. Married to Faith and raised Cain as his son. Although it laterr turned out that Cain was in fact Zak's son.

Born: said in may 2003 that he was 58 years old,

Periodically appeared. Appeared around 6th March 2002 to prove to Zak that their mother Peg didn't kill their father.

Appeared 19 July 2002 to attend Peg's fake wake.

Appeared 16 October 2002 at nephew Marlon's Stag night. We discovered then that he had a daughter Chastity after he used her to be the stripper at Marlon's stag night. Causing Zak to remark that Shadrach would even sell his own daughter.

Appeared 10 December 2002 to tell Zak that their father Jed was dying. Appeared on the 19th December 2002 to tell Zak his father had died and again on the 25th December 2002 with a shetland pony for Belle.

Arrived 6th May 2003 looking for somewhere to stay

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Character: Shadrach Dingle

Married 4 times by 25: Last wife thought to be Faith Dingle

Children: He raised Cain as his own, but Cain was actually Zak’s son from an affair back in 1974. He has one daughter who has been mentioned, Chastity. Also we were given the impression that Elvis Dingle, who appeared in July 2002, was Shadrach’s son although this was never said on the show - and has not been proved since.

Parents: Jedediah "Jed" Dingle and Peg AKA Molly Dingle

Siblings: He has at least four brothers – Zak, Caleb, Ezra and Albert. There are probably more Dingle siblings.

Other Family: See here.

Appeared: Appeared periodically through 2000-2001. Also appeared on 6th March 2002, 19th July 2002, 16th and 17th October 2002; 10th, 19th and 25th December 2002. A regular from 6th May 2003 - present

Played by: Andy Devine


Shadrach appeared through 2000 and 2001 as it was revealed that Cain really was Zak’s son. He then at various stages in 2002, getting a Shetland pony for his niece, Belle, turning up with his stripping daughter Chastity at Marlon’s stag night and revealing to Zak the truth about their father.

He reappeared in May 2003, after being kicked out. He soon moved in with the Emmerdale Dingle’s. Marlon wasn’t happy at having to share his room with his smelly uncle in the crowded Dingle house. Marlon burned Shadrach’s trainers, but this just led to Marlon then having to pay for new ones.

Marlon saved his uncle’s life with the Hiemlich maneuver, when greedy Shadrach scoffed steak and chips. But Shadrach attempted to sue Marlon. The threat of homelessness hung over Shadrach’s head if he did, so he decided against it.

Then Shadrach noticed how close Lisa and Pollard were getting, and tried to stop them. He also noticed how lonely Lisa was, and decided he was the one to comfort her while Zak was away. But his plans didn’t work, and he ended up getting kicked out of the Dingle abode for a while, although it wasn’t long until he was back.

In September 2003 Shadrach’s daughter, Chastity, reappeared after being kicked out by her landlord. He admitted to Lisa what a bad father he had been, even stealing money from his daughter at one stage. Shadrach became determined to pay the money back.

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 31st May 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Life with the Dingles is never dull, as Marlon discovers when he moves back in and finds himself sharing a bed with unwashed Shadrach.

Marlon takes direct action to combat the stench of his uncle - he burns his trainers. He is triumphant at first, but then he finds himself on the wrong end of a threatened lawsuit.

"Marlon has to return to the Dingles’ because Emily and Paddy have had enough of his insomnia," says Mark Charnock, who plays the chef.

"But it’s pretty crowded and he has to share with Shadrach. Marlon does get a good night’s sleep but he decides to do something about the smell.

"He carefully removes Shadrach’s trainers, douses them in petrol and burns them. The trouble is that Shadrach goes ballistic in the morning and Lisa insists Marlon has to pay for a new pair."

Greedy Shadrach pockets the cash and heads for The Woolpack, where he orders steak and chips. Then Marlon gets himself into even more trouble with his uncle.

"Shadrach is stuffing himself so fast that he chokes," says Mark. "Marlon knows what to do and grabs Shadrach and gives him an abdominal thrust to try to free the obstruction. It doesn’t work, so he does it again.

"Then the food flies out and Shadrach is okay, only the ungrateful blighter grumbles that he has been hurt.

"Marlon takes Shadrach to hospital and it turns out he has a broken rib. He sees a sign advertising compensation solicitors and decides to sue.

"Poor Marlon just can’t believe it. He’s saved the miserable man’s life and now he is going to have to pay up once again. He decides it’s about time he tried to head for India again to rejoin Tricia."

ITV.COM Shadrach’s Scheme

Thursday | 05.06.03

Shadrach watches over Marlon sleeping

Emmerdale rogue Shadrach Dingle clashes with new roommate Marlon tonight.

The unlikely pair have been adjusting to living in the same room but appalled Marlon got rid of his uncle’s smelly trainers.

Sensing an opportunity to make some money, Shadrach kicks up a huge stink about the absence of his shoes – and wins the support of Dingle matriarch Lisa.

Marlon is furious that he is having to pay out more money than the shoes were actually worth to his crooked uncle. But his bad temper is increased further when he spies a delighted Shadrach treating himself to a lavish lunch in the Woolpack.

However, Shadrach is on the receiving end of some instant karma as he wolfs down his dinner. He chokes and it is left to the benevolent Marlon to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre in order to save his life.

Unfortunately for Marlon, the move has left Shadrach with a broken rib. Instead of being grateful to his heroic nephew, Shadrach spies another opportunity to part Marlon from his money.

He pledges to sue the dippy chef on a no win no fee basis. Will he bankrupt his relative?


Ding Dong At The Dingles

Thursday | 31.07.03

Emmerdale's Lisa Dingle is furious with roguish relative Shadrach tonight.

Having rumbled his plot to cause a rift between her and absent husband Zak, angry Lisa is determined to get her revenge.

And the plucky factory worker knows better than to confront slimy Shadrach directly with the truth, instead she decides to play him at his own game.

For weeks, Shadrach has been intercepting letters from Zak and disposing of them and his final insult was to draft a fake note declaring that Zak had taken up with another woman and her family.

But he's not the only Dingle with a talent for fiction. Lisa composes her own pretend letter from Zak, which says that he intends to treat Shadrach very harshly on his return.

Shadrach is left to believe that Zak has found out about his double-dealing.

Will the dastardly Dingle disappear?

The Sun 30th August 2003


Weekdays  ITV1

Shadrach gets run over by Chris' hitman

DOOMED Chris finally learns the shocking truth about Charity’s affair with Cain. And in a fit of blind rage, he plans a horrific revenge - ordering a hitman to get rid of Cain for good.

Also, as Charity tries to convince her husband she has made a mistake and that their future lies together, Chris secretly makes arrangements with his solicitor to leave her penniless.

" It’s a desperately traumatic week," says Peter Amory, who plays the crippled millionaire terminally ill with a brain tumour.

" Chris knows he’s dying and he is determined to settle a few scores before he goes."

At the start of the week, Chris and Charity have a rare heart-to-heart and agree they have put their relationship in danger. After sharing a tender moment, they even spend the night together.

Next day, Charity makes a momentous decision - she wants to be with Chris. Her mind is made up when she finds out Cain has involved their daughter Debbie in their tangled love life.

Meanwhile, Terry heightens Chris’s worst fears when he shares his suspicions of the affair. And when Cain snatches a kiss from a fuming Charity, Chris witnesses the embrace.

" His world falls apart," says Peter. "In spite of everything that has happened, he still had feelings for Charity.

" But when he spies her with Cain, he feels like he’s had a dagger through the heart. As he says to Terry, seeing Charity with Cain is worse than discovering he is dying."

Chris is in a blind rage. He loads his shotgun and waits for Charity to return to Home Farm, but Terry steps in at the last minute and drags her out of the house before Chris can act.

" Even after all that, Charity tells Chris she loves him," says Peter. "But then there is a horrific confrontation in the pub the next day."

The Woolpack has seen some emotional scenes but the locals are still staggered when Chris sparks a devastating row with Cain by kissing Charity in public.

Cain loses his temper and announces that he and Charity have been having an affair. He then proceeds to list all of the places they have made love behind Chris’s back.

Chris still manages to get under Cain’s skin by pointing out he can see he has been crying. Furious, Cain drags him out of his wheelchair before he is pulled away by Charity and Lisa.

Cain storms out of The Woolpack followed by Lisa and Shadrach, who are trying to calm the situation.

But the assassin has chosen this moment to strike and, as he tries to run Cain down, he gets the wrong man and knocks over Shadrach instead.

Chastity Dingle now has her own profile please click here to read about the character and the actress and see pictures.

Daughter of Shadrach, probably by Faith. If so, Chastity is the half-sister of Cain.

Pictured: (L-R) Chastity (LUCY PARGETER) and Lisa (JANE COX).

The Dingles - Marlon is horrified as his cousin Chastity strips off.  Zak, Sam and Shadrach look on.

Dingle Family Tree by Chris Ward

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