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Episodes #3344-3345; 2 January - 3 January 2003
HIGHLIGHTS THURSDAY: Steph and Nicola fight for the same man
FRIDAY: The gloves are off between Steph and Nicola

Episodes #3346-3350; 6 January - 10 January 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Louise is terrified, as the Police suspect murder TUESDAY: Viv pulls out the stops to win the dance competition WEDNESDAY: Len's two left feet lead to a nasty fall THURSDAY: It's the day of the big dance competition FRIDAY: Rodney is forced to swallow his pride
See SheWolf's Visual Update of the dance

Episodes #3351-3355; 13 January - 17 January 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Jack comes to the aid of a fellow farmer TUESDAY: Louise braves the stalker’s inquest WEDNESDAY: Jack tells Chris to stick his job THURSDAY: Louise gets an alibi from an unlikely source FRIDAY: Jack is stunned by news of Wilf’s attempted suicide- in Emmerdale
Episodes #3356-3360; 20 January - 24 January 2003
MONDAY: - Zoe is rushed in to hospital with a false alarm TUESDAY: Louise struggles to face Ray’s funeral WEDNESDAY: Louise gives up Mill Cottage THURSDAY: Zoe goes into labour for real FRIDAY: Zoe gives birth to a baby daughter - in Emmerdale
Episodes #3361-3365; 27 January - 31 January 2003
MONDAY: Tricia puts her surprise-wedding plan into action TUESDAY: Katie gets mugged by one of Stephen’s friends - WEDNESDAY: The Dingles can’t pay their debt to the Tates THURSDAY: - Charity threatens the Dingles with eviction FRIDAY: - Cain unearths some shocking news on Charity in Emmerdale
Episodes #3366-3370; 3 February - 7 February 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Cain blackmails Charity with her darkest secret TUESDAY: - Charity complies with Cain’s blackmail request and gives back the deeds to their home. WEDNESDAY: - Cain tells Debbie who her real mother is THURSDAY: - Things erupt at Home Farm FRIDAY: - Social services tell Debbie she must move out of the village - in Emmerdale

Episodes #3371-3375; 10 February - 14 February 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY 7PM: Jarvis gets a blast form the past MONDAY 7:30PM: - Edna worries that Jarvis mind is not strictly on the dance competition TUESDAY: - Marlon’s stag do THURSDAY: - Marlon is worried Steph is up to her old tricks FRIDAY: - Tricia and Marlon’s Valentine wedding
See SheWolf's Visual Update of Marlon & Tricia's wedding

Episodes #3376-3380; 16 February - 21 February 2003 with Eithne's's Review
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY: Terry’s teen girlfriend causes quite a stir MONDAY: - Terry and Dawn make a shock announcement
TUESDAY: - Bob plots to sabotage his daughter’s plans THURSDAY: - Nicola falls for Mack’s womanising charms
FRIDAY: - Trouble builds at the Tate’s over Debbie
Episodes #3381-3385; 24 February - 28 February 2003 with Eithne's Review
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: - Lisa encourages staff mutiny at Pollard’s factory TUESDAY: - Pollard is in for some tough negotiations as his work force stay on strike WEDNESDAY: - Debbie’s adoptive mother dies in hospital, her world’s turned upside down
THURSDAY: - Paddy and Emily can’t believe Charity is Debbie’s real mother FRIDAY: - Charity has Debbie removed from the village by social services

Episodes #3386-3390; 3 March - 7 March 2003 with Eithne's Review
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: - The pressure is on to get to Zoe to sign the adoption papers
TUESDAY: - Zoe makes a life changing decision over Jean WEDNESDAY: Debbie is distraught as Charity rejects her once more
THURSDAY: - Emily is frustrated as she can’t help Debbie FRIDAY: - Debbie goes missing, both Charity and Emily panic as they send out the search party for her - in Emmerdale

Episodes #3391-3395; 10 March - 14 March 2003 with Eithne's Review
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: - The New family arrive in Emmerdale creating quite a stir TUESDAY: - Scott looses his temper over Mack and Syd’s behaviour WEDNESDAY: Syd discovers Mack’s duplicity and sack’s him THURSDAY: – Frances gets the results from her mammogram FRIDAY: - Terry asks Bob to step outside when he discovers his master plan to sabotage the wedding

Episodes #3396-3400; 17 March - 21 March 2003 available with Eithne's Review
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY:- Bob discovers Viv’s infidelity TUESDAY:- Dawn and Terry’s wedding runs far from smooth
WEDNESDAY: Viv is frantic as Bob goes missing THURSDAY: – Bob and Terry come to blows
FRIDAY: - Jean asks Bob to come back to Spain with her - in Emmerdale

For Pictures of the Line Dancing visit

Episodes #3401-3405; 24 March - 28 March 2003 available with Eithne's Review
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY:- Steph seduces Rodney. TUESDAY:- Nicola gives Steph a helping hand. WEDNESDAY:- Sam makes a smashing impact. THURSDAY:- Charity and Chris have a heart to heart. FRIDAY: - Charity answers some awkward questions about her past.
Episodes #3406-3410; 31 March - 4 April 2003 available with Eithne's Review
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Viv shares her troubles with strangers to Bob’s horror TUESDAY: Marlon and Tricia await the results of their pregnancy test WEDNESDAY: Bob decides to have it out with Viv’s lover THURSDAY: Donna is rushed to hospital after a drinking bout
FRIDAY: -Viv is concerned for her daughters health as her behaviour seems out of control
Episodes #3411-3415; 7 April - 11 April 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Mack takes advantage of Edna’s good nature TUESDAY: Edna ditches her moral stance to help Mack WEDNESDAY: Emily feels threatened by Charity THURSDAY: The Marsdens’ party brings trouble for Debbie
FRIDAY: - Emily decides to put Debbie back into care

Episodes #3416-3420; 14 April - 18 April 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: A devastated Debbie learns she’s going into care TUESDAY: Charity’s offers Debbie a home
WEDNESDAY: Mack does a runner with the village cash! THURSDAY: Edna is interrogated by the police over Mack
FRIDAY: Ronnie eyes a challenge in Louise – in Emmerdale

Episodes #3421-3425; 21 April - 25 April 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Ronnie and Louise steal a dangerous kiss
TUESDAY: Tricia lands a Bollywood role, while Marlon's plans come to nothing. WEDNESDAY: A conflict of interests causes tensions between Ollie and Danny THURSDAY: Louise and Diane's friendship is put to the test.
FRIDAY: Pollard is dismayed when his hopes of clinging on to power are dashed. Len's cheating ways are discovered.
Episodes #3426-3431; (SUN) 27 April - (FRI) 2 May 2003
SUNDAY: Tricia says her goodbyes to the village as Marlon struggles with a big decision.
MONDAY: Nicola has big plans to launch a company but Laurel is left disappointed. A lonely Pollard enjoys Sunday dinner at the Dingles. TUESDAY: News of imminent fatherhood leaves Terry on cloud nine. Pollard is over the moon when he is whisked away by Gloria. WEDNESDAY:
Diane and Louise come into conflict about Ronnie.
Viv struggles with the notion of becoming a grandmother. Paul and Siobhan move into the village. Debbie feels sidelined in the Tate household. FRIDAY: Frances finds an ally in Ashley.
Episodes #3432-3436; (SUN) 4 May - (FRI) 9 May 2003
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY: Louise lies through her teeth to save her affair. Charity is infuriated by
Debbie's attention seeking. A familiar face shows up in the village to the surprise of Paul and Siobhan. TUESDAY: Chris wants to adopt Debbie, but elsewhere sparks are flying between Charity and Cain. Ali's quick thinking gets Andy off the hook with the police. WEDNESDAY: Charity knows that it's time to tell Chris the truth about Cain. Marlon is driven to distraction by insomnia. THURSDAY: Stephen gets together with Donna to prove that he isn't gay. Shadrach is ousted from the crowded Dingle house, but refuses to go quietly. FRIDAY: Cain can't cope with the news that he is Debbie's father.
Episodes #3437-3442; (SUN) 11 May - (FRI) 16 May 2003
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY: Chris is still furious that he always seems the last person to be told anything. Zoe tries to reassure him that she had good reason for keeping the dark secret from him. MONDAY: Emmerdale’s two lovers sail close to the wind after Ronnie gets caught out lying to his wife about his whereabouts while Frances and Diane hit Hotten town on their girl’s night out. TUESDAY: After the previous night’s events and, given his track record, it doesn’t take much for Frances to realise that Louise has been serving up more than just a pint to her husband. WEDNESDAY: Frances is reeling from the revelation that Ronnie’s been playing around again, but is desperate not to force her problems on to the rest of her family despite her son, Paul’s, concerns. THURSDAY: Having promised Mr Tashiro that his order will be ready by the end of the week Lisa is now having doubts, as the extra workload takes its toll on the factory staff. FRIDAY: The extra ornaments arrive at Pollard’s factory to complete the big order but, much to Lisa’s horror, they are labelled “Made in Japan” and the clock is ticking before Mr Tashiro’s return.
Episodes #3443-3448; (SUN) 18 May - (FRI) 23 May 2003
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY: Not content with just picking on Stephen, Ali and Robert turn their taunts to Andy, implying he must be gay too. Fed up with the persistent teasing, Andy can’t contain his feelings. MONDAY: Trouble is brewing at the B&B as Mr Tashiro goes on the warpath, gunning for Sam. Tomiko came home very late last night and has been locked in her room ever since. TUESDAY: Debbie is determined to spend the day with Cain and Charity is convinced that Cain will soon get bored of Debbie hanging round and quickly send her packing for cramping his style. WEDNESDAY: Stephen puts the rumours about his sexuality behind him as he leaves the village for good with a heavy heart. Meanwhile, Katie isn’t speaking to Andy over the way he treated Stephen. THURSDAY: With Andy’s relationship with Katie suffering he breaks the ice – and nearly his nose – when he has a nasty accident with a signpost and the two realise it is time FRIDAY: Cain is becoming more and more accustomed to the idea of being. But trouble is just around the corner when Debbie brings Cain back to Home Farm to face an outraged Chris.
Episodes #3449-3452; (MON) 26 May - (FRI) 30 May 2003
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Laurel is ready to branch out on her own, but Nicola has other plans. Andy
lands back in trouble with Chris. Bob seeks perfection on his first day managing
the pub. TUESDAY: Nicola cuts Laurel down to size. Jack is under pressure to evict Andy and
Katie. Bob's grand plans for the pub go to his head. THURSDAY: Bob's reign in charge of the pub ends in explosive mayhem. Charity is caught in the middle as Chris and Cain feud. Nicola enjoys being in control again as
Laurel bemoans her failure. FRIDAY: Cain enjoys driving a wedge between Chris and Charity. Syd is the talk of the
village as he dates a lapdancer. Diane and Louise tease a shamefaced Bob over his management skills.
Episodes #3453-3458; (SUN) 1 June - (FRI) 6 June 2003
HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY: Cain and Charity come to blows over Debbie. Danny feels neglected as Ollie
feels the pressure of exams. Ronnie finds an unexpected friend in Jack. MONDAY: Cain is arrested as Charity sticks by her husband. Ronnie attempts reconciliation but Frances keeps him in suspense. Danny hatches a cheeky plan to regain
Ollie's affections. TUESDAY: Chris is murderous when Charity lets Cain off the hook. Marlon finds himself a new home and a nightmare roommate. Ollie's exam pressure continues to threaten her relationship with Danny. WEDNESDAY: Chris is convinced that Charity's history with Cain will ruin his marriage. Marlon is driven to distraction by his unsavoury roommate. Andy and Katie's penniless status begins to bite.

Episodes #3459-3464; (SUN) 8 June 2003 - 13 June 2003

HiGHLIGHTS SUNDAY: Zoe talks to Chloe about her new romantic interest MONDAY: Andy and Katie are beginning to realise they have bitten off more than they can chew. After their evening at the lap dancing bar, Syd has been hotly pursued by Yolanda, one of the strippers. Back at Home Farm, Joseph makes friends with a French boy from school. TUESDAY: A health scare for Dawn could have implications for her pregnancy. WEDNESDAY: Scott's timely arrival prevents Syd and Chloe from doing something they might regret. Lisa remains unaware that Shadrach is keeping important secrets.THURSDAY: Baby Jean get's christened FRIDAY: Bob regrets putting pressure on Dawn as she flees the country. Danny voices his concern over Ollie's dramatic mood swings. Sam is determined that Lisa won't forget Zak.
Episodes #3465-3469 --- (Mon) 16th - (Thur) 19th June 2003 UPDATED & Finished inc. Eithne's Review
HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY: Syd finally succumbs to Chloe's seduction, but not without damaging consequences. A frisky Shadrach gets too close for Lisa's comfort. Bob is relieved to hear from Terry and Dawn. TUESDAY: Syd thinks Scott knows about his secret liaison with Chloe, but is stunned when Scott reveals a secret of his own. Ollie is on the edge as she struggles with the stress of exams.WEDNESDAY: Danny is concerned by Ollie's increasingly erratic behaviour. Syd refuses to be a pawn in Chloe's relationship games. Jack is concerned that Andy and Katie are neglecting the farm. THURSDAY: Danny takes Ollie to task when he finds out what is really behind her mood swings. Victoria feigns illness to spend time with Andy and Katie. Wanting to get to know the villagers, Siobhan decides to hold a housewarming party.
Episodes #3470-3475 --- (Mon) 23rd - 27th June 2003 UPDATED & Finished inc. Eithne's Review
Highlights Monday: Victoria is rushed into hospital with appendictis. TUESDAY: Paul and Siobhan's party fails to win them any favours, and they soon find themselves dealing with the fallout from the eventful night. As Victoria recovers, Jack and Andy patch up their relationship.WEDNESDAY: Jack and Ronnie come to blows over Siobhan. FRIDAY: Charity and Debbie row about school and Diane is shell-shocked by Louise's confession.

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